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Wheelock Chaps 7 and 9 key comments

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Wheelock Chaps 7 and 9 key comments

Postby wm33 » Sun Apr 11, 2004 7:54 pm

Salvete amici,

I have just completed chaps 5 to 10 and would like to suggest the following for the key provided by Textkit.

Chap 7

In the Rape of Lucretia:

Would the translation be more accurately: .... Sextus raped Lucretia, the wife of Collatinus, and the good woman, because of great love of virtue, killed herself. The ancient Romans used to always praise the virtue and courage of Lucretia and blame the Tarquins.

Chap 9:

Add the translation of the Seneca passage, which might possibly go thus:

If you wish to devote yourself to philosophy and the mind, this devotion cannot be strong without frugality. This frugality is voluntary poverty. So do away with your excuses: "I do not yet have enough money. If I ever have that sufficiency of money, I will then dedicate myself totally to philosophy." Begin now to devote yourself to philosophy and not to money.

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Postby benissimus » Mon Apr 12, 2004 8:52 am

Thanks for the contribution wm33. I went through these passages very hastily and so I'm not surprised I made a couple little mistakes. I am embarrassed that I left out an entire story though! Your corrections are prudent and they will be added to the key.
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