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Trying my hand again

PostPosted: Thu May 25, 2006 5:11 am
by Kopio
Hello All,


At the school I go to we are allowed to print up to $20 worth of material per year. I had ended the year with far less than that, so on a whim, I printed the entire D'Ooge grammar, with the answer key. I then promptly took it down to the copy center, where for the small sum of $1.35 they bound it for me between two heavy duty plastic sleaves.

So for the paltry sum of $1.35 I have my very own hard copy of D'Ooge !! :)

I have started up on learning Latin again. I have been carting the book with me to work, and spending my lunch hour reading it, and working through excercises. I hadn't gotten very far last year before I started back at school and was absolutely swamped and had to put it down. I'm hoping to work through a good chunk of it this summer, and get well on my way to casual reading of Latin texts. My Greek is pretty close to there now, so all I need to do is get the Latin up to , and I can start really seriously start thinking about a Classics degree.

Anyhow....questions are sure to come, but I thought I'd post and let y'all know that I'm back on Latin.

PostPosted: Sat May 27, 2006 6:21 pm
by bellum paxque
o amice, multum fortunae temporisque in linguam latinam studendo semper habeas!


PostPosted: Sun May 28, 2006 10:43 pm
by Carola
I printed mine on scrap paper from work. Being a professional practice we generate enough scrap paper to print "War & Peace" every week! (What ever happened to the "paperless" office?)
I have tried some experimentation with printing like a book (with 2 pages to a sheet & in small "booklets" of 4 double sided pages to bind together - and with a stunning lack of success! I think the binders are the way to go.