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Exercise Key from § 237 on

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Exercise Key from § 237 on

Postby Asterix » Thu Sep 02, 2004 4:25 pm

Does anyone have the Latin to English translations from §237 on ?

Can anyone send me them or tell where I can find them.

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Postby ingrid70 » Thu Sep 02, 2004 5:25 pm

I've got them up to 299, but with a warning: some of them have not been checked against anyone else's work.
It's an MS Word document, I can send it to you zipped, if you want.

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Postby Timothy » Thu Sep 02, 2004 6:31 pm

I am sure that ingrid has correct answers. I don't know how I overlooked these.

here's my version (off the top of my head)

§ 237 I Latin-English translations

1. Audisne tubas, Marce? Non solum tubas audio sed etiam ordinares militm et impedimentorum plenos videre possum.
Do you hear the tubas, Mark? I not only hear the tubas but also I am able to see the foot soldiers and many of the baggage wagons.

2. Quas legiones videmus? Eae legiones nuper ex Gallia venerunt.
Which legion do we see? That legion recently came from the Gaul.

3. Quid ibi facerunt? Studebantne pugare an sine virtute erant?
What did the do there? Were they eager to fight or were they without bravery?

4. Multa proelia facerant et magnas victorias et multos captivos reportaverunt.
Many battles they have fought and great victories and many captives they have seized.

5. Quis est imperator earum legionum? Caesar, summus Romanorum imperator.
Who is the general of the legion? Caesar, the greatest of Roman generals.

6. Quis est eques qui pulchram coronam gerit? Is eques est frater meus. ei corona a consule data est quia summa virtute pugnaverat et a barbaris patriam servaverat.
Who is the cavalryman who bears the beautiful crown? That cavalryman is my brother. The crown was given to him by the consul because he fought with the greatest bravery and rescued the fatherland from the barbarians.

- tim

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