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De variis formulis colloquendi, lectio septima

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De variis formulis colloquendi, lectio septima

Postby Franmorar » Sat Oct 18, 2008 9:41 pm

De variis colloquendi formulis

Lectio septima

Speaking, talking, saying / Loqui, dicere

It’s you that I’m speaking to, am I or not? = Tibi ego dico, annon?
Are you going to say anything, or not? Don’t you want to say anything? = Dicisne, annon?
You are not answering my question. = Aliud mihi respondes ac rogo.
I’ll answer instead of you. = Respondebo vestram vicem.
I don’t know what I should say. = Nescio quod dicam. Quod dicam non reperio.
I’m afraid to speak, of saying anything. = Lingua haeret metu.
There’s nothing to say. = Jacent rationes.
I wasn’t able to help but saying that. = Teneri non potui quin declararem.
I have this in the tip of my tongue. = Versatur mihi in labiis primoribus.
What do you have to say about him? = Quid habes dicere de illo?
Well said! = Belle omnino.Belle sane. Sophos.
Have you ever heard anybody to say that? = Num hoc ex ullo audivisti aliquando?
What he says is not what he thinks. = Aliud dicit atque sentit. Aliud dicit, cogitat aliud.
I’ll tell you when it be necessary. = Dicam tibi tum demum cum usus poscet.
What do you mean by that word, by saying that? = Quid istuc verbi est?
I tell you the truth, the real thing. = Dico ut res est.
What is being said about our teacher’s death? = Quod ad magistri obitum attinet, quid circumfertur?
This is a secret, don’t tell anybody. = Secreto hoc audi, tecum habeto.
You’ll have the chance to speak to him himself. = Vel ipsi hoc dicas licet.
He speaks very well, eloquently. = Scite et diserte loquitur.
He speaks wittily, with inventiveness. = Argute loquitur.
He speaks clearly. = Expedite (articulatim, distincte) loquitur.
He speaks Latin, Greek very well. He speaks a very good Latin, Greek. = Satis commode latine, graece loquitur.
He speaks Latin elegantly, smartly. = Perbene latine loquitur.
You speak Latin (very) badly, wrongly. = Latine (admodum) inquinate loqueris.
Get used to speak Latin! = Exerce te latino sermone (latine) loqui.
He speaks to me wherever he meets me. = Mihi usquequaque loquitur.
I haven’t had the chance to speak to him. = Nullum verbum proloqui potui.
That’s enough of words! = Satis jam verborum est. Satis superque dictum est.
He has told me a thousand times! = Ex eo millies audivi.
I have a couple things to tell you. = Paucis te volo.
He wants to talk to you. = Cupit te conventum.
My father wants to talk to you. = Vult te conventum pater.
It’s necessary to talk to Franmorar. = Convento Franmorario opus est.
Let’s not speak about that. = De his rebus dicere desistamus.
They don’t talk about that anymore. = Jacet istud in tenebris. Haec obvoluta sunt silentio.
I won’t say anything else about that.= Hic jam plura non dicam.
Nobody says a single word. = Verbum nemo facit.
He stopped talking at last! = Tandem aliquando conticuit.
Let’s talk about another thing. = Sermonem alio transferamus.
Are you serious, or are you kidding? = Jocone an serio (dicis)?
—I’m serious. = Extra jocum, remoto joco, bona fide, ex animo.

Finis lectionis septimae.

Valete, interretiales amici!
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