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De variis formulis colloquendi, lectio quinta

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De variis formulis colloquendi, lectio quinta

Postby Franmorar » Fri Aug 08, 2008 6:31 pm

De variis formulis colloquendi

Lectio quinta

Incipit lectio quinta

About the weather / De tempestate

What is the weather like? = Quaenam est tempestas?
The weather is fine. = Caelo sereno utimur. Sudum est caelum.
It’s a clear, sunny day. = Dies luculentus est.
It’s cloudy, overcast. = Tenebricosum est tempus.
It’s doubtful what weather we will have. = Dubium est caelum.
The weather is not good for leaving. = Tempus discessus (gen.) absurdum est.
We have never had such a terrible weather = Nullus unquam dies tam magna turbulentaque tempestate fuit.
The weather here is always fine. = Hic non intermittit caelum nitescere.
It rains much in this region. = Valde pluvium est hoc caelum.
It’s threatening to be very cold. = Frigus impendet maximum.
This region (land) is too cold. = Frigoribus horrent haec loca.
Water freezes when it gets too cold. = Conglaciat frigoribus aqua.
Ice thaws when it gets warm. = Glacies mollitur tepefacta. Glacies calore tabescit.
When snow melts and fall down, it pours out. = Liquefactae et dilapsae nives diffunduntur.
It’s blowing harder. = Ventus increbescit.
It rained all night long. = Nocte tota compluit.
I will leave if the wheather is fine. = Proficiscar si sudum erit.
It’s too hot. = Calet ut cum maxime.
No matter how cold it be, he never puts his hat (cap) on. = Nullo frigore adducitur ut capite operto sit.

Finis lectionis quintae.

Valete omnes, interretiales amici!
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