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Colloquendi formulae: Tabula altera et vicesima

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Colloquendi formulae: Tabula altera et vicesima

Postby Franmorar » Mon Sep 16, 2013 5:51 pm


Sharpen a pen, writing. Calamum conformare, scribere. Κάλαμον ὀξύνειν, γράφειν.

To sharpen a pen. Calamum apparare (conformare). Κάλαμον ὀξύνειν, καλαμογλυφεῖν.

Cut this pen of mine to a sharp point, but cut that one to a blunt point. Hunc mihi calamum in acutum mucronem, illum vero in latiorem conforma. Τοῦτον μὲν κάλαμον γλύφε μοι εἰς ὀξύ, ἐκεῖνον δὲ εἰς παχύ.

To test a pen. Calamum experiri. Κάλαμον πειράζειν.

To write on the other side of the sheet. In aversa charta scribere. Εἰς τὴν ἐναντίαν σελίδα γράφειν.

Blank paper, blank sheets. Pura charta. Καθαρὸς χάρτης.

I have no paper. Non suppetunt mihi chartae. Οὔ μοι περιγίγνονται οἱ χάρται.

The letters can be seen through my sheet. Transmittit litteras papyrus mea. Ἡ πάπυρος μου τὰ γράμματα διαπορθμεύει.

To erase a (spelling) error. Mendum scripturae litura (abl.) tollere (delere, obliterare). Πταῖσμα τῆς γραφῆς ἐξαλείφειν (ἀπολείφειν).

I like Francis’ handwriting. Placet mihi Francisci manus. Ἡ χεὶρ τοῦ Φραγκίσκου μοι ἀρέσκει.

Write that in your rough draft. Refer hoc in adversaria. Ἀνάφερε τοῦτο ἐν τῷ ὀπισθογράφῳ.

You have made an inkblot in my sheet. Atramenti effusione chartam meam infecisti. Τοῦ μέλανος ἐκχύσει τὸν ἐμὸν χάρτην ἐσπίλωσας.

To spot the book with ink. Atramento librum maculare (inquinare, foedare). Μέλανι βίβλον σπιλοῦν (μολύνειν, ῥυπαίνειν).

To take dictation from him. Ejus dictata scribere (excipere). Τὰ ὑφηγημένα αὐτοῦ γράφειν (εκδέχεσθαι).

Lend me this book. Commoda mihi librum. Da mihi utendum hunc librum. Κίχρει μοι ταύτην τὴν βίβλον.

Give (pass) me that paper (those notes). Cedo istam chartam (istas tabulas). Ἄνεχέ μοι τοῦτον τὸν χάρτην (τὰ γράμματα).
Hominibus totam versandam constat esse bibliothecam, ut solam utilem scribere sententiam possint.
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