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greek weather words and phrases

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greek weather words and phrases

Postby daivid » Fri Jul 19, 2013 6:29 pm

This is from my database of weather words.
I first used "Reading Greek" which has its own system of classifying noun declensions.
Hence 3a is the most common 3rd declension for feminine and masculine nouns.
I may change it to the more conventional nom + gen form.
Definitions as relevant to weather rather than full definitions of course/

ἄνυδρος, arid, -ος-ον
θερινός, sumertime, θ. τροπαί or τροπή, -η-ον
θερμος, hot, warm , -η-ον
μεταβολικός, changeable, , -η-ον
πολιός, gray , -α-ον
ὑγρός, wet, soft , -α-ον
ψυχρός, cold , -α-ον
αηρ, air αερ-, 3a, m
αἰθὴρ, ether, heaven, air, αἰθέρ-, 3a, m
αἰθρια, clear weather, clear sky , 1b, f
ἄνεμος, wind , storm , 2a, m
ἀστραπή, lightning , 1a, f
βορέας, the north wind , 1d, m
βροντή, thunder , 1a, f
βροχή, rain, irrigation, , 1a, f
εἴλησις, heat of the sun , 3e, f
εὐδία, fair weather , 1b, f
ἥλιος, sun , 2a, m
θερμασία, warmth, heat , 1b, f
καῦμα, burning heat καῦματ-, 3b, n
κεραυνος, lightning, 1a, m
κρυμός, icy cold, frost, cold fit, winter time , 2a, m
κύανος, f:color blue, . m/f
νεφέλη, cloud, darkness , 1a, f
νίφα, snow , 1c, f
νιφετός, falling snow, snowstorm, , 2a, m
ὀμίχλη, mist, 1a, f
οὐρανός, sky, 2a, m
πνευμα, wind, 3b, n
σκιάδειον, sunshade ie unbrella 2b, n
τάχος, velocity , 3c, n
ὑγρασία, wetness , 1b, f
ὑετός, rain, esp. a heavy shower , 2a, m
χεῖμα, cold, frost, χείματ-, 3b, n
χειμων, winter, storm,suffering χειμων-, 3a, m
χιων, snow χιον, 3a, f
βρέχω, rain, make wet
δευω, wet, drench
θερμαίνω, heat
κᾰλύπτω, cover (clouds -> sky)
λαμπω, shine, be bright
νίφω, snow
πνέω, blow ie wind
συννεφέω, be cloudy
φλέγω, blaze,
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