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Translation help - adapting Virgil

There is a sentence in the Aeneid, describing the fall of Troy that goes as follows:

at domus interior gemitu miseroque tumultu
miscetur, penitusque cauae plangoribus aedes
femineis ululant; ferit aurea sidera clamor ( Book II, 486-8)

The translation is:

But inside all was confusion and lamentation, and deep into the house the hollow chambers rang with the wailing of women, and their cries rose to strike the golden stars. (David West, Penguin).

I am ...
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Salvete - Greetings from a new member


I am a complete beginner in Latin, I have only been learning in a disciplined way for a fortnight or so.
I have just finished an undergrad degree in English Literature, and my favourite literary periods are those of the restoration and eighteenth century. A particularly prominent feature of literature of this time for nearly any author or poet hoping to make a name for themselves was imitation of Latin poets in English. Alexander ...
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Fieri solebat

Fieri solebat ut fetialis hastam ferratam sanguineam ad fines eorum ferret et — non minus tribus puberibus praesentibus — diceret: "Quod populus Latinus hominesque Latini adversus populum Romanum Quiritium fecerunt, deliquerunt, quod populus Romanus Quiritium bellum cum Latinis iussit esse senatusque populi Romani Quiritium censuit, consensit, conscivit ut bellum cum Latinis fieret, ob eam rem ego populusque Romanus populo Latino hominibusque Latinis bellum indico facioque!"

I'm interested in the phrase Fieri solebat.

Two questions:

1) ...
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Regarding verbs that are supposedly labial, palatal, lingual

So I'm now at lesson 22.


And I don't understand anything anymore. The last page that I understood something was lesson 21. And I'm not even sure I understood it correctly.

What makes a verb a lingual mute or palatal mute or labial mute? If the first letter in the verb starts with one of those?

Please help.
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need help Fabula Syrae Atalanta

I cant follow the gist of this passage
Ad capitulum XXVIII 1.Atalanta
10th paragraph
cīvēs vērō et ipse atalantae pater cursūs quī solēbant fierī poscēbant, neque moram patiēbantur
It seems like a jigsaw puzzle to me..
thank you in advance
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I'm just checking to make sure I have the use of the gerundive in line 38 Cap. XXXVII of Roma Aeterna squared away:

Alli donum Graecorum suspectum in mare praecipitandum et flammis urendum esse censebat.

My translation: Others were considering throwing the suspicious gift in the sea and burning it with flames.

Now, I know the gerundive acts in similarity to a future passive participle, but in Familia Romana there wasn't a lot of practice ...
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More from Orberg XLIV

Ferox Tullia, quae Arrunti Tarquinio nupta erat, aegre ferebat nihil materiae in viro neque ad cupiditatem neque ad audaciam esse.

The above means, I'm sure, that Ferox Tullia bore it ill (aegre ferebat)...that there was nothing of substance (materiae - genitive case) in her husband (ablative case) ...then I'm just a bit confused. I'm taking it that ad cupiditatem...ad audaciam simply means "towards" as in "tendency towards" these two natures (in acc. case).

Ferox Tullia....bore ...
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I am currently trying to wrap my head around expressions dealing with spatial relation (relationships? What's the proper English expression?) Among these are expressions for in front/behind. The one's I am interested in having your help with are those using a(d)versus:

  • aliquem adversum aggredi: to attack s.o. from the front
  • aliquem a fronte aggredi: to attack s.o. from the front
  • aliquem aversum aggredi: to attack s.o. from behind
  • aliquem a tergô aggredi: to ...
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Latin pronunciation

About one year ago, I learned from Wheelock classical pronunciation. (Including nasalization of vowels before m at the end of words, but I don't hear it in Mr. Hans Oerberg's reading of his book Lingua Latina.) Recently I'm trying to pick up Adler's latin grammar, I have found both soft and hard sound of the letter C, but only the latter is mentioned in Wheelock, is it ok to skip the pronunciation part of Adler's ...
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Verb Study

I have been studying Latin with great zeal for the past six months, and I have been quite happy with my progress.

However, I feel the need to quiz myself more and more over the morphology of verbs. I have all the regular paradigms down pat, but I could use practice with verbs with irregular principal parts (3rd conjugation especially!).

Are there any resources available that will assist in my desire to master all those ...
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