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The curious case of initial aspiration

Ancient Greek converted many initial sounds into aspirates:
/s/ > /h/
/y/ > /h/
/r/ > /rh/
/u/ > /hu/

I find this very curious, it's not a single pinpoint sound change, it's like an overriding phenomenon that must have some interesting reason behind it. There's remarkably no info on this as far as I can tell (which is very limited, I'm not a linguist).
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Accusative Absolute (From: The Little Prince)

On p. 13, Coderich uses "δεον" to mean, according to his own marginal gloss, "διοτι δει/εδει". This perfectly fits the context, but I do not see this causal meaning in the LSJ: http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/mor ... n=de%2Fon0
Does the "διοτι" aspect, then, come not with "δεον" but, somehow, with the structure of the phrase?
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New Tablets at Vindolanda


First paragraph of the article:

On the afternoon of Thursday the 22nd of June, at the Roman fort of Vindolanda in Northumberland, archaeologists made one of their most important discoveries since 1992. A new hoard of around 25 Roman ink documents, known as the Vindolanda writing tablets (letters, lists and personal correspondence), were discovered lying in the damp and anaerobic earth where they had been discarded towards the ...
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I searched the archives and already found some good discussion on the use of Eutropius. Next year I have a 4th year class (out of 5 years) ready to read selections from Cicero, Ovid, and for the second half of the year either Caesar or Vergil as I prepare that class for the following year's AP course. Every student in this class is a top performer, a couple of them not quite as top performing ...
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Morpheus v.0.3


Look please Morpheus v.0.3 - an Ancient Greek morph analyzer http://gr.diglossa.org/

It's the desktop application for Win, Linux and MacOS (soon), works anywhere on a desktop, just select some text and copy with Ctrl-C

Please look screencast 1 min, download and install and try it.

Send comments and suggestions: m.bykov@gmail.com
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comparative phrase in Greek

Hi, this is my first post here. When I get around to it, I might write a bit about myself in the Open Board, but maybe a good way to show I'm not a spammer is to jump right into the question that brought me here. :-)

My Greek is a bit rusty, and I wondered what would be an elegant Greek equivalent of the seemingly simple ...
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Hor. Sat. II. vii. hard sentence.

Context: Davus the slave continues his philosophical interrogation of Horace.

tune mihi dominus, rerum imperiis hominumque
tot tantisque minor, quem ter vindicta quaterque
inposita haud umquam misera formidine privet?

Translation: While you are master to me, aren't you the subordinate to so many authorities ? Even though you have been given your freedom papers three or four times yourself, nothing ever takes away your wretched dread [ ...
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I'm not sure if i'm a new member because i'm following and learning with you for 3 o 4 years regretted quimnik dog loss and cheered when he reappeared as Hylander. I felt anxious when Jeff was missing and the future of textkit was uncertain. I thank you all who regularly post in the forum for sharing your knowledge.
To introduce myself I'm a Spanish psychiatrist who is enjoying learning latin, fighting and losing with ...
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Teaching "Learn to Read Latin"(Keller/Russell) in HS

Dear All,

This is my first post here.

In my capacity as the new (and sole) Latin teacher at my school in suburban NYC area, I've been given the exciting opportunity to revamp our entire Latin curriculum. Students here had been using the Cambridge Latin Course, but I am very interested in switching to Andrew Keller and Stephanie Russell's textbook and workbook set "Learn to Read Latin" as I appreciate a more rigorous grammatical approach ...
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Ουίλιαμ κὰι Θεόδωρος τὲ κὰι Σο...Κρατες

The pronunciation by Socrates of Ancient Greek in Bill and Ted's Excellent adventure seems pretty good. What do you all think? Its seens like a form of modern pronunciation.


ἠμέραι βίων ἠμετέρων οἴον ὕδρα τῆς κλεψύδρης


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