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Difficult passage in Expositio in Librum Judith

I have a passage I've been working on the past couple days that has been quite challenging for me. I believe I have something pretty close, but would like feedback. This passage is from the Adele Simonetti critical edition of the text. The text is Expositio in Librum Judith by the Blessed Rabanus Maurus.

Et propter hoc dicitur quod mittentes Israhelitae circumquaque «praeoccupaverint omnes vertices montium», quia sanctae ecclesiae auctoritas praepositorum suorum commonet strenuitatem, quatenus ...
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New Poster

I have visited this forum for many years and had even created an account, but to my chagrin I have never posted. I aim to resolve that issue!

I am a student of Latin. I have learned via many avenues. I began with Latina Christiana from Memoria Press in order to teach my kids. I graduated to Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata, made a brief incursion into book 2, and decided to do a bit ...
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Herodotus 1.61.1

A sex question to shake things up a bit.

ἀπολαβὼν δὲ τὴν τυραννίδα τρόπῳ τῷ εἰρημένῳ ὁ Πεισίστρατος κατὰ τὴν ὁμολογίην τὴν πρὸς Μεγακλέα γενομένην γαμέει τοῦ Μεγακλέος τὴν θυγατέρα. οἷα δὲ παίδων τέ οἱ ὑπαρχόντων νεηνιέων καὶ λεγομένων ἐναγέων εἶναι τῶν Ἀλκμεωνιδέων, οὐ βουλόμενός οἱ γενέσθαι ἐκ τῆς νεογάμου γυναικὸς τέκνα ἐμίσγετό οἱ οὐ κατὰ νόμον.

Having become tyrant of Athens again, Pisistratus fulfills his promise to Megacles and marries his daughter. However, as ...
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Loci Immutati #11

The first sentence:

L. Paulus consul iternum, cum ei bellum ut cum rege Perse gereret obtigisset, ut ea ipsa die domum ad vesperum rediit, filiolam suam Tertiam, quae tum erat admodum parva, osculans animadvertit tristiculam.

My translation:

Lucius Paulus consul a second time, when to wage war with king Perseus fell to him, when on that day itself he returned home toward dusk, he turned (his) mind to kissing his own little daughter (the) rather ...
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I find myself in a dark forest

I've been working fairly hard on Latin, for seven years. Not less that one hour, seven days a week, with rare intermissions. And usually two or three hours. Although I understand easy authors like Cornelius Nepos pretty well, Horace is fiendishly difficult, as anybody can see from my queries. Sometimes I get discouraged.

Part of this is due to self-teaching. I know from sitting in modern foreign-language classes that the pupil who pays attention learns ...
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Horace, Sat. II, 2, about line 31

Context: Through his mouthpiece, a solid countryman, Horace continues to disparage fancy diet, in this case fish supposedly caught in favored places.

unde datum sentis, lupus hic Tiberinus an alto
captus hiet pontisne inter iactatus an amnis
ostia sub Tusci?

I have changed the order and interpolated two words to show my attempted reading. I'm doubtful about this translation, but it is the best meaning I can bring forth.

My conjectured Latin:
unde datum sentis, ...
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NJCL Member-At-Large!!

Hey guys, I'm joining NJCL as a member at large and I was wondering if anyone else here is a member of NJCL.
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Horace, Sat. II, 2, near line 125

Context: joyful dinners in the good old times

post hoc ludus erat culpa potare magistra
ac venerata Ceres, ita culmo surgeret alto,
explicuit vino contractae seria frontis.

after this game time took place
and after Ceres entreated, that she would grow-forth on tall stem,
she cleared the troubles from the clenched brow with wine.

These three lines presented several problems for me.

culpa potare magistra: ...
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Latinum on YouTube


a. Cursum Latinum Molendinarii Pars I
(Beginners' Latin taught using only Latin)


b. Cursum Latinum Molendinarii Pars II

c. Cursum Latinum Molendinarii Pars III

d. Cursum Latinum Molendinarii Pars IV
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Horace, Sat. II, 2

Context: The wise man, even if rich, lives simply, because it is heathful, and because it makes him better prepared for adverse fortune.

Horace, Sat., II, about line 110.

ad casus dubios fidet sibi certius? hic qui
pluribus adsuerit mentem corpusque superbum;
an qui contentus parvo metuensque futuri
in pace, ut sapiens, aptarit idonea bello?

Which one will have surer confidence in himself in dangerous times? The man who
accustomed his ...
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