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translating possibilities

Postquam rex audivit Hydram caesam esse, perterritus erat. I can translate the sentence but it is the second clause that I am wondering about. At first glace it looks like a past perfect passive(he had been terrified) but the book I am using almost always puts the verb at the end even a copulating verb so I thought that the clause could be translated as 'he was terrified' which also seems to make more sense ...
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scanning effort, please check my work.

Here are two lines, I'll try to scan the first one. I request an evaluation of this work so far.

Subscript L denotes Long Syllable, S Short Syllable.

Ter circum Iliacos raptaverat Hectora muros,
exanimumque auro corpus vendebat Achilles.

Ter cir (LL) cum il ia (LSS) cos rap (LL) ta ve rat (LSS) Hec to ra (LSS) mu ros (LL)


The first foot is a spondee. I assume the first one in the line ...
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Suggestions for Translations Please

Hello again friends,

I have a few phrases, and once again would really appreciate any input or suggestions

Work and Silence.

Lonely Peace.

Will and Silence. I am not to sure on this one will is in the sense of 'it is my will to ascend the mountain'

The Lamp That Shines in the Dark.

Night of Peace.

Of these the ones I am particularly interested in is Will and Silence.

Once again, many thanx, ...
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Word study using Notepad++


Lately I have been tinkering with word study as part of my ongoing quest for Latin phrases not covered in sufficient detail by the usual books. I do so using "regular expressions", search patterns standing in for a variety of words (especially important in an inflected language like Latin). I am using command line tools and a script when using Linux, but I also discovered a Windows solution: Notepad++, a free text editor ("free" ...
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Strange accentuation

I found this accentuation in Aristotle, Metaphysics Θ.8 1049 b 28:

… ἔκ τινος τι καὶ …

which seems to contradict Smyth 184 sq.

There is also 1033 b 11:

… ἔκ τινος τὶ ἔσται.

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dextera, laeva: what is the viewpoint?

The problem is how to understand the relative directions denoted by dextera, laeva. Is it rightwards and leftwards from the point of view of Apollo, or from the point of view each promontory (or cape)?

And how to understand dextera and laeva? Are they to be read as ablatives with adverbial force, each with a genitive complement? Has Ovid Latinized the Greek names to produce Sigei and Rhoetei? Is there any rule for such relative ...
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intermediate commentary on a work of Aristotle

Do any of you know of an intermediate commentaries for any work of Aristotle. (If it were of one of his biological works that would be perfect.)

By Intermediate I mean something like the commentaries of Geoffrey Steadman or Bryn Mawr.
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Erasmus` Colloquium Mandandi et Pollicendi

Dear fellows,

Iacobus asks a favour to Sapidus, who answers:

Faciam, ut in me quidvis desideres citius, quam fidem ac diligentiam.

Sapidus does the favour and Iacobus thus thanks him:

Quod hac in causa praestiteris amicum minime aulicum, et habetur a me gratia, et semper habebitur.

Any translation would be helpful.

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And what are YOU doing?


I would like to hear, what you do at the moment in your endeavour to learn Latin. What is your approach? What are you reading? Etc. Here is what I am doing:

I am finally finding time to turn my attention to the exercises in Adler's "Practical Grammar" (both the English text from the textbook and the Latin translations from the "Key" prepared by Adler himself). The transcription itself is already finished, but I ...
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De Spiritu - optative

I have been reading the Aristotle, On the Life-Bearing Spirit (De Spiritu) of Abraham P. Bos and Rein Ferwerda. Even though it is a translation I ended up having a go at the Greek text.

The following is the line that leaves me a little uncertain:
(Aristotle has just stated that the innate spirit can be sustained by either a) respiration or b) concoction of food)
τούτων ἴσως οὐχ ἧττον ἄν ἐκείνως ...
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