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Salvete omnes!

Salvete! I am a self-confessed Rome buff currently residing in London (or, Londinium, as I prefer to say) and indeed have done some Latin, that is, though I am by no means a classicist. I have joined the forum to brush up on my Latin and also to learn ancient Greek too, as I have always loved those Greek epics and tragedies but had not a chance to actually learn them.

I would appreciate all ...
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Open Library Hundreds (Thousands?) of Greek/Latin Books

Haven't seen anything about this posted here at textkit. I discovered the "open library" which is a part of the internet archive. The difference is that this model allows the "borrowing" of digital editions of texts which are not available as "pre-1923" pdf downloads. That is, you can borrow pdf (and epub) versions of many texts which are still in copyright (much like you could borrow a physical book from a library). It appears to ...
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Question on morphology: εὔαδε is the second aorist of ἁνδάνω. Why dit it lose its spiritus asper? My dictionnary tells me εὔαδε is derived from ἔσϝαδε. ἁνδάνω apparently has ϝανδ as stem. Does the loss of the diggamma has anything to do with this (though I can't figure out how)?
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Did the gods speak Greek?

I'm reading book 14; the story of Hera seducing Zeus is a delightful interlude (I'ld almost say comic relief, but the gods are no laughing matter) to the grim battles of the preceding books. The dressing scene is lovely and a good reminder of how much vocabulary I still have to master and I chuckled at the (no doubt anachronistic) image of Zeus and Hera as two love sick teenagers outfoxing their parents:

ὡς δʼ ...

hendiadys with οὐδέ and 1Tim 2:12

Hello everyone,

I would like to take another look at an issue which has already been discussed in this forum to some extent:
Andrew Chapman wrote:I just found what seems to be an example of hendiadys with οὐδέ. I don't mean of course that this has anything much to do with 1 Timothy 2.12, but it's interesting to me that it can do this, in much the same way as καὶ, it seems to me:

τῶν ...

How do you type the εἱ with a hat on a mac?

I've been able to find most of the shortcuts on my mac keyboard, but this one I have not yet found, that is the one that distinguishes between εἱ and εἱ?

I did scan through some of the other posts here and I could see some PC shortcuts, but not Mac.
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Greek New Testament Interlinears

I recently gave a friend this advice. Maybe others have better suggestions?

For a printed interlinear, the most useful that I know of is produced by Jehovah's Witnesses. It's called the "Kingdom Interlinear" and you should be able to order a copy for free if you are willing to ask one of the people standing next to the displays at BART stops, etc. They stick "Jehovah" in for κυρίος in the running English translation -- ...
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Aegean Bronze Age Group?

Hey-Does anybody know of a discussion group focused on the Aegean (Greek) Bronze Age? There are groups for lots of other topics, including Greco-Roman inscriptions, so I'd love to find an on-going discussion of the Bronze Age too. Thanks for any help.
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Hi there! My name is Chiara, and I am in italian girl, almost graduated in Classics in my hometown university (5 exams to go!) who's struggling to match the entry requirements for an Oxbridge college for my MA :P
I'm fond of ancient culture, especially greek one, and I'd like to be philologist one day, a proper scholar inside a big library, with codices and papyrii! That ...
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Hello- New Here

Hi everyone, I look forward to learning something from this website and from the forums. I'm interested in learning Latin. I am a casual history buff, I like to play strategy & simulation video games, I love maps and cartography and I can read/speak/write Mandarin Chinese. Now I would like to be able to read and speak this classical language!
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