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New Member...from Western Australia

Hi all,
I'm a teacher of the Bible down here in Western Australia, and more importantly a learner 'disciple' of the Lord Jesus. Still hanging onto my Greek from College days, but it can be a pretty lone journey with the Koine Greek of the Bible. Was hoping to find some wiser Greek students of the Bible, could help with some questions, here and there.
Is that ok to prove I'm real.
Totally cool about ...
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How do you pronounce the New Testament?

A lot of people read the New Testament in Modern Greek, yet there is this thing called Koine Greek... I think that this is my main point of confusion. I am interested to know what are the differences between Modern and Koine Greek, and how much we know about the pronunciation of Koine Greek. I can state this best as three separate questions:

    1. What are the pronunciation differences between Koine Greek and Modern ...
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Translating an Aphorism into Latin

I'm trying to translate the following aphorism into Latin:

"After the barn is built, they hang a horseshoe in order to keep the good luck inside: however, if the horseshoe falls off, they don't tear down the barn."

Here is my idiomatic translation:

"Horreo aedificata, vires solea pendebunt ut felicem continat: autem, si soleam cadat, qui non horreum diruant."

Will someone please let me know if I made any glaring errors?


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questions about Hesiodos' Theogonia

Hello everyone, I have been learning ancient Greek on and off for some time now, and I am currently trying to read Theogonia alongside its translation. I'd appreciate some help along the way as I am not experienced with reading real Greek as opposed to textbook Greek. I don't consider myself an advanced student, and perhaps my question is a very simple one.

I am confused with the use of the verb αρχώμεθα in the ...
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Salvēte. Nōmen mihi est Kleō, discupulusque linguae Latīnae sum. Lēctiōnēs omnēs librī Wheelock's Latin iam exēgī, et quōs auxilium petunt iuvāre volō, auxiliumque cuius egeō ego accipere volō. Linguam Graecam tamen nōn didicī, sed eam mox discam. Linguam Hispānicam, Anglicam, et Albānicam quoque cognōvī. Sī Latīnē loquī aut auxilium cupitis, ego hīc vōbīs sum. Valēte, et semper amāte linguam Latīnam! Quoque mihi dīcite quam bona Latīna mea sit!
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οἷος (Paus. 1.19.1)

This is Pausanias talking about Theseus:
οἷα δὲ χιτῶνα ἔχοντος αὐτοῦ ποδήρη καὶ πεπλεγμένης ἐς εὐπρεπές οἱ τῆς κόμης, ὡς ἐγίνετο κατὰ τὸν τοῦ Δελφινίου ναόν, οἱ τὴν στέγην οἰκοδομοῦντες ἤροντο σὺν χλευασίᾳ, ὅ τι δὴ παρθένος ἐν ὥρᾳ γάμου πλανᾶται μόνη:

My best translation is:
And wearing a reaching-his-feet tunic and having plaited his hair into a pleasant (form), as became by the temple, those the roof making asked with ridicule why was a ...
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Alcaeus' Allegorical Ship (fr. 6 and 208)

Hi all,

I'm working on Alcaeus' two allegorical boat poems. I've made myself a crib, from there worked into something more free and poetic than the crib. I'm curious as to how accurate my crib is, and then if there are any groaners in moving from the crib to the poem.

fr. 6

τόδ’ αὖτε κῦμα τὼ προτέρω νέμω
στείχει, παρέξει δ’ ἄμμι πόνον πόλυν
ἄντλην, ἐπεί κε νᾶος ἔμβα
όμεθ’ ἐ

Crib: Again ...
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help needed for ancient greek computer game

I am writing an Ancient Greek version of computer game I played 40 years ago - in those input and output was text which is what I want as the point is to practice Greek.

The player is in the role of despot who assigns the peasants to various tasks. If the orders work out well the peasants continue to obey if not they rebel.

I am working on the first page in which the ...
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more subjunctive issues

Context: Horace discusses how he intends to use his wealth temperately, and without fretting over the prospect that after he's gone, his heir might be unhappy with the legacy received.

Horace, Epistles 2, 2, lines 190 ff.

utar et ex modico, quantum res poscet, acervo
tollam, nec metuam quid de me iudicet heres,
quod non plura datis invenerit;

I shall enjoy and take from my modest fortune
what the occasion will call for
and ...
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Could you please help, I need the translation of : I do not stand alone from English to Latin. I have NON STO SOLUS, but have been told that that does not reflect the 'I' do not stand alone. Any help would be gratefully received

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