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The Lark of Dusk

I come by my interest in learning Latin by a somewhat roundabout route. Once upon a time I had a strong interest in the 11th century King of England and Denmark, Cnut. This led to an exploration of Old English, which led me to an American college classics department website with the motto, 'Keep Dead Languages Alive." I first examined their material on Ancient Greek, but it seemed far too difficult for a man who ...
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Scanning a Homeric line

Can any one scan this so it fits into a hexameter pattern?
I've been struggling. Perhaps some of the vowels I take as separate have been elided/contracted?

Και μιν φωνησασ' έπεα πτεροεντα προσηυδα (Od viii l. 442
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running glossa under wine

You can find glossa here: http://athirdway.com/glossa/

I've found it a helpful online presentation of Lewis and Short, and a downloadable offline version is available. Installing this under Windows is easy, but there is no Linux version.

Nevertheless Glossa can be made to run under wine, in Linux. Here is how I did it.

1. Use winetricks to install the Adobe Air runtime environment. You'll find it in winetricks under ...
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Upside Down Grammar

Over the years, I've been witness to some terrible grammar at Textkit, B-Greek and Carm. from those claiming to "know" something about Greek grammar, and specifically about biblical Greek grammar. Not a few of these charlatans even call themselves "instructors," "scholars," "teachers" "experts" etc. of the Koine. In this thread, I'm going to be compiling some of the silly grammatical claims which these people have gone on record to make. So without further ado, let's ...
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Quid fecistis ad meliorem faciendum Latinitatis vestrae?


Inspirati a Davidis Graeco filo, scribamus hic res quas omnibus diebus fecissemus ad meliorem faciendum Latinitatis nostrae.

Hodie legi paululum e Libro X Titi Livii Ab Urbe Condita, et hoc filum incepi.
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Θεῶν Διάλογοι

ὁ Λουκιανὸς ὁ Σαμοσατεύς ἦν ῥήτωρ καὶ ἰαμβοποιὸς πεζῇ. οἱ δὲ Θεῶν Διάλογοί εἰσι διάλογοι πέντε καὶ εἴκοσιν ἐν οἳς τὸ τοῦ Ὁμήρου εἰδος θεῶν ἔσκωπτεν ὁ Λουκιανός.

ἐν δὲ πρώτῳ τῷ διαλόγῳ ὁ Προμηθεὺς αἰτεῖ Διὰ ἑαυτόν λύειν. ἀναγιγνώσκω τὸν διαλόγον καὶ ἀναγιγνώσκω τὰ τοῦ Ῥοὺσ ὑπομνήματα.

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Herodotus 4.30

Not that I find mule-breeding an interesting question per se, but it seems to me that this passage is a good yet mysterious example of intertextuality in Herodotus.

In the Odyssey, book 4, Homer mentions in passing mule-breeding in Elis. Herodotus, on the other hand, in the middle of his account of the Scythians, claims (Hdt 4.30) that mules cannot be bred in Elis; just before this, Herodotus has explicitly made reference (in Hdt 4.29) ...
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Ben-Hur Translation Page 17: Sweet and Lovely Esther

Thank you for your help!
All previous pages.
Image of page in English

Ben-Hurs’ fighting spirit is deeply stirred by Simonides’ announcement

Benhuris animus ob Simonidæ nuntium ad bellum excitatur atque inflammatur.

Ὁ τοῦ Βενὼρ θυμὸς διὰ τὸ τοῦ Σιμωνίδου ἄγγελμα πρὸς πόλεμον ἐγείρεταί τε καὶ φλέγεται.

The prophets have for years foretold the coming of a Messiah who will lead our people to be rulers of the world. When our new king appears, ...
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Quaestio Religiosa

Quaestionem omnibus vobis qui latinam linguam dicere scitis habeo: quantum vestri sunt christaini? Si ita, estisne Protestantes vel Catholici Romani vel Graeci Orthodoxi vel alii?

Sum Christianus et Protestantor, specialius, Presbyterianus Reformatus.

Me corrige si erro, quaeso.
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Medium erat in Anco ingenium...

This is from Orberg's LLPSI Cap XLIV (adapted livy).

Medium erat in Anco ingenium, et Numae et Romuli memor. Pacem avi regno magis necessariam fuisse credebat, cum in novo tum feroci populo, se vero otium sine iniuria haud facile habiturum.

Three questions about this:

1) Medium erat in Anco ingenium, et Numae et Romuli memor.

Orberg provides the following hint for memor : memor : simile

Assuming medium means something like 'central' I would ...
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