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What case should a town be in after "civis"?

When "civis" is used to indicate an individual is from a town/city, what case should the town/city be in? I seem to be seeing examples in the nominative as well as other things. Egbert in Introduction to the Study of Latin Inscriptions (which, yes, is over a century old now) states that the name of the city will be in the ablative or, if singular of the 1st or 2nd declensions, then the genitive and ...
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Does "apipiora" mean anything in Greek?

Is there a Greek word that sounds like "apipiora" and means "prince"?

Background: I've been wondering about the etymology of the Hebrew word for "pope". According to a good dictionary, the origin is an Aramaic word borrowed (and no doubt mangled a bit) from Greek. "Apipiora" is how that Aramaic word would look in the Roman alphabet. Or if this helps, in Aramaic it's spelled
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Soph. OT 1329-25 Sophocles syntax for Koine readers

Some Koine people may find this difficult to read.

Soph. OT 1329-25

Ἀπόλλων τάδ' ἦν, Ἀπόλλων, φίλοι,
ὁ κακὰ κακὰ τελῶν ἐμὰ τάδ' ἐμὰ πάθεα.
Ἔπαισε δ' αὐτόχειρ νιν οὔ-
τις, ἀλλ' ἐγὼ τλάμων.
Τί γὰρ ἔδει μ' ὁρᾶν,
ὅτῳ γ' ὁρῶντι μηδὲν ἦν ἰδεῖν γλυκύ;

I tried to feed Ἔπαισε δ' αὐτόχειρ νιν οὔτις ἀλλ' ἐγὼ τλάμων into a (unreal) generative parsing automata (machine) and ran into problems. Ἔπαισε δ' αὐτόχειρ νιν looks ...
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New member translating

Hello, I am a new member. I have studied Greek and Latin many years ago but I am in need of relearning. I am going to be tinkering with a translation project of an Early Christian Bible commentary and I will be seeking lots of help trying to make sense of it. Anybody who wants to get involved is more than welcome, I can sure use the help!
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Demosthenes, First Olynthiac

I have been reading Demosthenes’ Olynthiacs, using McQueen’s commentary, based off of MacGregor’s commentary. I thought that I would go back and translate some of what I had already read, to post here and to see if I actually understand it. Criticism would be welcome. I have noticed that McQueen seems to have based some of his commentary off of a slightly different version of the text.

Αντὶ πολλῶν ἄν, ὦ ἄνδρες Ἀθηναῖοι, χρημάτων ὑμᾶς ...
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not sure why the subjunctive is used

Scis quam iniquus interdum, quam impotens saepe, quam quelior semper sit amor. I supose the sentence injects a certain amount of doubt and thus the use of sit but other than that I am not sure.
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Markos -yes lets do 20 questions

Μαρκε, εἷλον ἄνθρωπον. εἴκαζε.
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χαίρετε, ὦ βέλτιστοί τε καὶ βέλτισται!

My name is Orestes Papazisis. I have had a love affair with the Classics from a very tender age, and it is great to be able to talk with with people that share this enthusiasm.
A little about myself: I was born in Thessalonika, Greece, and emigrated to the USA when I was 3y/o.
Now, in my late 40's, I am back in Greece, likely to stay. I did my undergrad work at the ...

Query about πλέω

Is πλέω (I sail) an ε-contract verb? I know this is probably a really simple question, but I'm a complete beginner and I'm having trouble finding grammar help online (such as somewhere which shows the conjugation of specific verbs - could anyone reccomend?). Thanks in advance :)
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Hey, I'm Phoebus Apollo. I will be starting my Classics degree at Oxford Uni this October. I have done A level Latin, and have just started learning Ancient Greek (definitely glad I learnt Latin first!... :lol: ). Joined this site because I already have lots of questions regarding the grammar.
Thanks :)
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