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Calepinus Septem Linguarum (1778)

This is yet another post about a monolingual dictionary.

In another thread, I mentioned four monolingual dictionaries that I found interesting, namely: Estienne's Thesaurus, Gesner's revision of the same, Forcellini's Totius Latinitatis Lexicon, and Wagner's Lexicon Latinum. One user also mentioned Comenius's Lexicon Atriale, which I might have added. I purposely left out Calepinus's Dictionarium because I thought at the time that it was too primitive to be very useful compared to modern dictionaries. That ...
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Materials for reading Herodotus

Hopefully I'm soon through Demosthenes' On the Crown and I'd like to start a new major reading project. I want something easy for a change. Before Demosthenes, which is crazy hard, I'd thought I'd read Thucydides, which is even more difficult and which I soon abandoned, to start again once I'm fluent in Greek. I'm thinking about reading Herodotus, if it really is easy enough. Some easier Plato is another possibility, and I'm open to ...
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J. M. Gesner's Novus Thesaurus Linguae Latinae

On another thread, there has been some discussion regarding monolingual dictionaries. Having come across the CAMENA project, where a good part of Gesner's 1749 revision of Estienne's famous Thesaurus has been transcribed, I thought it would be worth a try to see if volunteers would help complete it. So I have collated the CAMENA text with the page images over at Wikisource:

Anyone may contribute as little or as much as desired, but if ...
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Ancient Greek Dictionary Software

Dear all,

The Dictionary is a vital for self-studying. Would you please suggest me some valuable dictionary softs for Ancient Greek, of course, they should be free for downloading. I hope they have all functions like the Latin Dict of William Whitaker as below link:


Hope to see your suggestions

Sincerely yours,

Huynh Trong Khanh
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Ecloga III

First off:

Lines 3-4. Menaclas remarks that Damoetas is inattentive and incompetant with the herd:

ipse Neaeram
dum fouet ac ne me sibi praeferat illa ueretur

("(Damoetas) himself, while he fondles Neaera and fears that she prefers me to him, (makes blunders with the flock)." Do I have this right? I'm unclear whether "ipse" refers to Damoetas or Aegon, the owner of the herd (which reminds me of another question: did Aegon give Damoetas the ...
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special class of verbs

There is a class of verbs active in form but passive in meaning(opposite the deponent verbs); does this class have a special name and where can I find a list of these? Thanks.
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Help to translate

Dear all,

I got trouble with this below sentence, it is from story of Regulus:

Ille Romam cum venisset, inductus in senatum, nihil quasi Romanus egit, dixitque, se ex ilia die, qua in potestatem Afrorum venisset, Romanum esse desiisse.

I got confused cause there're so many pronouns and also the confused meaning of nihil - nothing

Please kindly help me a little bit

Sincerely yours,

Huynh Trong Khanh
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Mora based pronunciation for ancient Greek

Mora based pronunciation Iliad opening

So, I think that I've found out the answer to my Greek poetry question. Greek in the classical period was a mora-based language (like Japanese). Allen mentions this in his accent section of Vox Graeca, but it doesn't inform the rest of his work.

I've been working on mora-izing all of my long vowels all the past week, and while I still can't speak quickly, you can hear the results ...
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Latin Beginner/Children Audiobooks?

Hi, everyone.

I'm absolutely terrible at understanding spoken/oral Latin. I found sites like Librivox.com with decent recordings of Vergil, Ovid, and others read in Classical or Ecclesiastical pronunciation; however, these are too advanced for me. Even hearing the Biblia Sacra is too hard. :(

Does anyone know of any beginner/children's audiobooks (preferably read only in Latin--I'm going for that total Latin immersion fluency) or something that people ...
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Az New Here.

I own to have had difficulty finding a class for studying Greek at my level. For the past 3 years I have been attending reading groups doing Medea, Iliad 6 & 22, and Herodotus Bk1. In my experience such groups are mixed ability with a lot of time spent explaining elementary grammar. Of course we all have concepts we are struggling with. One gent with acquired fluency told me he has finished with struggling and ...
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