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Galatians read-through

I read Galatians last night and have some questions:

1:10 Ἄρτι γὰρ ἀνθρώπους πείθω ἢ τὸν θεόν;

πείθω is an interesting word for a Christian to use about God, isn't it? It especially surprised me in light of the "win the approval of" or "seeking the favor of" translations of this verse that I hear in church. I would think that the KJV's rendering "persuade" captures this better.

2:3 ἀλλ' οὐδὲ Τίτος ὁ σὺν ἐμοί, ...
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Odd-ball introduction


I am not quite sure why I am trying to learn Latin. Without no special gift to learn languages and being not particularly systematic I am most likely doomed to fail. Still it seems fun to me, as this is something completely different what I am doing for living. Perhaps designing LTE system and learning Latin are both speaking Greek.

BTW: Did Rome legionaries have a similar quip like S.N.A.F.U.?
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What's the best English translation of Herodotus?

I tried searching for previous threads about this but didn't find them.


Dyscolus (1959) published or reperformed in 2009?

Does the 2009 DVD published by the University of Sydney contain Bill Ritchie's original 1959 original language production of Sydney University Classical Society's reading of Menander's Dyscolus, or a different commemorative production?

http://www.apgrd.ox.ac.uk/archive/Gen-C ... 9%2B/15306
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what does eī refer to? orberg text

I have been doing Orberg text for a while, that I almost read it unconsciously in my spare time...
as I am slogging through the text, I get more and more familiar with the text but at the same time I get this 'foggy' feeling that there are things that I still can not fully grasp about the language no matter what...
one of them that pop up at the top of my head is ...
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Answer key to revised edition of Pharr

I'm asking this for a friend who has just started studying ancient Greek: is there an answer key to the latest edition of Pharr's Homeric Greek (the edition revised by Paula Debnar)?

Hello, by the way. I haven't been around here for a long time. But somehow somewhen I'll be back (in the memorable words of the former governor of California).
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Homeric depiction from the 15th century BCE Pylos?

This NYT article suggests that an agate seal stone picturing a battle scene derives from the same epic sources that Homer was later to use. Debatable, to say the least, but always so intriguing.

“Some scansion problems ‘can be resolved if you restore older forms of Greek which are consistent with the dialect recorded in Linear B documents’” is a really weird formulation, and really made only to show Mycenaean and Homeric connexion.

Hebrew tenses in Greek translation [topic split]

Altair wrote:I have almost no academic background in the Greek, but happened to stumble on a site with various parallel translations of Genesis. I could read enough to be surprised at the degree of difference between them and to wonder about the sequence of tenses to render the Hebrew.

I read a very long time ago that there is something going on with the Hebrew tenses at the beginning of Genesis that is not captured ...
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Aspect in Ancient Greek

For those of you interested in a somewhat formal linguistic discussion of aspect in ancient Greek, you might want to check out the dissertation referenced below:

Aspect in Ancient Greek: A semantic analysis of the aorist and imperfective

I have no personal link to this dissertation or to the institution, but found the presentation gave me my first comprehensible model to understand aspect in ancient Greek. Although he uses formal semantics in places, he also ...
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Wilson's New Odyssey Translation in the New York Times

The New York Times recently published the following article:

"The First Woman to Translate the 'Odyssey' into English"

Aside from those aspects that might draw censure or approval from classicists or culture warriors, I liked that the language was examined closely even for a non-expert audience.

Aside from what tradition may or may not say, I found interesting the discussion of the "grammatical" ambiguity hidden in πολύτροπος. Does this accord with ancient commentaries on The ...


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