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Orberg Cap XLIII

Adapted from Livy Orberg tells the story of the battle of the Horatii and Curatii. It's down to the final two and he tells us:

Prius igitur quam alter — nec procul aberat — consequi posset, et alterum Curiatium conficit. Iamque singuli supererant, sed nec spe nec viribus pares. Alterum intactum ferro corpus et geminata victoria ferocem in certamen tertium dabat; alter, fessum vulnere fessum cursu corpus trahens victusque fratrum ante se strage, victori obicitur ...
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..corpus sineret.

Ergo, ut divideret pugnam eorum, capit fugam, ita ratus Albanos secuturos ut quemque vulnere affectum corpus sineret.

There's something I'm not getting. The part from ...ita ratus - in this way he thought the Albani following...' and then ut quemque vulnere affectum... so that he? / it? (the tactic) would allow each body to be affected with a wound...'

I'm having trouble with the subject of sineret.
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Hi to all.

Following the instructions given on the site, I am posting an introduction on myself. I am a teacher. I teach Latin and Greek at a secondary college in Melbourne. I was a member of the site some time ago but my account lapsed. I love reading some of the discussions about the finer points of grammar in both Latin and Greek. The free grammars for download are also and absolute God-send.

I ...
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translation problem

In Italia urbem desideratam habebitis. I think desideratam is a perfect participle and the way I translate this sentence is 'you will have longed for a city in Italy'. But this sounds like the future perfect tense which is covered later in the book. This one has me stumped.
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Key to Crosby?

There used to be an answer key to Crosby online, but the links are all dead. Does anybody have a copy?

A digital copy of the textbook itself is available here:


It's my favorite traditional textbook. I tried going through it early last year, but I felt that there wasn't enough reading / input practice, and I spent too much time in analysis of Greek compared to reading Greek. This year, the compactness is ...
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Why οἰωνοῖσιν can be declension of οἰωνός?
it may be a stuipd question,but i cant find how can do it.
is the plural dative of οἰωνός οἰωνοῖσι?


Greetings! I am a Latin teacher in the Pacific Northwest who majored in both Latin and Greek. My Latin (because I have studied it for longer) is substantially better than my Greek, so I am planning to improve my Greek reading fluency substantially during this upcoming summer.

I am also interested in improving my Latin oral proficiency and composition ability in order to have a more immersive Latin classroom. At the moment, the Latin skill ...
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Metaphorical language use

Why does Greek have so little, and Latin so much?

Here, for instance, is Cicero in the 2nd Catilinarian (thanks to swtwentyman’s thread on the Latin board):

iacet ille nunc prostratus, Quirites, et se perculsum atque abiectum esse sentit et retorquet oculos profecto saepe ad hanc urbem quam e suis faucibus ereptam esse luget: quae quidem mihi laetari videtur, quod tantam pestem evomuerit forasque proiecerit.

Catiline has left Rome. Leaving aside the somewhat absurdly sustained ...
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Homer & cinema

I've just read the finale of book 12: Hector takes up a huge boulder, smashes the gates of the Greek wall and the Trojans rush into the breach. Strong stuff with a high cinematic quality to it. In fact it's all too easy to imagine how this would translate into a movie scene. Which made me wonder why oh why no decent movie exists with the Iliad as its subject. Or none that I'm aware ...
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At long last . . .

. . . a new Loeb Theocritus, Bion and Moschus, to replace the old Greek Bucolic Poets, one of the worst of the older volumes.

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