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present passive infinitive

What part of Latin grammar is this infinitive used? Thanks, Paul
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After nearly sixteen books of the Iliad my reading speed has improved dramatically (as well it should after many thousands of hexameters). What's slowing me now is mostly vocabulary and unusual/ irregular forms of verbs. But most of all vocabulary. Even after so many pages there are still many, many words I don't know the meaning of, often several in one sentence. That's frustrating. Lately I have begun to jot them down and put them ...
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Quare ascribo scribitur pro asscribo?
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Hi, all.

I've found a resource that doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere on this site (but maybe I missed it). It's an online tool for building word lists for either Latin or Greek. One nice feature: it allows you to generate word lists for particular books, and even to filter word lists based on your level or other criteria. Click the "About" link to view a short video which demonstrates what you can do ...
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Is Ørberg's pronunciation of V correct?

Hi all! First, let me say thanks for such a fantastic resource. This board has been so helpful in figuring out which Latin method to start using.

I'm on Lingua Latina Ch. 1... just started yesterday. I noticed that when Ørberg pronounces his Vs, sometimes he does so like the English V, and other times uses what I take to be the reconstructed pronunciation like the English W; compare the V in "fluvii" to the ...
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Does δόρυ θηγέμεναι imply spears with tips?

LSJ θήγω wrote:δόρυ θηξάσθω let him whet his spear, Il.2.382

Am I justifed in thinking that θηγέμεναι (= prose ἀκονᾶν) implies the spear was tipped with a metal tip rather than just being plain wood?

I suspect that ἀποξύνειν (or ἐξαποξύνειν) would be used for bringing a piece of wood to a point.
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Any help understanding οἷός τε would be appreciated...

Goodwin (§1024) states that Attic οἷός τε is probably τoιούτος οἷός τε by ellipsis. Is that a plausible explanation, and how does such an explanation actually explain it?

Do the other dialects use a spelt out τoιούτος οἷός τε with a similar meaning?
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Elementa Linguae et Grammaticae Latinae

Qui vestrum hic in foro audivit de libro qui Elementa Linguae et Grammaticae Latinae inscribitur? Huius auctor libri, Cletus Pavanetto, quondam commentarios Latinos Latinitas prodeuntes e Civitate Vaticana curabat.

Liber, qui nunc est in sexta editione, praecepta regulasque linguae Latinae docet sermone Romanorum utendo. In situ interretiale Amazon, video hunc librum maximi pretii vendi. Nolo pendere mille dollaria, miror tamen si liber optimus sit.
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Ways to say "said"


while looking for word lists in English (to use as inspiration for Latin) I encountered the excellent set of word lists at EnchantedLearning.com. One of these lists especially caught my attention. It has the title Ways to Say "Said". Looking at it was an eye-opener. I knew that I was still a beginner when it comes to Latin, but this list really drove the message home (like a baseball bat swung really, really hard). ...
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Oratio in Catilinam Tertia

Section 10. The letter to Catiline urging him to bring his army to Rome and for the Allobroges to bring their cavalry, having been intercepted at the Mulvian Bridge, is being read to the conspirators in the Senate.

Hanc autem Cethego cum ceteris controversiam fuisse dixerunt quod Lentulo et aliis Saturnalibus caedem fieri atque urbem incendi placeret, Cethego nimium id longum videretur.

("(The Allobroges) said, however, that this dispute was between Cethegus and the others ...
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