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Ajax 1-200

I think that the Let's Read: AJAX thread has become like an "overgrown path" and so I propose starting again. I dont want to repeat many of the good things which have already been said there but a little overlap will be inevitable. I think texts should be (re)read slowly and carefully so I wont be rushing through this text.

Anyone is welcome to post anything they like. I am not so interested in literary ...
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Pictorial dictionary for the culture of Classical Antiquity?

Quite often I find words in Greek and Latin dictionaries which denote special objects linked to their own culture, and my imagination does not allow to envisage them. They could for instance be certains kinds of shoes (what does e.g. caliga look like? how about κόθορνος?), hats, or shields. I am loath to visualise them via modern culture. Surely it has not been forgotten how these kinds of items actually looked like?

I can't believe I am letting myself in for this again.

I took two-and-a-half years of Greek in college and had the immense good fortune to read Euripides (the Hippolytus), Aeschylus (the Prometheus Bound), Sophocles (the Oedipus Tyrranus, and I wonder if I spelled that right), and even Sappho. I wanted to change my major to Greek, I loved it so much, but I ended up stuck in philosophy. Not even Greek philosophy, but German Idealism. How amazing it would have been to read Aristotle's Metaphysics ...
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Comic on Lucian's: Cupidinis et Jovis

Salvete et Χαίρετε! I'm done with the second dialogue by Lucian. I hope someone find it helpful/enjoyable. If you find any typo and/or situation misunderstood, please let me know. Thanks!

Completed version: with Greek-Latin side-by-side (562KB, click and the full sized picture opens)

Here's the URL to the file without word.

I must say Jupiter has never been my favorite god, but after reading this dialogue, first time in my ...
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Intermediate Greek readers Lucian

Viviparidus and bedwere have produced a Greek comic strip based on Lucian's Dialogues: Promethei et Iovis here. Some found the Greek a bit challenging. I have discovered through a review in the Bryn Mawr Classical Review that Faenum Publishing have produced what looks to be a helpful book: "Evan Hayes, Stephen Nimis, Lucian's Dialogues of the Gods. An Intermediate Greek Reader. Greek text with running vocabulary and commentary."

This can be downloaded as a free ...
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mimi numinum niuium minimi munium ...

Wikipedia page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minim_%28palaeography%29 (defines a minim in the handwriting sense, and) quotes "mimi numinum niuium minimi munium nimium uini muniminum imminui uiui minimum uolunt" (translated there as "the smallest mimes of the gods of snow do not wish at all in their life that the great duty of the defences of the wine be diminished") as a text made mostly of minims, and thus difficult to handwrite legibly. I saw this text long ago in ...
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Olá amigos (χαιρετε)

 χαιρετε everyone,

I am in graduate school, writing a dissertation about Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics. About his discussion of σωφρoσύνη to be more precise. I studied greek for 2 yrs. (2009-11) and then started again earlier this year. I am really excited about it and since this board has been so helpful for me, I thought why not take part in it.

So right now I am also translating Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics Book I and III ...
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Memorizing Greek words

As part of my desire to learn Ancient Greek from the bottom of my soul, I know I need to be reinforcing the language in myself, through quizzes, drills and the like. The trouble is, I'm a rebellious child and I chafe at such things, but I know it's necessary nonetheless. The difficulty with most "flash card" programs I've seen, though, is that they take the flash-card metaphor to its extreme, never prying from the ...
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Questions About a Passage in the Confessions

I have a couple questions about a passage in the Confessions of Saint Augustine.

"Da mihi, Domine, scire et intellegere, utrum sit prius invocare te an laudare te et scire te prius sit an invocare te."

1. Is it subjunctive because it is a subordinate clause within indirect discourse?

2. I'm having problem's getting the exact meaning of the bold. I get the jist of it. Augustine is saying whether we call upon God and ...
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Anki Deck (Request) Thread

Salvete omnes.

It seems far more people have made Anki decks than there are available at the official shared deck page for Latin here: https://ankiweb.net/shared/decks/latin

It's possible I'm not searching efficiently enough to find all those that are publicly available, but it seems as if many people don't share their private decks. Can someone explain why? In the past week or so I've come across many mentions of people ...
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