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New Here

I first came to the board when I got search engine hits for Greek and Latin grammars. What got me to enroll is the Greek/Latin composition boards and the Agora board. But it looks like there are lots of other aspects of this site to explore, something I look forward to doing. I'll head off to post in the Latin weather thread.

P.S. How should I handle Greek fonts for this site? I can see ...
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Pronunciation in poetry with a dead language

Reading the English "Chaos" pronunciation poem makes me really sad. If English is that hard for modern speakers to pronounce, how am I ever possibly going to understand all the clever rhymes, plays on words, and pronunciation tricks of a dead language?

:( :( :(
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ollendorff vocab – the cruel husband and the thief

This story uses only the vocabulary introduced in the Greek Ollendorff up to page 190 with the sole exception that γυνή does not appear until page 220. It also keeps to grammar introduced up to that point.
(Warning: the world of this story is a lot less peaceful than that found in the pages of the Ollendorff.)

ἔμπορος τις οὐ ἐφίλει τὴν γυναῖκα. ὁ ἔμπορος εἶχε θυγατέρα διὰ τῆς γυναικός ἀλλά οὐ εἶχε υἱόν. διὰ ...
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Recovering melodies from ancient Greek documents

I have been considering a statistical project over the last few days, and I hoped to get some input on it.

My guess is that if an original melody line existed for any document of sufficient length, and it had some effect on words selected (according to their accentuation), it becomes a reasonably straightforward machine learning problem to recover some aspects of the original melody. In fact, if you assume that the likelihood of accent ...

Please translate my story to Latin

My father Marcus and I went to see the Gladiators fight in the colosseum today. We arrived in the morning and bought food outside of the colosseum. We were lead to our seats by a slave. The emperor signaled the start of the games and the people cheered. The Morning fights were animal fights. First was a lion against an elephant. The lion was able to win by biting the elephants neck until it died. ...
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Demodocus and imperfects

A brief interlude from Sophocles' Ajax, my main reading project for now...

The Muse has robbed the bard Demodocus of his sight, but has given him the gift of song.

Od. 8.62 ff.
κῆρυξ δ' ἐγγύθεν ἦλθεν ἄγων ἐρίηρον ἀοιδόν,
τὸν πέρι Μοῦσ' ἐφίλησε, δίδου δ' ἀγαθόν τε κακόν τε:
ὀφθαλμῶν μὲν ἄμερσε, δίδου δ' ἡδεῖαν ἀοιδήν.

The repeated imperfect δίδου surprises beside the aorists ἐφίλησε and ἄμερσε. The commentaries I have (Hainsworth, Merry-Riddell, Ameis-Hentze, ...
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Tacitus, Agricola: what kind of subjunctive?

Tacitus opens his admiring narrative of the life Julius Agricola, his father-in-law, with subtle reflections on the problems of the biographer in his own times.

at nunc narraturo mihi vitam defuncti hominis venia opus fuit, quam non petissem incusaturus. . . .

Translation: But in this age, to write in praise of a deceased man, I had to ask permission, which I would not have sought to condemn him.

petissem: pluperfect subjunctive. What is the ...
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Singlish, an English-based creole with pitch accent

Hi guys, I'm from Singapore, and given the interest here in restored pronunciations of Latin and Greek and grappling with speaking in a mora-timed manner and what a pitch accent might sound like, I thought that sharing about the creole spoken here might provide a fun but relevant diversion.

I'm not a linguist, and I haven't read the scholarship, so what I write here is anecdotal and several of my observations may be off the ...
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Translating News Articles

I've been learning Latin for a year or so, on and off, and I've been trying to translate a few news articles written in Latin. How about 'Non satis fuit tumultuantibus quod Minister Primarius Manuel Valls promiserit se novam legem de operis correcturum esse' be translated?

I think it should mean '(Prime Minister Manuel Valls) is not satisfied with the disruption which he promised new labour legislation would correct'. Is this correct or wrong? What's ...
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Ilias/Odyssea: help needed

Valete omnes!

I again need your help with checking some possible errors in the Latin translation of Homer's epics: two open questions concerning the "Ilias" and 16 concerning the "Odyssea". I can assure you that this sounds worse than it is. I provided links to the Greek/Latin-text which should make answering these questions a matter of minutes. Once these questions are resolved I can go about creating the e-books.


I noticed ...
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