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why the subjunctive in this sentence?

Caesar eos in eo loco quo tum ESSENT suum adventum expectare jussit. Caesar ordered them to await his arrival in that place where they then were.
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Ben-Hur Translation Page 33: Behold the Lamb of God

Thanks for your corrections!

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A wild looking, but striking figure draws the gaze of all eyes.

Oculi omnium in hominem vastum vultu at mirabilem finguntur.

Τὤμματα πάντων εἰς ἄνθρωπον ἄγριον τὸ πρόσωπον ἀλλὰ θαυμάσιον ὄντα πήγνυται.

He must be the man they call John the baptist. He is pointing at someone. Hear what he says.

Manifestum est eum Joannem qui Baptistam vocatur esse. Ostendit autem aliquem. Audite ...
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I need help translating the word ΟΔΙΓΗ


There's a book written by jesuit priest Manuel Briceño Jáuregui called "El genio literario griego" (The literary greek genius) in three volumes. Each of them has a dedication in greek that reads as follows:


Searching on the internet I could translate most of the words. The books are dedicated to the most holy ever virgin mother of God, Mary, as a present of ...
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Mobili, in Alabama

Septem dierum,

a die 18a usque ad diem 24am mensis Julii
anno Domini 2017

⇚ De accessu notitia Scheda inscriptionis ⇛


ubi lingua Latina erit nobis sermo communis. Lingua Latina est enim etiam hodie lingua Ecclesiæ viva; clavis est quæ thesaurum spiritualem integri ævi Christiani aperit. In hac hebdomada linguæ Latinæ loquendæ intelligendæ opportunitatem ...
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Help: Manassès Constantin hand-writing

Dear All, pls help me to write in a proper Greek two phrases from Manasses' hand-written text. I lack the patience and knowledge of hand writing.
These 2 phrases contain κάπρος and κάπροί and can be found in p. 122A, Constantini Manassis Breviarium historicum ___. Parisiis: E Typographia Regia, M.DC.LV. 1655. I have a sreenshot but I do not know how to attach it here. If it is possible I appreciate anybody's e-mail to send ...
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Translation Koine

Hello I am just coming across a few sentences in my graded reader from the 1950s and I have had some trouble translating these two sentences. I didn't write down the preceding and following sentences for context, maybe you can still help me figure it out. Koine.

1. ὁ πιστεύων ἐν ἐμοί, οὗτος ἀδελφός μου και μήτηρ ἐστιν. How can the one believing in Him be His brother and she is somebody's (who) mother? This ...
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χξϚ 666

I was just studying the difference between 666, the number of the beast, in the Textus Receptus and in the UBS IV. The T.R. says the number is χξϚ (600, 60, 6). The UBS IV says the number is ἑξακόσιοι ἑξήκοντα ἕξ. Does the numbering in the UBS affect the way the beasts number can be calculated? How does this work, the number of his name adds up somehow to 666? So what combination of ...
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adsuetus: how many syllables?

Context: I've been working on scanning, having scanned about 350 lines over the past month. I'm getting about three-fourths of them right, using this web site as a criterion of correctness:


I keep having trouble with the letter "u": vowel or consonant?

Here is a dictionary entry, with a single macron over the "e": adsuētus. [ In case the macron doesn't come through for you, I'll uppercase the ...
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An Inauguration Day Treat

καινὰ πεποίηκε πάντα ὁ Τρύμπων.
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Your suggested materials for learning of the Latin language?

I am still very new on this forum, I am also new to learning Latin :roll: .

I would like your opinion on the best learning options available in all forms, via Online, Programs, Apps, books, etc.

Here is my experiences so far in my personal searches - - - -

Programs: The most structured self-teaching I have at the moment is using Rosetta Stone's Latin ...
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