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Horace, Letters, 1, 1, grammar of invocation?

Context: Horace signals his intention to shift his writing from lyric poetry, to the philosophical, and seeks to overcome resistance by his patron Maecenas.

I've been struggling with the first line of this letter, and need some help on its grammar.

Prima dicte mihi, summa dicende Camena,
spectatum satis et donatum iam rude quaeris,
Maecenas, iterum antiquo me includere ludo.

Here are my grammar calls, very much in the spirit of "run it ...
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Query about σωος

Why does σωος decline like ἡμετερος if its stem does not end in ι, ρ or ε ?
In other words, why is the feminine sg σωα, σωαν etc and not σωη, σωην etc?
Thank you in advance
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Unit 17, Exercise II (English to Latin)

Hi: as last time, I would be very grateful for any corrections or improvements.

1. He was (a man) of such sanctity that he kept the leaders from committing crimes

Tālis religiōnis erat ut ducēs dēterreret quōminus scelera facerent.

2. a) We fear that he will reveal the crimes of this house.

Verēmur nē scelera huius domūs retegat (retēcturus sit).

b) We fear that he revealed the crimes of this house.

Verēmur nē scelera huius ...
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Horace, Letters, 1, 1

Context: Horace is taking a position "above the fray" in commenting on the vices and peculiarities of his nation. Here he imagines the Roman people questioning him:

70 Quod si me populus Romanus forte roget, cur
71 non ut porticibus sic iudiciis fruar isdem,
72 nec sequar aut fugiam quae diligit ipse vel odit,
73 olim quod volpes aegroto cauta leoni
74 respondit, referam. . . .

Translation: But if by chance the Roman ...
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My name is Brian. I live in London. I took GCE Latin A Level in 1972. Since then, I've continued to read Latin off and on but I forget more than I remember.
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Who writes Latin verse?

Who still writes Latin verse nowadays? Is it taught anywhere, or does everybody interested have to learn it individually from a book? When I was at a grammar school in England in the late 1950's they taught everybody there Latin (prose, not verse) but not Greek; sciences had driven Greek completely off the timetable by then; since then, computer science has driven Latin off their timetable. I heard recently that Eton College even has abandoned ...
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Günther Zuntz's Griechischer Lehrgang: A Review

Professor Günther Zuntz wrote a Greek Course (or a primer, as he called them) named Griechischer Lehrgang in three volumes. The first edition (1983) of his course is available free online at the Munich’s Digital Library:




(There is a second edition (1991), very hard to come by, which I have only been able to consult in libraries, in which I have only been able to detect the correction of a few misprints, ...
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Books On Greek Prepositions

I have come to realize that prepositions are my weak point in my Ancient Greek studies. Does anyone have any recommendations of books dealing with Ancient Greek prepositions (preferably not under copyright and on google books/archive).

I found this one so far:
A treatise on the Greek prepositions, and on the cases of nouns with which they are used
https://books.google.com/books?id=_ZUCA ... ns&f=false
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Learning what language would help ESL students more?

There are more and more ESL students getting interested in classics today, especially in ancient Latin and ancient Greek (at least in my university, including me XD). Do you have any suggestions for those students who cannot use English 100 percent properly but are still willing to learn those two more advanced languages? And learning what language would help us the most in terms of having a more profound understanding in English and all Roman ...
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vivere vs vivi?

I came across this sentence from Cicero in my revision of conditional sentences:

non potest iucunde vivi nisi cum virtute vivatur = it is impossible to live happily except by living virtuously.

Why is vivi (the present passive infinitive) used, and not vivere (the active infinitive)?

I can't seem to find anything in any grammar books on this. I would be grateful if someone could explain it to me.
Thank you in advance!
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