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spam account?

The account africa has made a single post and it does look as if it was created simply to provide a link to an off topic film site:
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Phaeacian dance

I'm wondering about the Phaeacian duo dance with a ball at 8.372 ff., especially ποτὶ χθονὶ πουλυβοτείρῃ at 378. All in all, Garvie's commentary gives a good overview, but I have a hard time figuring out a few points.

The dancers first take turn in bending themselves backwards (ἰδνωθεὶς ὀπίσω) and then throwing the ball high in the air, with the other dancer always catching the ball by jumping. (But I wonder if ἰδνωθεὶς ὀπίσω ...
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Horace, Odes, 1, 24

The poet addresses Vergil, concerning mourning for a friend Quintilius.

multis ille bonis flebilis occidit,
nulli flebilior quam tibi, Vergili.
tu, frustra pius, heu non ita creditum
poscis Quintilium deos.


He fell, to the tears of the best,
None more tearful than you Vergil,
You, your devotion in vain, he's no loan,
that you can call back from the gods.
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ὅτι/Translation Question in John 1


I am a little unsure how to parse the different uses of ὅτι in John 1:15-18. I think the first use is causal and the others that follow indicate that the quotation is being continued, but I am not positive. I checked Smyth, which was not too illuminating, and I also checked an English translation (ESV), which did not include the subsequent ὅτι clauses in the quotation (they are pretty much ignored in the ...
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Rouse's First Greek Course

I have made a new PDF of the third edition of Rouse's First Greek Course. There has been a version floating around the internet for some time. I took it and split the images into single pages for ease of use:


I've also made it available from lulu.com as a paperback (the price you see is Lulu's price to me):

http://www.lulu.com/shop/whd-rouse/firs ... 93567.html ...
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the LSK (Modern Greek version of LSJ)

“LSK” stands for Liddel, Jones and Konstantinidis. Anestis Konstantinidis was the guy who translated the lexicon into Modern Greek in 1904.

I had known that this version existed. Randall Buth had referred to it a few times, but until recently I had never seen it. I had assumed that the Modern Greek it used was sufficiently different from classical so that the lexicon would only be useful to those who knew Modern Greek. Otherwise, you ...
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sentence with typo?

Saxum igitur ingens in medios viros conjecit. I translated: Therefore he threw a large rock into the middle of the men. Should not ingens be ingentem?
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O Brother Where Art Thou

I woke up this morning with the ridiculous idea of translating songs from the Coen brothers movie into Greek. Since it's an adaptation of the Odyssey, I thought it would be funny to adapt it backwards...

κατέβην εις τόν ποταμόν προσεύχεσθαι
μανθάνων τὴν εὐθὺς ὁδόν
ὦ κύριε, δείκνυε με τὴν ὁδόν...

ὦ ἀδελφαί, καταβήομεν
καταβήομεν, κατάβηθι
ὦ ἀδελφαί, καταβήομεν
εις τόν ποταμόν προσεύχεσθαι

I'm not sure I used the subjunctive and imperative correctly there.
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Aristotle - Virtues and Vices videos

censor in the sense of blame is so 19th century and confuses me when someone 21st century uses it other than of a junta cutting out sections of a newspaper.
warning people not to confuse αἰτία with xxx risks linking the two in the mind of someone how has not got the two confused and probably won't help someone who is already confusing the two. Taking extra time to explain such easily confused words (as ...
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Lysistrata: definite version?


I am transcribing a Latin translation of the Lysistrata by Aristophanes. One of the final things to do is checking the speakers. I checked the Latin version against an English Project Gutenberg-version and a German print version (with the German translation dating from the mid 19th century). I noticed that some speaker roles vary. For example, quite a few instances where the Latin version says "Myrrhina", the English and German ones say "Calonice". And ...
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