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simplifying paradigms/tables

Hey folks

So, I have to learn Greek for my degree, which is fine, however, I do not have the time to learn hundreds of tables/paradigms.

I've learnt the rules of contraction, thus simplifying the verb tables a hell of a lot, but I can't find any way to simplify the 3rd declension down to less than 7:

νυξ, νυκτος
πραγμα, πραγματος
τριηρης, τριηρους
πολις, πολεως
αστυ, αστεως
βασιλευς, βασιλει
οφρυς, οφρυι

it's deeply frustrating ...
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Cic. pro Sestio

Context: Cicero explains why Cato stayed on the job and carried out wicked orders to confiscate and sell at auction the goods of the king of Cyprus. This action yielded a lot of gold. Much of this oration seeks to explain why good men didn't act more assertively against the bad politicians in control.

atque etiam hoc videbat, quoniam illa in re publica macula regni publicati maneret, quam nemo iam posset eluere, quod ex ...
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Learning Greek Vocab

Do you have any advice on learning Greek vocab? In particular, how does one learn Greek vocabulary, especially verbs, given how complicated Greek morphology can get? In Latin, learning verbs is relatively easy. I learn a lot just form reading texts, and I now make flash cards for every unknown word I encounter, studying it until I know it both ways, actively and passively. For Greek, this is more difficult since words have more principle ...
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Question on Word Order

The following question is from the Unit 7 exercises Section 3 number 5 of Mastronarde's Introduction to Attic Greek. It asks for a translation into Attic of the following text: "with the small children of the messenger." My answer was: συν τοις μικροις του αγγελου παιδιοις. The answer key listed the correct response as: συν τοις μικροις παιδιοις τοις του αγγελου. My question has to do with the correct placement of the phrase "του αγγελου." ...
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Hello all, my name is Andre Brilliant. I am a 16 year old homeschooler hailing from Meridian, Idaho. I enjoy learning ancient languages, of which I study 2: Attic Greek and Akkadian. I am currently teaching myself Attic from Mastronarde's Introduction to Attic Greek and Akkadian from John Huehnergard's A Grammar of Akkadian. In addition to my schooling, I am a competitive tennis player. Most of the year, I live in an RV, traveling the ...
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Ancient Greek word question

Hello everyone,

I have a very specific question about a word in ancient greek.Does anyone know if the concept of ''generosity'' existed in ancient greek and if yes, what was the exact word and etymology?

I would be grateful if you could let me know, I appreciate any help you can provide.

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How did Monastics Learn Language

I am fascinated the methods that monastics used to learn language. As many of you probably know, Irish monastics were particularly learned. Many of them, besides their native tongue, knew Latin, Greek, and sometimes Hebrew. Is anyone familiar with the ways that they learned language?
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Audio for Classical Texts in Demotic

I was wondering if any of you have happened upon classical texts put to Modern Greek pronunciation. I suppose I am looking for anything, including Koine, post-classical, Byzantine, but I would prefer ante-classical texts. Obviously, I have the NT covered-- though if you knew where to get some LXX audio, I would be grateful. Finding some Xenophon would be great.
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