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Odyssey 6. 182-185

I can't figure out the entire sense of these verses:

οὐ μὲν γὰρ τοῦ γε κρεῖσσον καὶ ἄρειον,
ἢ ὅθ᾽ ὁμοφρονέοντε νοήμασιν οἶκον ἔχητον
ἀνὴρ ἠδὲ γυνή: πόλλ᾽ ἄλγεα δυσμενέεσσι,
χάρματα δ᾽ εὐμενέτῃσι, μάλιστα δέ τ᾽ ἔκλυον αὐτοί.

Odyseus is saying to Nausicaa that nothing is better than when a man and a woman live in good harmony. Up to there I understand everything, but then it start to turn obscure for me:

πόλλ᾽ ἄλγεα ...
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About νῦν in Od. 6. 149

γουνοῦμαι σε ἄνασσα· θεὸς νύ τις ἦ βροτός ἐσσι·
(Odyssey 6. 149)

I don't understand the which is the function of νῦν here. I have already read the whole entry of perseus for νῦν, but it didn't help. I only found the following uses of νῦν, that perhaps apply to my case, although I don't see how yet:

2. in Ep. mostly as a particle of emphasis, “ἧκε δ᾽ ἐπ᾽ Ἀργείοισι κακὸν βέλος: οἱ ...

about ipse


I want to know something about the usage of ipse.

Can ipse refer to a thing (not a person), as a demonstrative pronoun, not as an adjective attached to a noun ;
and even in oblique cases, or as the object of prepositions ?

I couldn't find such sample in Lewis & Short.
In it there were only a few samples of ipsum quod (meaning : for the reason that ... , in respect ...
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Writings about a high-school Latin course.

Salvete, errabundi lectores.
I had an idea that I think some here would be interested in. Some background: I am a high-school student in the second trimester of a two-trimester Latin II course, and probably the best class I've ever taken, period.

To the idea: I shall, on a basis of a few times a week, document the content covered in this class. My reasoning for considering this is simply that /somebody/ on a board ...
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Correcting Adler: Inst. 5


The previous installments can be found in this thread.


Exercise 23:

English Q&A
  • "Have you many boys?"
  • "We have only a few."
Latin Q&A (KEY):
  • "Suntne tibi multi pueri?" Singular "tibi" does not fit plural "we" in the answer. Suggested: "Suntne VOBIS multi pueri?"
  • "Non sunt nobis nisi pauci (Paucos tantum habemus)."

Exercise 24:

English Q&A
  • "How many servants have we?"
  • ...
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Pitch accent and asking questions

What do you do with your voice to indicate a question if you are using a pitch accent? Compare the following:

ἁρπάζετε τὴν χώραν.


ἁρπάζετε τὴν χώραν;

Do you just pitch your voice higher, as in English? Pitching my voice higher would, I suppose, be like giving the last syllable an oxytone accent. I think that a pause in the word would have to be inserted so the pitch could rise from a lower ...
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Expressing time in Latin: "dodrans"


When expressing "a quarter to xxx" (e.g. 1:45 PM) one can use "dodrans", but there seems to be no exact agreement as to how to do so properly.

Traupman gives on page 81 of his Conversational Latin for Oral Proficiency the following example:
Traupman wrote:Est prima hora et dodrans. -- It is 1:45

I found a Spanish/Latin-slideshow where a different use is shown:
Jesús León Vaquero wrote:1:45 -- Est (hora) secunda et dodrans = cum dodrante ...
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fero and its derivatives

Can anyone explain why fero, ferre, tuli, latum is classed as an irregular verb whilst all of its derivatives (affero, exfero etc... are third conjugation verbs despite the fact that they appear to conjugate just like ferre....?
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Quam 'as'

Volo intellectum confirmare verbi 'quam' (secundi) in hac sententia:

Helenus Aeneam monebat:

Italia quam tu iam propinquam esse reris,

longo cursu abs te dividitur:

prius circum Siciliam tibi navigandum est

quam in illa terra urbem condere poteris.

quam = quoniam ?

for in that land you will found a city...
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What font do you use?

If you type in Greek, what font do you like to use?

I had been using Palatino Linotype, but lately I have become fond of Gentium plus for when I type in Greek. I like the rho to have a straight, vertical tail, and I like the large diacritics. The letters look elegant, as if written with a fountain pen.
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