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Word order of oracles in prose

Topic name was: Belle marquise, vos beaux yeux...

I'm most of the way through Easy Selections from Xenophon and decided to take a break and read Thrasymachus. I realize that in the Xenophon selections I've been shielded from Xenophon's word order, and I realize that the readings from Thrasymachus have been created by the authors, but I assume that those readings reflect natural Greek word order. I'm stumped by the reply to Jason from the ...
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Another alphabet poem

Warning, this is "ἀκολαστότερον κατὰ τὴν διάνοιαν".

κύω γὰρ, ὦ γυναῖκες. ἀλλ᾿ αἰδοῖ, φίλαι,
ἐν γράμμασι σφῷν τοὔνομ᾿ ἐξερῶ βρέφους.
ὀρθὴ μακρὰ γραμμή ᾿στιν· ἐκ δ᾿ αὐτῆς μέσης
μικρὰ παρεστῶσ᾿ ἑκατέρωθεν ὑπτία.
ἔπειτα κύκλος πόδας ἔχων βραχεῖς δύο.

Athenaeus 454a.

ΨΩ -- Dalechamps thought that this was somehow short for ψώα, and therefore "fart". Is ψάω possible -- meaning that he's rubbing it?
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translating names

I was translating a sentence with two names in the genitive ( Sullae and Crassi) with the first name represented by an initial.If the first names were written out would they be in the genitive as well? Thanks.
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biblical greek.

i haven't been in here for a very long time now, but i'm back. i have been interested in learning greek for some time now, but i'm having problems keeping track of the terminology : nom, acc, dat,voc, etc. anyone have any ideas?

also, other than mounce, what is a good book to use for learning greek? i currently have dobson, duff, and another one i can't remember.
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Hercules battle with Antaeus

Is there a simple Latin story about the wrestling match between Hercules and Antaeus. I am trying to write some simple "back stories" for Hercules' 12 labours (Fabulae Faciles). I it would be an interesting scene to read, I just need a simple Latin version to get the vocab and structures.
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Tyrtaeus Fr. 9

οὔτ’ ἂν μνησαίμην οὔτ’ ἐν λόγωι ἄνδρα τιθείην
οὔτε ποδῶν ἀρετῆς οὔτε παλαιμοσύνης,

Neither would I remember nor speak of a man who is either an excellent racer or wrestler,

I thought that he might be talking about writing praise poetry (like Pindar), and "memorialize" & "set down in speech" might be better. But having read through 10-12 (so far), it may be that the setting is a general talking about who he wants in ...
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ne quid question

Do these two words together comprise a special expression? I thought quid might be a truncated form of an indefinite pronoun. Thanks.
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Gal.Nat.Fac.1.13 πρό τῶν μαγείρων "before" or "besides"

In the flow of an argument, the πρό might describe "and moving on from", but in building up a case against those who misunderstand the urinary system, πρό could mean "we don't even need to get to" (the butchers who chop up the bodies of animals every day and see the tubes, but even those with no knowledge of anything internalunderstand the relationship between kidneys and urine). Ie. We don't need to consider anatomy, because ...

Sen. Ben. 6, 22.

22. “Agedum,” inquit, “si possunt, resistant.” Hoc dicis: “Omnia ista ingentibus intervallis diducta et in custodiam universi disposita stationes suas deserant; subita confusione rerum sidera sideribus incurrant, et rupta rerum concordia in ruinam divina labantur, contextusque velocitatis citatissimae in tot saecula promissas vices in medio itinere destituat, et, quae nunc alternis eunt redeuntque opportunis libramentis mundum ex aequo temperantia, repentino concrementur incendio, et ex tanta varietate solvantur atque eant in unum omnia; ignis cuncta possideat, ...
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khairete pantas,

I'm new to this site but hopefuly some one may help me. I am editing Rouses' Greek Boy (one of the last texts) and I have encountered this world that appears odd to me:

"εἶεν ἂν οὖν εἰδοποιοὶ διαφοραί , ὅσαι ἕτερον εἶδος ποιοῦσαιν , καὶ ὅσαι ἐν τῷ τί ἦν εἶναι παραλαμβάνονται"

Is it possible that that word is a dual dative/genetive female particple?
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