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Hi everyone,

My name's Edward. I live in Atlanta, and I'm a web developer by trade, with a background in biology. I'm here mostly because I'm trying to learn Ancient Greek. I had 4 years of Latin in high school, ~20 years ago, and I actually wanted to move on to Ancient Greek back then, but it never happened. I have an overwhelming array of interests, so it's hard for me to stick to anything ...
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P.Oxy 8.1086 and Σ ad B.6c (bT)

mwh wrote:On the subject of time manipulation, here in a 1st-cent.BCE papyrus commentary is a notable anticipation of Zielinski’s insight that concurrent events are sometimes represented as consecutive: ο δε ποιητης διηγηματικος ων ου⟨δε⟩ δυναμενος α⟨μα⟩ παντα ειπειν τα κατα τον ⟨αυτον⟩ χρονον πραχθεντα παρα μερος ειρηκεν. (“The poet, since he is in narrative mode and not able to recount simultaneous events all at the same time, has recounted them successively.” (POxy 1086.58-60, on Il.2.788)

That’s ...
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Σ ad A.430b (bT)

I have a question about a scholion on Iliad 1.430. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

After the exchange between Thetis and Achilles, Thetis departs and the narrative transitions back to the trip to Chryse (which started at 310ff):

A. 428-31

Ὣς ἄρα φωνήσασ᾿ ἀπεϐήσετο, τὸν δὲ λίπ᾿ αὐτοῦ
χωόμενον κατὰ θυμὸν ἐϋζώνοιο γυναικὸς
τήν ῥα βίῃ ἀέκοντος ἀπηύρων· αὐτὰρ Ὀδυσσεὺς
ἐς Χρύσην ἵκανεν ἄγων ἱερὴν ἑκατόμϐην.

The arrival and sacrifices on Chryse (440ff.) separate ...
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Old Testament Greek

Hello Guys!,
I’d like to know, whether we have any Old Testament Hebrew readers here ? My quest and question is :
I’d like to plunge into Old Testament in Greek and I’d like to know if it is readable having learned a little of attic Greek, or do I have to have
a proper command of Hebrew syntax first ? I’d like to read it, so that I may know what Paul speaks about ...
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Praise of Folly, facit dictionem

Context: Folly derides the trivial controversies among the Grammarians. For actual text, search "facit dictionem" , here:

Perinde quasi res sit bello quoque vindicanda, si quis coniunctionem facit dictionem ad adverbiorum ius pertinentem.

Translation: Just as if the matter should be settled by war, if anybody classifies a word a conjunction belonging to the class of the adverbs.

This translation ...
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How do you like your commentaries?

Salvete omnes,

I've noticed four different formats for Latin texts/commentaries.

1) Text in the first section of the book, commentary at the back of the book (like the Cambridge Green & Yellows and Bryn Mawr Commentaries)
2) Text and commentary on the same page, but with commentary beneath the text (like Pharr's Purple Virgil and the Steadman books)
3) Text and commentary on the same page, but with commentary in the margin (like Lingua Latina ...
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Is Pan mentioned in Homer?

He makes an appearance in the Homeric Hymns and Pindar, but doesn't show up in the Iliad/Odyssey, that I'm aware of (but correct me if I'm wrong). Was the Arcadian influence on Homer that limited?
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T. K. Arnold's Greek Ollendorff translation

I have a copy of Kendrick's "Greek Ollendorff", and it seems very good, but Evan der Millner of Latinum mentions an unpublished full translation of Ollendorff for Ancient Greek:

Thomas Kerchever Arnold, M.A. apparently made a full translation of Ollendorff's text into Ancient Greek, but did not publish it. If this manuscript could be located, that would be amazing.

Has anyone else heard of this? I haven't found any other source mentioning it. I imagine ...
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Help needed for transcription project: Herodotus


I again need your help! I am currently wrapping up my latest transcription project: a Latin translation of Herodot's "Histories" (Herodoti Historiarum Libri IX). As my transcription is based on a Greek/Latin parallel edition (which can be found here, I thought it best to ask you for help in a few instances where I am not 100% sure about whether to change something or not.

I know that the subjoined list may seem daunting, ...
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