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I've always wanted to learn Latin and had a Latin-English dictionary in high school but never really applied myself.

Fast forward 20+ years and I finally started to learn through self study in earnest. That was about three years ago now and I have made some headway. My goal is to be able to read Latin and Greek.

At first I found some YouTube Learning Latin with Virgil by tesla man and Visual Latin by ...
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C.N. Nam cum Byzantio expugnato

Cornelius Nepos: Pausanias

Context: Pausanias, after taking Byzantium, plans to make contact with Xerxes

Nam cum Byzantio expugnato cepisset complures Persarum nobiles atque in his nonnullos regis propinquos, hos clam Xerxi remisit, simulans ex vinclis publicis effugisse, et cum his Gongylum Eretriensem, qui litteras regi redderet, in quibus haec fuisse scripta Thucydides memoriae prodidit. . . .

This quotation affords a good workout on sequence-of-tense, but here I want to concentrate my question on the ...
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Learning Norwegian

I have a 10-day trip to Norway planned for September; we'll be staying at an Air BnB near the Urnes stavkyrkje. I'd like to be as fluent as possible in the language before I go, so here's my plan:

1) Listen to an audiobook of the Gospel of Mark until I get the flow of the language. The Jehovah's Witnesses make a full audio book of the Bible in Norsk (likely Bokmål, but I can't ...
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A Thought: Collaborative Interlineary + Translation Project?

If this appears to be an uninteresting or generally bad idea, feel free to state your objections or ignore it. The many reading threads which have appeared on Textkit over the years, like this one ("Demosthenes' De Corona in Ten Weeks"), have put the idea into my head that it might be an exercise both interesting and profitable, especially to those of us who are at an intermediate stage in our Greek studies, for interested ...
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problem with Alexander Waugh Young's account of Hastings

I down loaded The tutorial Greek reader by Alexander Waugh Young a few days ago while most of it is extracts from easier writers like Strabo in includes also an account of the Battle of Hastings.

His reasoning is that in Xenophon and Thucydides there does not exist continuous sections of prose so he to the sentences he considered to be easy enough for beginners and using them as templates he patched them together into ...
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Epistolae obscurorum virorum

I bought Aloys Bömer's edition of Epistolae obscurorum virorum and time permitting should like to read it. Reading the first page, however, I noticed one setback: it contains vocabulary unknown to OLD, LS or even ThLL. This is hardly surprising, but instead expected. What lexica should one use for EOV for words like these? For instance, on the very first page we have words malvaticus (or malvaticum), some kind of drink, and semella.

"- - ...
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Corn. Nepos, Xerxes replies to Pausanias

C.N., Pausanias

Context: During the Persian Wars, Spartan Pausanias, commander of Greek forces against the Persians, has returned some Persian P.O.W.s, kinsmen of Xerxes, to the Persian ruler, along with a letter in which Pausanias promises to enter into an alliance with Xerxes, for the purpose of reducing all of Greece to Persian control.


rex tot hominum salute tam sibi necessariorum magno opere gavisus confestim cum epistula Artabazum ad Pausaniam mittit in qua ...
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Hello everybody,

My name is Tom, and I'm new to Textkit. I am a latin beginner, trying to learn the language using a mix of techniques. I have completed Book I of the Cambridge latin course, but am now using a combination of Adler's grammar, Evan Millner's recordings of the same, and Familia Romana by Ørberg. It is a refreshing change, and I'm enjoying an approach that is more immersive and less grammar-focussed.

I found ...
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Ben-Hur Translation Page 20: Balthasar’s Story

Thanks for your help!

List of all the pages.

Original image of current page

Balthasar’s Story

Narratio Baltassaris

Ὁ λόγος τοῦ Βαλτασάρ

One cold December night two travelers sought shelter in the little town called called Bethlehem, a few miles from the ancient city of Jerusalem. Joseph, a humble carpenter and his wife Mary had come up from Galilee, out of the town of Nazareth, to Judea. Thence along the road to Bethlehem where they ...
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Herodotus 4.113

4.113.3 ὁ δὲ νεηνίσκος, ἐπεὶ ἀπῆλθε, ἔλεξε ταῦτα πρὸς τοὺς λοιπούς· τῇ δὲ δευτεραίῃ ἦλθε ἐς τὸ χωρίον αὐτός τε οὗτος καὶ ἕτερον ἦγε, καὶ τὴν Ἀμαζόνα εὗρε δευτέρην αὐτὴν ὑπομένουσαν. οἱ δὲ λοιποὶ νεηνίσκοι ὡς ἐπύθοντο ταῦτα, καὶ αὐτοὶ ἐκτιλώσαντο τὰς λοιπὰς τῶν Ἀμαζόνων.

"The youth went away and told his comrades; and the next day he came himself with another to the place, where he found the Amazon and another with her awaiting ...
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