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N&H Latin Prose Comp. Exercise 33[A]

Here is the sentence for translation to Latin:

They soon left us, taking away much gold and silver from the city.

My solution: Mox nos relinquerunt, ex urbe auferentes multum aurum argentumque.

Where I used the present participle, the answer key give the ablative absolute construction.
. . . multo auro argentoque . . . ablato

I chose the present participle because I thought the taking of the gold and silver was contemporaneous ...
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Mundus Alter et Idem

I was previously unaware of this particular text; I came across it recently by accident.

The editor, H J Anderson, , writing in 1908, would perhaps be disappointed that his attempt to bring this book into the classroom appears to have failed.

I think the main reason is that the vocabulary is too wide ranging to make it an easy read - unless a student has first studied some Comenius.

I am currently recording it ...
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$ 69. Sentence 3.

Hello everyone. Please help me with this doubt. In $ 69. there are some sentences to be translated. #3 states that "Quis lātā in silvā habitat?" The Key states that the translation should be "Who lives in the wide forest?". I agree, but I wonder how do we should say ""Who lives far in the forest?"" in Latin. Thank you.
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Krashen and Ancient Greek teaching methods

The other Krashen thread got side tracked (and with hindsight I see that was my fault because of the way I opened the topic). However, can I ask that people only post here if they want to talk about Krashen's views on language acquisition.

But this part of Joel's was related to Krashen

jeidsath wrote:I think Krashen's advice is mostly good, though there are parts that I have become very skeptical about over the years. One ...
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Question regarding Demonstrative Pronouns

Uhm, I finally reached the Demonstrative Pronouns portion of JWW's "First Greek Book"

My question is regarding αὐτός, αὐτή, αὐτό.

autos is neuter, right? So why is there three different forms? Is it that one of these forms are for masculine, one for feminine and one for something else?

The other pronouns were clearer, this one is not.
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Advice requested

I have been working at learning Greek for quite a long time but only recently have I been able to devote more time to the study. I have gone through Samuel G Green's NT Greek, J. W. White's First Greek Book and am reading Xenophon, off and on, in the Loeb edition. I am also working on North and Hillard's Greek Prose Composition but since my only goal is to be able to read Greek ...
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A comprehensible input story

When even I find this story to be comprehensible input, trust me - it is:
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Digital dictionary: Smith and Hall English-Latin Critical

Hi guys. I just learned that some guy from Brazil uploaded a semi-searchable version of Smith & Hall's English-Latin critical dictionary. Semi-searchable in the sense that you can look up headwords.


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Scholae aestivae in Italia: 2nd-16th July, 2017

Scholae aestivae in Italia:
2nd-16th July, 2017

Montella, et gelidi valete fontes,
et silvae, et nemora alta castanetis.
Tunc me frigoribus tuis tenebas,
Montella, alpigenum e choro sororum
una nobiliorque laetiorque,
cum Canis rapido aestuabat ore.
Janus Anysius
(Iani Anysii Varia poemata et satyrae,
ad Pompeium Columnam cardinalem,
Naples 1531, f. 25 v. – 26 r.)

What are they, and whom are they for?
The Scholae aestivae in Italia offer an intensive Latin course at ...
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In progress: Orbis Sensualium Pictus

Hey all, I have begun work on Comenius' Orbis Sensualium Pictus. The project goals and aims are similar to my Vestibulum project.

Here is the document so far. I'm through about 14 or so chapters. Feel free to provide any corrections, feedback, criticism, etc.
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