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Autobiography of a goose quill, by T.S.Evans


Google search found this in a .pdf version, as an interpolation in an old periodical called "Eagle". The OCR persistently rendered 'æ' as 're'. This time the printer seems to have preferred 'j' and 'v and 'æ', and to capitalize every line.


Tempora quam mutantur! eram pars anseris olim:
Nunc sum penna brevis, mox resecanda minor.
De patre rostrato sine glorier ante, recidar
Quam brevior. Princeps ille cohortis erat.
Nunc longa cervice minax ...
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Praeneste Fibula

In Blackwell's History of the Latin Language, as I recall, it's presented as simply one of the earliest known Latin inscriptions. Turns out that it has actually been quite controversial:

https://www.archaeologybulletin.org/art ... bha.22113/

https://archive.archaeology.org/online/ ... ibula.html

http://www.skepticalcommunity.com/forum ... hp?t=45204

The last article, if true, seems to overturn the conclusions of the previous two.
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How Long?

I'm not sure if this is the right area, my apologies if not.

I would like to know how long it was before folks who learned both Latin and Greek took the second language up after the first i.e. if you started Latin first how long did you study it before you felt able to start with Greek (or vice versa)?
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Fabula syrae Orpheus et Eurydicē

and again, my other attempt to digest Miraglia's
this time the miserable, heartbreaking and horror story of orpheus and his undead lover.

1 Orpheus nobilissimus fidicen atque poeta egregius fuit, qui inde ā puerō tam pulchrē canebat, ut non solum bestiae ferae ad eum accurerent,....
how to render unde ab in this sentence? the given clue indicates that inde ab is antonymous with usque ad. so can we read this as, 'Orpheus the famous musician ...
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Goth at the Gate

Greetings from Britannia, my name is DayRaven (alright it ain't, but it sounds more mysterious and sexy than Keith or John or Malcolm).

My linguistic interests mainly lie in old Germanic languages. I have been working (on and off) on translating Beowulf and several of the "elegiac" poems in Old English and several of the poems from the Old Norse Poetic Edda. I've learned some Gothic and mourn the fact that there is no poem ...
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bT sch. on E.166

Dear Homerists: I have a somewhat trifling question on another Iliadic scholion. As Diomedes works havoc among the Trojan ranks during his aristeia, Aeneas goes to find Pandarus (E.166ff.), now rather gloomy (esp. E.212-16) after realizing that he’s failed at the bow yet again. He initially responds to Aeneas with his lengthy, despondent speech about how he left his chariots at home. An exegetical sch. on Ε.166 reads:

(166a)   τὸν δ’ ἴδεν Αἰνείας: τὸ ὁμοειδές ...
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Hi my name is Imke and I'm from Belgium.

I've recently graduated highschool where i've been studying Latin for the past six years. I know from my parents who studied Latin themselves how easily you forget the things you learned I want to prevent that happening to y Latin skills. I'm fascinated with Roman culture and all the drama that can be found in everything from their poems to their retorics ...
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Hello from India.

Dear brothers, sisters and friends.

I am a pre-seminarian who is really interested in learning ancient Greek and Latin. I would love to get a good grasp of Koine Greek to read some of the New Testament manuscripts. Although religious studies is my main forte, I also like the Greek and Latin secular classics, especially the Roman histories and the Greek philosophers. I hope to complete Latin studies and aim to master Church and Vulgate ...
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Hello forum

It actually possible to be social here? ;)

Interested in both latin and greek.
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Odd topic: Latin and Greek hyphenation


while browsing the internet for stuff about Latex (the macro language for creating texts) I stumbled about this rather odd article: Claudio Beccari's Greek and Latin hyphenation – Recent advances in the 18th edition of the online magazine ArsTeXnica.

It is an older (2014) article about Greek and Latin hyphenation and how to deal with it in Latex. It is a rather ood topic, but I thought it might be worthwhile mentioning.


Carolus ...
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