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Why these iota-subscripted words translated as accusative?

In the accompanying booklet of The Great Courses Greek 101, this sentence:

ἐκαίετε τὰς πυρὰς δεινῇ κλαγγῇ;

Is translated as:

Were you burning these funeral pyres with a terrible noise?

While I would expected something more like:

(Were y'all) burning these (funeral) pyres (for a) terrible noise?

Where the main difference is "with" vs "for". Being that δεινῇ κλαγγῇ have iota subscripts, I was expecting dative.

Am I missing something or is the booklet mistaken?
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An "understood" verb in Expositio in Librum Judith?

In my continuing reading of Expositio in Librum Judith by the Archbishop Rabanus Maurus, I have come across a construction that has puzzled me. The Latin is from a critical edition by Simonetti and an OCR'd copy/paste. The bold is what I'm puzzling over, but I'll give a little extra context to help understand:

Ipsi sunt enim «altare Dei» qui in ara cordis sui iugiter landis hostiam Deo immolant. Cilicium enim, quod de caprarum pilis ...
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If Liberi means Children, is "Liber" the singular form?

Hi all,

I am doing a bit of joint Italian and Latin,
and coming across an ambiguity in Italian I was just comparing it to the less ambiguous Latin,
but came across something I hadn't yet been able to clear up with the books I have or internet searches I've made.

If Liberi means Children, is "Liber" the singular form?

I will fill out my understanding of the words, singular and plural form, in the ...

How many hours per day do you spend studying latin?

I've got this question but even googling I haven't found answers. So how many hours per day do you spend studying latin?

Have a good day!
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Years ago my spanish professor of Arts talk me about the greek therm that is the oposite for Nostalgia (Homesick) . And he mentioned the word Apodemialgia. I hear about that word never again, and since, I have been searching for more informations but without any clue. ¿Can some body tell me about it? .
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Is ψευδομαι also deponent in its participle? (Matthew 5:11)

I just read Matthew 5:11, and I have a question about the deponent verb ψευδομαι ("to lie or deceive").

μακάριοί ἐστε ὅταν ὀνειδίσωσιν ὑμᾶς καὶ διώξωσι καὶ εἴπωσι πᾶν πονηρὸν ῥῆμα καθ᾿ ὑμῶν ψευδόμενοι ἕνεκεν ἐμοῦ.

(My translation) Blessed are you when they may reproach you, and persecute you, and say every bad word against you, lying, on account of me.

The verse uses the present middle/passive participle, ψευδόμενοι, to mean "lying" or "deceiving". ...

Accusative as object indirect?

Hi everyone,

I have been studying latin for about 3 months now and I came across a sentence that is driving me crazy:
Here it is : Pãstor oves suãs ad arborem ducit

Pastor: subject
Ducit: bitransitive verb
oves suãs: direct object
ad arborem: indirect object, because the preposition "ad", but it is conjugated in the ACCUSATIVE case what is supposed to be the direct object.

Can anyone explain how this is possible? Is it ...
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My name is Ron and I live In Springfield Ohio in the United States. I'm recently retired about two years ago. I have studied some Foreign Languages in the past. Now I would like to try Latin. I'n not a expert just somebody with extra time who would like to expand his mind into learning Latin,Colleges and Universties nearby,do not offer Latin. I just want to learn the Language
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Uses of ὡς

I have been spending time for the past few days back-translating English to Greek as an alternative to composition practice. I use the actual Greek as my model for all review. One thing that I'm noticing is all the different constructions that use ὡς in Xenophon.

On the first page of the Anabasis:

ὡς acc. subst. -- "as (but not in fact)"
ὡς opt. -- reported speech (with διαβάλλει)
ὡς future participle -- purpose
ὡς ...
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scanning of line of Euripides

Can anyone advise how to scan this line from a fragment of Euripides' Erechteus (sorry haven't figured out how to add breathings and accents!)?

ως θεων βωμου πατριδα τε ρυωμεθα

I can only see you must lengthen either the epsilon of theon or the iota of patrida?
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