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Pronunciation of Latin

Hello I am a first year Latin student and I have just finished chapter 8 in Wheelock's Latin textbook. The entire time I have been working on this I have been struggling with the pronunciation of the Latin. I was wondering if there was any website's that could help with that. Also what would be the best way to memorize all of the vocabulary in the book. If anyone could help that would be great, ...
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Real-life inspirations behind Odyssean myths?

This BBC Earth article suggests possible real backgrounds for the lotus of lotus-eaters (Λωτοφάγοι), Cyclopes, moly, Scylla, Charybdis, and the cattle of Helios. I generally find it quite difficult to be truly convinced with these, but some of them might ring true. I do know that many mythological characters and myths themselves can be plausibly explained. I think, for instance, that we recently outlined Amazons’ background not totally unsuccessfully.

sidere, sedisse...?

I'm a bit perplexed by something. In LLPSI (Cap XLIV) there is an extract from Ovid Fasti. - Libro VI.

Tullia having encouraged her husband with stirring words, Ovid tells us:

Talibus instinctus, solio privatus in alto
sederat; attonitum vulgus ad arma ruit.

Now I simply took sederat to be the pluperfect form of sedeo, sedere, sedi, sessum - 'he had sat on the high throne' ...

Orberg tells us that it is in fact ...
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Magna porta or porta magna?

Page 14 of Wheelock shows the declination in order of:
Nom porta magna
Gen portae magnae

Page 15 of Wheelock, under "Adjectives, Agreement and Word Order", 2nd line, gives the example of
magna porta

and near the end of that same paragraph states that "...adjective followed the noun... exceptions were adjectives denoting size or number..."

Which is it?
Can it be either? If so, is one more common?

Thanks in advance.
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Iliad Book 1, line 64

Hi, just wondered if anyone could help explain this translation of a line in the Iliad (1.64):

ἀλλ᾽ ἄγε δή τινα μάντιν ἐρείομεν ἢ ἱερῆα
ἢ καὶ ὀνειροπόλον, καὶ γάρ τ᾽ ὄναρ ἐκ Διός ἐστιν,
ὅς κ᾽ εἴποι ὅ τι τόσσον ἐχώσατο Φοῖβος Ἀπόλλων,

It's the part where Achilles proposes they should ask a prophet why Apollo is so angry with them. It's the last line in the paragraph above which I'm struggling with. I ...
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New member

I learn Ancient Greek for two years. It is difficult because I haven't teacher. So I learn Greek only with books. I do like Greek grammar. It is endless. It is also full of surprises! I think, it is important to cooperate with other Greek learners. I want also practice my Greek and I need to learn new useful words.
I'm sorry, my English isn't good...
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Hick[e?]y's Latin Grammar

Evan der Millner in his audio version of Adler's Practical Latin Grammar deals, in Chapter 15, with irregular nouns and refers us to "Hickey" or "Hicky" for a more complete (than Adler) treatment of the subject.. He says he supplied a note with the download but I don't have this. I can find no reference on the internet to any book by anyone called Hickey or Hicky that deals Latin in any shape or form. ...
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A Meeting of the Electors Day Treat

12th Amendment wrote:The electors shall meet in their respective states...

καλὴν ἡμέραν τῇ ἐπαύριον ὀψόμεθα. πολλὰς γὰρ ψήφους οἴσουσι τῷ μὲν Τρύμ. τῇ δὲ Κλίντονι ὀλίγας.
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Adler Exercises: Error in Exercise 14


Quite a while ago (sorry for not taking this on before now!) an error in the Adler-Exercises was pointed out to me by a Textkit-user:

Exercise 14:

  • Textbook: My tailor has your good gold buttons.
  • Key: Sartor meus orbiculos fibulatorios tuos aureos tenet.
Adler left the "good" in the Textbook untranslated in his Key. I am now wondering about how to correct this (I am still unsure about correct adjective-stacking).

  • Version 1: ...
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Hor., Ep., 1, 25: trial scan

Context: I post this scan for critique. Macrons mark the vowels scanned as long-by-nature. But note that I scanned one of them as short, the one followed by "(!)" For the first four feet, I give rationales.

aequē/ pauperi/bus prō/dest, locū(!)/pletibus aeque

aequē: spondee; ae is a dipthong

pauperi: dactyl; au is a dipthong

bus pro: spondee, u is long by position, o by nature

dest locu: dactyl, e is long by position; the u ...
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