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Removed sorry

Got an answer and never mind thanks.
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At the mountain of Galilee (Mt. 28:16-17)

What does really the Greek text tell us about those who were with Christ at the mountain of Galilee? Was there anybody else besides the Eleven?

οἱ δὲ ἕνδεκα μαθηταὶ ἐπορεύθησαν εἰς τὴν Γαλιλαίαν εἰς τò ὄρος οὑ̃ ἐτάξατο αὐτοι̃ς ὁ ’Ιησου̃ς καὶ ἰδόντες αὐτòν προσεκύνησαν οἱ δὲ ἐδίστασαν.

Who was doubtful about whether or not it was Jesus? How is ιτ more correct to translate οἱ δέ: "some" (of them) as many translators ...

Is punctuation redundant?

mwh: Largely thanks to its particles, Greek articulates itself without the need for punctuation. A new thread perhaps: Is punctuation redundant? We’d certainly become better readers if we went without it.

Maybe it does deserve a new thread. I took the Anabasis this morning and eliminated the punctation and spaces, but retained normal capitalization, word-final sigma, and paragraph breaks. It's not too hard to read fast, and it does flow differently. Basically like reading ...
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well... it's certainly been a circuitous homecoming!

Greetings everyone. My story is a little weird so bear with me.

I was a cryptologic linguist in the Navy years upon years ago (the 90s); while on board the ship, after I'd knocked off from duty, I'd read what I then referred to as "long nonfiction books about history" -- I started with books like the Penguin translations of Herodotus, then read Moses Finley's survey of Greek literature, which sent me to Xenophon, at ...
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Ad usum Delphini editions for Greek texts?

The Ad usum Delphini editions were 17th century monolingual paraphrases with L2 helps. The Latin ones are widely used and available, but according to the Wikipedia page


there were at least two Greek editions, for Homer and Aristophanes. After much googling I could not find these or any reference to these. Does anyone know where they might be found?
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Help for translating Eutropius - April 22, 2015

Dear all,

I have 2 sentences needing for your advices:

Hic Albanos vicit, QUI ab urbe Roma duodecimo milliario ABSUNT; Veientes et Fidenates, QUORUM alii sexto milliario absunt ab urbe Romana, alii octavo decimo, bello superavit; urbem ampliavit, adjecto Caelio monte.

=> My translation: he conquered the Alba territory, which is 12 miles far from city of Rome, the others two - Veientes and Fidenantes, are 6 miles far from Rome, and others are ...
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Justus Lipsius Hieronymo Mercuriali


Justus Lipsius on his leaving Leiden for Germany where he returned to the Catholic Church:
Nam ego me abduxi a locis, in quibus vixi hactenus, et transtuli in Germaniam ad loca puriora. Puto me capis. atque occasio erit non solum saepius inter nos scribendi, sed etiam liberius, remoto omni metu illo suspicionum, quae me frustra premebant.

While it seems to mean "I think you understand me", I do not see how puto me capis ...
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Hi - joining post

Hi all. Just found this after someone pointed out some of the great links to help with prose composition.
i am a Latin and Greek teacher and keen to improve my own prose comp and find good resources for pupils.
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Need help with translation


I need help with translating this phrase in ancient greek language.

Ever Inward

Also would like to know the translation for "inward". It's meaning is religious. It means Inward as opposed to outward finding of god.

Thank you very much.
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Calepinus Septem Linguarum (1778)

This is yet another post about a monolingual dictionary.

In another thread, I mentioned four monolingual dictionaries that I found interesting, namely: Estienne's Thesaurus, Gesner's revision of the same, Forcellini's Totius Latinitatis Lexicon, and Wagner's Lexicon Latinum. One user also mentioned Comenius's Lexicon Atriale, which I might have added. I purposely left out Calepinus's Dictionarium because I thought at the time that it was too primitive to be very useful compared to modern dictionaries. That ...
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