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dickey's prose comp: chapter one

hey all,

i'm posting my work on chapter one as a separate thread. the first has grown to two pages and other users of the text are both more advanced than i and further along in the text. i don't expect anyone to go backwards into already completed work. i'm posting just as much to push myself into doing the work. the intro chapter on accentuation is the only one i'm skipping. otherwise, i intend ...
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Help with a line from Euripides' Alcestis

Hello, I am struggling to understand a line spoken by Herakles in the Alcestis of Euripides and wonder if anyone can throw some light on it for me.

Alcestis is doomed to die on her husband Admetus' behalf. Herakles arrives as she is dying. He knows that Alcestis has offered her life in place of Admetus, but the latter does not want to tell Herakles that she has died and equivocates by saying τέθνηχ᾽ ὁ ...
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Hello all, I'd like to introduce myself and explain my interest in this site. My name is Indra Sinha, I am a novelist currently working on a story set in the ancient world. I find myself wanting to quote sometimes from classical texts, but would rather not simply lift other people's translations (even with permission) as translation is such a personal business. I read Greek, but my pronunciation is certainly dodgy and my understanding of ...
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Salvete omnes

Salvete omnes!! Quid agitis hodie, et si tu rogas me, sum bene!! Quid librum utor post linguam latinam Vheelockis (Wheelock's Latin)?
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dare verba, ignotum, possible word play

The text is from Horace, Satires, I, no.3, beginning about line 20

The poet examines the tendency to magnify the faults of others, while overlooking one's own faults, by presenting a little dialogue about Novius, who is absent, involving Maenius and an unnamed respondent to Maenius. I judge that we should read this as if there others listening, besides the two speakers.

Maenius absentem Novium cum carperet, 'heus tu'
quidam ait 'ignoras te an ...
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Hi, please comment on my recitation of the beginning of the Aeneid.
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Poetry Translation

Hey guys, I want to translate the Aeneid, but how do we actually translate it? A normal translation reads "Arms and a man I sing who forced by fate and Juno's haughty hate...." But Juno's haughty hate isn't until 2 lines after it describes the man leaving from the shores of Troy and going to Italy. Do you guys know of any good commentaries or something to help translate the Aeneid??
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Hi guys, I'm being tutored on a higher level at school (eugepae!). I will be using Intellegenda by M.G. Balme, which I haven't received yet, but have you guys used this books or have any tips on how to get the most out of it?
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Reading Greek JACT Passages

Should the exercises in Reading Greek by JACT be translated or just plainly read?
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Where to go from here


I finished Mounce's Basics of Biblical Greek and am about halfway through Wallace's Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics and I had a couple questions I was hoping some of you could offer me some advice.

1) For vocabulary, I have been making flash cards and am attempting to learn all the words occurring 20 times or more using Trenchard's Complete Vocabulary Guide but I'm wondering if this is the best way to go about ...
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