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Archilochus/ Enualios

First fragment, by Archilochus, in Cambell's Greek Lyric Poetry:

Εἰμὶ δ' ἐγὼ θεράπων μὲν Ἐνυαλίοιο ἄνακτος,
καὶ Μουσέων ἐρατὸν δῶρον ἐπιστάμενος.

Am I right in assuming King Enualios/ Enyalius is the god of war Ares? I think I came across this name in the Iliad. However I'm a bit confused by reading on wikipedia (yes, I know) that it can also refer to his son, apparently the god of soldiers.

Secondly, any translations that can ...
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forms of qui

The book that I am using says a form of qui is used at the beginning of a sentence in order to "tie the sentence more closely to the one preceding" but offers no further explanation. Is it correct in this case to observe the grammatical rules of the relative pronoun?
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SCOTUS 6-26-15

ἡ γαμοῦσα?

πῶς γὰρ οὔ?
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Reading manuscripts

Is it worthwhile to spend time with this manuscript until I get comfortable with the script?

http://www.bl.uk/manuscripts/FullDispla ... d_MS_11884

I can read it, but slowly. I can't tell how much of that is the difficulty of an unknown script or poor handwriting. I am hoping that if I spend time with it, I'll be able to read related scripts. But if there is a better manuscript to start with, ...
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Result clauses

I'm still struggling with result clauses. This is from De Bello Gallico (possibly abridged, I'm not sure)

Quae cum appropinquarent Britanniae et ex castris viderentur, tanta tempestas subito orta est, ut nulla earum cursum tenere posset, sed aliae eodem unde erant profectae referrentur, aliae ad inferiorem partem insulae, quae est proprius solis occasum, magno suo cum periculo dejicerentur.

So why the use of the imperfect subjunctive (posset, referrentur, dejicerentur) instead of the perfect subjunctive? The ...
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Od. 5.90

Calypso to Hermes, ε 87 ff.:
τίπτε μοι, Ἑρμεία χρυσόρραπι, εἰλήλουθας,
αἰδοῖός τε φίλος τε; πάρος γε μὲν οὔ τι θαμίζεις.
αὔδα ὅ τι φρονέεις· τελέσαι δέ με θυμὸς ἄνωγεν,
εἰ δύναμαι τελέσαι γε καὶ εἰ τετελεσμένον ἐστίν.

Hainsworth, the Oxford commentary to the Odyssey:
τετελεσμένον: a nuance of meaning must be added to the pf. ptcp. similar to that conveyed by the adjectival formant -τός: "something that must come to pass".

Other commentaries interpret ...
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Odyssey 3, 70: ξείνους, οἱ τινές εἰσιν, ἐπεὶ τάρπησαν ἐδωδῆς.

I don't think I saw the form τάρπησαν before, or maybe I did, but simply forgot. Anyway, it made me check the verb τέρπω and I found the quite bewildering number of forms this verb can take in the aorist, both medium or passive:


Better still, they seem to have all the same meaning. Even by Homer's standards ...
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Hello, my name is Douglas Collins. I hope I am putting this post in the right section.

I am in the process of studying compassion. I find that there are four different words translated as compassion, mercy, or pity in the KJV. They are(according to the Strong's Concordance):

sumpatheo means to feel sympathy
splagchnizomai means to feel sympathy, to pity
eleeo means to compassiate
oikteiro means to exercise pity

I can't seem to fully understand ...
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Yet another Macronizer

I invite everyone to test my latest creation, a new Latin Macronizer:
Apart from marking long vowels, it also has the ability to convert the orthography to use v and/or j, if so desired.

This project was at least partly inspired by Felipe Vogel's Māccer program, which has two drawbacks, as I see it, which I wanted to overcome: the reliance on macronized texts for training, and the fact that it doesn't (as far ...
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