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Greek to GCSE

How much do you all know about this text? Is it useful, quick, and easy like Athenaze (although this I'm certain isn't a reading text), and will it get me reading Ancient Greek prose and verse authors?
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Vulgate question

I have a question about the following passage in St Mark's Gospel (12:12):

et quaerebant eum tenere et timuerunt turbam cognoverunt enim quoniam ad eos parabolam hanc dixerit et relicto eo abierunt

In the Douay–Rheims Bible this is translated as "And they sought to lay hands on him: but they feared the people. For they knew that he spoke this parable to them. And leaving him, they went their way." My question: why the use ...
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Manuscript ligature question

Reading through the British Library Manuscript 11884 of Anabasis, I couldn't make out the third word from this image.

The text should be: ἡ δὲ μήτηρ ἐξαιτησαμένη

However μήτηρ looks more like μᾶρ. Is that some abbreviation or ligature that I'm not aware of?

From a little further along in the text is this form, which looks like ἡ μῆρ. μηρ makes more sense to me as an abbreviation than μᾶρ. Maybe there some relation ...
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"Caecuban" Pronunciation

Hi - I am recording the poems of Isabella Valancy Crawford for my YouTube channel, and will be getting to "The Helot" before long. Most of the Greek words she uses in the poem are familiar to me - with the exception of "Caecuban wine".

I was able to track down where it fits in classical literature, but not pronunciation. Any suggestions? I am especially wondering about hard C versus soft C.

Thanks for any ...
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Horace, Satires, I, 10; grammar calls, about line 15

Context: the poet discusses satire

ridiculum acri
fortius et melius magnas plerumque secat res.
illi, scripta quibus comoedia prisca viris est,
hoc stabant, hoc sunt imitandi;


A joke commonly cuts down the overblown more powerfully, and better, than bitter invective. Those men by whom the old comedy was written stood by this ; they ought to be imitated on this .

acri: ablative singular, ...
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Confused about perfect passive indicatives

So, in this sentence here:

"Scriptum est in libro veteris testamenti primo quoniam Deus spiritum emisit et vivificavit Adam."

I would take "scriptum est" as a perfect passive indicative compound construction. And, would render it "it was written." But in the answer book (Dunlap answer key for Collins), he has it "It is written."

Now, I supposed with context that the present tense makes more sense. But it seems odd to include a subtle translating ...
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optative in John13:24

been doing johanine text for awhile..
ppl tend to say that it is one of the simplest greek text out there that I agree somehow(but not with the subject matter that is not that simple)
this is my third times reading the whole St John gospel
and if I am allowed to boast, the more I read the more I become familiar with the contents but at the same times new unfamiliarity appears..

at first ...
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Iota subscript or iota adscript?

I was inspired to create a poll directly by Ursinus’ post. I have seen (and partaken of) one similar poll on Twitter. Do you prefer iota subscript or iota adscript, and why? As for myself, iota subscript being infinitely more beautiful, I use it even with upper case, which—granted—may be seen as sacrilege. The subscript can be contested as younger, but young is also the whole lower case.
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Found: Cambridge Ancient History


I found scanned versions of all 14 books of the series "Cambridge Ancient History" (mostly 2nd edition, but some also of the 3rd and 1st edition). Links can be found on my homepage, in the Various Links-section.


Carolus Raeticus

North and Hilllard Prose Composition

I wouldn't mind if some kind folks could check in every once and awhile and correct my work :D.

Exercise 2
1. I am going to the city to buy bread.
2. He went to the city lest he should see his father.
3. We have gone home to see our friends
4. We shall go to Caesar to ask for peace.
5. Do not send ...
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