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Bagavad Gita in katharevousa/Attic greek

I found this translation of the Bhagavad Gita in Katharevousa Greek (in some places they even use ἐστίν, instead of είναι).


The introduction is rather long. The actual translation starts about halfway into the book and like I said is almost a simpler form of Attic (but im no expert).
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μή τί μοι αὐτῷ πῆμα κακὸν βουλευσέμεν ἄλλο. Odyssey 179

μή τί τοι αὐτῷ πῆμα κακὸν βουλευσέμεν ἄλλο. Odyssey 187

ἀλλὰ τὰ μὲν νοέω καὶ φράσσομαι, ἅσσ᾽ ἂν ἐμοί περ Odyssey 188-189
αὐτῇ μηδοίμην

καὶ γὰρ ἐμοὶ νόος ἐστὶν ἐναίσιμος, οὐδέ μοι αὐτῇ Odyssey 189- 90
θυμὸς ἐνὶ στήθεσσι σιδήρεος, ἀλλ᾽ ἐλεήμων.

Whats going on with αυτη? Intensive? Reflexive? It seems closely associated with μοι.
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Mastronarde ch. 25

I survived chapter 23 (present and future systems of -μι verbs) and thankfully it's been pretty easy since then but, in an English-to-Greek exercise in chapter 25:

For four days the sailors were able to prevent the hoplites from boarding (the ship), but on the fifth day a few fell ill, so that it was necessary for them to surrender themselves.

The answer key has for the first clause:

τέτταρας μὲν ἠμέρας ἐδύναντο οἱ ναῦται ...
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New YouTube Resources

I have posted a few new YouTube resources recently, which some of you may be interested in:
John Stirling's useful Latin prose paraphrase of Virgil -

A sample of a dialogue by Corderius

Chapter Seven of Pexenfelder's Apparatus Eruditionis

A video about my views on learning Latin - reading the comments below this video may be interesting for some people as well.
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the need for deputy administrators

Textkit has well set up so it go on for some time without anyone checking on it.
However approving new members is essential and seems to be a growing delay in this.

The obvious solution is a team of deputy administrators so that if somebody has a period when the are unable to devote much time to textkit others can take up the slack.
If those deputies also have the power to remove spam accounts ...
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Cupid and the Bee -- Translation Check


I read the version from Rouse's Greek Reader. Please check my translation! Turn closed captioning on to see it.
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Just Enough Italian for Dante

If this post can be ruled to be germane to Latin (it seems a couple of Dante questions have been), I was wondering whether there are resources online or in print for getting just enough Italian to begin to read Dante's Italian. I say Dante's because in my ignorance its relation to modern Italian is not wholly clear to me. If William Blake could do it, there must be many more resources now. I just ...
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perfect subjunctive, need review on grammar point

Here are the first two lines of Horace, Odes, I, 18,

Nullam, Vare, sacra vite prius severis arborem
circa mite solum Tiburis et moenia Catili;

This ( "severis") seems like a hortatory, or jussive, subjunctive, but I'm just guessing here. I don't get the meaning of the perfect tense here, in the subjunctive.
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Question of Ecclesiastical Latin

Dear all,

I am translating this paragraph:

Deus, qui omnium Beatorum Martyrum tuorum, in regione Indosinensi peremptorum fidem mirabili constantia roborasti, concede propitius; ut Ecclesia Tua, eorum precibus adjuta, novos ubique terrarum triumphos celebrare mereatur. Per Dominum

Athough I already had its Vietnamese translation as below , it seems very strangle in Syntax and Wording that I can not analyze by simply using the William Whitaker Dictionary:

Oh God! Please let ...
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Vowel / Diphthong length

I came across a reference to the accentuation of -αι and -οι at the ends of words that said something like "while accented short, as diphthongs, these syllables were pronounced long."

Smyth states the following: "The difference in the quantitative treatment of -αι and -οι depends on an original difference of accentuation that may have vanished in Greek. -αι and -οι, when short, were pronounced with a clipped, or simple, tone; when long, with a ...
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