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Trouble understanding critical apparatus

Continuation from this thread.

At 1.346, Van Thiel's Odyssey reads
"μῆτερ ἐμή, τί τ᾽ ἄρα φθονέεις ἐρίηρον ἀοιδὸν

The critical apparatus reads:
346 ἄρα D : ἂρ αὖ (= ψ 264), ἂρ ἂν F

I don't understand the apparatus. All the other editions just have τί τ᾽ ἄρα and don't even mention a variant (I checked the OCT, von der Mühll, Merry-Riddell, Ameis-Hentze-Cauer). The way I understand it, different readings are separated by a colon. ...

Found online: Macron Helper tool

I recently found an interesting tool for adding macrons to a text automatically: http://meluhha.com/latin/.

Of course, it can't guess macrons for ambiguous word endings. And unfortunately all formatting is lost in the output text, even capitalization line breaks, and it inserts its own line breaks. Macrons are added in the form of hyphens, which must then be converted to real macrons. This can be done pretty quickly with find+replace, ...
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Hello to all Textkit members! I'm an italian software programmer and I admit, I've never really studied Greek and Latin :oops: . The reason why I'm here is that for my work (and also for personal interest) I often deal with linguistic origins and etymologies of words... and we all know that 99% of what we say every day comes from these two "ρίζες"... so I hope ...
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Beginner-Intermediate Authors

Hi all!

Some background:

I am a high school senior looking to major in classics next year when I enter college. I have taken Latin since sixth grade, and I took the Advanced Placement (AP) course in tenth grade. That course is one semester of Vergil (sections of Aeneid I, II, IV, and VI) and one of Caesar (sections of Bellum Gallicum I, IV, V, VI). I took the nationwide exam for that course and ...
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Case when referring to books, chapters, etc.


In commentaries, when editors refer the reader to a section in a certain work, they usually abbreviate the words, so I'm wondering what case they are in. Example: "v. Taciti vit. Agricol. c. 4." In long form, is this "vide Taciti vitam Agricolae capite quarto" (title in accusative, location in ablative), or "vide Taciti vitae Agricolae caput quartum" (title in genitive, location in infinitive)? What if a section were added on after the chapter, ...
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"Quote ... end quote" in Latin?


In English, when we read something out loud, we often signal a quoted passage by saying "quote ... end quote." Is there any equivalent in Latin? I.e. how should one indicate quote marks or << >> out loud? Thanks.
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Pharr 3 edition / Smyth Greek Grammar Cross-References

Here is the rough draft of an Appendix to a commentary (Three Quarrels) I am finishing up on Book I. It is a companion to Pharr, a veritable "everything you ever wanted to know" about the Grammar and Morphology of Book I.

The Pharr references are to the 3rd Edition (1959), the one available on PDF online. Please excuse any infelicities. It has not been proofed, but may be of immediate use to present students ...

Greetings from New Member: Walter M. Roberts III

I (Walter Melvin Roberts III) am an African-American was born in Detroit Michigan in 1959. I earned degrees from Columbia College (B.A. Philosophy and Classical Greek, 1983 summa cum laude), the University of Chicago (M.A. Philosophy, 1990), and UC Berkeley (M.A. Latin, 2000; Ph.D. Classics 2006). In 2011 my dissertation, Cicero's Political Imperative: A Reading of On Duties, was published by VDM Verlag. In 2012 I resigned my tenure-track position at the University of Vermont ...
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Does this look OK?

LLPSI Exercitium III: Hoc est responsum meum.

Q. Quid fecit Romulus ut novos cives alliceret?

Asylum cuilibet vicinae qui Romam exsistimat proficisendam ostendit.
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how to translate "board games"


I am enrolled in an online spoken latin course, and next week we are expected to speak a short paragraph about what we did over the week.

So I need to translate "board games" into Latin. These would be strategy games like "Risk" or "Settlers of Catan." They use cards and dice but these are historically associated with gambling, so I didn't try that route.

I tried:

ludi in mensa artium imperatoriorum

intending to ...
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