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Hi, Hello

So, my turn I guess.
I live in Berlin. I love animals, but I can't have a pet, so I play with strays while walking anywhere around the city. I can walk the whole day, and never get bored. I do tire, though. Especially if there's sun.
I, um, can't swim, can't cycle, or whistle.
I study philosophy and I plan to go Greece for some student exchange.
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the use of ὅστις chariton 1.2.5

Ἐπαγγέλλομαι διαλύσειν τὸν γάμον: ἐφοπλιῶ γὰρ αὐτῷ ζηλοτυπίαν, ἥτις σύμμαχον λαβοῦσα τὸν ἔρωτα μέγα τι κακὸν διαπράξεται.’
Most of this is straight forward but I don't see why Chariton used ἥτις rather than plane ἥ. Is it because there is no definite article in front of ζηλοτυπίαν?

Just in case I don't understand the rest as well as I think, here is my translation:
I announce that I will dissolve the marriage, For I will ...
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Chapter 5 Martial help

The passage in question is:

Nōn cēnat sine aprō noster, Tite, Caeciliānus:
bellum convīvam Caeciliānus habet.

I tried to tackle this little bit of Latin poetry last night at about 2 am (200 on the 24 hour clock) and I couldn't tell if noster was the adjective for the pig or Caeciliānus. I know, it was stupid, but in my defense I was exhausted. Now, not tired, I've realized that it's not describing aprō (if ...
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Please help translate a sentence

Hello my friends! I am a beginner and learner of Latin. Nice to meet you here!
Could you help me translate this sentence:
They give the crowd of men weapons.

When alone, the crowd of men = turba virorum,
but I don't know here in this sentence which case I should use.
Maybe Arma turbō virorum dant?

Thank you:)
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Cicero, de Senectute, general question

I'm well into my second (or third?) reading of de Senectute, and a question of interpretation keeps nagging at me: is this supposed to be funny?

At times I want to believe that the the main speaker, an old man, Cato, is meant to exhibit some of the flaws of old men, while being wise enough to transcend his age group (and mine). On the surface, he defends old age against the accusations made against ...
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Resource for checking your forms - lexigram.gr

Hey all,

Haven't seen this site mentioned here, so I would just like to inform you all about this site, in which you input a form of any noun, verb, or adjective, and not only does it parse it completely, but also gives you the complete conjugation or declension table for the lemma form. I usually use it to check if I conjugated a verb correctly, and if I didn't, to see what the form ...
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Reformation Latin


I'm working through Martin Luther's Latin treatise from the early 1520s, "Against Latomus." I've encountered a construction that, while not necessarily obscuring the overall point, seems odd. He uses it several times. I was hoping somebody more skilled than I could break it down syntactically for me.

Take the following passage:

Nunc cum apertis verbis inclinet, & solus metus est, ne quid occulte habeat, sitque nec plene obscurus nec plene apertus sensus, potior sit ...
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Hello! I am a PhD candidate and a medievalist. I have been learning Latin essentially as an autodidact (while also auditing courses at my university) for the past four years. In addition, two years ago I attended the Summer Greek Workshop at UC Berkeley, and then audited a number of classes in Ancient Greek, as well. My current field is Old French, but I am cultivating a broader late antique/medieval perspective in order to understand ...
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Chapter 3 Help

Well, it's not help as it is seeing if I'm wrong or not. In chapter 3, we're presented with a little paragraph from Horace:

"Agricola et vītam et fortūnam nautae saepe laudat; nauta magnam fortūnam et vītam poētae saepe laudat; et poēta vītam et agrōs agricolae laudat. Sine philosophiā avārī virī dē pecūniā semper cōgitant: multam pecūniam habent, sed pecūnia multa virum avārum nōn satiat."

Which I translated to:

"The farmer often praises the life ...
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Salvete omnes!

B.A. in classics, M.A. in Greek and Latin, currently working part time as a tutor. I've been nebulously aware of this site for years, but only just decided to make an account due to a very specific question on the hexameter that I encountered with one of my students and that I will detail on the appropriate board. Hope to engage in more interesting discussions with you all in the future.

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