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Sappho poems, newish and new

Transferred from the viewtopic.php?f=2&t=63636 thread, which it seems I killed. But surely there must be some interest in these poems, the most important additions to ancient Greek literature to come along in a long time. And this is Sappho!

mwh wrote:Ten years ago the combination of a newly discovered papyrus with a previously known one gave us a poem complete except for the beginnings of its first four lines. It’s ...
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which lexicon for LXX?

Just switched from NT to LXX and thought I'd be fine with Intermediate LS.
But, in Eccl 1:14
εἶδον σὺν πάντα τὰ ποιήματα τὰ πεποιημένα ὑπὸ τὸν ἥλιον καὶ ἰδοὺ τὰ πάντα ματαιότης καὶ προαίρεσις πνεύματος
using LS entry, I'd maybe translate as "a choice" or "a deliberation" of spirit
But in translations, it looks like this should be "waywardness" or "vexation" ...
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Question of Commentarri de Bello Gallico

Dear all,

This below sentence is extractet from Commentarri de Bello Gallico - in the section of Conspiracy of Orgetorix:

... ūnā ex parte flūmine Rhēno lātissimō atque altissimō, QUI agrum Helvētium ā Germānīs divīdit

I have referred to a translation from website

... on one side by the Rhine, a very broad and deep river, which separates the Helvetian territory from the Germans

That seems that the demonstrative Pronoun QUI refers to flumine, ...
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Beginners' Vocab- LXX Eccl.

(in progress--Chapters 2-12 will follow, maybe 1-2 a week; updates will probably be interrupted by at least one week-long camping trip)
This vocab list is for anyone who has finished Croy or another beginning textbook in Biblical Greek and wants to memorize vocabulary for LXX Ecclesiastes before reading the Greek text. Be sure you are using LXX translation and not KJV when checking for understanding/etc.

Definitions taken mainly from Middle Liddell, and a few from ...
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Christophe Rico's new English version of Πόλις is out

http://www.amazon.com/Polis-Speaking-An ... 9657698006

He's made the audio files free for download:

http://www.polisjerusalem.org/#!polis-- ... adios/ce0m

I have the earlier French version, and the audios are now almost completely different, so the new book is not just a revision, but appears to be substantially different.

In 2009 Rico was the first person to post a video on Youtube

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDE-7z66OHg ...
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'Neither fear nor remorse' (motto translation request)

Hello, everyone!

A friend of mine contacted me asking whether I could give her a hand translating a motto for her class (or something) into Latin, but I just dare not on my own.

The motto is sem medo e sem remorso (which is Portuguese for ‘neither fear nor remorse’, ‘with no fear and no remorse’ or something along these lines).

For the little I know, although the translation falls on a basic side, it ...
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I'm curious what everyone thinks about this topic. I've noticed that it can be a very heated subject on wikipedia articles. My personal view is that the BC/AD system is better on practical grounds: 1) the uniformity of two characters in each 2) easier to distinguish at sight 3) easier to say in speech.

As I christian I don't really care which system is used, but the motive (as I understand it) behind the BCE/CE ...
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Vulgar Latin/Venetian

Does anyone know of a decent textbook/grammar for Vulgar Latin and/or Venetian? Thank you in advance.
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Latin influence in Mark's Gospel

This is something I just stumbled upon and never heard about before: http://ntresources.com/blog/?p=1205 The argument is that the author of Mark may have spoken Latin or at least his Greek was influenced by Latin idiom. I've noticed the loanwords before and didn't think much of them, but the idioms are interesting. I've always assumed that the authors of the NT did not speak Latin, or maybe only "phrasebook" Latin. ...

αὐτό as αὐτόν

Avoiding the original thread. The LSJ says that αὐτό is sometimes written αὐτόν and gives Leg. Gort. 3.4 as a reference. This is short for Leges Gortynensium (GDI 4991, Schwyzer 179). GDI is Sammlung der griechischen Dialekt-Inschriften. Inscription 4991 is here: https://books.google.com/books?id=_3IsA ... &q&f=false

I think that the quote in question is:

αἰ δέ τι ἄλλο φέροι τῶ ἀνδρός, πέντε στατῆρανς καταστασεῖ κὤτι κα φερῃ αὐτόν, κὤτι κα παρἐλῃ ...
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