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Greetings! (An Introduction)

Hello, all!

Meka here. I am currently completing my MA in English, specializing in Old English literature, after which I plan to pursue a PhD in the same subject. In the past I've studied classical and ecclesiastical Latin at the introductory level, using the 7th edition of Wheelock's Latin and John F. Collins' A Primer of Ecclesiastical Latin, respectively. Alas, my study has lapsed a bit since then, and my foundation is shakier than it ...
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SCHOLA has moved

Due to ongoing problems at NING, Schola has moved:
We are now using a new network, and the service is vastly improved:

The new address is http://schola.network-maker.com/

There are 3 locutoria - including a new one for text chat, that is very elegant.
You can use it without login, or login using twitter.

We also have a video/voice chat facility - this you can log in to using twitter ...
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bad neighbor optative practice

As usuall, any corrections, comments would be very much appreciated.

Δύσκολος ἐμίσουν τοὺς γείτονας. ὁπότε κωμάζοιεν οὐ οἷός τ' ἦν καθεύδειν. ὁπότε ἡ θυγατὴρ βαδίζοι πρὸς τὴν κρήνην, ἐξέβη ὁ τοῦ γείτονος υἱός ἵνα αὐτήν ὑπαντῴη. ὁπότε ὁ ἡλιος λάμποι ὁ υἱός καὶ ὁ τοῦ γειτονος υἱός πρὸς τόν `ροῦν ἵνα ἁλιεύοιεν. ὁπότε ἀπαγορεύοι τὸν υἱον ὁμιλέιν σὺν τῷ τοῦ γείτονος ἐγέλασεν.
ἔδοξε αὐτῳ χρῆσαι τόν `ροῦν ἵνα ἐξελαύνοι τοὺς γείτονες. εὐλαβεῖτο μὴ ὀφθείη ...
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New Latin-only IRC chat (Instant Messaging)

Sī quis vestrum mēcum et cum aliīs amīcīs meīs Latīnē loquī velit, 'chat' nostrum novum generis IRC adeat!
Per litterās loquimur, at in 'tempore praesentī' (ut vulgō 'in real time' dīcitur) omnia aguntur.

http://latinitas.linguax.com hīc legite plūra

Linguae vernāculae/hodiearnae in sermōnē omnīno interdīcuntur, prohibentur, vetantur! Neque anglicē, neque aliīs linguīs (nisi Latīnē) ibi loquī cuicumque licet!

Sī rogātis, cūr novum colloquium/scriptōrium huius generis fēcerim, cum iam illud 'schola.ning' exstāret: ...
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Two latin texts for Numbers Cap 8 v2-3

My Weber-Gryson Latin Bible has this for the Book of Numbers Chapter 8 v.1-3

locutus est Dominus ad Mosen dicens
loquere Aaroni et dices ad eum cum posueris septem lucernas contra eam partem quam candelabrum respicit lucere debebunt

fecitque Aaron et inposuit lucernas super candelabrum ut praeceperat Dominus Mosi

Whilst almost every other version I find on the internet has the following

locutus est Dominus ad Mosen dicens
Loquere Aaron, et dices ad eum: Cum ...
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"Praeco Latinus" accessible from US?


While searching the Internet for information about Arcadius Avellanus I stumbled upon a (probably short lived) Latin periodical edited by him, the Praeco Latinus. Some editions have been scanned, as can be seen from the following Google-books entries:

According to the publication dates these should be in the public domain (in the US and probably anywhere else). Still, they cannot be downloaded from ...
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qui antea castra, non urbem in medio positam esse

Cum igitur multitudo omnis a vi et armis ad res divinas curandas conversa esset, tum finitimi etiam populi - qui antea castra, non urbem in medio positam esse ad turbandam omnium pacem crediderant - nefas putabant violare civitatem quae tanta diligentia deos coleret. Quam ob rem tuta pax per omne Numae regni tempus conservata est.

I've been looking at the text above (particularly the clause in parenthesis) and find it perplexing. The clause seems to ...
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New online: Mysterium Arcae Boulé (novel)


I am proud to announce that my transcription of the crime novel Mysterium Arcae Boulé (novel by Burton E. Stevenson, Latin translation by Arcadius Avellanus) is finally online. I donated it to Project Gutenberg to ensure its continued existence on the Web.

As I wrote in another thread:
Why choosing this specific book - Mysterium Arcae Boulé, a crime novel - to transcribe? My main reason for doing so was my interest in Latin ...
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LDS Pen Pal for Latin Learning?

No, this is not a personal ad, don't get nervous. I'm looking for someone who would be willing to work with me and provide feedback on an ongoing basis in some translation efforts I'm working on. My current project is doing a translation of selected passages from The Book of Mormon, which, unlike the Old and New Testaments, didn't come with a Latin translation before it got to English. (Plenty of information about that elsewhere ...
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LLPSI object of iussit

Numa is creating 12 priests dedicated t Mars and explaining the rites they were to perform:

Salios item duodecim Marti legit caelestiaque arma, quae 'ancilia' appellantur, ferre ac per urbem saltare canentes carmina iussit.

Salios is the object of legit and iussit, right?

He also chose twelve Salii for Mars and ordered to carry the celestial arms, which were called 'ancilia', and to dance singing incantations through the city.
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