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Salvete cunctim!

Ut intellexi, oportet mihi pauca de me narrare. Errata nonnulla faciam; date tamen, quaeso, veniam vestram. Ergo, ego...

Sum femina americana cuiusdam aestatis; in Germania nata sum. Eram septem annos professora physicorum et biochemiae universitate clara americana, ubi structuram proteinum computatris et experimentis investigavi. Sed debui discedere, quod tenuriam, id est sinecuram, non obtinui.

Abhinc quattuor annos physica mathematicamque in Silva Nigra docet, in eadem schola ubi pridem discipula fui. Natura formosa hic mihi pergrata ...
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Greetings | χάρις καὶ ειρήνη

Greetings Textkit Community,

A small confession before introducing myself: I haven't had the opportunity to take a very thorough look around, but I am looking forward to doing so.

A bit about me:
You will probably see me most in the Koine and Biblical Greek section because that is my main focus. I've learned a bit of Latin over the years but I am more interested in Greek right now. The Koine period is my ...
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The mythological Birth of the Nymph Mathesis.


Where the following curious fragment of antiquity was discovered, the Editor is anxious to conceal; because, about the same spot other curious fragments may still be lurking. For great is the glory of restoring old manuscripts: and the more solitary we are in our fortunate researches, the more exceeding is the lustre of our fame.

The Poem itself was probably written in the reign of Ptolemy ...
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AUDIOBOOK: Stirling's Eutropius Paraphrase

John Stirling's Latin paraphrase of Eutropius.

Recorded 2017 - if you are interested in the audio version, it can be found at Latinum. http://latinum.org.uk The text can be located on Google Books.

Little is known about Stirling's life except that he held a MA, served as chaplain to the Duke of Gordon, and wrote a large number of elementary books "designed to teach Latin and English, most of which are extremely rare" (Alston).

I stumbled ...
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13th-C. Court-hand: Unknown Symbol

The original can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/HJMST

The entry is largely uninteresting, but there is one symbol that I have not seen before. The entry reads

"¶ Cir sub nomie Willi f Radi de Cold’ horncastr’ et dci A de 3 m. et di ??? 1 sum f et dimid r inde 1 m. et di sum fr ad pur be Mar anno r r H 23 et ad ...
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Nutting's Latin Primer

Professor Herbert Chester Nutting (1872-1934) wrote a number of books for instruction in Latin. You may already be familiar with his Latin reader based on American history.

He wrote another book, A Latin Primer, that is not as well-known as it should be. It is unique in its low level of difficulty. This is a textbook that was designed to teach Latin to children in elementary school. There are less than 400 words used in ...
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δ 121 special tmesis case


ἐκ Ἑλένη θαλάμοιο θυώδεος ὑψορόφοιο
ἤλυθεν Ἀρτέμιδι χρυσηλακάτῳ ἐικυῖα.

ἐκ δ' codd., corr. Bentley

(OCT Allen)

forth then from her fragrant high-roofed chamber came Helen, like Artemis of the golden arrows. (A.T. Murray 1919)

I came accross this rare combination ἐκ+vowel (not the usual ἐξ+ vowel) and I wondered why such a thing. It seems a correction from Bentley (PBUH). It's published in Platt, A., J. Phil. XXII, 26.198 (so says the ...
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oblique cases ??

Please check this definition: all noun cases minus nominative case = oblique cases.
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An Unusual (well, to me) Latin Script

The original can be found here: http://imgur.com/aIS7BEk

I am quite used to 13th-C. English Court-hand, so at first glance, I thought "well, I probably need to just look more closely at this... well... nope!" Lol, a handful of words popped out at me, but after that, I felt very lost. Does anyone know what type of script this is or from which century it came?

Any help, would be... ...
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possessives with gen.

Per Dickey, "τῶν (τῶν) νεανίων δούλων" is an impossible construction. But what would be a legit way to render the meaning of "of the young men's slaves"? Dickey does not explain it here.Thanks in advance.
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