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What does τις mean?

I have seen τις in Reading Greek today, and it says in earlier chapters that it means "what?" However, the sentence doesn't end in ; and I haven't any idea what it means. Note: I'm sorry I can't add accents, but this word doesn't have one. I'll put the passage below (without accents) it's usage in I.H

εστι δε εν τω πλοιω ραψωδος τις.

If anyone can help I would appreciate it greatly!
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New member!

Hello everyone, new guy here.

I'm not a professional, student or academic in any way, though I've loved ancient history & antiquity since I was probably 10 years old or so (I'm almost 37 now, so it's been a couple decades of interest). While I had wanted to go to collage for ancient Greek or Roman history, my path didn't turn out that way (4 years in the Army and then became a paramedic when ...
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First post (hi!) and translation question...

Hello, this is my first post here on this forum, so if this is the incorrect place to ask this question, I apologize... I did read the sticky's and looked around, and it seems this is an appropriate section.

Anyway, I'm currently writing a story that involves plenty of appropriation, loan-wording, and mixed usage of Vulgar Latin (as in "Sermo Vulgaris", not dirty limericks) interspersed with English. Though I realize it would probably more appropriately ...
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Reading Latin

Reading Latin by JACT 1 ed. is quite expensive on Amazon, but nota bene a new edition comes out on November 30. I am deciding whether or not I want to increase my skills in "reading" rather than "translating." Do you all think 1st edition will be cheaper when the 2nd is released as happened with Reading Greek?
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Intensive Course!! Yay!!

I have recently ordered this book, and I'm very excited, having completed Wheelock 2 months ago, which I have posted many times in other threads, and I'm using this as a review. Wheelock was great, but I am now at the point where I am able to read literature, but not with any ease. Which concepts do you all think are most common in literature, and which subjunctive types do you all think are the ...
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New member introduction - softarae


This is my new member intro post, so some background information is appropriate.
I have a BA in Philosophy from University of Wisconsin-Madison. My focus (as much
as a person can have one as an undergraduate) was on Ancient Greek Philosophy,
especially Socrates via Plato. I was sidetracked (or side swiped) by life before
I could pursue a graduate degree.

Years later, I am now retired and demonstrating that I am both faithful to ...
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Quick grammar question...

Hi, I am a bit confused about how to translate this sentence into Latin...

We run home.

I know that the word "run" in this sentence is intransitive so it doesn't take a direct object. So in Latin what case would "home" be in? In English, what would the function of "home" be classified as?

Thank you...
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Locī Immūtātī #8

Hi, I haven't posted here in a while. Been pretty busy in the past few months. I try to spend a few nights per week to work on the Locī Immūtātī, but progress has been slow (just plowed through two excerpts from Cicero's In Catilīnam Ōrātiō, and boy does he have a lot to write about our friend Catilīna...)

I had a question about a particular sentence from article #8:

Original sentence:

Et ille, "Tu ...
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Greek to GCSE

How much do you all know about this text? Is it useful, quick, and easy like Athenaze (although this I'm certain isn't a reading text), and will it get me reading Ancient Greek prose and verse authors?
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Vulgate question

I have a question about the following passage in St Mark's Gospel (12:12):

et quaerebant eum tenere et timuerunt turbam cognoverunt enim quoniam ad eos parabolam hanc dixerit et relicto eo abierunt

In the Douay–Rheims Bible this is translated as "And they sought to lay hands on him: but they feared the people. For they knew that he spoke this parable to them. And leaving him, they went their way." My question: why the use ...
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