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Ben-Hur Translation Page 36: Time of War?

Thank you for your corrections.

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Ben-Hur hastened to bring his mother and sister to Simonides and Esther who gave them all the comforts so long denied them.

Benhur festinans adduxit matrem sororemque ad Simonidam atque Esther, qui eas omnibus rebus diu destitutas allevarent.

Ὁ Βενὼρ σπεύσας ἤγαγε τὴν μητέρα τε καὶ τὴν ἀδελφὴν πρὸς Σιμωνίδην τε καὶ Ἐσθήρ, οἵτινές γε αὐτὰς ἁπάντων πολὺν χρόνον ἀπορούσας ἐκούφισαν.

But Ben-Hur is ...
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Cantio Prima declinatio

Cantio Prima declinatio, Schola Gregoriana Pragensis.
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How should this word be translated? I thought it might be "and with for whom" but that doesn't make sense.
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Medical Latin (sort of)

A orthopedic surgeon friend of mine with a penchant for Latin asked me for help, but my Latin isn't good enough. Basically, he wants to give a Latin name (don't ask me why) to some sort of table that lists important things concerning the patients that are going to be operated (age, place of residence, handedness etc.). In English, it would be something like "Remarks/comments on the Patients to be Operated". He's proposing "De indice ...
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Who commits patricide?

Hello everyone,
I am a retired biologist who used to have access to Latin experts who helped devise new names for scientific concepts. I still have concepts that I would like to name rationally, but have not begun my long-awaited study of Latin, so I come to you. I need the correct ending to a word which will change a word similar to "patricide," into a word similar to "one who commits patricide." Is there ...
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I joined, but then left just as quickly

I guess I joined because I was hyped up to learn Latin, even though I didn't necessarily have a profound interest in learning the language itself but more for things that used the language (fictions / games / Roman army / etc). I know boards like this are not super active because of a lack of eager learners, but if you want to read more, it is ironic what I am about to say.

I ...
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Sidgwick's First Greek Writer useful with what?

Sidgwick's First Greek Writer looks like a fantastic way to start composition while still an absolute beginner. However, most texts I've considered seem to use a quite different order of presentation for grammar. Are there any texts that work well with this old classic?
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Moved to the Koine Forum

I had a request from a forum regular to see more of the Koine threads on the Koine forum. I'm going to re-arrange just a few of them, in the interests of keeping up good discussion in both forums.
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Fabula Aeterna (Pulchra ac Bestia)

Haec est translātiō (vel adaptātiō) mea carminis praeclārī Disneiānī (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blvW8Wp6JFk). Spērō ut vōbīs placeat, sed quālēscunque sint vestrās opīniōnēs, petō ut mihi illās dīcātis, bonās malāsve.


Vēra'st narratiō.
Tum vix amīcī,
Tum hīc coniunctī
Gestō subitō.

Mūtātiō parva'st,
Sed simul magna'st.
Quamquam timidī
Et impārātī,
Pulchr'ac bestia stant!

Nōn exspectātur,
At nōn mūtātur.
Ut anteā fuit
Tam certē erit
Quam sōl oriētur.

Nōn exspectātur,
At nōn mūtātur.
Ut anteā fuit
Tam certē ...
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Niebuhr's Letter To a Young Philologist

Through Laudator Temporis Acti, I recently came across Barthold Georg Niebuhr's Letter to a Young Man Who Wished to Devote Himself to Philology.

I thought that it was interesting for people interested in Greek and Latin composition (and reading in general):

For the study of language, I recommend to you especially Demosthenes and Cicero. Select, in the former, the Oration "pro Corona;" in the latter, the "pro Cluentio," and read them with all the thoughtfulness ...
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