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Cenaculum MMXVI

Salvete omnes!

Hoc anno Cenaculum Familiae Sancti Hieronymi fiet Novae Aureliae in Ludoviciana a die 11a usque ad diem 16am mensis Julii. Sciant autem qui Familiam ignorant Cenaculum esse annuum Catholicorum Latine loquentium conventum. Sicut in praeteritis Cenaculis, liturgia, allocutiones et colloquia inter Familiae sodales sola lingua Latine erunt. Libenter autem respondebo interrogationibus vestris.

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Accentuation Alcestis

I am reading Alcestis and encountered the following line which might be of interest as there have been a few posts recently about the peculiarities of accents:

ἀλλ᾽ οὖν ἐκεῖσε προσδόκα μ᾽, ὅταν θάνω,
καὶ δῶμ᾽ ἑτοίμαζ᾽, ὡς συνοικήσουσά μοι.
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Martial really tickled me the other day...

1.38 in particular:

Quem recitas meus est, o Fidentine, libellus:
sed male cum recitas, incipit esse tuus.

I know, it's silly, but having had to sit through a rather inept recitation of poetry earlier it nearly killed me when a friend whipped it out.

So, any funny bits of Martial anyone would like to share?
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contracted vs uncontracted

Hi to all!
I am wondering what the difference is between the contracted form and the uncontracted form of a verb is. For example, love:

φιλῶ (uncontracted = φιλέ-ω) ω like o in bone ἀγαπῶ (uncontracted = ἀγαπάω)
φιλεῖς (uncontracted =φιλέ-εις) ς like s in send ἀγαπᾷς (uncontracted = ἀγαπάεις)
φιλεῖ (uncontracted =φιλέ-ει) ει like ei in eight ἀγαπᾷ (uncontracted = ἀγαπάει)

Is the uncontracted part '-ω, -εις, ει' just the personal pronoun, equivalent to ...
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List of Classics Resources (Online)

http://classicsresources.info/ Is making the rounds currently and may be of interest to many here. You'll notice that we, of course, are listed. :lol: 8)

I am still working on my annotated and tailored resource lists for both languages, but as you can imagine this is more than a little useful.
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My Introduction

I found Textkit while searching for translations of M&L missing from the utoronto site. I taught elementary and intermediate Latin in a Catholic seminary for several years and then was away from it for some time. I now have the opportunity to study again, so am using M&L as a review. I hope to respond and contribute where I have knowledge and to learn from the observations of others. (Especially to confirm where I think ...
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Greetings All
I just discovered this sight and hope to share ideas and inspiration with all. I have a BA and MA in the Classics, both from Florida State University. I have taught for 17 years. Up until 2013 I taught at the JUCO level -mostly Classical Mythology and Greek and Roman History, with the occasional Latin, and even more occasional Attic Greek class. Currently I teach High School Latin and am very excited to ...
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introducing myself

Hello Textkit members,

I have been learning Greek since 2008. My basic text was the JACT "Reading Greek", and after a year's study with this I joined the Open University for the level 3 course, which was then available, using the same book. From late 2009 I have read variously bits of Homer, Plato, and most of an anthology also by JACT. At the moment, having discovered that my composition is so poor that it ...
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converting tlg files

is there a way to convert tlg txt files (accompatied with idt files (containing line numbers etc?)) to readable unicode greek (preferrably with line numbers etc)? I mean the files that come in pairs such as TLG0208.TXT and TLG0208.IDT.
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γέγονα and γεγένημαι

is there a clear difference and if so what?
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