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Nagy's "crystallization" model

A continuation from the ταρ thread. Joel said:
As far as ideological opposition between Nagy and West, I've never read an article by Nagy that I didn't find impressive. Perhaps West deserves the regard that he holds on this forum, but what I've read of him so far (mostly his books on music, and a few articles on Homer) hasn't demonstrated genius to me yet. But by all means, I would love to be corrected ...

Apollo Mouse-slayer

After being kind enough to listen to the first 100 lines of the Iliad, my wife asked me about Σμινθεῦ in line 39. She said "it didn't sound Greek." I told her that it was a name for Apollo, but I didn't know any more about it. After checking the LSJ, it appears that Σμινθεῦ is not etymologically Greek. It may come from the Mysian word σμίνθος or mouse (but may instead derive from the ...

Nullius unquam


I'm trying to understand a construction that's cropped up in a medieval text I'm working through. The author (Richard of St. Victor) poses the following question:

an inde dicatur summa natura, quod nullius unquam possit major esse quam illa, an ita veraciter est summa, ut sit usquequaque sit perfecta?

(the "highest nature" he's discussing is the Divine Nature, though that's not relevant to the syntax necessarily).

To my eyes, the sentence reads straightforwardly enough, ...
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In Catilinam 1.21-22

This was a tough one but I gave it a good effort and I think I'm at least close on most of it. I hope.

At si hoc idem huic adulescenti optimo P. Sestio, si fortissimo viro M. Marcello dixissem, iam mihi consuli hoc ipso in templo senatus iure optimo vim et manus intulisset.

("But if I had said this same thing to that excellent young man P. Sestius, if to that bravest of men, ...
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Help with the Potential Optative?

The potential usage of the optative, from what I understand, is meant to be translated with an English modal auxiliary. In fact, having consulted several textbooks and writings, it appears that nearly all of the modal auxiliaries used in English can be used to translate the potential optative. This is probably due to my lack of understanding about the formal grammar of the English language, but how does this set of, what is in my ...
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Iliad 12, 3-8

οὐδ᾽ ἄρ᾽ ἔμελλε
τάφρος ἔτι σχήσειν Δαναῶν καὶ τεῖχος ὕπερθεν
εὐρύ, τὸ ποιήσαντο νεῶν ὕπερ, ἀμφὶ δὲ τάφρον
ἤλασαν: οὐδὲ θεοῖσι δόσαν κλειτὰς ἑκατόμβας:
ὄφρά σφιν νῆάς τε θοὰς καὶ ληΐδα πολλὴν
ἐντὸς ἔχον ῥύοιτο

It's the last part of this sentence that makes me wonder: so that it (=the wall) might protect (ῥύοιτο) the swift ships and the great booty within (ἐντὸς). But what is ἔχον doing here?
According to Perseus and the Attikos ...
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...se eorum opera usurum...

Priusquam inde digrederentur, Tullus Mettio imperat uti iuventutem in armis habeat: 'se eorum opera usurum , si bellum cum Veientibus foret .' Ita exercitus inde domum abducti sunt.

Before they departed, Tullus commanded Mettius to keep his youth under arms: so as to be of use in defending their freedom, should war occur with the Veienii. in this way the army was led home from there.
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In Catilinam 1.17-18

It is better to leave than stay when convicted in the court of public opinion:

Tu, cum conscientia scelerum tuorum agnoscas odium omnium iustum et iam diu tibi debitum, dubitas quorum mentis sensusque volneras, eorum aspectum praesentiamque vitare?

("Do you, when with the consciousness of your crimes recognize the just and for a long time due to you (i.e. a long time coming) hatred of all, hesitate (to be?) wound(ed?) by(?) their(?) mind and feelings, ...
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Iliad 11, Nestors' speech

I'm returning to the Iliad after an interval of nearly 6 months (real life, new born son, sleepless nights, busy job: all feeble excuses, I know) and what joy it is to be reading Homer again. I see that my comrade in arms Huilen has finished the Odyssey in the mean time: congratulations to him!

Okay, book 11, Nestors' speech. An interesting bit of oratory and highly effective since it suggests to Patroclus the scheme ...

Is Caesar "Boring"?

It's not often it's truly worth discussing whether a text is boring or not - I'm very much a fan of context and as such, such things are petty - but Caesar represents an interesting case. He was a traditional early author and even now seems to be undergoing something of a...if not a renaissance, he is benefiting from renewed interest from students. Or, rather, those who have spent quite a bit of time looking ...
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