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pony for Horace, first two books of the odes

This contains the first two books of the odes, with scanning marks, together with a literal English translation.

The English translation appears interlinearly with a second Latin text, with Latin word order revised to make it more like English word order.

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Sallustii Bellum Iugurthinum 63.7

Salvete doctissimi omnes,

Quaestionem unam habeo atque auxilium a vobis peto, si placet. In capitulo sexuagesimo tertio, de Mario bellica virtute, qua plus notus erat quam facie aut nobilitate familiae, dicitur:

"Etiam tum alios magistratus plebs, consulatum nobilitas inter se per manus tradebat. Novos nemo tam clarus neque tam egregiis factis erat, quin indignus illo honore et is quasi pollutus haberetur".

Cur "novos"? Idem significat atque "(inter) novos (homines) nemo tam clarus..."
Num "novis (hominibus) ...
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M.L. West obiit.

http://www.balliol.ox.ac.uk/news/2015/j ... artin-west

His books are some of my most prized possessions.

κούφα σοι χθὼν ἐπάνωθε πέσοι.
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About sources of Mythology

Dear all,

For Latin and also Greek mythology, which sources are they from? Is there any kind of work, prose, poem... that contains their content? And where could I find them online?

Sincerely yours,

Huynh Trong Khanh
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Horace, Odes, 1, 12

unde vocalem temere insecutae
Orphea silvae,

arte materna rapidos morantem
fluminum lapsus celeresque ventos,
blandum et auritas fidibus canoris
ducere quercus.

Context: It appears that Horace mentions one after the other possible songs and singers to consider whether each is adequate to praise Caesar Augustus. In these lines he describe's Orpheus.

I get a general idea of these lines: Orpheus's singing is so powerful that the woods followed along after him, while it holds ...
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Athenaze Study Group - Lesson 13α

Here’s the template for 13α of Athenaze.

Exercise 13α and 13β
You don’t need to write anything up for this exercise.

Exercise 13γ
Identify the tense and form of the underlined verbs, translate the verb, and then explain the use of the tense. Translate the sentence.

Exercise 13δ
Change the forms into the imperfect, future and aorist – keeping the same person and number. Be ...
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Is word accent relevant?

Pharr, at item 68, says "The written word-accent must be disregarded in reading the verse."

If so, why do we bother learning word accents? Would it make sense, when learning vocabulary, to memorize words as though the accents fall on the long vowels? That would be more helpful for correct reading, and also aid in remembering omicron vs omega and epsilon vs eta.

Or am I missing something?

indirect discourse

Most textbooks give the infinitive tenses only in the active voice and only rarely use the passive. Also I would assume that it is possible to use the subjunctive as well. Is there a website that I can access that includes passive and subjunctive examples that I could use? I have consulted some Latin grammars but to no avail.
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subjunctive problem

Nuntium igitur ad navem misit qui Jasoni persuaderet ut sibi auxilium ferret. I understand why ferret has subjunctive form but why is persuaderet in the subjunctive?
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Greek reader reviews

Some readers that I have used or come across. For the readers that I really like, I've either purchased a copy, or had one bound at lulu.com (only a few dollars), rather than reading them online.

Greek Boy At Home by W.H.D. Rouse
Text: https://archive.org/details/greekboyathomest01rousuoft
Vocabulary: http://www.johnpiazza.net/greek_boy_vocab

The Greek is good and idiomatic. Parodies from very diverse sources (the Onomasticon, Philogelos, and many ...
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