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email address?

Are we allowed to reveal here our actual email addresses?
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does πασχω have an imperfect form?

For example, how would you translate 'I was suffering' into Greek?
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Little Nemo Project

After Ben-Hur, I decided to translate Little Nemo by Winsor McCay into Latin and Greek. The art of McCay is outstanding and my translation cannot match the beauty of the drawings. I'll be happy if, with your help, major blunders are avoided.
As usual, translations and new images are offered with the Creative Commons license, which basically means do whatever you want with them.

I'm getting the strips from this site: http://www.comicstriplibrary.org

Here are the ...
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Little Nemo 1905-00-00

Thank you for your help!

List of pages.

We’ll get him
Bring Nemo to Slumberland sure. King Morpheus.
Stay right where you are and we’ll hustle you into Slumberland quicker than a wink

Adducemus eum.
Tute advehite Neminem in Dormitoriam. Morpheus Rex.
Mane quidem ubi es, nos autem in ictu oculi propellemus te in Dormitoriam.

Ἄξομεν αὐτόν.
Ἀκινδύνως προσκομίσατε Οὔτινα εἰς Κοιμητηρίαν. Μορφεὺς Βασιλεύς.
Μεῖνον μὲν ὅπου εἶ, ἡμεῖς δὲ ἐν ῥιπῇ ...
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A Hawaiian Long Diphthong Pronunciation Model

Allen claims that length differences in the long diphthongs (ᾳ, ῃ, ῳ) versus the short diphthongs (αι, ει, οι) are not sufficient to differentiate them. His proposal (value differences) has struck me as unlikely, because the long diphthongs all evolved together and the short diphthongs all evolved together. Value differences -- I would think -- would have made independent evolution more likely.

I still find it hard to differentiate the long diphthongs in my own ...
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Frontinus, STRATEGEMATA, opening sentence.

Context: Frontinus places the present book on generalship in relation to an earlier one on military science.

Cum ad instruendam rei militaris scientiam unus ex numero studiosorum eius accesserim eique destinato, quantum cura nostra valuit, satisfecisse visus sim, deberi adhuc institutae arbitror operae, ut sollertia ducum facta, quae a Graecis una STRATEGEMATON appellatione comprehensa sunt, expeditis amplectar commentariis.

Even though I am the only one of several careful students who has composed a ...
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Difference between the 2 perfect tenses of ἀπολλυμι?

for example, what's the difference between ἀπολωλα and ἀπολωλεκα?
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Accademia Vivarium Novum/accepting of female students

Hey everyone, I'm new here. I'm Rosa, 19 years old and from the Netherlands. I recently found out about the Accademia Vivarium Novum, which is an academy in Rome where you can study for one year to perfect your knowledge of Latin, and where you have to speak latin. Anyway, what I also found out, is that they don't accept female students at the moment, as they are located in a building of a religious ...
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Introducing myself

***Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself. I may have deleted the original post by mistake (my apologies if this is a duplicate post).***

My favorite thing in the world is language, in particular, etymology-- a confessed language junkie. My native language is Spanish (I was born and raised in Peru), but I'm also fluent in English (or so I think) and rusty in French ( I used to be fluent many, many years ago, ...
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Acute accents on consecutive syllables

There was discussion on another thread about the possibility of acute accents on consecutive syllables. Are consecutive acutes possible or not? This comes into question with enclitics.

From this question are possibly to be distinguished (or maybe everything is, on a deeper level, connected?) cases such as κάρτά νιν, πάντά μοι, ἄλλός τις, ἔνθά ποτε, and even ἔστί τις (these examples from West 1998:XXXII, Probert 2003:149), where the first acute represents basically a properispomenon, because ...
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