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Arabian Nights

I ran across this passage from Sir Richard Burton's translation of the Arabian Nights (The Second Kalandar's Tale):

"Know, O my lady, that I was not born one-eyed and mine is a strange story; an it were graven with needle-graver on the eye-corners, it were a warner to whoso would be warned. I am a King, son of a King, and was brought up like a Prince."

Burton's use of "an" here is so like ...
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Greeks & Medicine

For those with an interest in medicine these heavily annotated editions of Hippocrates (Airs, Waters and Places + the famous oath) and Galenus (Three Treatises) edited by Stephen Nimis look really nice.

Hippocrates: http://www.amazon.de/Hippocrates-Airs-W ... 365&sr=1-4
Galenus: http://www.amazon.de/Galen-Three-Treati ... 365&sr=1-6
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Odyssey 12. 73

I am stuck with this verse:
73. οἱ δὲ δύω σκόπελοι ὁ μὲν οὐρανὸν εὐρὺν ἱκάνει

Circe is describing to Odysseus the second way to his homeland. The first she described at 59. Here is the context and the structure of the antithesis marked by the correlation μέν...δέ:

56. ἔνθα τοι οὐκέτ᾽ ἔπειτα διηνεκέως ἀγορεύσω,
57. ὁπποτέρη δή τοι ὁδὸς ἔσσεται, ἀλλὰ καὶ αὐτὸς
58. θυμῷ βουλεύειν: ἐρέω δέ τοι ἀμφοτέρωθεν.
59. ἔνθεν μὲν γὰρ ...
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Odyssey 12. 55-72

Hello everybody, thanks for all your help with Book 6 of the Odyssey, I have finished it and started yesterday with Book 12 :) Here I leave some doubts that I have.


τῇ δ᾽ οὔ πώ τις νηῦς φύγεν ἀνδρῶν, ἥ τις ἵκηται,
ἀλλά θ᾽ ὁμοῦ πίνακάς τε νεῶν καὶ σώματα φωτῶν
κύμαθ᾽ ἁλὸς φορέουσι πυρός τ᾽ ὀλοοῖο θύελλαι.

I don't understand why is ἱκνέομαι in ...
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utius lux clarior est

hi there again, i wish someone could solve this for me...
i'm experiencing some trouble while translating some latin into english, this is the sentence:

videsne illa duo sidera? utrius lux clarior est?

in italian it is: vedi quelle due stelle? di quale delle due la luce è più forte?
in english it could be: do you see those two stars? ((...and then?)) the light of which of them is brighter?(?)
it sounds very wrong ...
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Still reading Homer

Halfway book 3 of the Iliad, some random remarks and observations from the perspective of a beginning reader of Homer

-Homer is great
-reading Homer really does get easier. I can read the text now without commentary or dictionnary and understand 80% of what is going on. A second reading, this time with help, fills in the rest. I hardly ever use a translation. Vocabulary is the main difficulty. A dictionnary helps of course as ...
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translating some latin into english

hi, i'm looking for some advice...
how would you translate in english these sentences:

1)proprii liberi carissimi cuique sunt.

2)erant duo filii Rheae Silviae, quorum alteri erat nomen romulus, alteri remus.

it is correct to translate ''quorum alteri'' with ''one of which''? or ''one of them'' wuold be better?
and it is correct to translate ''proprii liberi'' with ''everyone's own children''?

thank you for attention, have a good day.
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Mispronouncing Ancient Greek (Demosthenes)

Along the lines of γαλῆν ὁρῶ vs. γαλήν' ὁρῶ, the scholiast on Demosthenes' most famous speech, On the Crown (no. 18 in the Demosthenic corpus) tells an amusing if probably apocryphal story.

Demosthenes' policies, largely directed against the aggressive expansionism of Philip of Macedon, ended in failure when an alliance crafted by Demosthenes between Athens and Thebes, traditional enemies, was defeated by Philip at Chaeronea in 338. In On the Crown, Demosthenes is defending his ...
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...is memor (adjective) a substantive here? Its use seems to be completely as a noun as i don't see it playing any qualifynig role in this sentence.

Id metuens et memor veteris belli quod ad Troiam pro caris Argis gesserat (nondum oblita erat causam irae ac doloris: iudicium Paridis, qui Venerem deam pulcherrimam esse iudicaverat), Troianos per mare totum iactatos longe a Latio arcebat.

The fearing and memory of the ancient war which she had ...
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hoc regnum

From Cap 39 Orberg LLPSI

Orberg explains how Iuno favoured Karthage:

Hanc urbem Iuno magis aliis omnibus dilexisse dicitur, hoc regnum omnium gentium esse volebat.

Juno was said to favour this city more than all others (ablative?), she wished this reign to be over all other peoples. ?

I'm sure I have the gist...but I can't figure out why it's hanc urben and hoc regnum - what's the syntax..?
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