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Answer key for Scott's First Latin Lessons?

Hello guys! Is there anyone here has an answer key for Harry Fletcher Scott's First Latin Lessons? If you don't know about this textbook, just search it on Google. It's a terrific Latin textbook with graded readings as well as English etymology questions and optional drills, making it suitable for homeschool curriculum.

The version I'm referring to is the original 1922 edition, not the one revised by Annabel Horn (1928). Perhaps some of us had ...
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εἰς = "with one's back turned"

It seems to be only a very small logical step from the meaning of "into" to that of "with one's back turned".

With a verb of motion, εἰς = "into". From the point of view of a person watching somebody go into somewhere, the person going in's back is turned. Substitute a verb of non-motion for a verb of motion, and we quite easily get "with one's back turned", or "facing towards". That is to ...
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Eduard Johnson at p. 26 of in Sprechen sie attisch? simply gives

Gestern abend ἑσπέρας.

The Italian translation of Enrico Renna and Claudio Ferone has

Ieri sera (ἐχθές) ἑσπέρας

Can just ἑσπέρας mean yesterday evening and is ἐχθές optional?
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Ancient Greek texts

Compared to the amount of Ancient Greek prose and poetry that came down to us on manuscripts, how much more (and which texts) in proportion has been recovered on papyri found in Egypt?

Is there a full list of known Ancient Greek texts?
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ἄγειν - verbs take or make the opportunity?

If the ἄγειν was more than a verb of motion and had to be either "take (the/this) opportunity to go", or "make (this/the) opportunity to go", how would one decide between the two meanings.
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"All I Want for Christmas is You" in Latin

Since many traditional Christmas carols are English adaptations of Latin songs (e.g. "Oh, Come All Ye Faithful" versus "Adeste Fideles"), I thought it might be interesting to turn the tables on that tradition and adapt a modern English yuletide tune into Latin. I think it would be especially fun to sing given how upbeat and decidedly contemporary in style this song is, thus subverting common expectations about the overall tone of practically anything sung in ...
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alleged-cause clause introduced by ὅτι

Dickey (p. 131) states: "To indicate alleged cause, one asserted by the subject of the sentence but not positively confirmed by the author, a causal clause can have an optative verb in secondary sequence."
Do I understand correctly that,
(1) to indicate alleged cause, one has to use an optative verb, and
(2) since an optative verb can be used only in secondary sequence, there is no way to indicate alleged cause by a clause ...
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Konstantinos from Athens, Hellas - Introducing myself

Greetings from Athens to all,

I am Konstantinos 45yo, a native speaker of Modern Greek livng in Athens. Having graduated from high school back in 1990, with a concentration on the equivalent of A - levels in Ancient Greek and Latin. Unfortunately, my course of life kept me separated from both since then.

As a travel consultant for over 20 years, I am currently experiencing a desire to come close to the ancient languages once ...
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πασι or δαιτα?

I'm sure everyone who is passionate about this question (and who isn't?), which has been festering for at least 2200 years, would be interested in the following excerpt from a review by Hayden Pelliccia, a Homeric scholar who is a professor of Classics at Cornell, of new translations of the Iliad by Peter Green (at age 90!) and Barry Powell, which appears in the Oct. 12 issue of The New York Review of Books, and ...
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The Proclus inscription at Dura

The following is a sketch of a Greek inscription that I'd like to get some further information upon. It was discovered at Dura Europos and is dated to the early to mid 3rd century.


A description of this inscription is provided in "Pre-Constantinian nomina sacra in a Mosaic and Church Graffiti "by James R. Wicker (Southwestern Journal of Theology • Volume 52 • Number 1 • Fall 2009}

Number 18 is a graffito below ...
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