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Hello, all! I am Chinese. I have been learning and sharing Greek since last May. Here are my recordings of Greek, Hebrew and English: http://xima.tv/8rVR4t Please correct my Greek pronunciation. Thank you all!

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Hello - I'm new here.

Hello to All,

I'm new here, and during my registration, I was directed to post about myself, so here we all are. :-)

I don't know anything about Latin or Greek, although I was just beginning to take up the study of Koine Greek when I ran into more than one reference that led me to believe that by studying Classical Greek I would also be able ...
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appellor Alexander et disciplinus philosophiae (naturalis) sum. In scholam latinam didici, sed frustre. Nunc studeo latinam legere.

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another suus/eius question

1. Postquam Troja a Graecis vastata est,Aeneas, dux Trojanus, cum sociis suis ad Thraciam navigavit.

2. His verbis moti, Aeneas et sociis eius a litoribus Thraciae fugerunt.

in both sentences the companions of Aeneas are referred to , one reflexively and not the other. I fail to see the difference.
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Latin-Greek Dictionary

Does anyone know of a Latin-Greek dictionary available on the internet?
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Texts for a beginner

I have started the journey by dabbling with a few apps during the working week, but will shortly be buying a book or two for home study.

I have Gwynne's Latin: the introduction on my wish list. Other recommendations most welcome.

I've studied other languages via immersion for the large part, but recognise studying Latin will be different. Any recommendations for how a grammar phobe can be guided also welcome!

Gratias tibi ago

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Jenny's First Year Latin Answer Key (pretty please?)


I recently stumbled across an old copy ('58 edition) of Jenny's "First Year Latin" in my local
Goodwill store and nabbed it. It was the same book I remember using in 9th grade in 1968.
Even more amazing it was an Ex-Libris from the same high school I had attended! Now I'd
like to work through it but I have been fruitlessly searching for an answer key for it. Well,
there is the perpetually ...
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Learning Verb Morphology for Vocabulary

One of the best things that every happened to my Latin vocabulary was learning about "Iversen's word lists." I find his method-- at least for my purposes-- far superior to flashcards. Plus, I usually retain an active knowledge of the words, not just passive recognition. Now, please don't let this become a debate about vocabulary acquisition. That's not the point.

Anyway, when learning a verb in Latin, it typically was never hard to learn the ...
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Athenaze Audio?

Has any quality audio material been produced for Athenaze? I’m looking for a series that will allow me to hear Greek?
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Perfect active participle of τελέω ?

The perfect active participle of φιλέω is πεφιληκώς, but τελέω is one of those -έω verbs where the ε becomes εσ and not η, by an 's' reappearing which drops between vowels. While writing some Homeric-style Greek poetry, I needed an perfect active participle form of τελέω, so I guessed τετελεσκὼς, as in "οὒκ ὃν πολεμὸν τετελεσκώς " = "not having accomplished his war". Is that an allowed usage?
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