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The aorist of ἀφικνεομαι

Just wondering why the aorist of ἀφικνεομαι does not seem to be augmented?
Eg why is 'he arrived' ἀφικετο and not ἠφικετο?
Thanks in advance :)
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Latin Word "Opiscum"

Does anyone know where I can find a dictionary entry for the word opiscum in Latin. I came across the word while editing/transcribing the Vestibulum. The translation given is "of workmen," which I take is an accurately translation, but I am trying to be thorough in my re-translation and transcription of the renaissance text; furthermore, I would really like the vowel quantity if I can get it (part of my project is putting in all ...
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Ben-Hur Translation Page 32: The Banks of the Jordan

Thanks for your help!

Previous pages.

Image of current page.

And so, to prepare for the coming of the king, Ben-Hur swiftly raises and trains an army of Galileans, using his own wealth to arm and feed the soldiers. Only a few months have passed when exciting news reaches the camp.

Itaque Benhur, utens suis ipsius opibus ad armandos alendosque milites, mox contrahit et instruit exercitum Galilæorum ut adventum regis paret. Tantum autem paucis mensibus ...
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scanning the "ui" in "pinguis", and the "ui" in general???

Here is a line from Vergil's Georgics:

At quae pinguis humus dulcique uligine laeta

How to pronounce and scan the "ui" spelling in "pinguis"? Dictionary entries may help with this, but I'm having a hard time catching the clues. Here is how I scanned the line:

At quae/ pinguis hu/mus dul/cique u/ligine /laeta

For this to work, in pinguis, I counted "u" as a consonant, to give "pinguis" only two syllables. But "ui" has ...
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Who is "in the field" in this sentence

Viros in agro video.

In this sentence, who is "in agro" ? The "viros" or me?
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Accentuation on Words Derived from Greek

Many Greek words found their way into the Latin language. How does accentuation work for these? Do you follow the Greek or Latin rules of accentuation. For example, as I was transcribing the Vestibulum, I came across the word nauclērus; this derives from the Greek word ναύκληρος. If you follow Latin rules, the accent will fall on the penult, whereas in Greek, on the antepenult.

So what is the correct way?
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Greek word usage query

A while ago I wrote some Greek Homeric-type poetry, called "Arateia Notia", about the stars as seen in Australia (as I saw them there in June-July 1984). Many of the constellations seen there are not much like the people and objects that they are named after, so sometimes I used these words with these meanings:-

ἀειδής :: "not resembling", "unlike"
οὒκ εἰδής :: "not resembling", "unlike"
οὒ μάλα εἰδής :: "not much resembling"

Are these ...
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New Member

Salvete omnes,

I've been a long-time lurker at TextKit and, since I'm finally devoting myself more consistently to Latin (and later Greek), I figured I'd finally get around to joining the board. I'm an English Lit teacher who lives in Boston and teaches at an elite private school outside of the city.

After undergrad, I tried numerous times to learn Latin (through Wheelock) and Greek (through Crosby) on my own or with a friend who ...
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short elegies

τίς δὴ βιβιλόπαις ἦεν; τίς ὁδοιπορέοι κε
οἶον δὴ ἐθέλων χιλιάδας σταδίων
οὔτε πολυψύχρου νιφετοῦ οὐτ᾽ ἀσπέτου ὄμβρου
οὐτ᾽ οὖν ἡελίου καῦματος ἰδαλίμου
οὔτ᾽ ἄρ ἀμαυρῆς νυκτός ἐέρχθεις, μοῦνον ἐρήμῳ
οἰοπόλῳ κομίσαι ἀγγελίας; τί πάθεν;

νῦν δὲ μαραίνεται ὄψις, ἔπεισι δὲ νύξ* ἐρεβεννή,
οὐδὲ φάος δύναται ἡελίοιο ἰδεῖν.

These are intended in the style of early elegies. The subject matter of the first poem is weird, yes, but more importantly I would like to know ...
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a short phrase

Y'all, translate the phrase "accounting for (on behalf of/ answerable to) God." Here's my attempt: CONTABILITATIS DEI. Is that about right?

Gratia vobis y'all!
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