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Why the present?

From Lysias' On the Murder of Eratosthenes 8:<br /><br /> e)p' e)kfora\n ga\r au)th=| a)kolouqh/sasa h( e)mh\ gunh\ u(po\ tou/tou tou= a)nqrw/pou o)fqei=sa, xro/nw| diafqei/retai<br /><br />I think diafqei/retai is 3rd person present indicative passive = she is ruined. But why?<br /><br />To see more of the context: http://makeashorterlink.com/?T28836F55
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Vocative - w/ or w/o Ö

<br />Is this assumption correct?<br /><br />If you're using the Vocative to refer to a person, the "Ö" is implied?<br /><br />And if you're using the Vocative to refer to a non-human, then you have to include "Ö"?<br /><br />Just wondering... since I saw the following in one of the exercises and came to the above conclusion.<br /><br /> Male serve = O bad servant<br /> Ö clärum oppidum = O famous town
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Literary Terms and Devices

I know I am asking for a lot, but has anyone seen a listing of literary terms used in Greek and Latin literature. In explaination, let me use the example "chiasmus." At least I think this is spelled right. Anyway many of the same literary terms are the same in Greek and Latin. I personally have never seen them all listed anywhere or defined anywhere either. Another one is "The Golden Line." Any help with ...
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autous- them vs themselves

In line 4&5 of the Iliad it says au)tou\j de\ e(lw/ria teu=xe ku/nessin oi)wnoi=si/ te dai=ta,..<br />In the notes after the text (Pharr) it says that -autous- means themseles, ie. their bodies.<br />In context this makes sence, but only because the dogs and birds can't eat souls.<br />When ever I read this over, I almost automaticaly read -them- instead of themselves. It just seems that the antecedent is polla\j i)fqi/mouj yuxa\j h(rw/wn<br />It makes sence ...
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JWW exercise, para 237, 247, 257, 266, 277, 284

Some more answer suggestions from JJW --<br />please note:<br />1. I have indicated the sentence numbers by a, b, g, ktl, reducing the multiple use of /size=3//font=spionic/ ? //font///size/ - if this is unsatisfactory, let me know and I?ll change it to 1, 2, 3?<br />2. in (Chp 27) paragraph 266, 1. (a.), I have used paraskeuazw to translate ?done?, since looking a bit ahead, I see that poiew is not used until chapter 29<br ...
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Where to begin?

I am interested in learning latin. unfortunately there are no tutors/courses available in my country. could someone advise me about which books are helpful for absolute beginners and where to begin learning latin? (grammar/ words, etc)
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BLD Ex86II Pg37

<br />I feel like I've hit a major road block. I feel like I've struggled harder with this exercise than with any of the others. And out of 11 questions, I don't feel confident about 4 of them. That's almost half of the exercise! I feel so discouraged...<br /><br />Would you please look this over and let me know if I'm on the right track? Thanks!<br /><br />#2. The reputation of the wicked farmer is ...
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Typing those Latin long vowels

Am I beating a dead horse?<br /><br />I'm still trying to figure out how to type those Latin vowels with the horizontal line over them. I don't see corresponding ALT+xxxx codes for these vowels in Windows Character Map.<br /><br />I found ALT codes on this website, but can't seem to get them to work. Any ideas?<br /><br />http://tlt.its.psu.edu/suggestions/international/bylanguage/latin.html<br /><br /><br />Capital A ALT+0256<br />Captial E ALT+0274<br />Capital I ALT+0298<br />Capital O ALT+0332<br />Capital U ALT+0362<br ...
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MOVED: Oblique Optative (was: New Member)

yes, a new thread is best - I'm moving this to the Greek board as well.

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Oblique Optative (was: New Member)

I thought it would be a good idea to start a new thread on this subject, instead of continuing the other topic in a new direction.<br /><br />If I remember correctly, three questions need to be answered.<br /><br />First, if there are textkit grammars that discuss this topic. Goodwin's Syntax of the Greek moods and tenses is a very valuable resource. The only problem is that he doesn't use the term 'oblique optative', although he ...
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