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Translating each other's

I know that the idea of "each other" is expressed in Latin by "inter se", but what about "each other's".

How do I translate sentences of the type:"They broke each other's windows."

The best I can do is to put "Each broke the other's window." Is there a better way? Does it involve "inter se"?

(I can remember having problems with just this type of sentence when I was learning German!)

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Translation help

I am currently beginning to study latin and I am looking for help change a quote slightly

the quote in its original for goes as follows

Et portae inferi non praevalebunt ad versus eam
-And the flames of hell shall not prevail against it

I would like a simple change made to it so it reads as follows
-And the flames of hell shall not prevail against me

Thank you in advance
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Das Y Chromosome

I propose, that girls are more shallow and stupid than boys. This may appear sexist, but I give a balanced argument. 99% of people nowadays in some way are stupid whatever das sex. I included we just lack any intelligence understanding tolerance of certain things. I for example lack awareness of things which I do not want to know I automatically dismiss and am also one ignorant bugger.

Nevertheless, my ignorance is but the negligible ...
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Hello. I'm a new member.

As Captain Obvious would say, I want to learn Ancient Greek. I already started with Pharr's Homeric Greek textbook a few weeks ago, and now that Greek has proved not to be another ephemeral whim of mine, I decided to join the community.

I am a theatre student, a thespian, and my main interests are Greek drama, Homer, and lyrical poetry - basicially all Greek which was spoken - hence the glottal in my username ...
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Help Police! Someone Stole My Weed!

i just had to give this a share with you guys...

CALLAWAY, Fla. -- Help, police, someone stole my pot!

A Panhandle couple is under arrest after notifying police Thursday that their quarter-pound stash of marijuana was stolen and that they needed the weed back, because they were going to later sell it.

"They're America's dumbest criminals," said Lt. Ricky Ramie, head of the Bay County Sheriff's Office narcotics task force.

Deputies arrested 18-year-old John ...
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North and Hillard...very portable

Salvete Omnes

Just thought I would share with you a non latin reason why I like North and Hillard's Latin Prose Composition. It is a small hardback, tucked away in my coat pocket, that I can take anywhere. For example, my daughter plays on a very strong hockey team. There are a lot of boring "blow outs". Ah yes..... out comes North and Hillard for some fun study. Also very portable are the Loeb Greek ...
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What is your handle(username) at textkit?

I'm sitting here in at the institute with nothing to do because the professor who is my project guide is out of station, & I can't go home 'cause he comes back on the 12th. So I'm here perfectly jobless posting stupid posts. Aah how I will look back nostalgically upon my pleasant colege days when I am an old edentulous man.

So, how did you decide upon a handle(username) for use here? Mine is ...
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To throw or not to throw

That is the question. I was sitting down today and I had brought 3 jaffa cakes to school. You throw a jaffa cake and it flies far and fast like shuriken and is bound to cause striking chaos for such a nice sweet foodstuff. But I was about to throw into the kitchens, it's not asif I don't have the sphericals to do so, for I last year lobbed so many things. However, as I ...
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I find 'agere' a confusing verb. Wheelock's gives about five different definitions for it and in one exercise 'age, age' means 'come! come!'. What's the best usage?

Thank you.
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de bello gallico in francaise

Anyone here know where I can download De Bello Gallico in French translation for free?

Gratia vobis
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