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Hey, I've read in several posts that you pronounce the dyphthong AE as in "rIde" or like the word "eye"..<br /><br />My question is: do all your books state this? and is this the suggestion given from books outside of the U.S. also??<br />I find it sooo weird 'cause here in Italy we're definetely not taught to pronounce it that way!<br />We're usually taught to say it as in "bEt".. actually, if any of you ...
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Can someone help me translate: "United for the Public Good."<br /><br />I translated it as:<br /><br />iunctum pro benevolentiam publicam<br /><br />is that correct?<br />thanks
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Accents in Homer

I am about to start working my way through Pharr's -Homeric Greek-.<br />I read an article that strongly suggested to read Homer using the accents the way they were meant to be used, ie; pitch, not stress.<br />If this is the general opinion of the brains of this forum, is there a way (possibly a website) for me to know how much to rise and fall and how long to hold long and short vowels?<br ...
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House, masculine or feminine?

Hello, <br /><br />I have found 2 greek words for house - masculine and feminine: <br />oi=)koj and<br />oi)ki/a<br /><br />Is there any difference in meaning like home and house or they are interchangeable?<br /><br />Thanks
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Gk & Lat audio

I have come across a site (http://wiredforbooks.org/) that purports to have audio recordings in "Real" format of Book 1 of the Iliad, and Book IV of the Aeneid. However, I have been unable to play them, since an error message states 'these are not true RealAudio files'.<br />Can I ask if anyone has heard these excerpts, what one needs to play them, what they think of the readings/recordings and ...
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"Thinking" Latin

A few years ago, when I do not even thought about learning latin, I heard about a class where the teacher spoke only latin and encouraged the students to do the same. I spoke a little with the magister and he said me that the students were introduced in the language by a "simplified latin". What do you guys think about it?<br />Is there something similar in the U.S.? How could one develop a skill ...
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Is there anywhere newer members can see back copies of the newsletter?
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Compound verb?

Hello all,<br /> I've little question that I can't find the answer to, is a)gapw a compound verb a)po+ a)gw or a full verb in its own right?<br />Or put more simply where does the epsilon augment fir in?<br /><br />Thanks,<br />Paul
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Other languages?

I was just wondering if any of the language-lovers out there might also have an interest in German, and perhaps know of a good German grammar to learn from, akin to JWW's First Greek Book, or North & Hillards Greek Prose Composition. Thanks.
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ancient Greek and modern Greek

I am curious about how many differences between ancient Greek and modern Greek? and doest it matter that I start learning ancient Greek without any moderon Greek knowledge?<br /><br />thanks form China ;)<br /><br />
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