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demo a script written by Jeff

ok, this is VERY off topic - and those who 'know' me realize I don't usually discuss too much about my non-Textkit life in the forum.<br /><br />BUT - i could use your help.<br /><br />I have written a web application that needs evaluating and debugging. This application is a web script that can be installed and customized and its meant to promote home plans for the residential home building industry. The script is in ...
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H&Q Unit 1

Could someone check my answers to this English to Greek translation exercise, please. I'm using the book as a revision text. We didn't really cover accents at school, so if you could particularly check for them I'd be very grateful.<br /><br />The themes for the unit are:<br /><br />First and Second Declension Nouns<br />The Article<br />Word Order<br /><br />1. The god educates the men.<br />2. the man sends Homer’s brother to the marketplace.<br />3. Man, ...
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zeta pronounce

Somewhy, there is a conflicting data on the ancient greek pronounce of the zh=ta letter.<br /><br />`Teach Yourself Greek' by F.Kinchin Smith and T.W.Melluish (1968) says it is `zd' and some ancient greek reciter I've found on the net also pronounces it this way;<br />`First Greek Book' says it is `z'; <br />`Ancient Greek Language' by S.I.Sobolevsky (1948) (in russian) says it is `dz'.<br /><br />So I wonder, which case is closer to the truth, ...
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Just curious: who among you ever tried to learn, or learned Elvish of Tolkien? Quenya or Sindarin?<br /><br />(LoTR was on the cable TV last night ;D)
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Hello all,<br /><br /> I'm new to this forum. just a quick hello of introduction, I live in Dayton Oh. Hope allare well.
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Dear Jeff

If I work on getting the Oxford Latin Dictionary into public domain, will you scan it? ??? I really want it, but it costs a fortune, $300 US :'(
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Wheelock vs Collins Dictionary

G'day all,<br /><br />I'm learning 3rd declension adjectives in Wheelock, and he gives the following examples of dictionary entries for 3rd declension adjectives of 1, 2 or 3 endings thus:<br /><br />potens, -entis<br />fortis,-e<br />celer,celeris,celere<br /><br />However my dictionary lists them:<br /><br />potens, -entis<br />fortis<br />celer,celeris<br /><br />i.e. with the neuter entry for the 2 or 3 ending words missing.<br /><br />Is it correct to say then that 3rd declension adjectives of 2 or 3 ...
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Language Heritage

When my brother studied Russian, he said that the only reason it was possible for him to learn it is because we have Russian ancestors. <br /><br />Does anyone else here find that learning languages that your ancestors might have spoken is easier than the languages that they probably didn't? By 'ancestors', I wouldn't go farther back than great-grandparents, I think. <br /><br />I did find French to be easier than Latin or Greek, ...
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Declining ordinals

G'day all,<br />I'm up to caput quindecim in Wheelock, and have a question regarding declining ordinal numbers. With the numbers of two words such as 'tertius decimus' and 'vicesimus primus', do both words get declined? e.g. viri tertii decimi -of the 13th man? and hasta vicesima prima - the 21st spear?<br /><br />My guess is that they do, but it isn't specifically mentioned anywhere I can find.<br /><br />Your help will, as always, be appreciated.<br ...
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The most vapid, but (for me) entertaining POLL..

I would have included more languages, however, most here are only just reasonably familiar with these five languages or fewer. Feel free to add any language which you deem to be more difficult than those listed above.<br /><br />I personally think Latin to be substantially more difficult than Greek. Perhaps because, while learning Greek, I have the benefit of having learned the major grammatical concepts already in my Latin studies. Greek is so shapely, ingratiating, ...
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