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Off Topic...

It's nearing the end of another year at school and I wanted to get my latin teacher some gifts. So far, we have gotten him a gift certificate to DeMoulas, and some ovaltine. I'm going to buy him some Zero Bars too. The last thing I want to get him is a Chinese grammar book. Would there be any way that any of you guys know of a good Chinese beginner grammar book? Thanks.
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Translation help...

Could someone please help me? I am looking at getting this phrase translated into proper Latin...

"Bound by the blood of the cross"

In an attempt to do my homework, I have come up with this...

"Cognatio-onis Crux Crucis"

The problem is that this is going to be used for t-shirts and engravings for a discipleship group (and youth group) that I teach here at the church.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Why Greek?

I hope this is in the right forum...if not please feel free to move it to where it belongs (other than the trash can :) )

Why study Greek? For me, that is...

I am going to be starting my MDiv in about a year and the Sr. Pastor wants me (very strongly wants me) to take the MDiv route rather than Biblical Studies as he wants ...
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SPIonic in MS Excel

I'm using Excel to keep a list of words that I'm learning. I'd like to have Excel sort the list alphabetically, and wonder if anyone has already worked out how to do this. I think I'd write a macro to generate a number to sort on (this could be different for different fonts), but don't want to reinvent the wheel.
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Thought I would say hello...

Hello everyone, my name is Jeffrey and I was given this addy from a friend of mine that I know through a Bonsai club in Wisconsin (I live justt across the southern border in Illinois). I have been lurking for a few days and really like the conversation that takes place here! What a refreshing change!

Yes, I really am a Pastor...but I work with youth rather than adults (one reason that this board is ...
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H & Q Unit 8 Greek to English

I’m having trouble with this sentence from H & Q Unit 8, I.13:

a)reth/ toi to\ pa=san xw/ran sw|=zon, w=) ge/ron.

a)reth/ nominative feminine singular = virtue

to\ sw|=zon neuter singular article and present participle (presumably accusative since we already have a nominative feminine) = saving

pa=san xw/ran accusative feminine singular and adjective, presumably object of sw|=zon = the whole country

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Head Trauma

Hey Guys,

I'm new here, but I'm trying to translate the following into Latin:
"May cause severe head trauma"

Any ideas?
Thanks a ton!
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what original texts are u reading at the moment?

it'd be interesting to know what everyone here is working through at the moment, and why you've chosen those particular texts :)

as well as working through pharr with the beginners mailing list here, i'm working through poets from the different greek dialects, to get comfortable in each.

pindar: working through the olympians. i've scanned the lot using the schemas in the French Academy's Pindar volumes and ...
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Blood in the Bath

Not directly related to Latin learning but an amusing incident I thought you'd enjoy

Last night I settled in the bath with some Beethoven playing on the radio, a decadent glass of Fitou by my side and a Loeb classic edition of Ovid's Metamorphoses...to savour..true luxury.I read through the legend of Acteon and Diana (he's the one who is mauled by Diana's dogs as he inadvertently spies her bathing, you remember),put the book down on ...
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Oxford Grammars

I see that a new bookshop that's just opened hereabouts has the Oxford Grammar of Classical Greek and the Oxford Grammar of Latin. Does anyone have any comments on/experience with these works? Should I be fighting my way through a mob of frenzied classicists to make sure I get my copies?
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