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Gratias ago, Erica!

English Grammar for Students of Latin showed up in the mail yesterday. Thank you for telling me about it! It's a great review of English grammar topics, related to the Latin, and I strongly suspect it's going to get a lot of use.<br /><br />Thanks again for mentioning it.<br /><br />Kilmeny
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Quomodo oppidum meum declinari debet?

Oppidi, ubi natus sum, nomen est Syktyvkar. Semper erat difficile mihi id nomen Latine declinatu. Possumusne id in declinationem III includere (formare genitivum Syktyvkaris etc.) sive indeclinabilem putare debemus? Sive ad finem eius -us addere oportet (Syktyvkarus), ut in declinatione II sit? Et quomodo huius oppidi incola nominari debet? Syktyvkariensis? Syktyvkarianus? Iuvate qui possit, quaeso.
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Which Accusative is the Object

Parragraph 97 line 10 of First Greek Book reads (excluding accents) kai epi thn gefuran ton strathgon pempein ekeleuse Kuroj fulakhn. Cyrus commanded the general to send the guard on (or against) the bridge.<br />Cyrus is doing the commanding, and it is most logical that he is commanding the general to send the guard rather than the guard to send the general. Logic aside, is there a grammatical indication which accusative is the object of ...
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I see that I am a Llama. Is there some play on words here? I looked in the dictionary to see if one meaning of Llama has something to do with classical languages but I didn't find anything. So... Why am I a Llama. If I were a Rooster, it would make sense. (My last name means -the Rooster)<br />Bert de Haan
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Association of skill

Well, from our topic "Truth & Music" I posed another meaningless question:<br />"Well, maybe that is another topic for discussion - why are so many musicians mathematically minded? It is very common and has been commented on many times (its not just a fluke thing with my own group of friends). Is there a part of the brain which is associated with numbers/music? What about other artists (or writers/dancers & so on). Are there other ...
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translation question

Hi, everyone.<br />Paragraph 41 line 9 of White's First Greek Book, has -(ai oikiai mikrai hsan-. I translated this as -there were small houses. The answer key has -the houses were small-.<br />I can see that that would be the more logical translation, but would mine be possible too? Or should there be an indication where the small houses were, eg; there were small houses in the village.<br />Thanks<br />Bert de Haan
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SPIonic 'incomprehensible' on my machine

i have windows 98, Explorer 6.0, and installed SPIonic. However, when I look at SPIonic, all words with 1 accent get separated into 2 words, with 2 accents to 3 words, etc.<br /><br />The quote below looks like this to me..<br /><br />r o dou dh e sti to xrw ma th s selh nhs th s e n th, xw rh sou;<br />(except with accents placed correctly over the letters)<br />*As you can see, ...
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JWW First Greek Book

Hi, everyone. I am a beginner Koine Greek student and have been adviced to learn Classical Greek. This being a web site for Classical languages, I downloaded First Greek Book By John Williams White. In the Alphabet listing I don't see a Digamma. Is this book a Classical Greek Grammar or perhaps for some later dialect?<br />Thank you. <br />Bert de Haan
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Hi, my name is Bert de Haan. I am learning Biblical Greek without the benefit of having a teacher. I received the advice to learn Classical Greek to improve my understanding of Biblical Greek. That is why I subscribed.<br />In addition to being a wannabe Greek, I am also a carpenter, a husband and a father of 4 children.<br />I live in Arthur, Ontario (Canada)<br />I hope to be able to benefit from listening in ...
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Pages Missing from JWW First Greek Book

I just thought I should let the Administrators know that the Vocabulary (Greek > English) in the back of JWW First Greek Book is missing these pages.. (16, 17) (pp. 317-318 in the pdf. file).<br /><br />This leaves the dictionary to skip from the word -dra/moimi<br />to the word -e'lau/nw. (Attempted SPIonic font-- <font=SPIonic>dra/moimi ----> e)lau/nw</font><br />dra/moimi ----> e)lau/nw<br /><br />Are/will these pages be available in a supplement?<br /><br />Thanks.
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