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I love horses

Before anybody says anything, I am causing no trouble because I know that all you great textkit people as observed through the Crazy Lions saga love an odd flash as much as anybody.

I purchased a Greek dictionary a week ago and yesterday decided not to do it. That is one great bummer. This little clip, to which UK fans can relate more (it's part of an awesome advert!) almost healed me.


Click on ...
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Fora or Mailing Lists in Ancient Greek

Are you aware of any online fora or mailing lists where conversations are held in Ancient Greek?
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Episcopus, Start your Latin A Level before it's too late

Apparently the AQA examinations board is dropping Latin & Greek as subjects from 2006:

http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/educ ... 797821.stm
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Latina Poena Longa

I am suffering from Latin withdrawal symptoms. I can't get to my Latin texts and even if I could I have no place to put them. I'm venting, I know. I can't help it. In my own defense, I believe I have cause.

Last week we were scheduled to have new carpeting put in the house. We had spent the previous week preparing for the installation. We packed everything we own into boxes, emptied drawers, ...
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Martial Blogs Epigrams

From the first post on the blog:

This is an insanely ambitious project. On this blog I intend to present the Latin text and an English translation of all the epigrams of the first-century AD poet Marcus Valerius Martialis, better known to the English-speaking world as Martial. By my reckoning there are 1565 epigrams together with the five prose prefaces - which at a rate of one a day will take the better part of ...
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Double/triple Genitives


How would one go about translating "the answer to the great mystery of life"? Using a genitive to tie "mystery" to "life" could be a way to go, right? As in "responsio aenigmatis magni vitae"? (My question is primarily syntactical, but comments on proper word use would be very much appreciated as well.) Would that be understood and not confused with, say, "the answer to the life of the great mystery"? (Not that the ...
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Pronunciation of Y?

I'm curious of to how the letter y is pronounced. This is what my Latin dictionary says:

ў as in German Hütte
y (with macron) as in German über

Now that's great, but I don't know German, and I don't know how those words would be pronounced.

Does anyone know of an English equivalent to the Latin y?
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How to say a name in Greek?

From what I have gathered so far in my studies, I have found that personal names are even different in Greek. My name is John which is different in Greek. How would you say "Audra" in Greek? Would it be any differnt?

That is my wife's name by the way!
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LXX versions

I know this may be a little off topic, somewhat. But I have just ordered Brentons LXX. I do know of Rahlfs, which is supposed to be really good. But does anyone know if there is much differents in the texts? I know Rahlfs has more variants then Brentons, and Brenton also has an English translation beside the Greek. But is the texts pretty much exact as far as the Greek text goes. The Brenton ...
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