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BLD Ex140 Pg59 Niobe and her Children concluded

<br />I'm having major problems with translating this passage. I've highlighted the difficult parts in red, and also numbered each sentence to make it easier to refer to.<br /><br /><br />1. Apollo et Diana erant liberi Latonae.<br />Apollo and Diana were children of Latona.<br /><br /><br />2. Iis Thebani sacra crebra parabant.<br />These Thebans prepared frequent sacrifices.<br /> -- or? --<br />Thebans prepared frequent sacrifices to/for them. <br /><br />I wasn't sure whether "Iis" goes ...
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Canine (Spinoff from Adjective Agreement" in the Learni

This is a spinoff from the thread "Adjective agreement" in the Learning Latin forum...<br /><br />As far as I can tell, my dog responds to the sounds that I give her, not to the actual commands. So, if I had trained her to respond to "Sit" in Latin, rather than English (what is the Latin for "sit", anyway?) she would recognize the sound, rather than the word...and I don't think that the adjective agreements would ...
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Iliad line 28 and 31

(If it is preferable that I have one question per post, please say so, here are two.)<br /><br />1. <br />Line 28 reads mh/ nu/ toi ou) xrai/smh| skh=ptron kai\ ste/mma qeoi=o.<br />I translate this as; "The scepter and wreath of god will most certainly not help you". (I used -most certainly not...- because of the double negative + nu/).<br />My question is concerning xrai/smh|.It says in the foot note that it is 2nd aor. ...
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Greek Grammer on the web

In fact I am a college student at the Catholic University of Louvain. One of my professors at the department of Classics made a page with many links concerning Greek Grammer. You can find here almost everything! You can't miss this: <br /><br /><br />http://perswww.kuleuven.ac.be/~u0013314/greekg.htm<br /><br />Greetz, <br /><br />Moerus
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new message

I hesitate to ask this question out of fear that the answer is staring me in the face; At the top of the page it says that I have '1 message, 1 is new'. I see nothing different from the times when it said; "Hey, Bert de Haan, you have 0 messages, 0 new". What's up?<br />
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Hello everyone! ::)<br />I'm new here. I'm also new at Latin. What a great site! Looking forward to talking to you all! :)<br />Puella Parva<br />
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Latin Grammar in German

I stumbled upon this site and thought it looked neat and possibly of interest to some of you Latin learners who are interested in German (Milito, you come to mind :) ) ... brush up on Latin Grammar while practicing your German! ;D <br /><br />I'm posting it here first, before the "Outside Links" forum, because I'm not sure whether the website offers much value... cuz I ...
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Latin Library

The site www.thelatinlibrary.com looks like a really interesting one-it has several books, by Livy, Cicero, Ovid, etc., in Latin. The trouble is, I can't read them yet...so I don't know if they're good copies or not. ;D <br /><br />Keesa
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Letters and Sounds

Does anyone have a good way to remember the sounds of the various Greek letters? I'm having an awful time with that...gamma looks like a "y", rho looks like a "p", and by the time I've worked out what each letter is supposed to sound like, I've forgotten the word I'm trying to read! <br /><br />Any thoughts would be helpful. <br /><br />Keesa
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Learning Greek

I am interested in learning Ancient Greek (not Koine) and I am wondering which of the texkit books would I be best off with? I have a good grasp of Latin and grammar, if that would affect which book would be best suited to me.
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