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how this passage translates (especially the last sentence)?

Hello,<br /><br />I was wondering if anybody here might be able to render the precise meaning of this:<br /><br />Fortunatus fuisti, O adulescens, quod Homerum laudatorem tuae virtutis invenisti." Et vere! Nam, sine Iliade illa, idem tumulus et corpus eius et nomen obruere potuit.
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What are good lexicons for a beginner? I have read that the abridged Liddell is the best of the Liddells for beginners, but it also seems to assume that the user knows some Latin, which I do not. Are there any other good ones?
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Rules of The Academy (Version 1.2)

In essence, this is the place for Discussion and Debate.

Suitable Topics
In general, anything which has multiple viewpoints is suitable. So, the range of possible topics is quite diverse, from Is Mathematics A Language? to This Thread Does Not Exist!.
Threads here do NOT necessarily have to be serious! So long as you can discuss/debate a topic based on evidence (factual or facetious as the case may be), it's allowed.

The Nature of Discussion ...
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Rules 1.3 **New Members Must Read First**

Raya's rules have served us well. I am canceling this post to introduce site wide forum policies. Jeff

Essentially, this is the social forum: the place to introduce yourself to the community, and hold casual conversation (which doesn't necessarily have to be related to the Classics). To make the experience as pleasant as possible for all members, we ask that you keep to the following guidelines:

Introduce yourself in a new thread, not in already-existing ...
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Truth and Music

If someone says: I know this music - under what circumstances could it be considered true?<br /><br />* What if they just recognised a piece - had heard it before, were hearing it again, and recognised it was the same piece?<br /><br />* What if they could only recognise the piece when rendered with the same voice/instruments?<br /><br />* What if they could recognise a song but not sing it back to you?<br /><br />* ...
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book digitizing

I am trying to create a digital archive of some rare latin texts and am trying to figure out the best way to digitize them. Does anyone have any suggestions. How were the textkit books digitized?<br /><br />Pax,<br />--Steve Kunath
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Modern poems in Latin: a game

Salvete, everyone. I am new here. So, let's start with some Latin-related self-promotion.<br /><br />I am playing a little game in my journal, posting (prose) translations of various Russian poems (in full or in fragments) in Latin. The aim of the game is to guess the original (so far, it's been rather easy); but I do have a big idea lurking behind the quiz. Everyone's heard laments about the untranslability of poetry. But if you ...
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I was curious what your name meant, so I looked it up. I would like to know how in the world did you find such an obscure and interesting word? Do you know its etymology? I am guessing "ex"+"lux" (out of light)... but the "ubra" has me confused.<br /><br />P.S.- I know my name doesn't mean anything '_'
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To Elucubrator: on Internet Architecture

Hi, Sebastian,<br /><br />It was not until today that I see your reply, because my computer was occupied by a big computation task for several days. :P <br /><br />Let me try to give a rough explanation on Internet Architecture. To my understanding, researchers on "Internet Architecture" are trying to answer how the Internet should be organised.<br /><br />Today, millions of people are playing Internet, downloading music ...
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Representing Greek - Font Notes for New Users

Textkit has inherited the broader problems in presenting Greek text on web pages. In the past, we used SPIonic, but now we use Unicode.


You will find SPIonic in older posts using Greek, and in a few of the Greek Tutorials, so you may want to install that font if you haven't already had a reason to do so.

Unfortunately, one past upgrade of the Forum software messed up all the Font tags, so ...
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