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Do people with interests in ancient Languages end up having the same colour preferences?<br /><br /><br />hmmmmm, let's find out.
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Fabula pulchra

<br />(Fortasse gladios multas formas habere. Haec est forma unius eorum)<br /><br />Cum ab Hispania egressus est, avus meus gladium militis Romani sibi<br />portaverat quem is in arca conditum custodiabat. Dicebatur autem morem familiarem esse gladium de manu patris filio maiori tradi. Itaque ego his verbis auditis miratus sum ut ille gladius antiqua de fornace Romana natus trans saecula circumque terrarum orbem de manu ad manum, de patre semper ad filium maiorem, traditus erat usque ...
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MOVED: Latin as she is spoke! :-X

I thought the topic would be better in the new latin conversation board, since it is a Latin conversation.

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HELLO!!!! New member!!

:o "a new member wow"<br />iced over by the cold hate and feelings which form ice sickles ready to plundge into our hearts and make us part of the cold world...within this world our ideas might be old, who few have told.. we must heat them up and kindle the flame once more..<br />Ian is my name..
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yeah yeah, i'm a newbie, but i still need help....<br /><br />i need the follwing translations to english from 'Commentarii de Bello Gallico' (The Gallic Wars) : <br /><br /><br />Hi omnes lingua, legibus aliisque, ebus multis inter se differunt. <br /><br />Praeterea, proximi ssunt Germanis, qui trans Rhenum incolunt, quibiscum contineater bellum gerunt. <br /><br />Casticus, Sequonus, auctoritate Orgetorigis inductus, regnum in civitae sua occupare constituit. <br /><br />Ita Orgetorix tres firmissi___(can't read my ...
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Anticipating Greek boards: converting names

Anyone have any idea how in the world I'd convert "William" into sensible Greek, short of reintroducing digamma into the Attic script?<br /><br />The best thing I could come up with is start with the Latin (Gulielmus) and convert that, since we have plenty of examples of this in the Hellenistic period.<br /><br />Goulie/lmoj?<br /><br />eu)tu/xei,<br />wm
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Help with translation wanted!

Hello,<br /><br />I'm trying to translate two simple oneliners, sofar I have only this rough translations, can anyone help?<br /><br />"It's a good day to die"<br />"Bonum die mori est" <br /><br />"I know something you don't know"<br />"Scio ... tibi non sciet"<br /><br />Thanks,<br /><br />daonlyfreez
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Jokes Board anyone?

How about a jokes board - classic jokes twitching into posthumous life through classical languages?<br />Here's one I heard the other day...<br /><br />homo qui male tussit in tabernam medicamentariam ingreditur, accedit ad mensam, petitque pharmacopolam. cui venditor juvenis dicit pharmacopolam usui non esse. homo a venditore juveni quaerit num aliquid tussiculare commendare possit. venditor ei tradit ampullam medicamenti pro tusse. emptor<br />magnum haustum sibi sumit, tum post paucis minutis, nullo solatio senso, alterum sumit, ...
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Classical Beginnings

I think it would be great to hear stories from our members about how they came to the study of Greek and Latin, why they wanted to learn it, and whether they have any good stories for the rest of us???<br /><br /><br />Seba
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Who's stronger than whom.

Regarding a quote from Sebastian of a Japanese poem...<br /><br />That reminded me of this, from one of my Greek readers, "Stories and Legends, A First Greek Reader" by F.H. Colson, 1939.<br /><br />This is from the fables section. Not sure if it is Aesop.<br /><br /><br />poihth/j tij le/gei o(/ti oi( qeoi/, poih/santej ta\ zw=|a, ge/raj ti e(ka/stw| die/neiman. kai\ toi=j me\n tau/roij ke/ra e)/dosan, toi=j de\ i(/ppoij o(pla/j, toi=j de\ o)/rnisi pte/rugaj, kai\ ...
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