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key to Whites First Greek Book

I have noticed to errors made in Lesson VI item exercise 64.<br />Sentence 3 : verb 'bring' is in the 2nd person plural, but was<br />translated in the 3rd person singular. <br /><br />Sentence 6. the adjective 'good' follows the object<br />knives/sabres but is translated as describing shields?<br />Also the adjective is translated as 'fine' for which we have been given the adjective 'kalas' ???
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JWW exercises, para 398, 411, 418, 424, 431, 441

Some more answer suggestions for these six chapters<br />It goes without saying that all corrections much appreciated<br /><br />Lesson 42. / Paragraph 398. <br />a. a0lla\ tw|~ Me/nwni h]n to\ ke/raj to\ eu0w/numon.<br />b. kai\ sumbouleu/etai o9 Cenofw~n tw|~ Swkra/tei<br />g. dia\ tw~n o0re/wn e0poreu/onto oi9 strathgoi/.<br />d. toi~j pa=si h]san kra/nh xalka~.<br />e. e0nteu~qen e1pemye to\n a1ggelon e0pi\ tw~n o0re/wn<br />-e0pi\ ta\ o1rh<br /><br /><br />Lesson 43. / Paragraph 411. <br />a. pe/myon tou\j ...
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M&F Unit2 Pg45 #22

<br />I wanted to check my translation of this sentence.<br /><br />Et gloria incolis provinciae et culpa, sed poeta de natura incolarum tacuit.<br /><br />I first worked it out to:<br /><br /> Both glory of the province's inhabitants and fault,<br /> but the poet was silent about the nature of the inhabitants.<br /><br />Then I tried to refine it a bit so it makes more sense, but in doing so, I moved the second part ...
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Tutorials Project

I'm following up on this thread here - I want to reserve the tutorial threads specifically for questions and answers. Maybe I should make a separate board??<br /><br />http://www.textkit.com/greek-latin-forum/viewtopic . php?t=703<br /><br />Yes, TWO in one day! Maybe next time there will be three!<br /><br />Dr. Biagio has posted on the forum, but I don't think very often.<br /><br />The beginner level tutorials are most welcome. I'm writing a Greek one myself about rules of ...
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M&F Unit2 Pg45 #13

<br />De natura animae nec cum poeta senseram nec sententiam mutare optaveram.<br />The souls neither agreed with the poets nor desired to change opinion about nature.<br /><br />This sentence doesn't make sense to me. Did I translate it incorrectly?<br /><br />I'm not sure how "souls" would agree or disaree with "poets", or how "souls" could change their "opinion" about anything.<br /><br />senseram = pluperfect<br />optaveram = pluperfect<br />
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Apple iSight webcam iChat AV, anyone?

Well, I just got one of these in the mail, and was wondering whether there were any Textkitters that have both an Apple computer, an iSight camera, iChat AV, and an AIM account who would like to video chat?<br /><br />Apparently, the software is still developmental and there is no compatibility yet between platforms.<br /><br />Barring this, does anyone with a mac know of a solution for videoconferencing which allows one to talk to people ...
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Scriptores Latini

salve!<br /><br />etsi pertimesco ne conatus mei adeo vitium pleni ut nemo eos vere intellegere possit sint, nonnullas tandem sententias de optimo homine sibique opere ex omnibus scriptoribus Latinis scibere tentabo.<br />re maxime cogitata, mihi dicendum est opus T. Lucretii Cari 'de rerum natura' omnium litterarum Latinarum pulcherrimum acreque esse; et cognitione physicorum et versiculorum liquore carminum delecto. :)<br />quod unum opus, autem, si ad insulam vacuefactam ...
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Textkit Tutorials - Formation of the Perfect Stems: Why are

Discuss "Formation of the Perfect Stems: Why are they so unusual?" by our very own Benissimus!<br /><br />Introduction:<br />When Latin students first encounter the perfect tense, the number of principal parts for verbs suddenly doubles. To add to this complication, these new parts appear to be formed at random... or are they? This tutorial is designed to explain why Latin developed these irregular verbal parts and hopefully to attune the reader to how verbs, and ...
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Advice on Reading Homer?

What is the most efficient way to learn to read Homer fluently given a decent knowledge of greek grammar, a lexicon, a grammar, and the Loeb text(& translation) of the Iliad?<br /><br /><br />My goal is to read the entire Iliad. I went through Pharr's book, and now I'm tackling chapter 2 on my own with the LSJ lexicon and the side by side Loeb text. (I'm at line 389) At first, I started writing ...

Textkit Tutorials - The Latin Noun

Discuss "The Latin Noun" by Dr. Biagio Vella.<br /><br />Tutorial Introduciton:<br />This is a brief tutorial about the Latin Noun which seeks to accommodate those fortunate visitors who would like to experience the beauty of this immortal language. At first sight the "inflection" of Latin nouns may seem a bit "awesome" but I bet you that English nouns are more difficult. What about English plurals! With a little patience when you read and re-read this ...
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