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Hi am Makaush from bangalore/INDIA

YELLO.. PEOPLE! 8)<br /><br /> iam makaush from the city of bangalore in india . iam learning italian,german,greek and latin.<br /> <br /> could anyone please post some links to sites which have latin/greek/italian/german audio&video tools or maybe even..clips.to listen,view or download? .....i did find some links<br />@ http://www.about.com. /><br /> thankxalot ;)<br ...
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Theseus fighting with Amazon

h) Qese/wj a)spi/j is rendered transparent in the Textkit header. I didn't notice it was a shield until I rummaged the First Greek Book back and forth to look for what was the difference between hoplites' and peltasts' shields.<br />
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nonne latinam sedebo? (not literally!)

Sorry for the feeble topic. I would have said it better had I been good enough at latin. <br /><br />Well...anyhow, the deal is this: the GCSE entry date for summer 2004 is 21st february 2004. However one is not allowed to be a private candidate at the same centre (eodem ludo heh) for the same set of exams (? heh) i.e sumemer 2004. <br /><br />So this means that the only one that I ...
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Poi~a bibli/a u(mei~j a)nagignw/skete kai/ ti/noj e(/neka;<br />A)nagignw/sw ta r(a|/dia bibli/a, kai/toi nun h)rxon sun to\n spoudai~on bibli/on peri tou~ Londonhj poterou xro/nou.<br />E)xa/rhn bibli/a, o(/n ge/grammai u(po Terri Pratxett, o(/ti gra/fei geloi~wj. :)
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Fabula de Sangkuriange Pars Prima

Haec fabula apud Sundanos qui montibus Parahyanganis habitant e maiorum traditur.<br /><br />Olim erat regnum dives fertileque. Rex cum cane fide, Tumange, venari amabat. Die quodam cervos capere optavit sed in omne parte silviarum nulla animalia invenit. Quam miratus rex! In parte siliviarum densissima a Tumange inventa est infans pulchra specie. Multos annos filiam optaverat. Infantem pulchram domum tulit ut rex et regina filiam eam cui nomen Dayangsumba datum sit educent.<br />
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Harry Potter in ancient Greek

http://www.greece.gr/CULTURE/Literature/harrypottertobepublishedinancientgreek.stm<br /><br />(/Arrioj Po/tter kai\ Filo/sofou Li/qoj?<br />(had to edit a couple of times ;D)
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Who won the contest?

Nobody got the mail yet?
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Out of Office message

<br />Let's say I want to configure an "out of office" message in my email application that says something like:<br /><br />I'm out of the office until November 6. If you need assistance, please call Manderley at 256-512-1024.<br /><br />or<br /><br />Je ne suis pas au bureau jusqu'à jeudi 6 novembre. Si vous avez besoin d'assitance, veuillez téléphoner Manderley à (+1) 256-512-1024...<br /><br /><br />What would be the best way to phrase this? I've started ...
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Jane Austen

This is a continuation of the Jane Austen discussion from the "Pompey" thread.<br />http://www.textkit.com/greek-latin-forum/viewtopic . php?t=742;start=0<br /><br /><br /><br />www.jasna.org <br /><br />That's the Jane Austen Society of North America, but they have articles and things like that, which you can enjoy regardless of where you are. (Indonesia, wasn't it?)<br /><br />Here's a site. It's a huge site, so it can be overwhelming to navigate at first.<br />http://www.pemberley.com<br /><br />This site has ...
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alternate endings in third declension

I've been studying Mounce's BBG and I'm confused about the alternate endings he gives. <br /><br />Under masculine and feminine nominative he gives <br /><br />a / - (no case ending)<br /><br />and under the accusative singer m/f he gives <br /><br />a / n <br /><br />One more thing. The word fwj is nueter while the neuter does not receive a case ending. If the root is fwt and the t drops off then ...


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