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New Member and new owner of Harrius Potter...

Hi,<br /><br />My name is Lee and I have just finished my second year at Exeter University, UK and am reading Classical Studies. I have been studying Latin for eleven years now and attempted Ancient Greek at GCSE level. Would quite like to pick it up again when I do my Masters Degree. <br /><br />Just got a copy of Harrius Potter et Philosophi Lapis. As with most works in translation, it does lose some ...
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New member

Hi,<br /><br />I'm a student of Classics at Leiden University (The Netherlands), currently working on my thesis on the oblique optative in Ancient Greek. I'm especially interested in Greek linguistics, but 'Harrius Potter et philosophi lapis' may just be interesting enough to brush up my Latin again.
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I'm not very good at technology. How do I upload an image from my pc rather than from a webpage for my avatar?
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St. B.L.D EX. 136; P 57. Niobè...

Niobè, règina Thèbanõrum, erat pulchra fèmina sed superba. <br />Erat superba nõn sõlum fõrmã suã maritique potentiã sed etiam magnõ liberõrum numerõ. Nam habèbat septem filiõs et septem filiãs. Sed ea superbia erat règinae causa magnae tristitiae et liberis causa durae poenae.<br /><br />Niobe, queen of the Thebans, was a beautiful woman yet proud. She was proud not only because of her bootay and power of (her) husband but also due to her great number ...
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Slim Shady

Oh hey, my name is Keith. I am philosophy underdrad who's been on an unaccountable leave of absence since October; but has been gearing up for readmittance this Fall by learning Greek in my spare hours. Going quite well so far; the kind folks at Perseus thought they might redirect some of my inquiries by getting me on at this sight. Hello.
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JJW Book, Xenophon, etc...etc

I have been using JJW mostly for the reading exercises and haven't had too much trouble with it. The question is: Where do I go from here? Can anyone suggest some selected passages from the Anabasis for reading? There have to be some that are more entertaining (or better) than others? If this was a Latin forum I might be able to suggest some as I had more literature there ...
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BLD Ex82II Pg35

We're working on adjectives and apposition. I am not sure of my answers for # 1, 2, & 6 in this exercise.<br /><br />--==<>==--<br /><br />#1 The wicked slave, who is your friend? Why does he not praise Galba, your master?<br /><br />I translated this as :<br /><br /> Serve male, quis est (tuus) ami:cus? Cu:r Galbam, (tuus) dominam, non laudat?<br /><br />My question is :<br /><br /> I wasn't sure whether I needed to ...
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Hello,<br /><br />I am a postgraduate student at Cardiff University reading Creative and Critical Writing. I am from Cardiff, Wales and Welsh is my first language. I'd be happy do advise or answer questions about Welsh (I have encountered many classics scholars enthusiastic to learn Welsh or are already proficient). My other language interests are Russian and French. I am very pleased to be a member of this forum and hope to be able to ...
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Harrius Potter et Philosophi Lapis

http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASI ... 93-6443825<br /><br />Hmm, I'm a little dubious about this. I wonder how well it translates and handles things like vernacular and new vocabulary. Also, JKR's Latin puns will become a little obvious (Prof. Lupin might as well be renamed Mr. Warewolf) and pointing a wand at a locked door and shouting 'aperto' is far more dramatic that simply 'open'. Any thoughts?
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1st 5 lines of the Iliad

I translated the first 5 lines of the Iliad and then compared them to an English "version".<br />Some of the differences I don't understand, maybe someone can help me out.<br /><br />Mh=nin a)/eide, qea/, Phlhia/dew )Axilh=oj<br />ou)lome/nhn, h(\ muri/' )Axaioi=j a)/lge' e)/qhken,<br />polla\j d' i)fqi/mouj yuxa\j )/Aidi proi/ayen<br />h(rw/wn, au)tou\j de\ e(lw/ria teu=xe ku/nessin<br />oi)wnoi=si/ te dai=ta, Dio\j d' e)telei/eto boulh/,...<br /> My translation<br />Sing O goddess, the rage of Achilles the son of peleus ...
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