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Easy Greek

What is the Greek word best for monarchy or monarch?
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Vocab discrepancy

In ch. 10, I noticed that fugere is given as "fugo, fugere, fugi, <b>fugiturum</b>", but in both Jenney's and my dictionary (Barnum) the fourth principal part is listed as "fugitum." Is this an error?
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BLD: §111 I.2 Irregular pronouns

I think I'm a little mixed up with how the irregular adjectives work.

§111 I.2

Latin: Nulli malo puero praedam dat magister.

nullus, -a, um (§108) is an irregular adjective that has the form nulli in the dataive singular. ("to none, to no")

puero is the dative singular or ablative singular (§91) of puer; the adjective malo agrees in case, gender, and number with puero (§65) "to the (from the) bad boy"

praedam is the ...
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BLD §99 II.2 translation

I think the translation of the exercise in §99 II.2 isn't correct. I'm trying to reconcile the phrase "in castra Romana".

English: My son Sextus is carrying his booty to the Roman camp
Key: Filius meus Sextus praedam suam in castra Romana portat.
Meos: Filius meus Sextus praedam suam ad castros Romanos portat.

Here's how I broke this down:

in castra "in (on) the camp" ?

§53 gives the adjective in that has the ablative ...
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This week's Spectator magazine has a very interesting article by James Morwood on the study of classics in general (in the UK) which finishes by introducing a new competition. This looks like being great fun for anyone who enjoys English to Greek/Latin translation - especially of the less usual material, co-incidently like the stuff I've put up for translation here once ot twice.

For those who can't get hold of the paper copy clicking http://www.spectator.co.uk ...
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Liddell&Scott Big Lexicon on CDROM

Has anybody tried using the Liddell&Scott Greek-English Lexicon on CDROM that is offered through Logos Bible Software? Looks to me like it might be prefeable to buying the regular book edition. Any comments would, of course, be most appreciated.
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Conjugation of thaptw

Thaptw: aorist passive etafhn (epsilon, tau, alpha, phi, eta, nu)

What's the explanation for this? The aspiration seems to have changed place.

Just guessing, I would say that the tau has dissimilated because of the phi. But why the phi? Perhaps it was expecting (or making the analogy with?) another theta aorist passive (luw etc), hence the aspiration?

Sorry if that sounds confused. I hope you get the general idea.

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latin in the strangest places

I was watching much music last night (that's the canadian version of mtv) and was surprised to see a decent length of latin spoken at the beginning of a hard rock video. It was so poorly pronounced that it took me a minute to realize that it was latin. They had the translation across the bottom but it wasn't a very litteral one. Anyway, the band is Alexisonfire and the song is "waterwings". Has anyone ...
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Theocracy and other misnomers

I was irritated to hear yet again the term "theocracy" being used in connection with new government options in Iraq.Even regarded with the most generous optimism a rule by god is not quite feasible in this dark age but I'm stumped for the right word to describe what is meant-namely, a rule by clerics or priests - hierocracy? presbyocracy?
Any ideas?
Talking of which, democracy is almost as badly misnamed-more like ochlocracy or plutocracy.What is ...
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Yesterday afternoon when I was eating almond nuts I suddenly wished to know its greek name. (That was partly because I was pretending to teach my daugher the name of what I was eating. :) )
And I found that it was a)mugda/loj which was very close to the name of Queen of Nabu in Starwars Ep. I., Amidala. Do you guys think Lukas had that in ...
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