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Herodotus translation question

I'm having trouble with the following sentence<br /><br />ai te gar sumforai prospiptousai kai ai nousoi suntarassousai kai braxun eonta makron dokeein einai poieusi ton bion<br /><br />The matters to fall into, and illnesses to be troubled by, and being short, to seem to be long, they make life<br /><br />My best attempt at understandable english:<br />The affairs that befall someone and illness that trouble them, make life seem long even though it is really ...
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Latin Dictionaries

<br />OOPS... I just realized that I meant to post this in the Latin forum. Sorry about that. Is it possible to move this over there ?<br /><br /><br />Hi ! It's me again... with more questions... :)<br /><br />Which Latin-English dictionary (book) do you use and what do you like about it ?<br /><br />I was thinking (yes, I do that sometimes!) about getting a Latin-English ...
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Logging into the forum

The oddest thing just happened. Has anyone else ever experienced this ? Maybe it's just the forum weeding out people like me who ask too many silly questions !! :-\<br /><br />I tried logging into the forum, it would show I was logged in, but when I viewed a message thread it changed my status back to Guest... so when I tried to post to the forum, it would ask me to login. When I ...
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A shame that the lingua Scythia cannot be rendered here. Cyrillic is my favorite alphabet after the Latin and the Greek.<br /><br />I have started to study Latin recently, out of desperation with my professors, out of disagreement with the attitudes in Russian scholarship. Latin and also Greek shall be my weapons against this illness. You see, no one wants to admit Russia into the medley of peoples who drew themselves from classical civilization. They ...
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Word Order

I've just started learning about the Declension of Nouns and I understand that this is what clues you in to whether the word is Nominative, Genitive, or Accusative. So I understand now that word order isn't such a big deal as in English.<br /><br />The example in the book says all of the following mean "The lady loves her daughter" :<br /><br />1. Domina Filiam amat<br />2. Filiam domina amat<br />3. Amat filiam domina<br />4. ...
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Agora Forum

I just have a really simple/stupid question about the Agora forum.<br /><br />It looks like a place to practice and convense in Latin, that part seems obvious. However there is one thread titled "w)= Rai/a" which I'm confused about... the posts don't even look like they're in Latin ?? ???<br />
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Intransitive Verbs in Passive Form????

I am (again.... still?) a very puzzled camper, as a result of the latest battle with Cicero.... I'm pretty sure I've tripped over this before, but I can't for the life of me figure out where (or if) I found an answer. The problem is that he's put an intransitive verb into a passive form. So if something can't take a direct object, how can it become passive? Or is this one of those cases ...
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JWW exercises, para 74, 80, 85, 96, 98, 104

Some more answer suggestions for the Eng to Gk exercises out of JJW<br /><br />Lesson 7. / Paragraph 74.<br /> <br /> ta\j skhna\j e1luen.<br /> th\n fulakh\n e)ij th\n ge/furan ou)k e)pe/mpomen.<br /> h3rpazon ta\j a(ma/caj.<br /> e)k th=j kw/mhj ou)k h]gon th\n stratia/n. <br /> e)k tw~n oi)kiw~n ei)j th\n qa/lattan h]gej th\n fulakh/n.<br /><br />Lesson 8. / Paragraph 80.<br /> <br /> oi( su/mmaxoi i3ppouj ei]xon.<br /> ei)j th\n kw/mhn h]gon to\n ...
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Literacy in Ancient Greece and Rome

I have often wondered what the literacy rate was in Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. Has anyone ever seen any info or statistics on this? Also how well were the writers known to them? Some interesting questions for thought... :)
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Best Latin Book for Beginners

<br />I'm trying to decide which book (or books) to get for my independent study of the Latin language. <br /><br />Which book do you think is the best one to get?<br /><br />I've browsed through Wheelock's 6th Edition at the bookstore and it looks OK. Is this a good one or should I look for another one? I also noticed that there is a sort of Workbook for the Wheelock book. Do you have ...
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