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translation question

Hi, everyone.<br />Paragraph 41 line 9 of White's First Greek Book, has -(ai oikiai mikrai hsan-. I translated this as -there were small houses. The answer key has -the houses were small-.<br />I can see that that would be the more logical translation, but would mine be possible too? Or should there be an indication where the small houses were, eg; there were small houses in the village.<br />Thanks<br />Bert de Haan
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SPIonic 'incomprehensible' on my machine

i have windows 98, Explorer 6.0, and installed SPIonic. However, when I look at SPIonic, all words with 1 accent get separated into 2 words, with 2 accents to 3 words, etc.<br /><br />The quote below looks like this to me..<br /><br />r o dou dh e sti to xrw ma th s selh nhs th s e n th, xw rh sou;<br />(except with accents placed correctly over the letters)<br />*As you can see, ...
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JWW First Greek Book

Hi, everyone. I am a beginner Koine Greek student and have been adviced to learn Classical Greek. This being a web site for Classical languages, I downloaded First Greek Book By John Williams White. In the Alphabet listing I don't see a Digamma. Is this book a Classical Greek Grammar or perhaps for some later dialect?<br />Thank you. <br />Bert de Haan
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Hi, my name is Bert de Haan. I am learning Biblical Greek without the benefit of having a teacher. I received the advice to learn Classical Greek to improve my understanding of Biblical Greek. That is why I subscribed.<br />In addition to being a wannabe Greek, I am also a carpenter, a husband and a father of 4 children.<br />I live in Arthur, Ontario (Canada)<br />I hope to be able to benefit from listening in ...
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Pages Missing from JWW First Greek Book

I just thought I should let the Administrators know that the Vocabulary (Greek > English) in the back of JWW First Greek Book is missing these pages.. (16, 17) (pp. 317-318 in the pdf. file).<br /><br />This leaves the dictionary to skip from the word -dra/moimi<br />to the word -e'lau/nw. (Attempted SPIonic font-- <font=SPIonic>dra/moimi ----> e)lau/nw</font><br />dra/moimi ----> e)lau/nw<br /><br />Are/will these pages be available in a supplement?<br /><br />Thanks.
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Representing Greek - Netscape??

i would rather use Netscape than Explorer as my browser.<br /><br />but i cannot figure out how to make the 'SPIonic' font work with Netscape (7.0), (although it seems to work with Explorer).<br /><br />Is there anyone else who feels similarly about Netscape and has discovered a means to solve this problem?<br /><br />Thanks.
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I love living in Madison (Wisconsin, USA), even if we are at this moment under our 3rd tornado warning this year. Apparently we have a very high used bookstore per capita.<br /><br />And today I just found a used Rzach edited Teubner, "HESIODVS Carmina." All of Hesiod in one nice hardcover, 15 dolla.<br /><br />After years of me pillaging "Paul's Books" for books in Greek, the owner knows me well.<br /><br />eu)tuxei=te
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Res Publica

There is one issue which perplexes me in the study of classics and which came to mind as I was sitting in my car in Eton at the weekend and idly looking out at inscrptions on the school walls in Latin and Greek. ::)<br /><br />Throughout the best part of the last two millenia, education of leaders in Western Europe has focussed on Latin and Greek civlisation and culture. Here in England schools immersed the ...
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A little translation question

Hi everybody,<br /><br />You know the saying "Seize the day"? Well, In my life I find that procrastination, funny emails, "urgent" requests and periodic snack-attacks frequently leave me stranded in the latter half of the afternoon with little or nothing accomplished and feelings of frustration at my productivity deficit.<br /><br />But fear not. I pull up my socks, whistle a little tune, determine in my heart that I am going to accomplish at least one ...
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ta peri twn pragmatwn dogmata

Some hard-nosed thinking from a Hellenistic school, to balance the solipsism. :)

tara/ssei tou\j a)nqrw/pouj ou) ta\ pra/gmata, a)lla\ ta\ peri\ tw=n pragma/twn do/gmata: oi(=on o( qa/natoj ou)de\n deino/n, e)pei\ kai\ Swkra/tei a)\n e)fai/neto, a)lla\ to\ do/gma to\ peri\ tou= qana/tou, dio/ti deino/n, e)kei=no to\ deino/n e)stin.<br /><br />o(/tan ou)=n e)mpodizw/meqa h)\ tarassw/meqa h)\ lupw/meqa, mhde/pote a)/llon ai)tiw/meqa, a)ll' e(autou/j, tou=t' e)/sti ta\ e(autw=n do/gmata. a)paideu/tou e)/rgon ...
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