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:'( Can somebody out there please help translate this into latin <br /><br /><br />"The LORD is my light and my salvation;<br /> whom shall I fear?<br /> The LORD is the strongholda of my life;<br /> of whom shall I be afraid? "<br />
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Book recommendation please

Two books have been recommended and I would like your opinion on which one is the best.<br />1. Athenaze by Maurice Balme and Gilbert Lawall<br /> Reviews on this book vary from "the best" to " horrible" with nothing inbetween.<br />2. Beginning Greek By S.Paine. This book came highly recommended. What makes me hesitant (besides the price)is that this book prepares a person to read the Anabasis. I have nothing against that but some of ...
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What's the protocol?

Am I supposed to delete my messages after a certain time or do they disappear automatically ( of do they just stay and clutter up the board ?) What's the protocol?
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Pronounciation of "chi"

In JWW First Greek Book it says in 1., that c is pronounced like the "ch" in the German word "Buch". The German "ch" is pronounced very similarly to an "r". <br /><br />That does not really make sense to me, since I thought c was nearly pronounced like a "k". In addition, the German "ch" pronounciation for c sounds weird to me, since it sounds nearly like a r.<br /><br />I would greatly appreciate ...
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Question about Horatius

I'm currently preparing for my Latin oral. <br /><br />The text I'm studying is poem 9, Book I of Horatius's Satyres.<br /><br />I don't understand the syntax of the sentence "O te, Bolane, cerebri felicem!". (lines 11 and 12) Shouldn't it be "O tu, Bolane, cerebri felix!", since "tu" and "felix" are connected to "Bolane" which is in the vocativ? <br /><br />I thought that maybe the construction of the sentence was "O Bolane, ...
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New Member

Hi everyone!<br /><br />I'm 17 and I live in Luxemboug (Europe). I'm doing Latin at school and I've just decided to teach myself some Greek. Next year I'll be doing my baccalaureate and after that I plan on studying PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) in the UK. Unfortunately, I've never bothered to read a lot of Latin, but I'm willing to change that. I hope that this forum will inspirate me ...
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New Member

I'm a classics student living in Nova Scotia Canada. I have very little time to read at the moment as I am also married with three young children and run a business which needs much attention (mostly I read in the bath or in the car). I've been studying Latin for four years and Greek for three with my enjoyment running at a much higher level then my aptitude. I am currently plodding through Ovid's ...
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New member

Hello. My name is Ron, I live in India, and I have recently finished high school. I will be going to college in the US in the fall. I know English, Hindi, Bengali, Indonesian, French, and some Thai. <br /><br />I've been reading classics in translation for some time now (specifically Homer, Vergil, Cicero, Caesar, and Aristotle's Ethics). Curious about the originals, I'll be doing at least a year or two of Latin in college, ...
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difficulties with -exontes

I am having trouble with a few words which I believe are related. I do not understand grammatically what they mean, nor how they are formed. (Are they nouns, participles, verb endings??) I have preceded these words with **2stars. All and any help will be appreciated.<br /><br /> ...kai\ tou\j me\n o(pli/taj au)tou= e)ke/leuse me/nein, ta\j a)spi/daj pro\j ta\ go/nota **e)/xontaj<br /> ...and the hoplites he commanded to remain there, their shields against their knees ...
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two more translation questions

1. JWW First Greek Book paragraph 103 line 6 reads oi( stratiwtai e)n fulake e(cousi tous persaj <br />Does en fulakh here mean -on guard-?<br />If that is the case, will the following translation be correct?<br />-The soldiers (who are) on guard will have (get?) the Persians-.<br />2. Line 10 of the same paragraph reads o( de strathgoj triakosiouj o(plitaj kai peltastaj e)xei.<br />Does this mean that the general has both 300 hoplites ...
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