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aorist and present infinitive

Line 20 of the Iliad reads as follows;pai=da d' e)moi\ lu=sai/ te fi/lhn, ta/ t' a)/poina de/xesqai.<br />My question is: What is the significance of lu=sai being aorist and de/xesqai present tense.<br /><br />Thanks
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FGB Para 173 - Passage "He continues to collect Forces&

Hi All<br /><br />I am a beginner and I have been going through First Greek Book own my own. I'm at the point in the lessons where I'm starting to encounter some difficulty and I ask for your help.<br /><br />This is from page 43 Paragraph 173, first 2 lines:<br /><br />a)/llouj de\ stratiw/taj Ku/rw| h)/qroize Kle/arxoj o( Lakedaimo/nioj e(n Xerronh/sw|. tou/tw| ga/r w(j fi/lw| pare/sxe muri/ouj dareikou/j<br /><br />My translation:<br />Clearchus, a Spartan in ...
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Gnosomai Has Arrived!

Oimoi! :D What an excellent site!<br /><br />I have come to learn Greek. Gnosomai is my name.<br /><br />
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Am I Losing My Mind?

(Okay, there are some who would say that that happened a long time ago....)<br /><br />I could have sworn that there was a board called "Textkit News" where Jeff would post when new books went up, or other things happened on the site.... except that it's not there now, so did I imagine it?<br /><br />The reason I wonder is that I thought that that was where the new "Tutorials" area on the main menu ...
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Latin Readers (was: How much do you study?)

Spinoff from "How much do you study?" in the Learning Latin forum.<br />http://www.textkit.com/greek-latin-forum/viewtopic . php?t=358;start=30.<br /><br /><br /><br />and I'd just picked up this new (well, new to me....) "Odes and Epodes of Horace" and couldn't just leave it alone and go to sleep <br /><br />Ah... the thrill of a new toy! And one that comes with batteries! ;D <br />I'm looking forward to reading "real" Latin works someday. I can ...
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Words - Online Translation Help

This site has been referenced on several occasions, so putting it here seemed a good idea:<br /><br />http://lysy2.archives.nd.edu/cgi-bin/words.exe<br /><br />It is an online (and down-loadable) translation site - type in the Word In Question, and a list of possible definitions come back.<br /><br />Kilmeny
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My Motto

I just wanted to share "My Motto" with you...I read it somewhere, and thought it was funny, so I stuck it to the wall by the computer. It sums up my study of the Greek alphabet pretty well, even if it is written in "Latin". <br /><br />Veni, vedi, velcro. <br />I came, I saw, I stuck to it. <br /><br /> ;D<br /><br />Keesa
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BLD Ex136 Pg57 Niobe and her Children

<br />I think I have correctly translated the last sentence of the passage from Ex 136. But there is something I don't understand about it. The exercise points out that reginae and liberis are Dative. Is it because of the "to the queen" and "to the children" being indirect objects? Also, causa appears to be Nominative. Shouldn't it be Accusative?<br /><br /> Sed ea superbia erat reginae causa magnae tristiae et liberis causa durae poenae.<br ...
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periphrastic pluperfect

I'm working my way a little at a time through Lysias' (Upe\r tou= )Eratosqe/nouj fo/nou a)pologi/a, which is a reader from a series "A Greek Prose Reading Course for Post-Beginners". <br /><br />In sections 9-10 we have this:<br /> e)peidh\ de\ to\ paidi/on e)ge/neto h(mi=n, h( mh/thr au)to\ e)qh/lazen: <br />i(/na de\ mh/, o(po/te lou=sqai de/oi, kinduneu/h| kata\ th=j kli/makoj katabai/nousa, e)gw\ me\n a)/nw dih|tw/mhn, ai( de\ gunai=kej ka/tw. kai\ ou(/twj h)/dh suneiqisme/non h)=n, ...
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Which Beginners Book from Textkit?

<br />I just noticed something about the site. <br /><br />If you click on Learn Latin (http://www.textkit.com/latin_grammar.php), it takes you to the main page enumerating downloadable books, categorized by "grammars" or "readers". <br /><br />Here's what I noticed... the Latin Grammars (http://www.textkit.com/latin-grammar.php) link on that page. It takes you to another page which helps you choose a book. There are two books listed as beginner level, and one as ...
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