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Anybody else like to play chess?

Besides religion, politics, latin, and work, one of my favorite things to do (when I have time) is play chess. I usually have to play online because not many people play in the area where I live (at least not many that I know). I am not very good but I enjoy it. Just curious if anyone else enjoys a nice game of chess once in a while.

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Learning French

Two of my children are being home-schooled.
Does any one of you know of a good French as a second language course that is suitable for home-shoolers?
I would like it to have lots of reading exercises, maybe a reader to go with the text.
In Canada the schools teach +/- 7 years of French, but very few students can read French after that.
I blame it on not getting enough reading practice. Lots of ...
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So many ways to go

I've noticed in the few months I've been studying Ancient Greek that there are several words for "go." I'm wondering if there's a subtle difference between each one that someone here might be able to explain to me.

This will be the first time I'm trying to write in Greek characters here, so hopefully this will come out okay.

Here are the words for "go" that I've encountered so far:





Hope ...
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Do my work

my first actual homework help thread!
Ok in class we are reading an adaptation of the Cupid & Psyche story and doing like six lines a night. I can/do mentally complain but I still don't understaaaand this phrase
sic latius procedit in dies opinio
Everything makes sense to me except latius - is it an adverb or adj.? If it is an adjective what does it modify as nothing is neuter. thanks everyone!
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In the Bible in 1 Corinthians 1:18, the word "SWZOMENOIS" is an adverbial participle dative plural, right? And it should be translated out as " are being saved?" Is that correct?
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Memorizing charts

Do any of you all memorize the charts that are given in Mounce's grammar? Are there any recommendations concerning it, such do or don't, or which ones are the most helpful?
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Correct sentence?

Hey need to see if this is the correct sentence for "the altar is blood-stained" "ara sum cruentus"

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Section of Plato's Phaedo

Not sure if this is the right place, but as it is philosophy...

While puzzling over the meaning of 96c3-97b7 of Phaedo (in the section where Socrates recalls how he got into philosophy and became disillusioned with current ideas) I decided the gist of the argument here is that satisfactory causes cannot be found in the physical world, backed up by Plato's comments on mathematics- that you get 'two' both by adding and dividing, for ...
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Question about 'Romanized' Greek words

I have been coming across some weird words in my study and several of them contain the 'v' letter, which is not in the Greek Alphabet. It this a result of the Roman Conquest of Greece? or is this like Coptic?
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Grammar mailings?

I find the vocabulary mailings helpful and very useful. Is there any chance of a similar system but for grammar? Ideally it would be progressive and could be extracted from one of the many such works here.
Why not a "Daily D'ooge"?
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