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duplicate adjectives

Gladium et pilum longum portat = He carries a sword and a long spear.<br /><br />Let's say both items are long. So I want to say :<br /> He carries a long sword and a long spear.<br />The logical way to phrase this in Latin seems to be :<br /> Gladium longum et pilum longum portat.<br /><br />Is there a way to phrase this in Latin so that the adjective longum is only used once? ...
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News in Latin

You can find current news in Latin at this site:<br /><br />http://www.yleradio1.fi/zgo3x.php?http://www.yleradio1.fi/tiede/nuntii<br /><br />It is produced by Radio Finland.<br /><br />Magistra
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Weather in Latin

Well, sort of. Part of the page is in Latin. :)<br /><br />I just thought this was neat and wanted to share this with you guys.<br /><br />http://latin.wunderground.com/<br /><br />US Charta a Satellitibus Extraterrestrialibus is quite a mouthful for a link, dontcha think?<br />
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BLD Ex95 Pg40 #2 & #5

<br />OK, I made it past Drill 89, Ex 90 Pts I & II, and Drill 94. Ex 95 wasn't so bad, but I'm unsure about 2 of the questions (out of 8 which isn't too bad).<br /><br />--==<>==--<br /><br />#2 Tiberim, fluvium Römänum, quis nön laudat et pulchrös fluviö finitimös agrös?<br /> Who doesn't praise the Tiber, the Roman River, and the beautiful neighboring fields by the river.<br />or<br /> Who doesn't praise the ...
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Corneli Nepotis M. Cato

http://www.thelatinlibrary.com/nepos/nepos.cat.shtml<br /><br />I'm not sure how magni fits in with this sentence:<br /><br />Inde ut rediit, castra secutus est C. Claudii Neronis, magnique opera eius existimata est in proelio apud Senam, quo cecidit Hasdrubal, frater Hannibalis.<br /><br />Shouldn't it be magna to agree with opera? Or are we supposed to another opera to go with magni and translate as "... his deeds in the battle of Sena ... are considered to be(the deeds) of a ...
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Word of the Day

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New Guy

Hi all<br /><br />Firstly, I must say I'm thoroughly impressed with this site. Not only is the content relevant and useful, but the site itself is visually stimulating and a pleasure to surf. I have been looking for something like this for qutie sometime now, I don't know how textkit has escaped me for so long. I look forward to being an active member of the community.<br /><br />Warmest regards
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Why the present?

From Lysias' On the Murder of Eratosthenes 8:<br /><br /> e)p' e)kfora\n ga\r au)th=| a)kolouqh/sasa h( e)mh\ gunh\ u(po\ tou/tou tou= a)nqrw/pou o)fqei=sa, xro/nw| diafqei/retai<br /><br />I think diafqei/retai is 3rd person present indicative passive = she is ruined. But why?<br /><br />To see more of the context: http://makeashorterlink.com/?T28836F55
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Vocative - w/ or w/o Ö

<br />Is this assumption correct?<br /><br />If you're using the Vocative to refer to a person, the "Ö" is implied?<br /><br />And if you're using the Vocative to refer to a non-human, then you have to include "Ö"?<br /><br />Just wondering... since I saw the following in one of the exercises and came to the above conclusion.<br /><br /> Male serve = O bad servant<br /> Ö clärum oppidum = O famous town
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Literary Terms and Devices

I know I am asking for a lot, but has anyone seen a listing of literary terms used in Greek and Latin literature. In explaination, let me use the example "chiasmus." At least I think this is spelled right. Anyway many of the same literary terms are the same in Greek and Latin. I personally have never seen them all listed anywhere or defined anywhere either. Another one is "The Golden Line." Any help with ...
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