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Questions about Hansen/Quinn exercises

Hansen and Quinn don't provide an answer key, so....<br /><br />te/xnh| kai\ to\n a)delfo\n paideu/ei o( Omhroj.<br /><br />This appears to me to be something like "With skill, Homer teaches even his brother.", where the dative is used in the instrumental sense. Is this correct? Also, I'm not sure what the kai is emphasizing. <br /><br />e)n th=| te/xnh| to\n a)delfo\n bibli/w| paideu/ei o( Omhroj.<br /><br />"Homer teaches his brother in the art/skill with a ...
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That curve ball, QUIA

I have questions about three sentences which all contain "quia".<br /><br />First of all, I notice that in English we write ".... , because ..." (i.e. the sentence contains a comma before "because") while the comma doesn't exist before "quia. There isn't much punctuation in Latin, is there ?<br /><br /><br />Sentence 1 : Puella Dianae coronam dat quia Dianam amat.(47I, 8 )<br /><br />I'm not sure whether this sentences translates to :<br /> A ...
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Just checking M & F Unit 7

As there doesn't seem to be an answer key, or not one that's available to me at any rate, could someone have a quick look at this exercise for me, please? It's translating the following rather implausible sentences from English into Latin.<br /><br />What book is this which has been sent to us by our friends with whom we were walking?<br /><br /> Qui liber est hic qui nobis a amicis quibuscum ambulabamus missus est?<br ...
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D'Ooge Ex 40

I have a question on Page 19, Exercise 40, #6.<br /><br />Translate the questions and answer them in Latin.<br />#6. Cuius filiae laborant?<br /><br />I think the question translates to : whose daughter labors?<br />And I think the answer is : Filia agricolae laborat. (The farmer's daughter labors)<br /><br />Have I mistranslated the question?<br /><br />I'm thrown off by the "filiae" in the question because doesn't that mean "daughters" plural?<br />
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D'Ooge Ex 39

I am working through Part II of Exercise # 39 on Page 19. I went through it once, then made minor changes on about half of them when I looked it over. I think I have gotten them correct, except I'm not sure about #4 and #8 because these two sentences are a little bit more complex. Is my Latin translation correct ?<br /><br />4.<br />The farmer's daughter loves the waters of the forest.<br />Filia ...
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Hello.<br />Just started using your JWW First Greek Book a few months ago.<br />I really have to thank you all for providing this book online. Absolutely<br />an excellent way to get prepared for the Anabasis. I was using another<br />set of books, JACT, before, but now am focusing on this one exclusively.<br />The grammatical parts seem so much more workable.<br /><br />Keep up the good work.<br /><br />cheers<br />richc<br />
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501 Latin Verbs

Any thoughts on the book "501 Latin Verbs" ? It supposedly conjugates the verbs for you so all you have to do is look 'em up.<br /><br />I'd really be interested in a Latin version of the French Bescherelle verb book; I found bescherelle far superior to the "501 French Verbs" book.<br />
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How to Ask for Translation Help

Just a few suggestions for people asking translation questions.<br /><br />
    <br />
  • Please don't send us a list of homework sentences. Instead, let us know what you're having problems with.<br />
  • If possible let us know where the Greek is coming from. So, if it's Xenophon, let us know that, and include Book/Chapter/Line. If it's from one of the Textkit books, give us a page or section number.<br />
<br /><br />
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Hi all,<br /><br />I've been reading this forum for some time, and have decided to join in. My name's Ingrid, I'm Dutch, and I'm currently making my umptieth attempt at learning Latin.<br /><br />I've head three years of Latin at high school level, where I read some Caesar and Ovid, i.e. spending more time reading the dictionary than the actual text. Somehow learning vocab didn't seem important at the age of 14:). The book focused ...
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Herodotus translation question

I'm having trouble with the following sentence<br /><br />ai te gar sumforai prospiptousai kai ai nousoi suntarassousai kai braxun eonta makron dokeein einai poieusi ton bion<br /><br />The matters to fall into, and illnesses to be troubled by, and being short, to seem to be long, they make life<br /><br />My best attempt at understandable english:<br />The affairs that befall someone and illness that trouble them, make life seem long even though it is really ...
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