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H & Q Unit 10 English to Greek

Could someone help me check these English to Greek sentences please?

The themes of this unit are:
1. Third declension nouns and adjectives
2. omicron contracted verbs
3. verbs contracted in the future
4. result clauses
5. compound verbs

1. Let us order the priest to leave all the goats for the mother of the king in order that she may sacrifice on behalf of the soliders who won. (Express the purpose in two ways) ...
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'Brevissimae bracae' is Latin for hotpants

September 1, 2004

The Vatican has come up with some new Latin descriptions that have not received a universal welcome. Elizabeth Day reports from London.

As the iuvenis voluptarius might say: "Put on your brevissimae bracae femineae and let's go to the taberna nocturna and drink some vinum rubrum Burdigalense."

The Vatican has helpfully produced a new lexicon of modern words in Latin, providing translations for such non-classical terms as playboy, hotpants, nightclub and merlot. ...
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I need some help translating

I am having trouble with the following translation exercises

lu/phj i)atro/j e)stin a)nqrw/poij lo/goj:
yuxh=j ga\r ou(=toj mo/noj e)/xei qelkth/ria:
le/gousi d' au)to\n oi( pa/lai sofw/tatoi
a)stei=on ei)=nai fa/rmakon kai\ xrh/simon.

line 1.(I don't understand the genitive)- physician is a word to men:
line 2.(I don't understand the genitive)- for this one alone has charms:
line 3. but they say ..... the most wise ancients (I don't know what to do with au)to/n)
line 4. ...
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Unt 3 Questions.

Regarding Clauses of Purpose, M&F rattles on about Primary and Secondary Tenses and how the verbs in the independent and dependent clauses always go toghether with their counterparts. In contrast, my Wheelock text makes no distinction toward that whatsoever, and makes the subject MUCH simpler. :P Does this tense-dividing matter much?
For example, M&F diffrentiates how the Perfect tense is used in both categories, i.e. perfect in ...
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>>Introducing myself<<

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need advice....death of a beloved pet

For those of you that have lost a beloved pet, I need your advice, please.

Over the weekend, our dear dog, Star, died at the vet's office. She was seemingly healthy on Tuesday; started coughing on Wed night; took her to the vet on Thurs with the diagnosis of inflammation of the trachea; took her back to the vet Friday morning b/c she started bleeding from her nose; she died sometime between 10 PM Friday ...
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Please help me with a phrase

Hello everybody!

I am complete newbie when it comes to latin but I am really interested in the language and would like to learn it some day.
My question is what the phrase "before it all ends" is translated into latin?
My own guess is something like "antequam finis omnino"..? (hehe, don't laugh if I am completely wrong... I said I was a newbie!)

You'd make my day if you could provide me with the ...
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Unt 2 Sentences


8. Incolae si feminas invidiae damnaverint, nautae sententiam de fama incolarum mutare non dubitabunt.

If the inhabitnats condemned the women of jealousy, the sailors will not hesistate to change their opinion about the beauty of the inhabitnats.

12. Si nautae noxas a puellis pepulissent, et gloriam et famam cepissent.

If the sailors had driven off the harm from the girls, they would have had both glory and fame.

22. Nisi pecuniam in cella celavisses, ...
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Cattulus 2B

Can somebody please tell me my translation is wrong, because this is jibberish to me. First there are puellae as confirmed by ferunt but then there is only one, as shown by soluit !!
I am most confused... :(

Tam gratum est mihi quam ferunt puellae
pernici aureolum fuisse malum,
quod zonam soluit diu ligatam.

So pleasing it is to me
to have been the golden apple ...
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Shephard of Hermas 43:8

kai\ ou)deni\ ou)de\n a)pokri/netai

Could this be translated,

"and no one answered anything"

I've seen a)pokri/nomai take its object in the dative before
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