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Pharr section 165 line 6

I don't know why I keep having questions doing a review, I should have it all figured out by now...(just kidding.)
I can't figure out the form of e)da/mhsan If it is a aorist it would have been e)da/masan would it not? So what is it?


:x Going through First Greek Book...Lesson 5 exercises...how do you differentiate a question from a regular sentance? Is it word order? And if so, how is it different from a regular sentance's? Any help is appreciated.
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silly t-shirt

I'm trying to help design a t-shirt for our group's toga party... if "nunc est bibendum" translates roughly as "now we must drink", how do I say, "now we must vomit"? My verb book doesn't have the gerundive for vomo, vomere... I guess they thought we'd never need that word! Thanks in advance.
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JWW's paragraph 162, #10

Hi, guys,

Can someone, please, provide me a good translation of the sentence 10 in paragraph 162. I just can't make any senseful sentece out of it.


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Translating de/

Hi everybory,

I'm a beginner in this stuff of studing Greek, so be patient with with me, ok?

It's very hard to me to translate de/ sometimes and sometimes I thought I was almost useless to translated ( I use to translate it as "But " and "and") untill I came to Jww's lesson XVIII, where, in his exemples he does not translate it!
So, Can someone tell me when should I translate de/ or ...
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Wheelock Chapter 5: chief, what's happening?

So, I'm working through Wheelock on my own, and, since I'm still in the early chapters, everything is going pretty quickly (I also have a lot of time on my hands). But there is this two line poem out of chapter five that has me blinking.

Non cenat sine apro noster, Tite, Caelinianus:
bellum convivam Caelianus habet!

What is going on with "noster" here? What is this adjective modifying? It can't be modifying "apro" since ...
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Favorite Greek or Latin moment in the movies

Just thought I'd throw out a fun question for Friday. :D I can't think of too many, the Latin moment that comes to mind is in the beginning of "Dead Poets Society" where some instructor is going through the declensions of agricola. Not exactly a favorite moment, just the one that comes to mind. :?

Do you have ...
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Accusativus Graecus

Xai=re :)
Can anyone explain what is Accusativus Graecuss and when it is used?
Xa/rin e)/xw
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Do I have this right?

Sorry to bother you people with pronoun questions again, but... I just want to make sure I have this correct. What is weird are the plural possesives/reflexive posessives. Here is the list for meus and noster:

N. meus
G. mei
D. meo
A. meum
Ab. meo


N. noster
G. nostri
D. nostro
A. nostrum
Ab. nostro


Nostrorum looks very odd. Is that right?? How do ...
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Pharr section 150 line 7

I don't understand the form h)ge/ronto. I am quite certain it is from a)gei/rw and that it is 3rd person plural middle or passive but I don't know if it is aorist or imperfect. The aorist form is given as having and Epsilon and an Iota, and the imperfect is (usually ?) build on the present tense stem, so that means again with an Epsilon and a Iota. Is this a unusual form or am ...


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