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&#!#$ genitive case

I understand the other cases but the genitive gives me a lot of trouble.

What does this read:
Virorum nostrorum magnorum animos curae bella superabant.

Of the men of our of the greats...I wish Wheelock had spent more time explaining each case.

I have trouble firstly because I can't figure out the 'curae bella' relation and secondly that three word genitive phrase. (Why in hell did they create a noun like bellum and an adjective ...
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How would I say . . . .

How would I say "Out of the depths of hell" ? ??

De Profundis Inferni ? ? ? ? ?

Is that right or no ? ?
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Latin-English dictionaries

I consider buying a Latin-English dictionary. I know that the options are legion, and that one's choice is dependent on a multitude of things: level of study, areas of interest, price etc. Still, I'd love to hear some opinions about dictionaries. What are your personal experiences in this matter, which ones have you liked or disliked etc.? Please share your thoughts :-)
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Translation? Exercise

Is it time again for one of those fatuous wastes-of-time which I post now and again? How about translating (rewording into Greek idiom first will guarantee a better result) a little quip from a much maligned politician who was also a classicist of the highest ability...

History is littered with the wars which everybody knew would never happen.

Extra Brownie points for anyone identifying it (without Google!!).

Good luck & fun,
Paul McK
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translation ch.28 Help!

hi, I'm having trouble with the second sentence in the "Days of the Week" paragraph of chapter 28.

Primum enim diem a Sole appellaverunt, qui princeps est omnium stellarum ut idem dies est prae omnibus diebus aliis.

I have: Truly they have called the first day away from the sun "the prince who is of all stars" in order that the same day is before all other days.
I don't know if the subordinate clause's ...
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Need a few words

Hello people, I'm new here. I study greek and latin at my school, as well as hebrew, I'm also doing ancient egyptian in my free time. Someone asked me to translate a few words. I have a greek-dutch dictonary, but not dutch to greek, so I can't look up the words I need, could any of you help me? Here are the words:

Multicolored (as in: having many colors)
Feeling ...
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Join my Latin forums!

Join my Latin forums! So far, we are only eight members, so please sign up! It's a nice place to practice your Latin skills by talking it (writing actually).
Join join join join join!! :D
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Classics: Potentially Puke Inducing?

Read the letter to Ted Turner by his father that begins:

"My dear son, I am appalled, even horrified, that you have adopted Classics as a major. As a matter of fact, I almost puked on the way home today."

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Grégoire de Tours

I am looking for Historia Francorum in Latin by Grégoire de Tours (538-594 A.D.), with either a French or an English translation. Can it be found on the Internet? Can anyone help?

Merci d'avance,

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Hello (the officially sanctioned version)

:oops: Some people really do take the biscuit - me for example. I have only just turned up here and I have already broken the rules by trying to introduce myself in someone else's thread. I always tell my pupils to read the instructions before they try to answer any of the questions...D'oh!
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