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qn about voter turnout in US

hi all, since i know nothing about american law or politics, and i just heard on the news that less than 50% of voters usually turn up to vote in the US, i was wondering what people thought about whether it's better for voting to be mandatory or voluntary. it's not a big issue, but i can definitely see 2 sides to it:

under a mandatory system (like ours in australia), politicians have to pander ...
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benissimus nihil scit latinam

aliquis mihi nunc latine dixit "quid est nomen tibi", hic sciens me scholae tutorem et volens me probare (vel improbare). discipula mea ('ista exlex anus' cognota ab episcopo) quid ille dixisset partim extraxit, nescivit autem tibi quid esset "tibi". ille haec verba anglice ei explicavit, et tunc iterum me rogavit quid sit nomen mihi. nulla verba mihi occurrebant, minore tempore discedo. mea fides contorta erat, quae dignitas mihi manebit? ...
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Amazon A9 Search gives 1.57% discount

Do you know about Amazon's A9 Search wrapper? (It's sort of an Amazon search wrapper around Google)

If you use it enough, they'll give you an additional 1.57% discount off your Amazon purchases. Not much effort is needed to get this. Just login to Amazon. Do a few A9 searches. Go to your Amazon Home Page and you should see a little link at the top left ...
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Where the heck.....

Where the heck.....has Raya been???

Anybody know?
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english to latin translation


Would someone be able to tell me what the following phrase would be once translated into Latin:

" Do not let her drown."

It is part of a university saying and we wanted to try and translate it for part of an ongoing friend's birthday present project!

I would be really grateful for any help as its years since i studied Latin at school,

Thanks, Alex
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This means graveyard in german. I hope anyway from what I recall!

Today was bad as usual until german. I had forgotten my lunch so had no protein I mean food. Then I came into class and the german teacher bless her kind soul I mean that she had lit candles for us and guess what was on the table?

Whatever you choose, I ate 10 of them. And I woke up never anticipating that ...
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Accentuation, encore.


Your assistance, nevertheless cherished, was of terrible perplexity.
I am of sorrow to be as austere, and yet would rather prefer translating a passage from my French textbook, whereof a precise, pertinent elucidation would be highly valued:

" Rule of a long accentuated penult

When a word must, for any reason (accent of nominatif nouns,
accentuation of conjugated verbs, accentuation of certain
infinitives/participles), be accentuated on the penult and when that
penult is long: ...
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Can't get this stultus translation

1. I'm losing it. Ad retia sedebam, my text says. You'd think after three years, I would be able to piece together a 3-word translation. I think it means I was sitting toward the nets, as in I was sitting facing the nets, but I don't know if ad can be used that way.

3. I skipped 2. I know.

4. Ipse; non tamen ut omnino ab quiete discederem.
Yes, myself; yet it was not ...
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The Latin word for "kept"?

I'm having trouble finding the translation for the word "kept", as in "They kept sending...". I know the word for it does not directly mean keep, but I also know there is a word that can be used for it, unfortunately I cannot think of it.
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Could use some help with a sentence...

I'm trying to translate this sentence:
Vos nobis de voluptatibus adulescentiae tum scripsistis.

I believe Vos is in the nominative case, but nobis is tough I'm not sure if it's dative or ablative. de voluptatibus I know translates to "from pleasure" because volu... is in the ablative. I'm not sure if adulescentiae is in the genitive case or dative. Finally, I know tum is "then" and scripsistis translates to "you have written" in plural form. ...
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