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The Homeric Question

Has this been discussed before on Textkit? I don't want to go over old ground, but I'd really like to have a discussion on this.
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The Fourteen Hundred words

Does anyone know of a website where I could find - in full dictionary format - the 1400 words that are reputed to make up the core vocabulary for at least 80% of any Latin text.

I have a list of the words not in full dictionary format which is not nearly as useful e.g. manus is listed but without genitive, gender and meaning and this would be so much more useful to me in ...
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Cases in Greek

Hey, me again! I'm having trouble with the different cases of Greek, and wondering what I can do about it. Is there a clear explanation of what the cases are exactly, and how to use them. My text isn't very helpful so far on it. And should I memorize each case before moving on to anything else as they appear? thanks for the help and advice!

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Ephemeris Quotidiana

Salvete, amicae, amicique! Quid agitis hodie? Et heri?

Vere, notionem habui ut casos dierum nostrorum permutare possint, excusatio exercere latinam nostram. Quin? Ego prime (et, amabo vos, me corrigite si erro; quoque consilia latinae meae grata sunt):

Cara Ephemeris,

Hodie bene egit ~ vel, satis bene. Puella mea, Carolina, et ego consilium cepimus ut hodie conveniamus. Sed quando ea non venit, eam vocavi (telephono cellularo, aut simpliciter "cellu," quod declinatur qui "cornu"), et inveni ...
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Gladiator - End Titles - Is it Latin?

Salvete, amici!

There's one question I've had about the movie Gladiator which has been plaguing my mind for years: what the heck are those lyrics that are sung during the end titles of the movie? The music is beautiful and inspiring, and I still listen to that specific track at least once a week — but for the life of me, I can't make out one bloody word of what's being sung. And that's scary ...
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Ides of March Contest Update

There are two new book lots added - both feature brand new textbooks.

Once again, you can change your lot selection as often as you wish. Change it when you see a lot you like better or odds you like better. The idea with this contest is to have prizes of high and low value so that there will be different odds of winning.

The odds are REAL - so for example as of right ...
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It's such a great work of literature that we can't really speak of any one 'meaning' or 'message'. But I'd be interested to know what other people take from the Iliad.

Personally I think that the Iliad addresses the human condition - suffering - phmata, kedea, algea, etc. Though the poem is about war, it encompasses all sorts of suffering: death, old age, bereavment, orphans, widows... and the meaningless and futility of human life (as ...
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Remembering words

I don't think I've ever had to look up an English word twice. I don't have a photographic memory. The language section of the brain just must be very efficient.

However, this doesn't apply to any language I've tried to learn. Learning foreign words is, in general, as difficult as learning the names of chemical structures.

I think this is because the foreign words become symbols for English words, rather than words in their own ...
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Support Textkit

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I just ...
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BLD § 240 Terror Cimbrius

Becasue this is "new" material that isn't an edit change of the key, I've decided to make it a separate topic. I'm hesitating because it may bloat the forum topic list but my intention is to make it easier for people to locate sections of interest.

Other opinions welcomed.

§ 240 Terror Cimbrius

 1 Olim Cimbri et Teutones populi Germaniae, cum feminis liberisque
 2 Italiae adpropinqaverant et copias Romani maximo proelio vicerant.
 3 Ubi fuga ...
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