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Does: 'felix dies Nativitatis' = Merry Christmas in Latin?

Just needing to know for a model I am painting and want to write this statement in latin as opposed to english (and my other work where I asked for some translations is not done yet but I will surely show images of how it ends up and how i write the latin vocab. onto the shield, parchment, etc).


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Ad te

I have a question about a construction found in "Second Year Latin - Part 1 - Selections of Easy Latin, J.B. Greenough", one of the downloadable books from Textkit, in the "Learn Latin" Section.
It is in second sentence in the very first paragraph, on page 1:
"Hanc epistulam ad te laetus scribo."

My question has to do with the "ad te". Why isn't the dative used instead: tibi? Hence, why not: Hanc epistulam tibi ...
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Can any one help me...

Hi I'm Rudy and new to the forum. I was wonder if some one could translate something for me. My friend e-mailed me this message and said it was in Latin... Could some one help me translate it?

Bibere verenum in auro bis a die et mortem!
Pro tempore auribus teneo lupum. Fama nihil est celerices, fama crescit eundo. Me fallit cur nemine disssentiente. Nomines libenter quod volunt credent. Non est mea culpa difficile est ...
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Scanning 1.15

xruse/w| a)na\ skh/ptw|, kai\ e)li/sseto pa/ntas )Axaiou/j

I'm fairly sure that the last three feet are - u u | - u u | - -, but there seem to be way too many vowels in the first part of the line.

Overall, scanning Homer seems slightly easier than Shakespeare, even though the latter is in my mother tongue.
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Google Digitizing Libraries

Google digitizing libraries

Interesting news article. Google is seeking to do with an entire libraries what Textkit is doing with the field of classical languages.
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grammer check

would this be gramatically correct?

Agricola aquaum portat, aquaem agricolae portant

thank you
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Composition Critique needed:

My pastor has been doing a series of dreadfully boring sermons, so to prevent nodding off, I've been trying to translate some of the morning hymns into greek. Can someone critique the following effort?

ton xriston asfela petran epistamai ,<br>
pas eteros xqonos esti ammos kataduwn

(I haven't learned accents yet)

One question also: where would I place the article in this section
pas eteros xqonos ?
Also, if i wanted to use ...
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I need copywriting help...

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for someone who's interested in web site copywriting. I have two needs; to get Textkit itself cleaned up and also I have a client who needs a copywriter.

If you spend anytime on Texkit you have probably noticed my typos and poorly written copy. It's a combination of haste due to lack of time and also I find it really hard for me to catch my own mistakes.

I would like ...
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reading inscriptions

hi, can anyone remember seeing decent readable greek inscription pics on the net. i've seen lots of pics of inscription/papyrus fragments, but i'm looking for whole clauses or longer on inscriptions, something you can actually read.

a while ago i put together this little powerpoint thing of the 1 readable inscription i found: alexander's dedication to athena... see 1st link here:


i know the powerpoint thing is pretty ...
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eram and fui

Am I right in getting the impression that 'eram' and 'fui' are more or less interchangeable? The distinction between perfect and imperfect does not seem to apply to this verb as it does to others. When I'm doing composition exercises all I can do is guess which one I will find when I look in the key.
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