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Declension of Nouns

Greetings all fellow Latin learners (and experts!). I have just started an MA degree in Ancient Myth & Society and am currently taking beginners Latin to complement this. However, I am a little stuck on learning the declension of nouns. Does anyone have any learning strategies for over coming this obstacle? In fact, if anyone has any ideas about studying Latin at home without instant access to a tutor I would be most grateful to ...
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The Bible: the word of God?

In another thread on another board Rhuiden wrote:
I believe the Bible to be the inerrant, infallable, complete and perfect word of God.

I am puzzled by this. My belief is that the Bible was written by people. Otherwise, how can one acount for inconsistencies within the Bible?

(It seemed best to debate this point here, rather than in its original thread, since it seemed to be something of a spin-off there)
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Manuscripts and Homer

Hi Everyone!

I was wondering if anyone has found any pictures of the manuscripts of Greek authors on the web?

Also the variant readings to the beginning of the Illiad, does anyone have any idea where I might find this?


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translation help please

I need help translating something from latin to english that probably isn't grammatically correct, and I don't think it means anything the way it's written but the words might mean something separately. I read it in a book and it might be old latin. It would help if I could have all possible translations of each word, but I can't find a good dictionary online. Thanks for any help.

Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru ...
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Revelation Chaps. 2 and 3

Chapter 2:17 (O e)/xwn ou)=j a)kousa/tw ti/ to\ pneu=ma le/gei tai=j e)kklhsi/aij. Tw=? nikw=nti dw/sw au)tw=? tou= ma/nna tou= kekrumme/nou, kai\ dw/sw au)tw=? yh=fon leukh/n, kai\ e)pi\ th\n yh=fon o)/noma kaino\n gegramme/non o(\ ou)dei\j oi)=den ei) mh\ o( lamba/nwn.

Chapter 2 26-28 Kai\ o( nikw=n kai\ o( thrw=n a)/xri te/louj ta\ e)/rga mou, dw/sw au)tw=? e)cousi/an e)pi\ tw=n e)qnw=n, kai\ poimanei= au)tou\j e)n r(a/bdw? sidhra=? w(j ta\ skeu/h ta\ keramika\ suntri/betai, ...
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need help

I'm having some trouble translating the sentance "where are they going?" into latin. Im not sure what to do with going because it has to be a third person plural because of the they but its also a participle (I think). Can anybody help me out on whether or not the verb should be a participle and if not, what the construction is?
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Scanning Line 1.8

I think that I have scanned this line correctly:

ti/j t a)/r sfwe qew=n e)/ridi xune/hke ma/cesqai

- - | - u u | - u u | - u u | - u u | - -

But I would want to know why ma in ma/cesqai is long, since it is followed by a double consonant, or I am completely wrong.
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It's a new day!

Yip...go see my brother...

The topic title is a lyric from the song "Right On", by TQ, from his new album Listen If you have been convinced by anything that I have reason and wish to know what makes me it's listening to a cd like Listen. "Adore" makes me cry; "Fly" makes me fly. True singing in my eyes. I had waited 6 years for something like this.

Or if you want to see ...
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Cherokee in Latin

Osiyo! (Salve!)

Does anyone know if there are Latin names for the various American Indian tribes? I am looking for the Latin for 'Cherokee'. Does anyone know of such a Latin word?

I have contacted some Cherokees on the internet to see what their opinions would be of what word to use in Latin if I have to invent one. It appears that the consensus will be that I should use 'Cherokee' instead of a ...
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how do you write unicode?

hi all, i've got a quick font question, and unfortunately the answer can't be spionic. basically i can't install anything on my pc: not fonts, applications, anything. i've got windows xp prof, ie 6, word 97 and outlook 2002: i can't upgrade anything...

if i open up greek in perseus and set it to 'unicode with pre-combined accents' i see a mass of boxes over the pre-combined characters but the rest are fine. then if ...
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