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A Great Description....

I think that the thread on favorite hellenic saying may have me looking for similar things in Latin. Anyway, I'm reading some Horace at the moment - which makes for an interesting change from Cicero! - and came across a great description of the school he didn't go to.... He called it:<br /><br />"... magni<br />quo pueri magnis e centurionibus orti,<br />laevo suspensi loculos tabulamque lacerto,<br />ibant octonos referentes Idibus aeris"<br /><br />"Where big boys ...
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Re:latin programs

<br />Hi Bobby,<br /><br />Welcome to Textkit! I'm happy to hear you've found the Latin books on this site. I don't know of any online interactive Latin sites, but I'm sure some of the more seasoned members here might know. Don't forget to check out the Outside Links of Interest forum.<br />
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Vocabula computatralia

I stumbled upon this site when I was looking for the Latin equivalent for a computer term. I'd love to find other sites with computer-related terms.<br /><br />Vocabula computatralia<br />http://www.obta.uw.edu.pl/~draco/docs/voccomp.html
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A random thought

Has anyone ever noticed how the smiley face emoticon looks incredibly evil when you highlight it?<br /><br />Try dragging the cursor over this: :)
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Ouch. I've found a sentence (in my grammar book, no less) that I can't seem to translate properly. The sentence, on pg. 29 of D'Ooge's "Latin for Beginners", reads like this: <br /><br />Ferae terrarum pugnant. <br /><br />My translation is, "The earths' beasts fight", which just sounds strange, somehow. Is that right? If not, what am I missing? <br /><br />Thanks. <br /><br />Keesa
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Greek to English

Um-I'm not sure if questions belong in this part of the site, but does anyone here know of a good online dictionary for Greek, where you can type in the word and come up with a list of possible definitions in English? I had found one, but it didn't seem to work very well. <br /><br />(Jeff, if you feel that this post belongs in another part of Textkit, please feel free to move it.) ...
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M&F Unit 9

The subject of this unit is comparatives and superlatives.<br /><br />I'm not sure about this example sentence:<br /><br />Plus pecuniae hominibus melioribus optandum est quam peioribus.<br /><br />I make it: <br />More money is to be desired by the better people rather than the worse (people).<br /><br />Can quam be used to mean rather than?
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Just curious

I am trying to read Greek without translating the words in my head. It is going okay, untill I get to a sentence like line 26 of the Iliad. Even knowing the meaning, I cannot read this line from left to right without analyzing which word belongs to which. The object of the preposition before the preposition, e)gw\ between and adjective and its noun, the object of the sentence right at the beginning. I am ...
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aorist and present infinitive

Line 20 of the Iliad reads as follows;pai=da d' e)moi\ lu=sai/ te fi/lhn, ta/ t' a)/poina de/xesqai.<br />My question is: What is the significance of lu=sai being aorist and de/xesqai present tense.<br /><br />Thanks
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FGB Para 173 - Passage "He continues to collect Forces&

Hi All<br /><br />I am a beginner and I have been going through First Greek Book own my own. I'm at the point in the lessons where I'm starting to encounter some difficulty and I ask for your help.<br /><br />This is from page 43 Paragraph 173, first 2 lines:<br /><br />a)/llouj de\ stratiw/taj Ku/rw| h)/qroize Kle/arxoj o( Lakedaimo/nioj e(n Xerronh/sw|. tou/tw| ga/r w(j fi/lw| pare/sxe muri/ouj dareikou/j<br /><br />My translation:<br />Clearchus, a Spartan in ...
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