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properat vs maturat

What's the difference between properat and maturat? They both mean "hasten". Are they interchangeable? How do you decide which word to use?
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How many cases?

Hello,<br />In some grammars there are 3 cases added to the 5 well known.<br />They are:<br />ablative - with endings like genitive <br />locative and instrumental - both with endins like dative<br /><br />Are these real cases or just scholar invention?
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BLD Ex107 PtI Pg45

Passage from Ex107 PtI Pg45:<br />Romani, clarus, Italiae populus, bellum parant. Ex agris suis, vicis, oppidisque magno studio viri validi ad arma properant. Iam legati cum legionariis ex Italia ad Rhenum, fluvium Germaniae altum et latum, properant, et servi equis et carris cibum frumentumque ad castra Romana portant. Inopia bonorum telorum infirmi sunt Germani, sed Romani armati galeis, loricis, scutis, gladiis, pilisque sunt validi.<br /><br />I'm having trouble with the two sentences in red.<br /><br ...
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te in line 13 of the Iliad

te occurs twice in line 13 of the Iliad but I can't translate them in a meaningfull way.<br />If there is no connection between the two, the second one may simply mean -and-;and bringing countless ransom.<br />And, also, both...and etc. does not make a whole lot of sence here. What is the meaning?

Kia Ora, dudes

Good morning all,<br /><br />I'm Phil, a new member to the forum, and I'm from the antipodes.<br /><br />I did a year of Latin in high school, and after a short break (20 years) decided to try again. I'm currently working through Wheelock's Latin (6th revision). I decided to learn Latin for two reasons: firstly, to really appreciate the graffiti sketch from 'Life of Brian', and secondly, I hope one day to be able to ...
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M&F Unit 8

Could someone check these translations into Latin for me? It's exercise 8.II on page 138.<br /><br />1. He felt that the enemy was serving as the author of evil for that city which had been oppressed for many years by all sorts of destruction.<br />Sensit hostes auctoribus mali illae urbi esse quae multos annos omnibus ruinae generibus oppressa esset. <br /><br />2. Soldiers! Destroy the republic! Overcome all free men! Throw liberty, hope, and faith ...
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BLD Ex99 PtII Pg43 #2 & #6

<br />We finally got to possesive pronouns!<br /><br />#2 My son Sextus is carrying his booty to the Roman camp.<br /> Meus filius Sexte suam praedam ad castras Romanis portat.<br /><br />Is this correct? This question had a footnote saying that it is not the Dative, and asks why. I'm not sure why. :( Since they already said not the Dative, I figured it couldn't be anything ...
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Parragraph 90, note 11. of Pharr has; to/n= (illum)<br />Pardon my ignorance but I have no idea what illum means and I failed to find it in the dictionary. Can someone tell me?
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Textkit Mistake (posted disrespectã D'Ooge)

In Learn Latin section, Latin For Beginners, "...who's".<br /><br />Sorry for being picky but that = disrespect. <br /><br />Otherwise textkit RULES ;D
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Pharr para. 88 lines 2-3

I have a few questions.<br /><br /><br />-line 2;Xru/shj ga\r a)rhth\r e(khbo/lou e)/rxetai e)pi\ qoa\j nh=aj )Axaiw=n, fe/rei d' a)pereisi' a)/poina qugatro/j, h(\n )Atrei/dhj e)/xei e)n stratw=|<br />I think that means something like:"For Chryses the priest if the Free-Shooter comes on speedy boats of the Achaeans and he brings countless ransoms for his daughter, whom the the son of Atreus holds in the encampment".<br />Assuming my translation is correct, I have 2 questions about this. ...


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