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frequency list

Is there a list available that shows how often Homer used a particular word?
It would help in determining how much effort to put into memorizing that word.
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Please bear with me...

Why do infintives like 'to grow hungry' end in -r instead of -er?

This verb has not entered into my grammatical studies so far and muddles my translations!
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Happy Easter

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Happy Easter

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What is Pain?

If you think aobut it, what is pain? Physical pain of course. The thing you feel when you get burned or something. This could lead to what physical feelings are...
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Everything looks so small...

... when you're looking down from 2000 feet. :wink:
Wow, the first time I've flown with my uncle in his four seater plane (a Piper), and my adrenelin levels are probably still higher than normal even now :) . They peaked at take off and when my uncle let my dad fly the plane (my dad had never flown ...
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Could someone please help me with a translation?

I've been trying, in vain, to get this phase translated from english to latin; could someone please help me?

the phase is:
"Life is a Fight".

Thanks for you time,
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Okay, this one might be new to you...

I came up with an idea for a program that allowed you to enter words and their translations, which could then be searched either way. It's more complex than a database, since some words mean more than one thing (moneo, as an example). So if you were trying to find the translation for 'cogitare,' you could enter it and the program would spit out the various meanings. You could also search from English to Latin ...
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Dear A Good Latin Scholar

Dear A Good Latin Scholar:
I am having trouble translating the first paragraph in 38 Latin Stories compiled by Wheelock. The title of the work is from the gallic wars and is on page 44, Chapter 24. If anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it! THANKS!

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sentences for kids...


I'm wondering if someone can help me with standard sentences a parent would use with kids. My kids ( 6 and 3) are thrilled when they can understand a Latin sentence, and obedience is way up. Go figure...

Go clean up your room
Brush your teeth.
Time for your bath
Clean up your plate.
Let's go outside.

My Latin is too basic for me to figure these out.

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