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Nikko Kirifuri

A new Japanese restaurant opened in my beloved Madison, WI, recently - Muramoto - and this evening I finally made it there with some friends (the band Null Device, and associated S.O.'s, all in one place preparing for a show tomorrow). The food is quite good, and not, unlike many restaurants in town these days, absurdly priced.

They are known for their sake, and rice wine is experiencing a bit of a fad in parts ...
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I just stumbled across something unexpected in my Latin dictionary. The entry is:

grates, f. pl. thanks; grates agere, to express thanks; ~ habere, to feel gratitude.

Now, for as long as I can remember, I've used the phrase gratias tibi ago to thank someone. Looking below at "gratias," I see that the same expressions with "agere" and "habere" are used with "gratias" and "grates" alike, meaning essentially the same thing, it would appear.

I ...
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I'm taking Ancient Greek next year...

...anybody have any advice? I'm still in High School and this is my first college-level course. I'm a little nervous and excited. I feel kind of stupid asking this but is the Ancient Greek alphabet the same as the Modern Greek alphabet? Or does the Ancient Greek alphabet have some Etruscan letters in it. I know I have a lot to learn, so let's start here, shall we? I need to learn the diphthongs, digraphs, ...
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Salvete omnes! I'm new

Salvete omnes! nomen mihi Aurelia est et Latinam amo!

Sorry if my Latin isn't perfect, me paenitet, I'm still in the process of fully learning it.

A little about me: I'm 16 and I'm going to be a Junior in High School and going into my 3rd year of Latin next year. The books we use in class are the Oxford Latin Course books (anyone use them?)...I'm going to take Ancient Greek at the University. ...
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Latin Prose

Salvete, omnes!

I had a question about the time used in Latin prose. I've read how the Romans occasionally used the "historical present" tense in narration, rather than the perfect tense. How often did they use this? Would they have used it for a lengthier narrative composition such as in the genre of a short story or novel, or instead the past perfect?

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De Rebus Publicis

Nobis habendum disceptationem de rebuspublicis rebar, quoniam omnes sententias nostri tenemus, et propter casos recentiores qui nos intersint, atque, gravissime, modus hic in quo Latine communicare per dicendum optimus est. Si velitis sequentes has res disputare inter nos, nos intereste! Certe sunt consilia omnes accepta, ac omnis modus potestatis Latine, num sit exilior, similis mihi, an doctissimus.

Res prima: Res atroces nefasque in Sudane iam patratus passusque, adest mundus faciens nihil. Quid oportet civitates terrae ...
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medieval greek and latin

Hello. I've just gotten a bit curious about the later greek and latin texts, such
as the Alexiad of Anna Comnena, or any of the histories in latin such as the
Venerable Bede.
Aside from some very good websites for medieval latin texts online, I'm coming
up empty on where to find books of this nature. Are there any publishers that
specialize in this genre, or is it just a bit too esoteric to bother ...
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I've been shadowing Wheelock posts for the last six weeks while toiling through an accelerated Latin class. Having just finished the Sententiae Antiquae in ch. 40, I wanted to thank anyone who ever responded to anyone's posts on the Wheelock board.

I found that most of the grammar-based questions that troubled me had already been asked- and kindly answered- by text-kit regulars. I can't tell you all how much help you've all provided.

Gratias ...
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BLD § 249 Latin-English EXERCISES

I The First Bridge over the Rhine

1 Salus sociorum erat semper cara Romanis. Olim Galli, amici Romanorum, multas inurias ab Germanis qui trans
2 flumen Rhenum vivebant acceperant. Ubi legati ab iis ad Caesarem imperatorem Romanorum venerunt et
3 auxilium postulaverunt, Romani magnas interibus ad hostium finis properaverunt. Mox ad ripas magni fluminis
4 venerunt. Imperator studebat copias suas trans fluvium ducere, sed nulla via poterat. Nullas navis habebat. Alta
5 erat aqua. Imperator ...
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YUCK this latin taste terrible

The first and third options were nice; the latter a serious option for my life. As long as Brandy does not sing her new music. Some nice Almost Doesn�t Count. Time travel happens only in dreams. Some Latin grammar is easy. Truckers are my friends, English ones anyway, one of the best days of my life involved many a trekker. There are no welsh truckers they drive but sheep.

I wish the past whatever it ...
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