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Greek Handwriting


I try slowly but with success to learn ancient greek.

By writing the greek letters, I asked myself if there is any
difference between greek letters typed and handwritten.

And any idea about connectin the single letter like in latin letters.

any suggestions are welcome.

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Yet another query...

Hi, I am confused again. This time I want to know the distinction between these two phrases. legete touton ton logon Which means "you speak this word". As compared to legete ton logon First of all is that correct to say in the first place and if so would that mean "You speak 'a' word" as opposed to "You speak 'this' word".

Also what the heck does touton or toutouj ...
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Carmina Natalia

Ut aliter antea dixi, carmines Natalis Latine scripsi, versos primos. Hic, Anglice, "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear", aut "O Venit Media Nocte Clara" :

O venit media nocte clara,
Illvd carmen glorioso,
Ab angelos venti prae terra
Sonare lyras avro:
"In terra pax, et hominibvs
Bonae e Rege volvntatis."
In qviete mvndvs posvit,
Avdire cantar' angelis.

Scio hi versi non latinae optimae sunt, sed fortasse agunt; consilia vestra sunt gratissima.

Elisionem in verso sexto ...
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Need Help Translating some sentencing someone gave me please

Hey guys. My friend took a latin class and this is one of the last quizzes he got in the class. Can you help me figure out what they say. He won't tell me! And his paper has some flat lines over some of the letters at the end of words that I can't put on the computer. Any help would be awesome!

1. Eam cum litteris eius ad vos in patria Romanorum mittemus.

2. ...
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A couple questions...

Hi, I have a book called "Teach Yourslef New Testament Greek." It's a good book but it leaves me wondering about a few things that some you will most likely be able to help me with. For example, o( foboj tou kuriou e)stin a)rxh thj sofiaj

I know that sofiaj is feminine singular genitive so why doesn't it say taj sofiaj Also why aren't a)rxh and sofiaj in the accusative case sense they describe ...
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Salvete omnes!
I am called Thomas Jack. I'm a High School student in San Antonio, Texas USA. I am pretty familiar with Latin, and am looking to learn some Greek (I have had no previous experience with Greek.)

Just thought I'd introduce myself,
Titus Marius Crispus
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hectabrach plus

far from the title of this topic being the name of some obscure body ointment, i came across the word abolefacio today. i accordingly noted that the present active infinitive forms a run of six syllables that would all be scanned as short ab-o-le-fa-ce-re - thus what would surely be called a hectabrach.
does anyone know, or can anyone think of, a heptabrach or more?

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The Homeric Question

Has this been discussed before on Textkit? I don't want to go over old ground, but I'd really like to have a discussion on this.
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The Fourteen Hundred words

Does anyone know of a website where I could find - in full dictionary format - the 1400 words that are reputed to make up the core vocabulary for at least 80% of any Latin text.

I have a list of the words not in full dictionary format which is not nearly as useful e.g. manus is listed but without genitive, gender and meaning and this would be so much more useful to me in ...
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Cases in Greek

Hey, me again! I'm having trouble with the different cases of Greek, and wondering what I can do about it. Is there a clear explanation of what the cases are exactly, and how to use them. My text isn't very helpful so far on it. And should I memorize each case before moving on to anything else as they appear? thanks for the help and advice!

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