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M&F Unit 8

Could someone check these translations into Latin for me? It's exercise 8.II on page 138.<br /><br />1. He felt that the enemy was serving as the author of evil for that city which had been oppressed for many years by all sorts of destruction.<br />Sensit hostes auctoribus mali illae urbi esse quae multos annos omnibus ruinae generibus oppressa esset. <br /><br />2. Soldiers! Destroy the republic! Overcome all free men! Throw liberty, hope, and faith ...
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BLD Ex99 PtII Pg43 #2 & #6

<br />We finally got to possesive pronouns!<br /><br />#2 My son Sextus is carrying his booty to the Roman camp.<br /> Meus filius Sexte suam praedam ad castras Romanis portat.<br /><br />Is this correct? This question had a footnote saying that it is not the Dative, and asks why. I'm not sure why. :( Since they already said not the Dative, I figured it couldn't be anything ...
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Parragraph 90, note 11. of Pharr has; to/n= (illum)<br />Pardon my ignorance but I have no idea what illum means and I failed to find it in the dictionary. Can someone tell me?
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Textkit Mistake (posted disrespectã D'Ooge)

In Learn Latin section, Latin For Beginners, "...who's".<br /><br />Sorry for being picky but that = disrespect. <br /><br />Otherwise textkit RULES ;D
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Pharr para. 88 lines 2-3

I have a few questions.<br /><br /><br />-line 2;Xru/shj ga\r a)rhth\r e(khbo/lou e)/rxetai e)pi\ qoa\j nh=aj )Axaiw=n, fe/rei d' a)pereisi' a)/poina qugatro/j, h(\n )Atrei/dhj e)/xei e)n stratw=|<br />I think that means something like:"For Chryses the priest if the Free-Shooter comes on speedy boats of the Achaeans and he brings countless ransoms for his daughter, whom the the son of Atreus holds in the encampment".<br />Assuming my translation is correct, I have 2 questions about this. ...

Font Button

If someone wants to post some of his message in Bold print, all he has to do is click the B Button, or type in.<br />Would it be possible to have a button that would replace typing<br /> and ?
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duplicate adjectives

Gladium et pilum longum portat = He carries a sword and a long spear.<br /><br />Let's say both items are long. So I want to say :<br /> He carries a long sword and a long spear.<br />The logical way to phrase this in Latin seems to be :<br /> Gladium longum et pilum longum portat.<br /><br />Is there a way to phrase this in Latin so that the adjective longum is only used once? ...
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News in Latin

You can find current news in Latin at this site:<br /><br />http://www.yleradio1.fi/zgo3x.php?http://www.yleradio1.fi/tiede/nuntii<br /><br />It is produced by Radio Finland.<br /><br />Magistra
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Weather in Latin

Well, sort of. Part of the page is in Latin. :)<br /><br />I just thought this was neat and wanted to share this with you guys.<br /><br />http://latin.wunderground.com/<br /><br />US Charta a Satellitibus Extraterrestrialibus is quite a mouthful for a link, dontcha think?<br />
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BLD Ex95 Pg40 #2 & #5

<br />OK, I made it past Drill 89, Ex 90 Pts I & II, and Drill 94. Ex 95 wasn't so bad, but I'm unsure about 2 of the questions (out of 8 which isn't too bad).<br /><br />--==<>==--<br /><br />#2 Tiberim, fluvium Römänum, quis nön laudat et pulchrös fluviö finitimös agrös?<br /> Who doesn't praise the Tiber, the Roman River, and the beautiful neighboring fields by the river.<br />or<br /> Who doesn't praise the ...
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