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Ch 39, P&R#13, Eng -> Latin

As part of catching up with my negelected studies, I have been doing the English to Latin exercises from Wheelock, and I have a question. Those familiar with the film 'Jaws', might now like to start humming the 'daa dum' theme.

They are going to Rome to talk about conquering the Greeks.

I tried a number of ways of translating this, and would like someone to check my work please. (The first one is in ...
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Teaching And Learning Pronunciation Of A Foreign Language

A passage by Jerome K Jerome that has always delighted me :

I also think pronunciation of a foreign tongue could be better taught than by demanding from the pupil those internal acrobatic feats that are generally impossible and always useless. This is the sort of instruction one receives:

"Press your tonsils against the underside of your larynx. Then with the convex part of the septum curved upwards so as almost--but not quite--to touch the ...
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I'll be away for a few weeks...

... so I just thought I'd let you know that I'm off to uh... sunny (?) Britain. At least I don't think there's a risk that I'll die in the heat there :wink: .
Hope you all have a lovely summer! :D
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How many of you pronounce...

v as w, and how many pronounce it as v? Just wondering, I was taught to pronounce it as w but sometimes I hear people pronounce it as v.
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Nice little tool

This is a fun little tool, for those just starting out.

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Is there an Egyptologist in the house?

If there is, does anybody know about Netruremus (sp?)? His name is heiroglyphs is two falcons on a platform (or something). I learned about him on a National Geographic special and I would like to know more about him. After all, I named one of my fish after him. :wink:
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Translation & Gramma

I've got the following sentence that is not clear to me:

Id est senatores.

It's out from a story about Romulus choosing people for the senate.

Is it : there is senators or there are sentors.

and what's about the converguence of nomen and verb. Why isn't the sentence so: iis sunt senatores ???

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An Interesting Take...

I have respect for anyone trying to learn Ancient Greek. I have the most respect for those who have already learned Ancient Greek.

For the past few months, I memorized how to read and pronounce the Greek alphabet. I memorized the endings of the first declension. I skipped ahead to verbs. The book "Greek in a Nutshell" was very helpful for something written over a hundred years ago.

However I have realized Greek is much ...
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Nikko Kirifuri

A new Japanese restaurant opened in my beloved Madison, WI, recently - Muramoto - and this evening I finally made it there with some friends (the band Null Device, and associated S.O.'s, all in one place preparing for a show tomorrow). The food is quite good, and not, unlike many restaurants in town these days, absurdly priced.

They are known for their sake, and rice wine is experiencing a bit of a fad in parts ...
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I just stumbled across something unexpected in my Latin dictionary. The entry is:

grates, f. pl. thanks; grates agere, to express thanks; ~ habere, to feel gratitude.

Now, for as long as I can remember, I've used the phrase gratias tibi ago to thank someone. Looking below at "gratias," I see that the same expressions with "agere" and "habere" are used with "gratias" and "grates" alike, meaning essentially the same thing, it would appear.

I ...
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