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#3 N&H Exercises 3 [A] to 5 [B]

N&H Pages 5-7, Exercises 3 to 5
1. In order to not be accused myself, I accused my friend.
2. All of us will come with you, so that you may be safe.
3. We will leave the sick that we may not be hindered.
4. Let us go to the top of the hill so that we may see the plain.
5. We shall send 200 men in order that we may ...
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Pharr 1:149 Why a neuter adjective?

w)/ moi, a)naidei/hn e)pieime/ne, kerdaleo/fron,
I think that a)naidei/hn is in the accusative case because it acts as object of the participle e)pieime/ne. However, I don't understand why kerdaleo/fron is neuter (I assume it is nominative)
There is nothing neuter for it to modify. If it is neuter because it is an adverb, what verb is it modifying. It wouldn't be -craftily clothed with shamelessness- would it?

Pharr 1:144 Subject vs predicate

ei(=j de/ tij a)rxoj a)nh\r boulhfo/roj e)/stw,
With the verb being right at the end of the phrase, how do you tell what is the subject and what the predicate? Or does it even matter?
"A man with discretion is to be the leader" is identical to "The leader is to be a man with discretion"
I probably would not have asked the question if a)nh\r was written before a)rxo\j because it makes more sense ...

Cleo's intro

So, we're asked for an intro, in its own thread.. Here it is.

I'm 38 years old (already??) stay at home mom. I used to be a software engineer, working in 3D animation software, used in special effects firms like ILM, and other Hollywood studios. So I went from glamour to diapers! My other specialisation is robotics, but I never worked in the field and I also did a year in theoretical physics in university. ...
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New Year's Resolutions... Learning Greek and Latin

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Does anyone have learning goals in mind for the coming year?

I plan to read the entire Anabasis of Xenophon - that's my 2004 goal.

Anyone else?

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H & Q Unit 4 English to Greek

Could someone look over these translations for me, please.

The topics for this unit are:

a. masculine first declension nouns
b. first/second declension adjectives
c. conditional sentences

1. If the poet writes a good book about battle, the young men will dissolve the peace.
2. If you should sacrifice animals to the gods, we would stop the war.
3. If I had guarded the island, you would have guarded the bridge.
4. The citizens refused ...
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Beginner question: Conservate me ; servate me

Warning, this is a beginner question...

Chapter 1, Sententiae 7, Conservate me!
The answer key published here says protect me.
Yet, in the optional exercices, #20 is also Conservate me, with the answer in Wheelock as save me.

Another example is Apollo me saepe servat, translated here as Appollo often saves me.

So what would be the difference between conservate me, and servate me? I assume it's some sort of nuance that I am not ...
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Basic translation (just a quickie)

For a while i've been looking for a translation of the word 'Control' as in 'the control of oneself' or 'control of surrounding events'
I've found rough translations on a couple of online dictionaries but i thought i'd be better to get it from some people who'll know for sure.

Please accept my apologies if these posts are dime-a-dozen.
Thanks for your help

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Pharr section 248 line 7

ou)/ tij )Axaiw=n pro/frwn pei/setai e)/pesin )agame/mnoni a)naidei/hn e)pieime/nw| kai\ kerdaleo/froni
I think the gist of this line is something like; No one of the Achaeans will eagerly obey the words of Agamemnon who is clothed in shamelessness, and crafty.
I don't understand why Agamemnon is in the dative case.
pei/qomai takes an object in the dative, that explains e)/pesin.
They are the words of Agamemnon, so why is agame/mnoni dative instead of genitive?
If ...

Happy New Year

I'll be offline for the rest of this year.

Sh h( bog mani baduse+iw!(It's Korean :D)

Happy New Year!

(Eutuxi/smenoj o( kainou/rioj xro/noj!
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