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Is there an obscure rule, subsumed with the other rules by the concept 'Euphony of Consonants,' to which one can ascribe the present perfect active form of the verb pe/mpw being pe/pomfa? I really do not want to have to memorize six principal parts of each verb; the four principal parts of Latin verbs are hard enough to remember... (all I do is complain ;) )
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beta test the new Details page

Textkit's details page is the web page that pulls specific file information from the database - terrible file name for a web page I know, but hey, I'm a programmer and we're known for unfriendly terms like this.<br /><br />please test this new page and if there are problems/suggestions let me know. <br /><br />http://www.textkit.com/details2.php?ID=6&author_id=5<br /><br />the whole 'top downloads' thread motivated me to make some long coming changes. Basically i want to compress the ...
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I see from LSJ (http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/cgi-bin/pt ... %3D%231212) that a)delfo/j means brother or more specifically son of the same mother.<br /><br />Does this mean it usually refers to half-brothers? If so, what about half-brothers through the father or full brothers? What were they called?
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M&F Unit 11

My English to Latin translations are:<br /><br /><br />1. Having dared to enter the neglected house, the children fled as soon as possible when the guardian approached.<br /><br />Custode aggrediente, nati in domum neglectum ingredi ausi quam primum fugerunt.<br /><br />2. Desirous of money, the young men attempted crimes, nor did they fear the punishment which threatened.<br /><br />Pecuniae cupidi, iuvenes scelera conati sunt neque poenam minantem timuerunt.<br /><br />3. Famous consuls, don’t use all ...
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Pharr p. 26

Hello, I'm new to the forum. I'm Going through Pharr on lesson 6 and I have run into several sentences using the accusative form for indirect objects which I thought should be dative. Here are two, numbers 1 and 6, but several of the sentences have this.<br /><br />1. a)glaa\ a)/poina fe/rousin )Acaioi\ ei\j strato\n.<br /><br />I'm wanting to translate this as "The Achaeans bear glorious ransoms through the encampment" but the strato\n is clearly ...
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Sin or not

May one question oneself: is a really deeply evil/lustful/immoral/murderous etc. thought a sin? <br />And how does it relate to actually completing the action of which one thinks?<br /><br />For many say bad thought is a sin however most people can not help the odd evil totally unacceptable disgusting uncharacteristic thought that suddenly appears without any previous warning. <br /><br />And 99.9999% of the time no one ever even thinks of actually murdering their teacher ...
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http://vulsearch.sourceforge.net/<br /><br />His program will display the Latin vulgate side-by-side with the Douay-Rheims translation. The author is finishing up his transcription of the entire Clementine vulgate into electronic form.
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Modern Latin Poetry

A collection of Latin poems written in the 20th/21st centuries. Plus a how to write Latin poetry guide and links to recordings of people reading different metres aloud.<br /><br />http://www.suberic.net/~marc/latinpoetry.html
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Hi! I'm a latin beginner, so I would like to know which one is correct or if none of them are:<br /><br />- Amicitiae verae aeternae sunt.<br />- Amicitias veras aeternae sunt.<br /><br />What I want to say is: <br /><br />- "True friendships are forever."<br /><br />Please help! :-\<br />
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Tutorial/summary Request

I am curious to know exactly how Latin poetry (and Greek, though I can't read it yet) actually are organized and function. I have a lot of comments (especially by Elucubrator) about the length patterns for words and such, and the different arrangements (i.e. hendecasyllabic, dactylic), but I am still incredibly vague on what it actually is. So, could someone please either direct me to a site or article (or write a tutorial) so I ...
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