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IB Classical Greek HL

I'm (privately) studying the International Baccalaureate higher-level classical Greek course, intending to take the exams in May 2004 - and I was just wondering if anybody else here had any information about it (apart from what's in the Subject Guide and Vade Mecum). I'm especially curious if anyone has seen (or even better, knows where I can obtain ;)) past exam papers, and can give me some ...
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It's Coming!... and now... It's Here!

Long Promised. Smyth's Greek Grammar will be online by the end of the month.<br /><br />My most productive volunteer - a local high school student - is photocopying it now. <br /><br />At just under 800 pages, this file will be huge. :'( We'll most likely make it available for download both whole and as separate parts.<br /><br />jeff
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Word of the Day: Week 8/12

As proposed by Benissimus, here's a second word of the day for this week....<br /><br />incido, incidere, incidi, incasum<br /><br />The New College Latin and English Dictionary defines this one as:<br /><br />
intransitive to happen, occur; (with ad or in + accusative) to fall into, fall upon; (with in + accusative) 1. to come upon unexpectedly, fall in with; 2. to attack; (with dative or in + accusative) 1. to occur to (mentally); 2. to ...
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I notice that all the Latin sentences (so far) in Latin for Beginners have the verbs at the end. Do the verbs always come at the end in Latin? <br /><br />Keesa
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An Encomium of Oxford

Following on from Why Latin?, Episcopus and Keesa both asked about Oxford. Raya may have heard all this before but here goes.<br /><br />I studied English Language and Literature at Keble College Oxford and enjoyed every moment. Oxford is one of the most beautiful places on Earth and one of the best resourced places to study. Keble is a large, Victorian, coloured-brick edifice to the north of the centre. It was an all-male, drinking-and-rowing college ...
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Translation difficulty, please help.

I have translated this sentence a number of times, and, every time I do, it sounds all the more strange to me.<br /><br />Orator exemplum dignum petat ab Demosthene illo, in quo tantum studium tantusque labor fuisse dicu ntur (I spaced that word because the filter thought it was a dirty word.. ahem...) ut impedimenta naturae diligentia industriaque superaret. - Cicero<br /><br />Let the orator beseech from that Demosthenes a worthy example, in ...
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I'm new and dont know what to do.

I want to learn Latin and I dont know anything about it and i was wondering if anyone knew any free down loads that would help?
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h( mousikh/

<br />xai/rete pa/ntej,<br /><br />poi/hn mousikh\n a)kou/ete oi( a)goreu/ontej;<br /><br />e)/gwge pantoi/hn, a)lla\ ta\ plei=sta th\n mousikh\n e)lektrikh/n. kai\ fi/loi tine\j e)moi/ e)sti oi(\ poieu=si oi(/hn mousikh/n.<br /><br />eu)tuxei=te<br /><br /><br /><br />e)lpi/zw mh\ barbari/zein me a)/gan.<br />
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Readers (Spinoff from Which One, Which One?)

I'm looking for ideas on Latin readers. What do you think would constitute a good, helpful, interesting reader? <br /><br />Keesa
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Advanced Latin

Is anyone aware of a decent, advanced Latin text? I want to find a instructional text of the same calibur as Wheelock's Latin with more advanced subject matter. Any suggestions, no matter how inane or impertinent, are welcome.
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