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Salvete! Latin question: how does one say, "I feel," in Latin? My guess would be sentior. I base this on a general translation of Italian to Latin of certain similar phrases like the Italian, si vede, "it seems." Where the Italian uses the reflexive si to express this concept, Latin prefers the passive construction of the verb, videtur; videor then would mean, "I seem," just as in such phrases as videor bene, "I seem well." ...
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confirm translation (please)


The first 5 sentences deal with one particular scene (magister et pueri). The second set of 4 sentences deal with another scene (Scintilla et Horatia). Please confirm translation.


First scene:

1. Amici ad ludum lente ambulant. Sero adveniunt.
--My friends slowly walk to school. They arrive late.

2. Ubi ludum intrant, magister iratus est.
--When they enter the school, the teacher is angry.

3. 'Cur sero advenitis?' inquit; 'Mali pueri estis'.
--Why are ...
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Pieces of me

The forums have been quiet lately, so I decide to post a picture of myself. It was taken by a friend at his house for I have no digital camera, some people may find it slightly distasteful but do you want to see the only proper image I have of me or not?

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Greek Iambics

I don't think Will has advertised a recent addition to his wonderful website, and I hope he doesn't mind my doing so, I like to point you all to
wherein can be found, in very clear language, some hints for getting to grips with composition.

Well worth a read :D

Paul McK
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Das Inverse Theory

I shall finally let you all in on my amazing way of thought.

Have you ever eaten something, and thought, 'eerr this tastes like sheet...s of De Bello Gallico' ? Do you wish that it might taste delicious? Lately so many things in life have been inverse that I came across this theory. I can show you how to do it! It goes thus:

1. Take your bowl of disgusting food
2. Take a piece ...
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suggestions for latin dictionaries (UK)

I think i've just about reached the limit of my oxford pocket dictionary, but I don't need the full thing yet. Anyone know of any good dictionaries in between? Does anyone use the cassell one?
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I didn't know this was still in print


It appears D'Ooge's book is still selling after all these years. I wonder if those who buy it are aware it's available for free?
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need help with aeneid 3 translation

damn virgil is hard :(

150/151: visi ante oculos astare iacentis in somnis multo manifesti lumine,

I saw (them) standing before my eyes having been thrown into my dreams?? with a lot of clear light???

157: nos tumidum sub te permensi classibus aequor

we have traversed across the swollen sea with the fleet under you??

159: tu moenia magnis magna para longumque fugae ne linque suasit.

you ...
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Can I use the conjunction 'sed' in the following manner?

philosophiam amo sed pecuniam amas. I love philosophy but you love money (a bit silly, I know).

If not, how would I write it?
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JWW exercises, paragraphs 653, 654, 656

My ongoing thanks to Skylax!

Attempted answers to Ex's in lesson LXX

1. I wonder that Cyrus has nowhere shown himself / hasn’t shown himself anywhere
2. Orders had been given to appear courageously before/to the cavalry
3. And hearing this, he became exceedingly agitated, and asked whether they had already given a decision/made an answer
4. The cavalry have been scattered
5. Most of the dispersed had been brought/collected together
6. Clearchus was ...
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