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eram and fui

Am I right in getting the impression that 'eram' and 'fui' are more or less interchangeable? The distinction between perfect and imperfect does not seem to apply to this verb as it does to others. When I'm doing composition exercises all I can do is guess which one I will find when I look in the key.
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What is the name of the font in North and Hillard's key?

What is the name of the Greek font used in so many books, for example, in North and Hillard's Greek Prose Composition Key? I mean the printer font, of course, not any computer font.

This font seemed to be ubiquitous, but I don't see any new computer fonts that even resemble it. I'm wondering why. Is this old font unpopuplar, for some reason?

Do any printed Greek books give a note at the front that ...
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I just found your site here and I love it ... I downloaded Mr D 'Oog's lessons and have begun my studies.

I want to learn Latin so that I can read some texts in their native languages , as well as it's just fun LOL

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Font with macrons and breves needed.

There is a bunch of fonts with macrons and breves. However, I am trying to find some solution for indicating variable quantities (as in poetry). It means having a macron and a breve over the same vowel. Any ideas?
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Greek MA programs

Hello everyone,
I was wondering if anyone could give advice or recommendations for MA programs in Greek. The Williams University website has a list of Classics programs in the US (http://www.williams.edu/Classics/Grad_Programs.html), and I've spent a lot of time looking at websites. But it's always good to get someone's personal perspective. If anyone has experience with the program at Florida State University, that would be especially helpful, since I live in Florida and would give preference ...
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Image processing question

Who can recommend an app capable of splitting scanned dual pages (like in a book, that is)? How about any additional processing?

Another question. Who is the forum admin?
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Translating each other's

I know that the idea of "each other" is expressed in Latin by "inter se", but what about "each other's".

How do I translate sentences of the type:"They broke each other's windows."

The best I can do is to put "Each broke the other's window." Is there a better way? Does it involve "inter se"?

(I can remember having problems with just this type of sentence when I was learning German!)

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Translation help

I am currently beginning to study latin and I am looking for help change a quote slightly

the quote in its original for goes as follows

Et portae inferi non praevalebunt ad versus eam
-And the flames of hell shall not prevail against it

I would like a simple change made to it so it reads as follows
-And the flames of hell shall not prevail against me

Thank you in advance
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Das Y Chromosome

I propose, that girls are more shallow and stupid than boys. This may appear sexist, but I give a balanced argument. 99% of people nowadays in some way are stupid whatever das sex. I included we just lack any intelligence understanding tolerance of certain things. I for example lack awareness of things which I do not want to know I automatically dismiss and am also one ignorant bugger.

Nevertheless, my ignorance is but the negligible ...
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Hello. I'm a new member.

As Captain Obvious would say, I want to learn Ancient Greek. I already started with Pharr's Homeric Greek textbook a few weeks ago, and now that Greek has proved not to be another ephemeral whim of mine, I decided to join the community.

I am a theatre student, a thespian, and my main interests are Greek drama, Homer, and lyrical poetry - basicially all Greek which was spoken - hence the glottal in my username ...
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