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Hittite Grammar

A few months ago, I found a web page where you could download, page by page, images of an old Hittite grammar book. Since it was late and I was tired, I was going to return to that page the very next day and download the files. I never found the site again. Does anyone know of this site, or if it is still in operation?
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Languages and computers

On second thought, I'm starting a new thread for this reply.

Bert wrote:
A little 'aside' question; Why is it that so many classicists are also computer experts (or at least computer geeks.)

I'm neither. I can pretty well maneuver my way around online, and I can do most things with computers that I need to do (i.e., format a manuscript on Microsoft Word or outline a resume on Publisher), but calling me a ...
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Germanic textkit ;-)

This is the germanic textkit. I don't know if this has been posted yet, but since mingshey liked the Old Icelandic dictionary, I wanted to share another link. :-) But the annoying thing is that you have to download page by page. However, there are different formats of the text too.

http://www.ling.upenn.edu/~kurisuto/ger ... urces.html
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Charting out tenses in a time line

Latin: Pluperfect – Perfect – Imperfect – Present – Future Perfect – Future.

I’m sketchy about the Imperfect because it is a continuous action that can extend all the way back to Pluperfect, but what do you think of the placement in the time line? I’m doing this because I’m trying to make a mnemonic verb synopsis list. Pluperfect verbs would be verbs starting with the letter "A"; Perfect starts with "B; Imperfect starts with ...
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Does anyone feel guilty for studying dead languages?

Do you feel guilty for studying dead languages? I just feel like poop when my mom asks me “what language is that?” I kind of lie and just say I’m doing it for fun and I’m not taking it seriously, which is still bad in of it self already because I should be studying something practical like computer science and should not be wasting my time. Luckily, I’m interested in live languages too, but that ...
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Is there such a thing as something that is not?

Even if I imagine a thing that, physically, does not exist, and never has, does that thing not exist, even as an idea in my mind?

Just a thought! :)
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Horace Question

Si vis me flere, dolendum est primum ipsi tibi.

How would this best be translated? It is an exercise from Wheelock but it is also an unaltered line from Horace. I translated it as...

"If you wish for me to weep, first you should grieve for yourself."

...but now I am wondering if the first part would make more sense if it meant "If you wish to weep for me..." and how I should best ...
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A quick question.

Hello. I have a problem, and i was hoping somebody here could help me.
"Mens sana in corpore sano" as you all know, is translated as "a sound mind in a sound body". Now i would like to change it to a sick mind in a sick body. How would that look? I know that "morbus" is sickness but can i just exchange "sana" for "morbus"? Sorry about this question, as it may seem silly ...
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#2 Answers

1. Do not send me to ask for peace.
2. We have gone home to see our friends.
3. I have bought a horse that I might not be tired.
4. You had gone to Italy to see the king's son.
5. He went to the city lest he should see his father.

1. Noli(te) me ad pacem petendam mittere. (ne+mittas; pacis petendae causa)
2. Domum iimus ut amicos videremus. (amicos visum)
3. Equum ne ...
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Jurassic Pearson =)

Hodie librum quendam emi. Hoc "ebay" forum multos libros optimos habet,
re vera nunc suadeo ut vos eo quoque eatis. Quo in loco (textkit) etiam scio hunc librum esse, sed una pars, aliqua causa, longe abest. A me hae paginae videntur procul volavisse, ad longinquum locum. Quamquam hic liber non in finibus sit meis, erat mihi emendus quod tempore eo reliquo latine scribere multas litteras discam. Peius enim scio vos me latine scribere scire! ...
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