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Real Beginner

Hello,<br /> I am really new to this stuff. I was wondering if one of these beginner books on Textkit explains the different cases (Dative, Accusative, etc.) I really need help on that. I'm sure if I could figure those out and their uses it would be easier for me to learn Latin. Thank you.<br /><br /> -Cyke-
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"about to" Latine

Does anyone have suggestions, ideas, snappy comments, about how to say in a colloquial manner "I am about to " in Latin?<br /><br />I'm working on translating St. Basil "On the Value of Greek Literature" into Latin and the betacode line is this:<br /><br />tou=to me\n ou)=n au)to\ kai\ cumbouleu/swn h(/kw, ...<br /><br />(Chapter 1, line 24)<br /><br />Nigel Wilson, who I'm convinced knows everything, annotates thus:<br /><br />h(/kw with a future participles seems ...
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<br /><br />hello,<br /><br />I am from Turkey. I studied economics and I was too curious about Latin that I took it as selective from the archeology department for several terms. <br /><br />What I am wondering is this: when I was studying it we were given a lot of greek mythology samples to translate into english.. I have searched the web to find similat stuff but since I am not very familiar with these ...
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A Great Description....

I think that the thread on favorite hellenic saying may have me looking for similar things in Latin. Anyway, I'm reading some Horace at the moment - which makes for an interesting change from Cicero! - and came across a great description of the school he didn't go to.... He called it:<br /><br />"... magni<br />quo pueri magnis e centurionibus orti,<br />laevo suspensi loculos tabulamque lacerto,<br />ibant octonos referentes Idibus aeris"<br /><br />"Where big boys ...
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Re:latin programs

<br />Hi Bobby,<br /><br />Welcome to Textkit! I'm happy to hear you've found the Latin books on this site. I don't know of any online interactive Latin sites, but I'm sure some of the more seasoned members here might know. Don't forget to check out the Outside Links of Interest forum.<br />
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Vocabula computatralia

I stumbled upon this site when I was looking for the Latin equivalent for a computer term. I'd love to find other sites with computer-related terms.<br /><br />Vocabula computatralia<br />http://www.obta.uw.edu.pl/~draco/docs/voccomp.html
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A random thought

Has anyone ever noticed how the smiley face emoticon looks incredibly evil when you highlight it?<br /><br />Try dragging the cursor over this: :)
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Ouch. I've found a sentence (in my grammar book, no less) that I can't seem to translate properly. The sentence, on pg. 29 of D'Ooge's "Latin for Beginners", reads like this: <br /><br />Ferae terrarum pugnant. <br /><br />My translation is, "The earths' beasts fight", which just sounds strange, somehow. Is that right? If not, what am I missing? <br /><br />Thanks. <br /><br />Keesa
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Greek to English

Um-I'm not sure if questions belong in this part of the site, but does anyone here know of a good online dictionary for Greek, where you can type in the word and come up with a list of possible definitions in English? I had found one, but it didn't seem to work very well. <br /><br />(Jeff, if you feel that this post belongs in another part of Textkit, please feel free to move it.) ...
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M&F Unit 9

The subject of this unit is comparatives and superlatives.<br /><br />I'm not sure about this example sentence:<br /><br />Plus pecuniae hominibus melioribus optandum est quam peioribus.<br /><br />I make it: <br />More money is to be desired by the better people rather than the worse (people).<br /><br />Can quam be used to mean rather than?
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