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Latin Study Group using Wheelock

Anyone interested in starting a study group?
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College Football

Any college football fans here? I follow the University of Tennessee. "My blood runneth orange" is the way we say it here. I have been a UT fan for as long as I can remember. I live about 100 miles east of Knoxville and if you know anything about Tennessee, there is only one team we follow here. The Titans wish they had the following that UT has.

What team do you follow and why? ...
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Collar and Daniell Key

Is it possible to get an answer key for Beginner's Latin Book by Collar and Daniell?

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need some help with grammar


I came across some tricky passages of a work by Dion Chrysostomos. The text is part of a school book I use and there it says that it is taken from D. Chr. IX 14-16 and the authors may have changed some passages...

Dioge/nhj de\ ble/pwn a)/ndra tina\ e)k tou= stadi/ou badi/zonta meta\ mollw=n e(tai/rwn kai\ mhde\ e)pibai/nonta th=j gh=j, a)lla\ fero/menon u(po\ tou= o)/xlou, tou\j de\ a)kolouqou=ntaj kai\ bow=ntaj, a)/llouj de/ tinaj phdw=ntaj ...
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I couldn't resist...

Elementary Spanish Grammar. Espinosa & Allen. 1915.
First Spanish Book. Worman & Monsanto. 1906.
Second Spansih Book. Worman & Monsanto. 1906.
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New to the Forums

Hello all,

I'm begining my first quarter of Latin here at UC Santa Barbara. We are using Jones and Sidwell "Reading Latin". I also have downloaded D'Ooge "Latin for Beginners" that I may use as a supplement.

I'm excited to begin my studies, and it looks like this site will be a good resource.

Any tips for beginners?

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Writing Latin. How Does One Learn?

Hi fellow Latin Lovers! :-)

I am new to this forum though I have been looking around here on Textkit for some time by now.

I am an intermediate Latin learner and I would love to get started on writing in Latin myself!

I have tried some writing already but I would prefer to pursue any further studies in this in a more systematic manner.

What would ...
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I'm finally a Textkit member!! Just thought I'd celebrate for a sec :P
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Need help with German / introducing me

Hello all,

I will be applying to Law school this fall/spring to begin fall 2005. Initially I really wanted to go to the U.S., but then realized I cannot afford US$30'000 per year, and getting into serious debt would further aggravate my depression.

Anyway, I'm hunting around Europe, and found some cool programs in France and Germany. The problem is, I DO NOT SPEAK GERMAN! (French and English are both my mother tongues, and I ...
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JWW exercises, paragraphs 592, 593,594

some suggested answers for lesson LXIII - all criticism welcome!

1. will he report this or will you stay?
2. you (are/were) the first to express your opinion
3. they all wondered at what the other Greeks might/would answer
4. we are at a loss (as to) whether we will burn the wagons we have
5. some of them he will kill, others he will throw out
6. they were deliberating whether they would ...
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