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strange inflection

I came upon this sentence recently in an old text-book:
Ariadne identidem querebatur Thesea pollicitum esse se fidelem futurum esse.
Now, am I being dense? "Ariadne kept on complaining that 'Thesea' had promised he would be faithful." That is my translation - but why does 'Thesea' end in an A? I know it's a Greek name, but it should be masculine accusative, and I don't think Greek nouns ending in EUS have an accusative A ...
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§ 454. Exercises I, II Page 191-2 Review of Ablative

After this there will be just one further exercise.

I. 1. Galli locis superioribus occupatis itinere exercitum prohibere conantur.
-Having taken possession of the higher positions the Gauls try to keep away the army.

2. Omnes oppidani ex oppido egressi fugá petere inceperunt.
-All the townsmen who had moved out of the town began to attack with a flight...
(This one is not right I know)

3. Caesar docet se militum vitam sua salute habere ...

§ 447. Exercise II. Page 188. Gen/Abl of Description.

Here I am basically unsure, due to lack of reading any Latin in context but D'Ooge exercises, of what qualifies for Ablative or Genitive of Description.
The Genitive I understand is for numerical, Ablative for physical. What about the word, as will be mentioned below, "magnitude"? This seems abstract but reflects physical presence. By the way the Ex. I. was very easy so that goes well. Correct as I am sure you shall ...


Well, at 3:30 am last "night" I was on an exercise rampage. Then I came across something strange, due to an understandable yet now corrected mistake.

Let's see if Allen and Greenfluff can answer this: what is the present 1st person singular subjunctive of "creare"?

Surely it can't be creem? I know that it would be pronounced "creh-em" but such an elegant language should not hold such childish subjunctivses.

Ponder that thought, or "fieri potest ...
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§ 439. Exercises I, II Dative of Purpose/End for Which, P186

I'll begin by uttering a rare criticism: this dative of purpose lesson in my opinion has not been explained very well here. That's to say, every time there is a dative like this I need to see in brackets (for), and D'Ooge does include that :? Hence I don't understand this concept properly, probably the only thing in which I don't see any logic in the whole ...

M&F Unit 14 English to Latin

Could someone look over these please?

The topics for this unit are:
Result clauses
Relative clauses of characteristic, result, purpose

1. They ran across the fields so quickly that they arrived home faster than their friends.

Tam celeriter trans agros cucurrerunt ut celerius quam amici domum advenirent.

2. There is no one who does not know that the commander of the allies has been in charge of the troops for many years.

Nemo ...
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h( grafi/s

Every single text that appears on aoidoi.org goes through preparation twice. The second round of course is all on the computer, and is probably the most tedious.

The first round of preparation goes through my standard treatment for all texts I read in the trickier literary languages, Greek, Latin should I ever commit to juming into the Metamorphosis, Sanskrit, Chinese, ktl.. I grab a large format notebook (by preference the Avery Dennison 43-581, 8x11in college ...
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I'm new here
My name is Sam, but my friends know me as Samius Sum.
I'm in Latin 2 somewhere in RI.
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What are quaestiones obliquas and verba constantia?

thank you.
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A forum

I know a forum that is different. not from textkit in particular(i think textkit's forum is one of the best.), but from all forums i know other then that one.

in that forum, everyone can delete or edit each and every post.
i know it sounds crazy, especially when it is the 2nd largest contents site in israel.

what do you think about that idea? and i don't mean what do you think about aplying ...
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