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A word from Aristotle


I've no idea whether this word means "lead" or "begin"~~~~
and would u please tell me the accidence of it~~~~~

Thanx a lot
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Long vowels/accents -- important?

This is an absolute newbie question, so bear with me if it seems completely rediculous....

Is it really necessary to memorize the long vowels/accents? The only place, up to the point to which I've studied, where I see it necessary is the abalative singular. But is it okay to neglect learning them when memorizing new vocab, etc.?

Thanks, and I apologize in advance if the question seems rediculous :lol: ...
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"Si" clauses without subjunctive

Ok, English sentence:
"You will never be able to see my friends if you do not run as quickly as possible."
My translation: Numquam meas amicas videre poteris si quam celerrime non cucurreris.
Is using future perfect right there? is there any time when it's ok NOT to use future perfect? Thanks
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your pronunciation of ii, iit, ierunt, etc.

My teacher says you pronounce the initial "i" as a short "i" vowel and not the "y" semi-vowel sound. Do you concur? They are very similar sounds, but I assume you need to pause a bit between between those two i's if you pronounce the "i" as a short i vowel to avoid a diphthong sound (or in the case of iit, to make vowel distinction), which I think feels unnatural... Any thoughts on this?
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Techniques for learning Latin

I'm very new to Latin. I just kind of started studying it on a whim and am finding it quite enjoyable.

Latin is my 3rd/4th language (I've been learning Italian recently as well).

I studied French for a number of years in school and lived in Mexico for a few years, so my Spanish is probably my strongest right now (My French is actually pretty rusty right now from a lack of real use in ...
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Benners Homeric Grammer

This may be old hat but I was excited when I saw it. Perseus recently posted this old text book and it has a concise grammer of Homeric Greek in it.
http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/cgi-bin/pt ... ery=id=CG1
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H & Q Unit 8 English to Greek

Could someone look over these English to Greek sentences, please?\

The topics for this unit are:
1. Particples, formation and use
2. pa=j
1. Although being harmed by the young men, the citizens refused to dissolve the democracy, and the general led the soldiers into the country in order that he might rule the island. (Express the purpose in two ways.)

kai/per u(po\ tw=n neaniw=n bla/ptontej o(/mwj oi( pole=tai th\n dhmokrati\an lu=sai ou)k h)qe/lhsan ...
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I love horses

Before anybody says anything, I am causing no trouble because I know that all you great textkit people as observed through the Crazy Lions saga love an odd flash as much as anybody.

I purchased a Greek dictionary a week ago and yesterday decided not to do it. That is one great bummer. This little clip, to which UK fans can relate more (it's part of an awesome advert!) almost healed me.


Click on ...
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Fora or Mailing Lists in Ancient Greek

Are you aware of any online fora or mailing lists where conversations are held in Ancient Greek?
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Episcopus, Start your Latin A Level before it's too late

Apparently the AQA examinations board is dropping Latin & Greek as subjects from 2006:

http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/educ ... 797821.stm
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