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My one christmas recommendation.

I promise you people solemnly, as my latin people, that if you watch "I'm Alan Partridge" you will laugh 50 times more than you did during, The Life of Brian, let's say, which is to its credit very funny. I'm sure all of you will appreciate this (and perhaps notice his great unique idiosyncrasy, even without hearing his legendary speaking manner):


Thus urge I you, buy these two dvds:



I can't make ...
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Wheelock Website

Hi All

For those of you who can't get enough of Wheelock, there's a site online which has supplementary exercises which correspond with the book by chapter. I"ve also posted a link to a similar site for Athenaze in the learning Greek section of the forum. Enjoy!


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Athenaze Website

Hi all

Wow... it's been a while since I posted here. For those of you who are learning Greek with the Athenaze textbooks, the following site may be of some use to you. It has various exercises which correspond to the books by chapter. There is also one for the Wheelock text, which I'll post in the learning Latin section of the forum.


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school marks

each country has its own system for school marks, can you explain me how does it work in yours?
In Italy marks are form 0 to 10:
0 – you don’t open your mouth
1 – you open your mouth but all you say is wrong
2 – you say something but you’re sleeping and you talk about the last football match
3 – seriously low
4 – less seriously low
5 – nearly pass ...
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M&F Unit 13 Latin to English

Page 226:

11 b) Duo consules exposuerunt se quosdam duces navibus praefecturos esse.

11 c) Duo consules exposuerunt se quosdam duces navibus praefecturos

11 b) The two consuls explained that they were going to put certain leaders in command of the ships.

But what's the difference in 11 c)? Is the esse optional and they actually mean the same or is there some difference I'm not seeing?
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here are some cool laminated historical timelines for sale:
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Numquam Cogita

Okay, I got really bored and had nothing better to do. Then the song came on the radio. To spare the cock his triple crowing I won't deny I love it. I'm sure it is full of mistakes, but I hereby surrender to your merciless criticism:

Olet simile spirito juvenis

one ad typanos
atque fer amiciae tuae
ludus est timendum
atque simulandum
illa est ultram gaudiam
secura ipsa
o minime
verbam sordidam scio

salute salute ...
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The next step

First off - to introduce myself - hello all. Wonderful looking site here.

Now then, I need some advise on how to improve my latin. Some background - I'm in my fourth year of Latin in high school and one of the best in my class (if I do say so myself, with a 4.2 GPA to back it up). Currently we are translating the Aeneid in preparation for the AP test in late March/April. ...
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Have you tried supermemo?


This thing is suppose to help with your memory. Basically it's supposed to organize your repetitions optimally so you don't have to repeat things unnecessarilly. I haven't tested it out long enough to know if it is very successful or not. Although, its premise seems logical enough. I downloaded the freebie study for latin but it requires the lastest version which you have to buy. They only let ...
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