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I hesitate to ask this question out of fear that the answer is staring me in the face; At the top of the page it says that I have '1 message, 1 is new'. I see nothing different from the times when it said; "Hey, Bert de Haan, you have 0 messages, 0 new". What's up?<br />
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Hello everyone! ::)<br />I'm new here. I'm also new at Latin. What a great site! Looking forward to talking to you all! :)<br />Puella Parva<br />
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Latin Grammar in German

I stumbled upon this site and thought it looked neat and possibly of interest to some of you Latin learners who are interested in German (Milito, you come to mind :) ) ... brush up on Latin Grammar while practicing your German! ;D <br /><br />I'm posting it here first, before the "Outside Links" forum, because I'm not sure whether the website offers much value... cuz I ...
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Latin Library

The site www.thelatinlibrary.com looks like a really interesting one-it has several books, by Livy, Cicero, Ovid, etc., in Latin. The trouble is, I can't read them yet...so I don't know if they're good copies or not. ;D <br /><br />Keesa
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Letters and Sounds

Does anyone have a good way to remember the sounds of the various Greek letters? I'm having an awful time with that...gamma looks like a "y", rho looks like a "p", and by the time I've worked out what each letter is supposed to sound like, I've forgotten the word I'm trying to read! <br /><br />Any thoughts would be helpful. <br /><br />Keesa
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Learning Greek

I am interested in learning Ancient Greek (not Koine) and I am wondering which of the texkit books would I be best off with? I have a good grasp of Latin and grammar, if that would affect which book would be best suited to me.
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MOVED: Greek Texts in Unicode?

Moved to the Learning Greek forum where it belongs.

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Asterix Legionarius

I received my copy of Asterix the Legionare in the mail from Amazon last week and think it's uber cool. Learning vocab from cartoons is the way to go. There's a vocab list with English, German, Spanish and some other language at the back too.<br /><br />The whole book has been translated to Latin. Even Dogmatix uuuluuluus rather than howls :D<br /><br />There are a bunch ...
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Greek Texts in Unicode?

Greetings, all!<br /><br />This is a wonderful site. Congrats and thanks and all that.<br /><br /><br />I was wondering if anyone knows a site from which we can download complete unicode classical Greek texts. I've seen places that will display a section at a time, and there are places like this from which one can get scanned images, and there are tons of places to get translations. But I'd really like some pure Greek texts. ...
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Real Beginner

Hello,<br /> I am really new to this stuff. I was wondering if one of these beginner books on Textkit explains the different cases (Dative, Accusative, etc.) I really need help on that. I'm sure if I could figure those out and their uses it would be easier for me to learn Latin. Thank you.<br /><br /> -Cyke-
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