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Dr. Seuss in Latin

this looks fun... <br />http://www.bolchazy.com/prod.php?cat=latin&id=5556<br /><br />jeff
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Passive imperative?

Is it possible to make a passive imperative?<br /><br />"Be loved?"<br />"Be considered good"<br /><br />I've never learned these forms, and I'm just wondering if it is possible to make them literally. I know you can sort of circumvent it by saying "Be loveable", but is there an imperative of the passive voice?<br /><br />I can see how you might be able to make a negative imperative<br /><br />i.e. <br />Noli amari (Do not be ...
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BLD Ex78 Pg34 #4

<br />I'm not sure about the answer to BLD Ex 78, Pg 34, # 4.<br /><br />Translate the questions and answer them in Latin.<br /><br />#4. Cuius equum ancilla curat?<br /><br />I translated the question :<br /> Whose horse does the maid care for?<br /><br />I answered the question :<br /> Ancilla curat equum Marce.<br /><br />Background info:<br />I obtained the answer to this question from this dialogue (excerpt):<br /> Galba: Ubi, Marce, est ancilla ...
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If the Romans didn't use them, when did the practice of using macrons as an aid for learners start?
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Vita Buriae - Pars Prima

<br /><br /> Avete! Nomen meum est Buria Bogatir, etiam filius vaccae appellatus. Ego contra trium, sex, duodecim capitum dracones dimicavi. Omnes perierunt, omnes interfeci. Natus sum cum uxor regis liberos habere non potesset. Tum piscem quemdam capere iussit rex, qui potestatem habebat mulieribus liberos dare. Piscatores regis quaerebant talem piscem. Eum unus eorum piscatorum invenit et cepit. Ad ancillam piscem traditus est ad caenam reginae parandam. Verum tamen reginae ancilla pussilam partem piscis edit, ...
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Latin Translation Needed

I need something translated for my local school newspaper from English to Latin. If anyone could help with a translation, or knows a place where I could go to get one, it would be appreciated. What I need translated is as follows:<br /><br />"Greetings ... With amused support for the news column and with continuing best wishes for the best magazine I receive... (I am)... Thanks!"<br /><br />Thanks in advance,<br />K.M. in NC<br />
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I am studying....

I tried to make this a POLL, but encountered an error. >:(<br /><br />I was just curious to find out what everyone here is studying:<br /><br /><br />I am studing....<br />a) Greek<br />b) Latin<br />c) Greek and Latin<br />d) Neither<br />
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New teacher = horror

:'(<br /><br />i've just found out that my current latin teacher won't be teaching us next year (cause she's pregnant), but instead we'll be getting this zombie-teacher. i've had him before for three years, and he messed up everything for me. i was always failing the exams when i had him.<br /><br />he didn't care if we understood what he was on about, he just handed out a sheet of paper with the new forms ...
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Happy Birthday

<br />What do you say to someone when it's their birthday? I've discovered that "fortuna dies natalis" means Happy Birthday. What are some other things someone would say in Latin to the birthday boy (or girl)?<br />
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H C Pearson book

Have just been looking at the "Latin Prose Composition based on Cicero" by Henry Carr Pearson and noticed that there is a big chunk missing out of the middle (part II).<br />I'm sure there is probably some information about this that I have completely missed on the Textkit site. Is it on a separate file? I notice that the index at the front of the book has nothing for that section either.
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