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ludus quaestionum

nihil dic si quaestio non est.

perdone itaque?
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Might I make a suggestion?

Is there anyway we can have reference to charts for Latin grammar on here without having to download one of those things for Acrobat? I was just wondering because my computer is slowing down from downloading them.


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New person

I am new to this forum, and have just started learning latin. Feel free to remind me why learning latin is a good idea, if you please, as I am getting only negative feedback at the moment: 'latin is a dead language.'

So, I've decided to have a look at the pronunciation first, yet so far I've gotten two different guides from two different sources. The one claims that ae sounds like ai in ...
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Reality: A Fantasy?

Languages, such as Greek and Latin, assign abstract sounds to physical objects and ideas. If we think in languages, then is our reality is simply a virtual reality?

I have been reading some information on Chomsky's theories of language. In his theory, all spoken languages have built-in parameters in the brain. I think that there are no special parameters in the brain, because language is not just spoken. God did not create us with a ...
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The Greek Third Declension


I am having problems grasping the 3rd declension (in Ancient Greek). All the grammars I have consulted seem to just decline 10-20 nouns from this declension in full and assume you're set; whereas I prefer to know the rule that causes those endings to be employed. What different sub-declensions are there? What's the difference between the various consonental sub-declensions and i- and u-stems? (in terms of different endings)

I'm rather confused by this; when ...
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Oxford Latin Course

This course is made for the youngsters but it's what I learned from in school these last two years and it's easy to follow. It follows the life of Quintus Horatius Flaccus.
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More questions from N&H

I have struck trouble in the section dealing with composite subjects.
You and your brother will be killed by the enemy. Tu fraterque tuus ab hostibus necabuntur. Where should the -que go, there or after the tuus?
You and I and our friends will set out. Tu et ego et amici nostri proficiscemur. Is this the correct way to list things separated by 'and's?
The king and queen are dear to all of the citizens. ...
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Calling the Canadian (He knows who he is)

PeterD, tell me something about yourself.

I require something to ridicule, after you so rudely abused me in Greek forum.
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re: can't we do something else? elegiacs.

evening all,

i imagine many of you are not currently overloaded with things to do, especially in the scholarly field.
accordingly, i challenge all people interested to write an elegiac couplet. just one - in latin or greek.

most of you, i should think, are familiar with basic prosody and can scan. if not, there are many fine sites online that can introduce you to the basics (for that is all here necessary).

the mechanics ...
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Best book to start with?

I would like to get opinions on which book is better to start with--

Beginner's Latin Book by Collar and Daniell or
Latin For Beginners by Benjamin L. D'Ooge?

Pros, cons of each? Thanks!

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