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Does Size Matter, Or Is Bigger Better?


Everyone, especially the moderators, can breathe a sigh of relief -- it's not what you think. :)

This past week, my girlfriend sent me to the market to buy some capers so she can use as a garnish for one of her yummy vegetable dishes. At the market, I was befuddled by the wide assortment of caper sizes: small, medium, big and very big -- vow! ...
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Wondered if i could get a help with a translation?

Firstly, hi there!

I'm new to these boards, but I have read the post on asking for translations. so I know you guys prefer if we attempt translations ourselves........

The situation is that my fiancee and I are due to be married within 12 months and for the occasion we wished for a poem (as you can guess) written in Latin....

I have the poem here, in English, and this is what we would like ...
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Hello all. My name is Randal and I've wanted to learn Latin since high school, which was so long ago it was probably required, but that's another topic. I do speak a little Spanish and just a smattering of German (Like that'll help!) so I'm not a complete novice to learning languages, but this will be the first time I've learned one on my own.


How do I start?

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New Member

:lol: Hello everyone! I am a new member and I look forward to getting to know you guys. I found this message board by chance. I am Learning French. I saw this old French movie from like 1980 the other day called " The Aviators Wife" and a character in the movie said that knowing some Latin helps when you are trying to learn a new language. ...
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Wheelock Chaps 16 to 20 key comments

Salvete amici,

I have now completed Chaps 16 to 20 and would suggest the following possible changes to the key:

Chap 16
11 .....are not well the bad storm. CHANGE TO ...are not well in the bad storm?

Chap 17
1 ... which always nourishes us. CHANGE TO ...which always nourish us?

7 ...a man who loves too much... CHANGE TO ...a man whom she loves too much...?

Chap 19
12 ...
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what's the best book for...

learning to read the fragments of heraclitus?

i know different books prepare students more for certain styles of writing than others, so i'd like to know which book would be best for this.

even if you don't have an opinion on this, i'd still like your opinion on which is the most simple to use. i've been using wheelock's for latin, and i've liked it a lot. a greek book with a similar structure would ...
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Jeff's summer wishlist

Hi everyone, some have asked for what I'm looking for. Generally, I take what I can find and we don't really have too much direction with exactly what we post.

But here's an idea that would make a great August promotion - "The Complete Works of Arthur Sidgwick" We all have our favorites and Sidgwick is one of mine along with Hadley, D'Ooge, Goodwin and White.

Anyone who has thumbed through Greek Prose Composition can ...
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JWW exercises, para 256, 258, 265, 267, 276, 278

1 and in the tents there were shields
2 and there is a Persian army in the park
3 therefore I/they give thanks to the gods for victory
4 the satrap has destroyed this bridge in the night
5 those men/they were hostile to this old man
6 immediately they went to the mouth of the river
7 with the gods there are fine hopes of victory for the army
8 there were birds ...
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Wheelock Reader and 38 Latin Stories

Does anyone have the text from the Wheelock reader that they could type up here or scan? Preferably chapter 19. I only need the Latin, not the English. I would greatly appreciate it for my Latin class. It would be good if we could post the Latin and the English translations for the stories like we have the Practice and Review and Sententiae Antiquae posted. The 38 Latin Stories is also good if someone could ...
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What is the best way to.......

I am in the process of learning Greek, and have been studying it on my own. I have been using some different textbooks and even some online courses. Though I must admit that I am having a little trouble grasping all the declensions and syntax. There are just sooooo many diffeent ones that I just feel a little overwelmed. Does it just take a long time to get it all? Any suggestions?
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