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Heredity or environment or heredity and environment

The Greeks started this one with fu/sij and no/moj. <br /><br />So, any thoughts. Are we mainly a product of our genes or our environment, or an inextricable mixture of both?
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ok this might seem trivial to some of you (and I know emma will smile since she's working on a similar task ;) but I just now worked through the first stanza of the odyssey. this is my first chunk of classical greek after years of koine, so that is very fun. I did alright although there were a few phrases of which I missed the meaning, but that will come with practice. <br /><br ...
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I need your brains!

Can anyone think of any prepositions/prefices other than these:<br /><br />se<br />de<br />inter<br />circum<br />per<br />a/ab/abs<br />ad<br />super<br />ultra<br />infra<br />extra<br />intra<br />sub<br />contra<br />prae<br />pro<br />ante<br />iuxta<br />cum/con<br />prope<br />apud<br />in<br />e/ex<br />usque<br />propter<br />sine<br />ob/obs<br />post<br />re/red
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Help! lol

1.Monent me si erro.<br />1. They warn\advise me if I err.<br /><br />monent = they warn\ advise verb, 2nd conj., 3rd person, plural, Indic., Act.<br />me = me<br />si = if <br />erro = I err verb 1st conj. 1st person singular Indic. Act.<br /><br />Obviously si = if \ & me = me \ but why ? what's the grammar behind the sense of it??? <br />I'm going back to the begining and starting ...
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not too difficult!

Ok, first week of translating Homer (the Odyssey) is over... It wasn't quite as difficult as I had imaged it would be :). Although he uses words I've never heard of before that's not really a big problem, as they're in the dictionary.<br />Of course we haven't translated much, yet. We're right at the beginning actually, a6 or something. <br />Is the rest much harder?
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Greek and Latin pronunciation

An interesting site with an inspiring introductory essay. It appears to have several sources on Latin and Greek pronunciation as well. I haven't really checked it out a lot but it looks to be a very good site. It was originally mentioned in a very old post by duglasius.<br /><br />http://www.rhapsodoioralgreekandlatin.org/
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demo a script written by Jeff

ok, this is VERY off topic - and those who 'know' me realize I don't usually discuss too much about my non-Textkit life in the forum.<br /><br />BUT - i could use your help.<br /><br />I have written a web application that needs evaluating and debugging. This application is a web script that can be installed and customized and its meant to promote home plans for the residential home building industry. The script is in ...
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H&Q Unit 1

Could someone check my answers to this English to Greek translation exercise, please. I'm using the book as a revision text. We didn't really cover accents at school, so if you could particularly check for them I'd be very grateful.<br /><br />The themes for the unit are:<br /><br />First and Second Declension Nouns<br />The Article<br />Word Order<br /><br />1. The god educates the men.<br />2. the man sends Homer’s brother to the marketplace.<br />3. Man, ...
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zeta pronounce

Somewhy, there is a conflicting data on the ancient greek pronounce of the zh=ta letter.<br /><br />`Teach Yourself Greek' by F.Kinchin Smith and T.W.Melluish (1968) says it is `zd' and some ancient greek reciter I've found on the net also pronounces it this way;<br />`First Greek Book' says it is `z'; <br />`Ancient Greek Language' by S.I.Sobolevsky (1948) (in russian) says it is `dz'.<br /><br />So I wonder, which case is closer to the truth, ...
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Just curious: who among you ever tried to learn, or learned Elvish of Tolkien? Quenya or Sindarin?<br /><br />(LoTR was on the cable TV last night ;D)
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