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Pope on pogo stick


This is crazy! :lol: A cartoon. In the Vatican. The pope on a pogo stick. Do you remember that Vatican TV promo story I wrote about the pope and his spike (veru). It's almost like that, just with less harmful stick genus. If you add a ball a 2 year old girl from whom to steal it, a manji tribe and a potato you have my ...
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Presidential Election

Who are you going to vote for? Lets see if we can predict the actual winner.
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Ch. 26 question

HI, I'm new here and here's just a quick two questions on the sense
of sentences
here goes:
Morte tyranni ferocis nuntiata, quisque se ad oratorem potentissimum magna spe vertit.
I translated as The death of the fierce tyrant has been announced, and each person turns himself with great hope to the most powerful speaker.

But I don't think that's right because it doesn't make sense to me. why would the people turn to the ...
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two Thetas

I have run across two ways of writing a Theta in the same piece.
One looks "normal", like so; q
The other one is leaning back and the bottom left side is open.
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new one

hi, i've been reading the latin posts for a few days and b/c its
interesting i decided to sign myself up. i'm about half way thru wheelock
and i'm starting a course using oxford latin in a few days. yup.
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Latin Study Group using Wheelock

Anyone interested in starting a study group?
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College Football

Any college football fans here? I follow the University of Tennessee. "My blood runneth orange" is the way we say it here. I have been a UT fan for as long as I can remember. I live about 100 miles east of Knoxville and if you know anything about Tennessee, there is only one team we follow here. The Titans wish they had the following that UT has.

What team do you follow and why? ...
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Collar and Daniell Key

Is it possible to get an answer key for Beginner's Latin Book by Collar and Daniell?

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need some help with grammar


I came across some tricky passages of a work by Dion Chrysostomos. The text is part of a school book I use and there it says that it is taken from D. Chr. IX 14-16 and the authors may have changed some passages...

Dioge/nhj de\ ble/pwn a)/ndra tina\ e)k tou= stadi/ou badi/zonta meta\ mollw=n e(tai/rwn kai\ mhde\ e)pibai/nonta th=j gh=j, a)lla\ fero/menon u(po\ tou= o)/xlou, tou\j de\ a)kolouqou=ntaj kai\ bow=ntaj, a)/llouj de/ tinaj phdw=ntaj ...
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I couldn't resist...

Elementary Spanish Grammar. Espinosa & Allen. 1915.
First Spanish Book. Worman & Monsanto. 1906.
Second Spansih Book. Worman & Monsanto. 1906.
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