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Elision and Prot' elision

Does Greek have Protelision similar to Latin?

Would diatribh\ e)/stiv go to diatrib\ 'stin or stay un protelided?
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Lesson XLIII, paragraph 283

Lesson XLIII, paragraph 283

a)faireo/meqa basilh=a Xrushi/da to\ ge/raj kalo/n.

I believe this is saying something like "We are robbing the king of Chryses' daughter, the beautiful prize." What's confusing me is that both basilh=a and Xrushi/da blah blah are in accusative. Is this how it's supposed to be, or is there some meaning (i.e. that Chryses' daughter is a king, which makes little sense in context) that I'm missing. I have a ...
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Half remembered Greek epigram

Some time ago I was reading a book about the poetry of AE Housman and it included an epigram from the Greek Anthology by -I think-Leonidas of Tarentum, with the thought of there being thousands of years before you're born and thousands after you die-the vita brevis idea.
Can anyone pinpoint the epigram please and if possible give a link to the original greek?
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The highlight of my day

In Myth class today the teacher passed out a poem, with the original Greek version on one side of the page, and I could actually understand some parts! I was ecstatic.
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This has to be pretty cool. The ESA (the European Space Agency, for the uninitiated) is launching into space a satellite which will return to Earth 50006 years hence. Encoded on 100 DVDs, together of course with instructions on how to construct a DVD player, will be messages from members of the public who have e-mailed the organizers. No censorship will be exercised, and anyone can submit up to four type-written pages. Assuming that ...
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Assatura ?

Does anyone know what the above word means ? I am guessing it is something to do with food from the context :-

femina assaturam radicula ornat.

Thanks in advance.
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Mi verbs


I am trying to really learn the -mi verbs once and for all. It seems to me that the best way to do this is learn them all at once, noticing the patterns and delving a little into the philology. What I've written here is what I currently know about the verbs in general (what I call 'the three classes') and then my version of the present indicative active of class I (as far ...
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Loebs for Sanskrit: Clay Sanskrit Library

This is neato. The Clay Sanskrit Library is coming out with reasonably priced volumes (in the US$22-ish range) of Sanskrit liturature, with one page transliterated Sanskrit and the facing page the translation.

There are several sample downloads in PDF.
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Hortor Abduco Compleo?

Can some one tell me if this makes sense, and if so, if it is gramatically correct? I'm trying to come up with a saying or phrase relating to sports compeditions but has to have the intials H, A, and C, in that specific order.

My understanding is, the above means "to encourage, to lead, to complete."

If part or something does not, can you give me suggestions?
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http://www.hattrick.org is an online soccer game where you have to buy and sell players, train them, set up the team's lineup to win your league, being promoted to the higher division.
At present almost 500 000 people from 88 countries in the world play it. I find it very very funny, also because there's an active community where you can discuss about the game and other things (even completely OT).
I've been playing for 6 ...
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