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Adobe Reader's Voice

Has anybody tried this?

In the Adobe 6.0 Reader there's a tool under View - Read Out Loud that will convert text to speech. I came across it after I installed and put it off for another day. The other day I ran it on some Latin text and...it was funny. You can understand it easily and it is recongnizable as Latin, but it is just funny to hear your computer speak Latin. I have ...
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On Thursday I wasted 4 hours of my life on a 'Klausur Griechisch 12', as did my classmates. :cry:

I so hate translating Lukian, so of course it was a Lukian text we had to translate :-P.

Anyway, this was not a test my teacher had set, but some external board and their commentary was very ...
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a- in English and alpha privativum

Hi, I was just wondering about the a- in the English lanuage, which seems to be used like the Greek alpha privativum. Of course theism and atheism are just the Greek words, but 'atypical', as the opposite of typical, for example seems to be a newer 'invention'. Did this a- come from the Greek alpha privativum?
I'm just a bit confused because 'a-' has 13 meanings in my English etymological dictionary, but the meaning the ...
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137 years young

happy canada day to my fellow canucks! :)
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Congrats, Greece!

Sunxarhth/ria /Ellada!
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distichon diglwsson

distichon e0n Graeca glw&ssa| lingua te Latina
suntiqe/nai pariter toi=n oculis e0noxlei~.

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Nepos' Agesilaus

Can anyone help me out with this sentence from Cornelius Nepos' Life of Agesilaus (6.3)

Namque illi, aucto numero eorum qui expertes erant consilii, commovere se non sunt ausi eoque libentius, quod latere arbitrabantur quae cogitaverant.

For they, by the increase in number of those who were not part of the plan, did not dare to move more and the more willingly because they thought ???? what they had been considering.

It's the 'latere' that's ...
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Pages 21 and 22 in wrong order

While reading an article on the life and work of John Buridan, I came across a lot of Latin quotes, without any translation, and feeling like learning Latin sooner than I planned(after learning Greek for who knows how long). So I looked through D'Ooge a bit, just to see what I'm supposed to meet when I do. And I found that the pages 21 and 22 have switched their position. ...
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The Philological Museum: Neo-Latin

The Philological Museum - by Dana Sutton.

This has a huge number of neo-Latin texts (mostly British) from the 1500-1700s, often with extensive commentaries. Also has a large collection of links to other neo-Latin texts and sites.
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Mahatma Poppins

Mahatma Gandhi, as you know, walked barefoot his whole life, which
created an impressive set of calluses on his feet. He also ate very
little, which made him frail, and with his odd diet, he suffered from
very bad breath. This made him .......a super-callused fragile mystic
hexed by halitosis.
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