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A friend came to me inquiring about this verse -
73 Ab occidente litora Esseni fugiunt usque qua nocent, gens sola et in toto orbe praeter ceteras mira, sine ulla femina, omni venere abdicata, sine pecunia, socia palmarum. in diem ex aequo convenarum turba renascitur, large frequentantibus quos vita fessos ad mores eorum fortuna fluctibus agit. ita per saeculorum milia -- incredibile dictu -- gens aeterna est, in qua nemo nascitur. tam fecunda illis aliorum ...
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Hallo, Everyone!

I stumbled upon this marvelous website and these forums yesterday and can't tell you how pleased I am to have found y'all!

I have just commenced reading Homer's Odyssey, arguably for the second time since I did take Homer in college :D , and am wrestling with the production of a really thorough metrical analysis of, like, the whole poem, for no particularly good reason.

I'm ...
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Its a girl!


This seems to be a custom here, so...

Its a girl - Makaria Grace - Born Yesterday.

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Anciens Latina

Does anyone know where I can find resources for ancient Latin? Not any Latin, but specifically the kind used in Senatus Consultum de Bacchanlibus? I would appreciate it. The only things I know so far are a few rules, such as si = sei; punio = poenio; in caelo = in caelod; vulcanus = volcanus; latus = stlatus; and bonus = duenus... Am I missing something, and is there more Latin like this than just ...
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e1moige e0kkamo/nti a1rti to\ 9Rwmaisti\ le/gein e1doce gra/fein 9Ellhnisti\ oli/gaj h9me/raj: ei1 tij bou/letai h2 pezh=| h2 e0n me/trw| 9Ellhni/zein, nu=n gra/fe.

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Can someone please help me translate this part from fabulae faciles?

Interea ea dies appetebat quam Iason per nuntios edixerat,
et ex omnibus regionibus Graeciae multi quos aut rei novitas
aut spes gloriae movebat undique conveniebant. Tradunt
autem in hoc numero fuisse Herculem , Orpheum, citharoedorum praeclarissimum, Theseum, Castorem et multos alios quorum nomina notissima sunt. Ex his Jason, quos arbitratus est ad omnia subeunda
percicula paratissimos esse, eos ad numerum quinquaginta
delegit et socios ...
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Cum as a conjunction

I have some problems understanding when I should use the indicative and when I should use the subjunctive with cum. Wheelock says that it should be used with the indicative only when it's temporal (when, not why) and never in the past tenses. But a tutorial I read said that the indicative is always used when it's temporal and the subjunctive when it's causal. Which is right?
Anyway, the sequence of tenses only applies when ...
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Sequence of tenses

According to Wheelock, the perfect tense can be either primary or secondary sequence. But when is it primary and when is it secondary?
Which of these (I bet it's neither... :roll:) translations of "He came to run" is correct:
Venit ut currat. - Primary sequence
Venit ut curreret. - Secondary sequence
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Swedish gråmmar

Hey my good textkit friends :)

Jag vill svensk biblion finden och Ich know also that that was not really Swedish but quite close especially with the circle thing. på in your fåce.

Ok now seriously. I have not studied anything really since D'Ooge, if you please don't count that FAILURE to even come close to finishing JWW. I have learned a bit of Italian, and Spanish, ...
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Translation help.

Hi all,

Could someone please translate the phrase "Dreamwalker" into Latin. It will be used in the context of a name if that helps.

Thank you in advance for your help.
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