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I came, I saw, I conquered!

Out of curiosity, how do you translate I came, I saw, I conquered (Veni, vidi, vici.) into Greek?
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Vocabulary differences bt Funk and Wagnalls and Wheelock

I notice that Wheelock's vocabulary entries differ from entries in my Naw Cassell's Latin Dictionary (F & W 1968). For example, Wheelock supplies the entry fugiO, fugere, fUgI, fugitUrum, whereas F & W lists the fourth principle part as being 'fugitum'. What are the morphological differences? Is Wheelock drawing on later Latin, and F & W merely on the classical authors it cites below its entries?
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hic ugland. benissimum non amare ac nolle se alias imagines. neque illuc retro irem. inesse etiam animo uglandi praedandi consilia. homines uglandis nos illoc ne stabimus quaquaquaquam. :evil: concordare nihil aliud vosvos speramus. horum me paetinet, facundiaeque inopiae sed tamen totiens ad celeres sumus quotiens iram uglandis proles pulcherrima antiqua sese qui appellabantur etiam ab aliis regiones originibus barbaros. nobis si stabitis vel ...
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3. Declination


Can anyone help me ?

How can I know that a nomen in the 3. declination is in Genetive Plural -um or -ium. And how can I know if it`s Ablative is -e and not -î
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Learning Reading Greek

Hello everybody,

I'm looking for a kind of guide for reading greek.

How can I learn to read greek ?

Is there something like a child book for learning reading greek ?

And no advice, I should take the ABC, I mean greek reading, also with the accents.

Thank you

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Who was Homer?

I was speaking with someone today, who considers himself as quite a literary critic....we spoke briefly of Homer, I was recalling my fondness for the Odyssey, and he was of the opinion that ther was no such man as Homer. That what we have as Homer today was really a long and drawn out collaboration of many different authors that passed down an oral tradion, until we came to the uniform text that we have ...
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Homeric Perfect

Would it be fair to say that Homeric 'perfects' are in fact present statives?
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Cruel Dawn

?|{?Ive a decent transation to the lines from Ovid's Amores 1.13.1-10
beginning "Iam super oceanum" ending "supprime lora manu."
I'm sure this inspired the famous John Donne poem "To the Rising Sun"? Any further information?

Thanks cadoro
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I need a map of an area of ancient Rome

Hi all,

I am writing an epic novel based in ancient Rome and I am researching the heroes ordinary world (where she lives), but can't seem to find a map of the area, hopefully with some detail.

I want to place her close to the via salaria in the Sabine area bordering on the city of Rome.

If you can help me, I will appreciate it. A website or even a book I may buy ...
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Reading Plan

I'm thinking about putting together a reading calendar to read the Entire Greek NT. I would like to do it in either a year or two years. I'm still very much a beginner, but I do have some understanding as I read.

How ambitious is this? I'd like to read it regardless of how much I understand or retain. Even though I'm reading for aquaintence rather than full understanding it seems like a good idea ...
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