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Question regarding tenses.

Why, in the following sentence, is the pluperfect tense used?<br /><br />Cvm Gaivm diligeremus, tamen evm non iuvare potueramus.<br />Although we loved Gaius, nevertheless we had not been able to help him.<br /><br /><br />Why is it not phrased thus?<br /><br />Cvm Gaivm diligeremvs, tamen evm non iuvare poteramvs.<br />Although we loved Gaius, nevertheless we were not able to help him.<br /><br />And - if it can be phrased as it is the second sentence ...
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I have been looking forward to a newsletter but have not received one yet. How often can one be expected? (Or is something wrong with my subscription)?
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I am worried for you people!

Benissimus, God blesses ;) him, lives in California and has not heard of "Nuthin' But a G Thang" by Snoop Doggy Dogg and Dr. Dre. Others have also questioned the existence of this classic track. <br />I could not believe this! <br />Personally I really be digging neither D.R.E nor Snoop D-O-double-gizzle; however this song from seemingly ages ago captures an era ubi I n'was que six ...
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answer guide/key to wheelocks?

Hello all,<br />I am very, very new to the world of Latin and while I am finding it an exciting challenge (not to mention having to relearn a substantial portion of English grammar!) I have thus far been unable to find an answer guide (either online or elsehwere) for Wheelocks Latin 6e. Does anyone know if one exists or the location of good websites I could check? Trying to get through it before September when ...
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Genetive Absolute

Section 121, line 4 of Pharr reads mh/nioj )Axilh=j proiaya/shj polla\j yuxa\j h(pw/wn )/Aidi teuca/shj d' au)tou\j e(lw/ria ku/nessin oi)wnoi=si/ te dai=ta boulh\ Dio\j e)telei/eto.<br />There is a note to section 1111. This section deals with genitive absolutes.<br />The Genitives in this line don't seem to fit the description.<br />mh/nioj )Axilh=oj acts as the subject of the whole sentence so there is a strong grammatical connection between the words in the genitive and the rest ...
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Several times I have seen the letters KTL used after a Greek quote. Judging from the contexts, they seem to mean something like etc. Is that what they mean?
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Question regarding the locative tense (yes, the locative)

Is the locative tense only used with names of cities, towns, small islands, and with the three words, humus, rus, and domus? Are there any more?
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Why is the subjunctive present in the second clause?

Let me start by saying that the Romans used the subjunctive atrociously, promiscuously, and atrociously promiscously. Now, with that having been said, why in the trash is the subjunctive used in the second clause of the following sentence?<br /><br />Si cvi libri Ciceronis placent, ille sciat se profecisse.<br />-Marcus Fabius Quintilianus <br /><br />That man knows himself to have progressed, if to whom the books of Cicero are a delight.<br /><br /> ...
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JWW exercises, para 295, 310, 320, 329, 337, 343

a little late, but some more answer suggestions - corrections welcome, of course<br /><br />Lesson 30. / Paragraph 294. <br />a. ei0si\ kh/ruki e9ka/stw| pe/nte mnai~.<br />b. tw|~ ge/ronti o9 Ku=roj e1pemye strapeto\n xrusou~n.<br />g. ti/ e0n nw~| e1xei o9 a1rxwn ;<br />d. Ku=roj ga\r a0kina/khn xrusou~n ei]xen.<br />e. eu]noi tw|~ Cenofw~nti oi9 a1lloi strathgoi/ ei0sin.<br /><br /><br />Lesson 31. / Paragraph 310. <br />a. ei0 ta\ xrh/mata e1xei, tw|~ strateu/mati pe/myei<br />b. e0peira/qh to\ ...
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Promote Latin

http://www.promotelatin.org/camwscpledu ... #materials<br /><br />This is more for teachers but learners will also find much value. It contains downloadable pdfs of fun posters and brochures intended to help promote latin classes. There are a number that I'm going to print off and keep around the house ;)
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