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The Schøyen Collection


A lot of greek, latin and other manuscript images. Check out the "paleography" tab.
I found this while I was looking for sample images of old greek handwritings.
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Looking for parallel(not interlinear)greek-english NT!!!

In most foreign languages there are bilingual editions published with side- by-side translations, i.e. french and spanish. I have a french fables classic that is parallel with the english on the opposite page. This is very useful for the intermediate student trying to develop speed and facility with a new language. The interlinear format is not useful, because the translation interferes with one's efforts to translate straight from the greek. The process of having the ...
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M&F Unit 13 English to Latin

Could someone check these English to Latin translations, please. The topics for this unit are:
 Indefinite pronouns
 Verbs taking the dative
 Impersonal passives
 Fio

1. Will anyone pardon him? He will not be pardoned by anyone.
Aliquisne eum ignoscet? Ab aliquo non ignoscetur.

2. I don't prefer anyone to her. She is a great aid to me.
Quamquem ei non praefero. Nam ea auxilium mihi magnum est.

3. What was ...
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BBG workbook chapter 9 line 14 (second edition)

This line reads as follows; "e)n toi=j lo/goij Daui\d toi=j e)sxa/toij e)sti\n o( a)riqmo\j ui(w=n Leui\ A)po\ ei)kosaetou=j kai\ e)pa/nw
This sentence means something like; "by the last words of David, this is the number of the the sons of Levi, from twenty years old and over."
My question is; I have to supply the pronoun 'this' in order to make sense of this line. Without having the context of this sentence, can I know ...

Problems with Catullus VIII

I've decided to translate this for my final. It doesn't seem that hard but I am finding some areas confusing...

MISER Catulle, desinas ineptire,
et quod uides perisse perditum ducas.
fulsere quondam candidi tibi soles,
cum uentitabas quo puella ducebat
amata nobis quantum amabitur nulla. 5
ibi illa multa cum iocosa fiebant,
quae tu uolebas nec puella nolebat,
fulsere uere candidi tibi soles.
nunc iam illa non uult: tu quoque impotens noli,
nec quae ...
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"Thygater hemon, ..."

I'd like to compose a birth blessing for my daughter.
I'm attending a parents' lesson these weekends and on this coming Saturday I'm supposed to come with one, with which to practice the blessing.

It's supposed to be written in Korean, but I'd like to make a greek version(OR translation), too.

What I'm having in mind is like this.(Okay you laugh at it, but please help me.) :) ...
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"The Name of the Rose" by Umberto Eco

A while back, somebody here (I want to say Carola) mentioned "The Name of the Rose" by Umberto Eco ... so I eventually picked it up. It's a really good murder mystery, and I am having a difficult time putting the book down. It takes place in an Italian abbey in 1327, and the book has Latin scattered throughout the book. Very neat! The have this really cool library too!

Have any of you read ...
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Answers to Wheelock?

The self-tutorial exercises have answers, but the normal chapter exercises do not.

I've also been thinking of getting the workbook, but to my dismay...they don't have the answers to either.

Is there any online source that has the answers? I've only found chapters 1-9, and 22-37.

I can't find workbook answers at all.

I can ask a teacher....but I'm not taking the class...so I feel ashamed to ask him though I'm sure he would. (He's ...
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Ovid Amores

:cry: I had a Latin exam today, and well... it didn't go too well. I'm quite sure I translated every sentence wrong, but I just couldn't work this one out and neither could my sister who's very good at Latin.
Now I don't know which book this is from, but I think it's probably 1st book.

Dum servat Iuno mutatam cornibus Io,
facta est, ...
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How old are you?

How old is everyone here? Just wondering...
I'm 17
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