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Why the present tense here?

In the Reading Matter after the exercises in d’Ooge’s L for B, at the start of ’How the Romans marched and camped’, page 214, I am confused by the following:

Exercitus qui in hostium finibus bellum gerit multis periculis circumdatus est. Quae pericula ut vitarent, Romani summam curam adhibere solebant.

Literally: An army which WAGES war in enemy territory WAS SURROUNDED by many dangers. The Romans used to take great pains to avoid such dangers. ...
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How many languages do you know?

I only know one so far but I am ambitious and plan to learn at least 7 before I die, most of them dead. By asking "how many languages do you know" I mean to say "how many languages are you so confident in that you can sit down and read a book?"
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help with direct/indirect questions

1) I want to know how large the city used to be.
volo scire quanta urbs esset??

Is esset right to be imperfect? CAn you have imperfect in primary sequence?

2. I do not know where they are going to.
nescio quo eunt?

3. Paris asked where Helen was.
Paris rogavit ubi Helen esset??

4. I wondered how long the girl would remain for.
miratus sum quamdiu puella mansurus esset??

should it be mansura?? can ...
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trivial question

Well, here have one question that may sound very much trivial to you,
but not for me. I'm the one who's in the darkness and wants to be enlightened.

Why we celebrate Sunday, and not Saturday?

If we are supposed to be the successor of the Old estament,
than one would expect that we keep also Saturday as our day of rest,
and call it Sabbat.

Any explanations?
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Looking for a good read, in Latin or Greek

Right now I'm about 1/3 the way through Harrius Potter, and I think this text is helping my Latin improve immensely. I'm so glad the author produced this translation.

Another text which I was able to read without too much difficulty is Gesta Romanorum. These texts are a little simpleminded (but that's perfect for me, heh).

Can anyone suggest some Latin or Greek texts which make good reading material? I'm looking for something not too ...
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Philosophy in fiction.

A freind told me that he was taught philosophical concepts through works of fiction. It sounds like an interesting way to learn rather than having to digest difficult technical terms. I tried to read Kant and Satre and they confused me after a single paragraph. So does anyone know of some good fiction books that teach philosophy?
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Wheelock Chap 36 to 40 Key comments

A few more minor points for consideration please:

Chap 37
2. Change ...we would not have wandered.. to ...we would have wandered..?
3. Change ......you lived... to ...you always lived...?

3. Add at the end ...Let us enjoy life (the present)..?
4. Add after ...died!... What I have done!

Trimalchio's Epitaph

In last line, make ...they filled... just ...filled... since implevit is singular?

Chap 38
2. Typo: make first word Then instead ...
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Am I phonetically challenged?

This post may seem strange but I was wondering what sound difference there is between a long a as in calm and a short o as in top. In my book that teaches Hebrew it differentiates the two. Is it because of my American accent that I can not see a difference or is just as hard for folks in places like Australia, England, and Ireland?
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learning Italian

Hi! Anyone know any good websites or books for learning Italian? We have one 'teach yourself Italian' book at home, but it's not really that much help and a bit confusing.
Some thing like: 'learn Italian for people who already know Latin' would be good :wink: , but we're also looking for a book with phrases in Italian. So that you can learn the grammar by memorising ...
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Villa of the Papyri

Wikipedia wrote:The "Villa of the Papyri" is an enormous private house of ancient Herculaneum owned by Julius Caesar's father-in-law, Lucius Calpurnius Piso Caesoninus, and first excavated in 1785 by Karl Weber. Its name derives from the discovery of a library in the house containing 1,800 carbonized papyrus scrolls.

The 800 feet (245 m) long sea side villa had four levels and was the most luxurious house in all of Herculaneum and Pompeii. It was complete with ...
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