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Idiomatic Phrases?

Does anyone know of any idiomatic use of either of these phrases or any neccesary connection between the two?

po/qen e)/rxetai kai\ pou= u(pa/geir(


to\ pla/toj kai\ mh=koj kai\ u(/yoj kai\ ba/qoj
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Translation help please - only 1 line.


I have decided that I would like to have a latin motto to include at the bottom of work emails as a signature. I have done several searches for online translators, but all seem to be from Latin to English, so are not much use to me. The other resources on the web seem to be dictionaries, but, as I have no knowledge of the conjugations of verbs or inflections etc., they are no ...
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Latin Noob... Self - Study question on declension of gloria

So, I am on day 2 of my self-study of latin and I am only on the first declension of nouns.

The book speaks of no irregulars for this declension, and if I follow it, gloria breaks down as follows:

Singular Plural
nom gloria gloriae
gen gloriae gloriarum
dat gloriae gloriis
acc gloriam glorias
abj gloria gloriis

Now, to me, the Plural dat and abj look incorrect. If they are correct, how would one pronounce ...
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Hello everybody.

My name is John Avellar and I am a 44 year old man from Boston. I have a desire to learn many different languages-so many in fact that, until now, I have been unable to move forward to the study of any one language: So, as of today I have decided to focus solely on Latin for the next twelve months. Latin has always been one of my favorite choices but time and time again ...
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Book list (as tedious as it sounds)

Alright quirites, i've bought more books over the last term, and have duly updated my list. this is only of interest, i should imagine, to the select few who made any bibliophilic or classically-based comments about the shorter list i put up a while ago. for most, however, this list wil be rather dull and will seem, i should imagine, tantamount to a bookbasedboast. such is life.


Liddell & Scott - Third Edition 1849 ...
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Memory Tools, Vocabulary Building

Greetings All,
I have been lurking (and enjoying! :D ) all the conversations. Thanks for the great site !
I am a palm user and depend on it like a third arm (I manage a large IT infrastructure for the University of Virgina Libraries). I needed also to work on my vocabulary in greek (my hobby and passion). I found a vendor SouthPaw on the web ...
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Reading Matter (Inspired by Sextus and Praeda)

Steven super castra volat, is enim episcopi volebat ius despuere. Pulcherrimam existimabant esse oppidi eius aquam. Nihil etenim in poculis magis concupiverunt. Sed pessima Sexti femina, Lesbia nomine, etiamque consumpta aqua, praedam libenter non tradidit. Simulac visus est eius vultus Sextus ad castra properat. Deinde gallinas novam praedam instruxit, nam plurimum valerent illae, ac bene possent bibere ius. Caesar vero in Gallia moratus in illos fecit impetum, tamen ei maxime iterum resistebant atque iterum. Sextus ...
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marking up textkit .pdfs

i was wondering if anyone here actually edits the .pdfs they download from textkit, putting in extra marginalia. i just started marking up sidgwick's "easy selections from plato", scanning the text using the pencil tool and putting in post-it notes on the top of the page with extra notes about specific words, to make it even more beginner-friendly.

if other people do this too with other textkit books, and it's not a breach of some ...
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Latin Trans.

Hello everyone, I've wanted to get a tattoo for the longest time. I wanted something different and I'm very interested in old/dead languages and such. At first I decided to get the sigil for the archangle Michael, which happens to be whom I'm named after. (see http://www.steliart.com/angelology_7_sigils.html ). I saw Angelina Jolies latin tattoo and I thought it was cool. It just doesn't fit me. Can you guys trans. ...
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Eats, Shoots & Leaves

Quite off topic even for an open forum it may be, but it's at least about linguistics, so, just a little tolerance, please. :)

Lynne Truss, Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation

I just got a rumor that this is a new NYT best seller.
the title is from this story:
A panda walked into a cafe. He ordered a sandwich, ate ...
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