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Any Latin teachers out there?

I need to find a book on Latin teaching methodology to use as a text book in one of my Curriculum classes, so that I can get my Latin Teaching Certification. Any recommendations?

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Giving the/a book

In one of the transtlations for Wheelock ch. 7, the book gives as translation for Homini litteras dabunt "They will give a letter to the man". I came up with "They will give the man the letter".

Aside from word order, the difference between the book's translation and my translation is the definite article "the" vs. the indefinite article "a".

In earlier chapters the advice was to insert a the or an a as context ...
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Gimme a break - Kit Kat

Its funny what marketing blunders or oppurtunities are created when languages collide.

http://news.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.j ... kitk02.xml

Anyone know of other instances like this?
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The value of myth

Hi all,

I am a new forum member, and will soon be departing for university to read Classical Studies. One of the universities I am applying to has asked me to write an essay on a historical topic, I have chosen myth. The reason I have posted my thoughts on this forum is because I would like some feedback regarding them, unfortunately my friends do not enjoy discussing anything meaningful to me. Ok so here ...
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GREEK word association game

It's about time we had one of these, I'll start it off.

The rules are simple: Any and all inflections are allowed, as are articles and crasis. Use any dialect from Homeric to Koine, and the posting of a translation is voluntary.


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H&Q's edition, please help.


Not rendering the price difference, was it wise ordering H&Q's
Greek: An Intensive Course, hard cover, second edition, 1992,
in place of the revised paperback edition of 1995?

I could still change my order, so please advise.
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Done the grammar, now what?

I would appreciate any recommendations the veterans of the forum may offer on beginner texts in Attic to those who've completed a grammar book (I am working through Mastronarde).

I am looking for specific commentaries. Particularly ones like Pharr's Aeneid which are very convinient, displaying text, vocabulary, and commentary on the same page. Otherwise, any helpful text & commentary for the beginner will be fine.

Thank you.
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Problem with emphatics

I thought I was doing well with Latin for Beginners until I did the lesson on emphatic (69, pg.30), where I got more wrong than is acceptable.

9. Clara est insula Sicila.

I figured Clara would be emphatic.

and in the answer part of question 7. Longa est Italia, non lata.

I figured Longa would be emphatic.

They were not, so obviously my Latin word order is not up to snuff yet. But I only ...
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De Beato Francisco

I am translating a text about St Francis of Assisi. he is talking to a pack of birds and they take him off to a city called Alvianum. They have just come to the city and:

Congregato populo et silentio indicto (tamen, cum loqui conaretur, propter hirundines nidificantes et multum strepitum facientes audiri vix poterat.)

I only need a bit help with the first part, outside the paranthesis.

I tried to translate it but couldn't ...
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Since a participle is a verbal-adjective, does this mean it can not be the subject? If I wanted to say "They are about to praise him", is this right:

Eum laudaturi.

If this is right, then how do I know whether it's first, second, or third person? If I wanted to say "I am going to praise him" would this be correct: Ego eum laudaturus; with the 'ego' necessary to establish person.

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