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Poll (the manual kind)

What is/was the most confusing thing for you when you are/were at a beginner-intermediate stage of learning Latin? Hopefully, this will stir up ideas for new tutorials :D
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I have no idea how to speak or pronounce ancient Greek (its on the list of things to do) and was wondering if someone could tell me the phonetical (or as close as I can get) English pronounciation of areopagus -> I know it was an Athenian council consisting of mostly ex-arkhontes<br /><br />Thanks!
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Two nights ago I found a drenched cat sheltering beside my garage. I've decided to call him soggipussicus. This has the advantage that if I find out that he is a she, I can call her soggipussica!<br /> ;D<br />Phil
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vetus, veteris

Stuck on 3rd decl adjectives again!<br /><br />vetus, veteris - old.<br /><br />I'm working through both Wheelock and Beginner's Latin Book (downloaded from Textkit), and BLB has declined vetus with an ablative singular vetere, gen plural veterum and neuter nom/acc vetera.<br /><br />Wheelock has it that all 3rd decl adjectives have ablative singular -i, gen plural -ium and neuter nom/acc -ia.<br /><br />Has wheelock oversimplified? If so, how can one tell how 3rd decl adjectives ...
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Are we back to that old setting where we can't see the column headers again?
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Support Textkit... Yet Again

ok, first off - thanks to everyone who has given me so much valuable feedback!!<br /><br />I have digested everyone's suggestions and there's now a brand new "Support Textkit" page that really does some nice things. On the support page you'll see our list of recommended Greek and Latin titles. What's new is when you click on the link (which does take a few seconds to load - sorry) you'll see a new and much ...
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Latin Wallpaper

Does anyone use an aethetic Latin wallpaper as their desktop background picture? Are there any sites with such downloads?
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Iliad, Book 1: Line 577,578 ?

577: mhtri d egw parafhmi, kai auth| per noeoush|,<br />578:patri filw| epi hra ferein Dii,..<br /><br />(Sorry about the accents, I could not get them to display correctly)<br /><br />Here's my translation but I'm sure it is wrong.<br /><br />577: mother I advise you, greatly considering understanding herself,<br />578: to bear the beloved father Zeus upon kindness...<br /><br />You can probably tell from my translation where I'm confused; heck I don't even know what my ...

Omicron Pronunciation

<br />One of our members attempted to use the "notify" button in a Sticky thread to post a new message, and as a result, it went into a Black Hole. When you want to start a new discussion, please remember to backup to the main page (the one enumerating all the discussion threads) and click on new topic.<br /><br />I'm just reposting the question asked so that s/he and other members can benefit from the ...
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Nominative Case

(and the barrage of questions begins...)<br /><br />Is a noun in the nominative case always the subject of the verb in any given sentence? Surely there must be exceptions....Wheelocks says: "The Romans used the nominative case most commonly to indicate the subject of a finite verb." <br /><br />So when were there exceptions and in those examples, which case was used as the subject?
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