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Cat's Eye

I just finished reading "Cat's Eye" by Margaret Atwood.

For a while I was enjoying it but then lost interest.
I kept reading it hoping to find out if there was a point to the rambling.
I did not find it.
It has good reviews but I was disapointed.
May be I am just an uncultured swine for not understanding the point. Do any of you have any thoughts on this? (On the book, not ...
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MP3 audio files of New Testament

I've just started learning Latin and have found NT audio files on the net -- but I'm confused about the pronunciation used. The little I have read tells me that "V" is W, "C" is always K, etc., yet the MP3 file reader appears to be making a "V" sound like V and "C" is often soft as in English "celery", or "ceiling". Vas gibes?
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Malcom M. Willcock's Editions of the Iliad

Are they any good?

Are there better ones out there?
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errata: W. gunion Rutherford, First Greek Grammar Accidence

Just in case Jeff could not have detected this:
PDF page 199.(p.191 in the appendix?) seems to be scanned sideways.

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temporal clauses help

some of these were pretty grim:

1. You ceased to rule the Athenians, O Spartans, before Socrates died.
Athenienses regere desivistis, Spartani, priusquam Socrates mortuus est.

I think this one's ok.

2. Let Cicero enjoy his power, as long as he spares the innocent.
Cicero potestate sua fruatur dum innocentibus parcat.

Is using the subj for the first bit ok? I've put parco in the subj as well for some reason, can't remember why. dum ...
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Imperfect tense translation

Here is a sentence I am trying to translate:

Magnum equum ligneum sub portis urbis Troiae nocte relinquunt.

I was thinking it could be translated in possibly two ways:

(1) The great wooden horse was being left under the city gates at night.
(2) The great wooden horse would be left under the city gates at night.

Since this story only assumes knowledge of the imperfect tense it makes for somewhat clunky reading but I ...
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I disagree with the doing anyway but this is just repoussant.
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Ovid questions

virque mihi dempto fine carendus abest

Ovid, Heroides, I.50.

Two questions about this line.

Firstly my translation seems to be a bit off. Literally: A man is absent to me who (ought to/is able to lack/is worthy of being without) limits which have been taken away.

Isn't the idea that the man lacks limits redundant with the idea that they've been taken away? Is there some poetic significance to the fact that the idea of ...
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Conan Barbarus

De pelliculis cinematographicis loquamur.

Una ex pelliculis quae me maxime delectant est Conan Barbarus, quae etiamnunc est optima pellicula quam Arnold Schwarzenegger umquam fecit. Bona fabula narrata bene. Violentia grata. Musica praeclara. Adde quod in hac pellicula gubernator Califoriae serpentem ingentem gladio magno occidit. Quid pluris vultis?

Solum problema quod haec pellicula habet mea sententia est quod amica Conanis magnum nasum habet. Venustior actrix eligi debuit quae has partes ageret.

Constat alteram de Conane pelliculam, ...
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Additional Testing?


I am new to learning latin and am using Wheelock's to teach myself. I am only on chapter 2 and I think it's going alright.

I have been reading the posts here and they are incredibly helpful so thank you to all of you who have asked and answered questions!

So to my own question - Are there any online tests at all? I've been trying to find tests, that one might find in ...
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