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Wonder if anyone can help me translate the word "cycno". I belive it mean "swan" in latin.

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conexio verborum

ille quem dixit mariek...in lingua latina melior est!

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Aoidoi: The Amorous Pig is back!

Some of you will remember me discussing this here some months ago. The poem with commentary is now done.

Dead Adonis.
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Translation Help

I want to use this for a signature for email.
Can anyone help translating into Greek:
The pen is mightier than the sword.

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In gratiam luminis ...

can anyone help with "in gratiam luminis"? - The obvious literal translation for gratia doesn't seem to me to apply. I wonder if 'in gratiam' has some special meaning but my dictionaries only give:- "in kindness, to show favor, out of good feeling, to show honor, etc., to any one".

I know that 'gratia' can be 'for the sake of' but that doesn't seem to be applicable as used in this case. 'gratiam' here is ...
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I am wondering if anybody here can read Sanskrit. I have looked at many different books and everything about it seems immensely difficult; even to the extent of making Greek look easy by comparison. Moreover, many Sanskrit adherents have an almost maniacal tendency to play down its difficulty: they seem to imply that to say that Sanskrit is difficult is almost to cast aspersions against it and those who are attempting to spread its use ...
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A Greek Boy at Home

Is anyone here familiar with a book called " A Greek Boy at Home" by WHD Rouse? Is it good? Is it expensive? What is its ISBN?
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optative/subjunctive translation help

Hello again to all,

I'm at a mid-point in Pharr where I'm digesting subjunctives and optatives. My question is as follows: How best to translate each? Pharr's explanation (one desrcribes the will of the spealer, the other describes the wish) is not helping me with my translations, particularly when I match up my translations against Murray (revised).

Regards and much thanks in advance.
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Re: Greek and Latin literature

FWIW, I think William Harris' lists are worthwhile:

http://community.middlebury.edu/~harris ... texts.html

http://community.middlebury.edu/~harris ... thors.html

I'm interested the history first so I plan to read Livy, Tacticus, etc. as soon as I can get past Caesar. At the same time I want to read for enjoyment and I've always enjoyed reading plays so Plautus is high on my list. I'm not a ...
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Greek and Latin Literature

The other day, I had a friend ask me, in the course of conversation, "So, what books are you going to read once you learn Greek and Latin?"

The question was easy enough to answer for Greek; I may read easier books first, but once I've gotten really good at it, I want to read Homer. He is, after all, the reason I took up Greek. I'm fascinated to see whether the original Illiad is ...
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