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Just wondering...

This isn't really important, but I was wondering if anyone knew the real words to Stars and Stripes Forever <br />I know the words I've heard all my life, "Be kind to your web-footed friend, for a duck maybe somebody's mother" But I would really like to know the real words, anyone?
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Verne in Latin-spinoff from "Nemo"

On the subject of "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea," does anyone know if any of Jules Verne's books were ever translated into Latin? <br /><br />Keesa
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Helpful(I hope)Hint

Something I do to help me learn, is copying what I'm working on. For example, my Bible Study is nothing but copying, word for word, the entire Bible. I'm going to try this with Latin (as soon as I've learned a little more), but I'm going to use a slight twist. I'm going to find one of my favorite books, and copy it in into Latin. (If there is any reason why this would be ...
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I was wondering how exactly are you supposed to pronounce Latin? I can copy the accents of lots of different nationalities, and I was wondering which accent Latin is more like, if any?
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For those who haven't found it already, Perseus is a great site.<br /><br />Here is their table of contents http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/cache/perscoll_Greco-Roman.html<br /><br />They have one of the biggest, if not the biggest collection of Greek and Latin texts on the web in the original and in translation. <br /><br />One option is to use the SP Ionic font we use for Greek here on textkit. Choose it in the third box on the left on this ...
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BLD Ex140 Pg59 Niobe and her Children concluded

<br />I'm having major problems with translating this passage. I've highlighted the difficult parts in red, and also numbered each sentence to make it easier to refer to.<br /><br /><br />1. Apollo et Diana erant liberi Latonae.<br />Apollo and Diana were children of Latona.<br /><br /><br />2. Iis Thebani sacra crebra parabant.<br />These Thebans prepared frequent sacrifices.<br /> -- or? --<br />Thebans prepared frequent sacrifices to/for them. <br /><br />I wasn't sure whether "Iis" goes ...
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Canine (Spinoff from Adjective Agreement" in the Learni

This is a spinoff from the thread "Adjective agreement" in the Learning Latin forum...<br /><br />As far as I can tell, my dog responds to the sounds that I give her, not to the actual commands. So, if I had trained her to respond to "Sit" in Latin, rather than English (what is the Latin for "sit", anyway?) she would recognize the sound, rather than the word...and I don't think that the adjective agreements would ...
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Iliad line 28 and 31

(If it is preferable that I have one question per post, please say so, here are two.)<br /><br />1. <br />Line 28 reads mh/ nu/ toi ou) xrai/smh| skh=ptron kai\ ste/mma qeoi=o.<br />I translate this as; "The scepter and wreath of god will most certainly not help you". (I used -most certainly not...- because of the double negative + nu/).<br />My question is concerning xrai/smh|.It says in the foot note that it is 2nd aor. ...
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Greek Grammer on the web

In fact I am a college student at the Catholic University of Louvain. One of my professors at the department of Classics made a page with many links concerning Greek Grammer. You can find here almost everything! You can't miss this: <br /><br /><br />http://perswww.kuleuven.ac.be/~u0013314/greekg.htm<br /><br />Greetz, <br /><br />Moerus
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new message

I hesitate to ask this question out of fear that the answer is staring me in the face; At the top of the page it says that I have '1 message, 1 is new'. I see nothing different from the times when it said; "Hey, Bert de Haan, you have 0 messages, 0 new". What's up?<br />
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