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Jakarta never ceases to amaze me

While waiting for some friends I popped in to Kinokuniya, a branch of a Japanese bookshop. It has books in English, Japanese, and Indonesian. And there was this edition of 8 of Lysias' speeches: http://www.oupress.com/bookdetail.asp?i ... 061-1396-0 :shock: :D 8)
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Imperfect and Aorist of fhmi

In NT Greek (maybe in koine in general) the imperfect and aorist forms of fhmi/ are said to be identical namely e)/fh.
In Classical Greek the imperfect is e)/fhn or e)fa/mhn and the aorist e)/fhsa.
Why would the usage of verb change from a more regular form to an irregular one, even more puzzeling considering that the later form is also ambiguous.
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M&F Unit 12 English to Latin

Any comments on or corrections to these translations? The main points of this unit are subjunctives in independent clauses, and indirect questions.

1. Let all citizens in a free state be dutiful and willing to fight for their country.

Omnes in civitati liberae civites non solum pii sint sed etiam pro eorum patria pugnare velint.

2. If only we could always be free from care!

Utinam ab curis semper immunes possimus!

3. All men know ...
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why are the boards so quiet these days? what's everyone up to?

phil is probably out celebrating that new zealand just whomped canada *royally* at the rugby world cup (68-6!).... oh well, canadians have never been known for our rugby skills :P

here, winter is quickly approaching, the air is cold, and the trees are almost bare. life is busy and good. :)
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"quem sese ore ferens" HELP!

Alright, line 11, the first clause, of Book IV of The Aeneid (Pharr's) reads in Latin:

"quem sese ore ferens"

Pharr's usually handy little notes claims this means "how noble in appearance," and while I trust Pharr I just don't see how he came to that conclusion. I can see how ore=appearance, but how does ferens=noble? Is it one of those things that just doesn't make sense in English? Does it have something to do ...
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Quotes from the Reading Course

One of the things I'm really enjoying about this Reading Course in Homeric Greek book (aside from the fact that I HAVE IT!!!!) is the quotes at the top of each lesson. I'm keeping a running quote list on my computer, and I thought I'd share some of them with the people on the forum. Note that these quotes are taken from a textbook written in 1945.

“The liberal arts college is one of the ...
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Xenophon 1:2.7

Entauqa Kurw| basileia hn kai paradeisoj megaj agriwn qhriwn plhrhs, a ekeinoj eqhreuen apo ippou, opote gumna/sai bouloito eauton te kai touj ippouj
I'm having trouble translating this sentence from the place o(pote gumna/sai...
gumnasai is aor opt
bouloito is opt pres
1.I think it should be opt obliqus, is it?
2.If I'm right it is Acc cum Inf, Acc is e(auton Inf is missing(ei)=nai) but then where is Verbum regens?
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Caesar agains the Celts

I just picked up this book "Caesar against the Celts" by Ramon L Jimenez. I've only read the first chapter so far and it is very good... engaging and well-written. Has anyone else read this?
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Computer terms in Latin

I'm amused. I just received Conversation Latin for Oral Proficiency by John C. Traupman, which had been recommended by others on this site. I was flipping through it and discovered Appendix V: Computer Terms! This is so cool! Three pages of computer terms. Here are some words on the list:

computatrum, ordinatrum (computer)
compulatrulum portabile (laptop)
compactus discus opticus (CDROM)
ex rete prehendere (download)
pagina domestica (home page)
partes programmationis (software)
plagiarius electronicus, effractarius ...
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May I just say... Woo-Hoo!!!

They said it couldn't be done...they said it couldn't be found...they said it was out-of-print and unavailable...but the Library proved them wrong!

I posted some time ago about trying to find an old Greek textbook, A Reading Course in Homeric Greek, Volume 1, which has been out of print for some time and can't be found on Amazon, ABEbooks, eBay, or anywhere else. On a whim, I asked the local library if they'd be able ...
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