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Ancient Greek Text Manager Software - First Public Release

Hi All,

I am pleased to announce the general availability of my AGTM software. Thanks again to those of you who helped me beta test it. I will send this latest version, 1.0, to all beta testers within the next few days.

I will also send it to those who've asked me for it over the last few months.

If you would like a copy of the software, please visit http://www.greekgeek.org ...
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RATATATATATATA. KA-BOOM! You're (truly) dead.


As American military forces are trying to disarm Iraqi citizens, the chimp administration, along with the US congress, has decided it's high time to arm American citizens.

As of midnight tonight, September 13, 2004, the 10-year moratorium on assualt weapons -- which the chimp (aka Dumya) promised to extend during the 2000 presidential election campaign -- will lapse. :shock:

Shucks, these republicans sure love those high-powered, ...
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Pharr: Lesson 17, E - G Exercises


Would someone be so kind to check the following English to Greek translation exercises? Thank you.

    1. The gods who have Olympian homes will grant to the sons of Atreus and the other well-greaved Achaeans to sack utterly the city of Priam.

    qeoi\ e)/xontej )Olu/mpia dw/mata didw/sousin )Atrei+/dh|j kai\ a)/lloisin e)u+knhmi/dessin )Axaioi=sin e)kpe/rsai po/lin Pria/moio.

    2. When they sacked the city of Priam, they returned happily home.

    e)kpe/rsantej po/lin Pria/moio, i(/konto eu)= oi)/kade.

    3.They ...
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JWW exercises, paragraphs 579, 580, 581

posting some work for feedback

1. he said it was better to throw the other things into the river
2. you, O men, have a very great opportunity
3. Aristippus had no fewer than three hundred cavalrymen
4. it is better to endure these things than to quit
5. turning about, most fled through the river with all their might
6. these men claim to be no worse than the captains
7. for it ...
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Pharr: Lesson 17 (line 19.4)


It's Saturday night and i am studying Greek. Now that is cool!

In line 19.4 of the Iliad, Pharr (and Benner) have e)u/ instead of eu)=. P.A. Draper and greekgeek.org have the latter.

Which one is it?

If it's the former, do I scan it as two short syllables?

Thanking in advance (the usual suspect, of course :D ),

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Hello everyone. I'm new here. I thought Latin might be a good place to start in my never-ending list of languages I might like to learn. Just thought I'd introduce myself. I did have a question though. I'm a bit challenged when it comes to computers.

Is it possible to download the books and burn them onto a CD-RW? If so I'd appreciate any ideas on how to do it so I can take them ...
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Correct sentence structure

I am wondering how to place the sentence "fear the indifference of good men." I know its tacky, but a friend would like it. I have found that it may be "bonus lentitudo metuo" Does this sound correct, and if not please explain why and how to correct it. Thanks alot.

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What can I do for a Philogical Project?

For school I want to do a piece of work/some sort of project to show what I've read about philology.

The trouble is that it seems to be the nature of philology (and of how I've learnt about it) that it tends to be very bitty and disjointed - made up of small facts and observations: I find it hard to think of one fairly substantial coherent project I could put together.

I've been reading, ...
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H & Q Chapter 3

Just want to make sure I understand what's going on:


8. tou\j me\n o)fqalou\j (Omh/rou ou)k e)fu/lacan oi( qeoi/: ta\ de\ bibli/a ta\ peri\ th=j tw=n a)nqrw/pwn a)reth=j eu)= pefula/casin

I got: The gods did not guard Homer's eyes: they have guarded well books about the excellence of men.

(I left out the 'on the one hand...on the other hand'. Is this acceptable?)

12. e)peidh\ tou\j para\ tw=n ce/nwn a)gge/lous e)fula/camen, th\n dhmokrati/an ou)k ...
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