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BLD Ex118 Pg50 Dialogue

<br />I'm having trouble with a small portion of the dialogue, the sentence that starts with "apud". It's quite complex, and after trying different things, I've come up with this as the English translation:<br /><br /> Women prepare food and plow fields, and fight among free men to help them.<br /><br />This is the original portion of the dialogue:<br /><br /> Non agricolae sunt. Bellum amant galli, non agri cultivam. <br /> Apud eos viri ...
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Sometime before the next Ice Age...

<br />I'm trying to translate this sentence from English to Latin, but unfortunately I don't know enough Latin to do so. This is what I have come up with so far:<br /><br /> Aliquando ante saeculum glaciei et<br /> ante totas in ordine solari in linea regunt ...<br /> mutare placeres meum nomen numeri telephoni in <the new name>.<br /> Gracias.<br /><br />Does it make any sense? Am I on the right track? What should ...
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New SPIonic Font Button

Hello Greek Learners:<br /><br />To make the Greek board a bit easier to use I have added at the request of a forum member a greek button that will insert the proper tags for displaying SPIonic text.<br /><br />The new button is the "alpha" button appearing just left of the bold button when composing a message.<br /><br />abg<br /><br />That wasn't too hard to make the change - any other custom buttons??<br /><br />jeff
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I found the following quote in the "Learning Latin" forum, and followed it up here-:bows to Jeff:. <br /><br />Quote from: Milito on July 28, 2003, 10:47:00 AM <br />Nemo! Qui dicit ut esse zealot malum sit? <br /><br /><br />I'm having trouble following this whole discussion, but I just wanted to comment on this word "Nemo". I looked it up and it means "no one, nobody". So the recent movie "Finding Nemo" really means ...
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Textkit Wish List

"It never hurts to ask" and "ask, and you shall receive" are two of my favorite sayings that are remarkably true.<br /><br />With this in mind, I'm asking for help in finding more of the harder to find grammars and readers. You should know that I don't have access to a college inter-library loan program, so it is very difficult to find quality books that are printed before 1923. Most I find through auctions and ...
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North & Hillard Prose Key

I've downloaded North & Hillard Greek Prose Composition and the Key yesterday, but the Key starts midway through exercise 2. Was exercise 1 too easy to provide the answers?<br /><br />Ptolemaios
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Greetings to all!

Greetings, all.<br /><br />My name's Merytdjehuty, and have a deep fascination with Ancient Egypt. I also began teaching myself Latin a year and a half ago, and am so pleased to find a site such a textkit where i can find grammars and a whole pile of other people who are interested in Latin (and Greek) too. I actually live in Australia, despite what my profile may say. I call myself a fantasy writer, having ...
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BLD Ex117 Pg49 Is Ea Id

<br />I'm working on the Demonstrative Is, Ea, and Id and the related Personal Pronouns. Boy is this a toughie! I don't see any sort of "pattern" in the declension! Is there a trick to memorizing these?<br /><br />BLD mentions options for some. For example: ei or ii; eis or iis. Then he has a note below which reads "In the plural the forms with two i's are preferred". If that is the case, why ...
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syllable division

hi guys,<br /><br />i've just finished reading through two authorities on syllable division, the classic Smyth grammar (section 140) and the new 1994 book by Devine and Stephens, The prosody of Greek speech (Oxford Uni Press: 1994).<br /><br />Both have left me confused... they both admit that the ancients divided syllables one way... but in their books, they prescribe different ways of doing it (for different reasons).<br /><br />Smyth (in section 140.d) says that "compounds ...
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Finding textkit

How did you find your way to Textkit?<br /><br />Just to start the ball rolling, I'll tell you that I found it recommended in the Perseus FAQ.
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