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Greetings! :)

I just wish to introduce myself here at Textkit:
I'm a Latin self-student working from a 5th ed. copy of Wheelock I checked out at the library- I just ordered a new one from Amazon. I got started in Latin from a Latin summer program (with teachers, using Oxford)..

I only wish I could take it in High School, but alas, it isn't available since ...
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BLD § 258 I Latin-English Exercise

The Romans invade the Enemy's Country

Olim pedites Romani cum equitibus velocibus in hostium urbem iter faciebant. Ubi non longe afuerunt, raperunt agricolam, qui eis viam brevem et facilem demonstravit. Iam Romani moenia alta, turris validas aliaque opera urbis videre poterant. In moenibus stabant multi principes. Principes ubi viderunt Romanos, iusserunt civis lapides aliaque tela de muris iacere. Tum milites fortes contineri a proelio non poterant et acer imperator signum tuba dari iussit. Summa vi ...
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"Things said before, now present to us."

I want to say this in Latin,

some ideas...

Praedicta Nunc Praesentata
Praedicta Nunc Apud Nos
Praedicta Nunc Pro Nobis

Your thoughts will be appreciated,
gratias vobis ago,

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Vowel distinction (Pronunciation)

How many here make distinction in pronouncing long and short vowels

Iota- Long and Short like "I" in "intrigue"

Alpha- Long and short like "A" in perhaps "Abraham"

- If there are more than one sound then how can one distiunguish against the sounds of omicron and Eta ;

When you answer be mindful of our respective geography (this from an American living in Texas - our ears are a disaster)

Any tips on improving ...
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haha this is great

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"make every day count"

I am trying to find a way to translate this into Latin for someone else, but I am finding it difficult to find a satisfactory way of saying it. Obviously a word for "to count" is not going to carry the same meaning as in the English phrase, unless there is some very apt Latin word which I am unaware of. I had it in mind to use interest in the sense of "it matters", ...
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Difficulty of the Roman playwrights and Livy

How would you rate the difficulty of Livy and the two Roman playwrights, Plautus and Terence?

Subjective of course, but nonetheless helpful.
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Pharr at last!

I wasn't checking the home page of textkit since the July 12 addition of new Latin PDF's. And voila! Pharr is posted at last. Thanks, Jeff! It's wonderful.
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Cicero: Against Cataline

I am an independent learner of Latin (by day I am a System Administrator in Computer Science at the University of Toronto).

I have been working my way pitifully slowly through Cicero's "In Catalinam: I" (I usually read it on the submay going to work). I am really stuck on the following sentence, however, and I would appreciate some help.

verum ego hoc, quod iam pridem factum esse oportuit, certa de causa nondum adducor ut ...
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How many people are currently using Wheelock

I was just curious how many people are currently using Wheelock. I just got the 6th edition and am using it in conjunction with D'ooge. Not sure which I like better yet. Any opinions?
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