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I'm starting Lesson Nine in Latin for Beginners, and moving on to the second declension!! I'm so excited!!
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Stigma, Digamma kai Koppa;

I have been reading a few websites lately which mention three Greek letters that disappeared completely by classical Greek; Digamma, Koppa, and Stigma. Were there more letters that went out of use by the classical era? I have one source which says that there were more letters which are no longer in use today. I am curious about this. Also, I'd like to know what they looked like, particularly the Stigma, and what order they ...
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Tribute to Glenn Hoddle!

I don't know it in latin (probably Quam homo or hominem or something - someone!) so I'll just say it in french:<br /><br />Quel homme!<br /><br /><br />Glenn Hoddle is the former manager of the England football team. He was sacked thence for his comment regarding disabled people: "You and I have arms and legs and half decent brains; because of bad karma working from another life". Debateable indeed!<br /><br /><br ...
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Introduction of myself, Nancy,studying whites First Greek B

Hi, I just began using this system and I am quite new to chat rooms. I have been reading your messages and find them very helpful. I am from Toronto Canada, in my early 60's and I was first introduced to First Greek Book by White by my highschool teacher Mr.Lorne Smith. Over the years I have tried to study and often very frustrated by not remembering everything. One thing I have learned and that ...
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Curious little poll...

Just curious how many you have in your inbox. Mine has become quite cluttered lately and doubled in the past 2 weeks. I have 48 messages right now (and refuse to delete them).
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Aoidoi: Simonides' "Danae's Lament" commented

I just finished adding vocabulary and grammar notes to Simonides 543. It is a very charming poem, and I think anyone who has mastered the fundamentals of Greek should be able to read the poem with the help of the notes.<br /><br />http://www.aoidoi.org/texts/simonides/543.php<br /><br />There's even one athematic second aorist imperative! :) <br />
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Sound Changes

One thing I have noticed in learning Latin is that a lot of the so-called irregularities are sound changes.<br /><br />For example: (stem ends in g + ending begins with s yields x) <br /><br />For short, I write: g + s -> x<br />another one is: g + t -> ct<br /><br />I have three questions:<br />
  • Does anyone have a list of these changes that they would share?
  • For the verb absum would the ...
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