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Sublime days....

Just had to post a note to tell you guys the cool stuff that's been going on....

I'm at ETS/SBL this week...yesterday I got to meet my all time favorite Texual Criticism Scholar. I've read a bit of his stuff, and think he is really thinking in the right direction concerning Critical Scholarship of the Greek New Testament Text. He was browsing in the booth next to mine, so I worked up a little nerve ...
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Euclidis Elementa

Perseus Digital Library's Euclid's Elements has following lines at each page of it:
This text is based on the following book(s):
Euclid. Euclidis Elementa. J. L. Heiberg. Leipzig. Teubner. 1883-1888.
OCLC: 18074021

I've never seen this Heiberg version of Euclid. And I'd love it if it makes its way to Textkit.

I'd also like it so much if my compilation get through the copyright issue. ;)
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What's going on with the Spanish Textkit?

I am curious to know at what level of development this project is in?
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Google Scholar

Hi All,

I don't know much about it yet, but I just heard about:



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Honey, you are in my liver ?!!

The ancients considered liver (IECUR, IECINORIS) the seat of all feelings. Here is something to look into; Are there any references to liver in slang, proverbs, and such that involves love, lover, beauty, or emotions? My guess is there are some at least in Latin. what about other languages?
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HELP please... silly translation problem

Okay, so, for Thanksgiving, we're supposed to write a list of things we're grateful for. The form which my teacher (through a substitute teacher) gave us was,

"Gratis ago" + dative

But she wants us to use a participle in each sentence. (?!) The example she gave us was,

"I am grateful for having friends."

I am confused about multiple things.

A, I don't understand why this is a participle and not a gerund, as ...
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A Greek Boy at Home

The deadline job completed, I can spend a bit more time reading Greek.
I ran across a few problems that require some help.
The story I'm reading is called: a Greek Boy at Home.
1. In my first difficulty the Greek boy gives a description of some of the wildlife in the forest.
a)/gria ou)=n tau=ta ta\ de/ndra, a)/grioi de\ kai\ oi( drumoi/.
e)n de\ th=| u(/lh| kai\ dh\ kai\ e)n toi=j drumoi=j ma/lista oi)kei= ...
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and yet WE move

I'm a philosophy student currently writing an essay on Zeno's paradoxes, and thought it would be nice to bring in a disquotation by galileo...

Instead of "and yet it moves" I would like to write "and yet we move" ... I originally thought I should put in in latin, but wouldnt it be cooler to have it in greek since Zeno was greek?

I'd apreciate some help... thanks.
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hmmm... this is frustrating me...

how would u translate

eo ipso tempore alter sentatorum eum pugione ferit


the eo ipso tempore bit is the (to me) screwed up bit...

I thank anyone that helps me in advance!
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Why am I all alone?

Think back to when you first learned to do geometric proofs and stuff. It was fun, right? Much funner than Algebra.


Everyone says I'm insane.::pout::
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