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The Old Idiosyncrat's Method for Starting Homer

In his page http://community.middlebury.edu/~harris/HomericProlegomena.pdf Prof. William Harris suggests a method that he used successfully to learn ancient greek; he copies a line of greek from the Iliad, puts a rough translation on the line below, and on the third line he adds any grammar he might need in order to understand the line. He says that by the 100th line he was starting to read with some ease, and that by the 200th line he ...
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In Parentheses

I just found this interesting site that offers texts and translations in pdf form. I was interested to find both the Iliad and the Odyssey in a recreated boustropheron Attic script, but it also offers many other languages.

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i hope you can help me

i got an anwer i cant make out i think it was maid in anger so i cant no that it is nice.

Malign pyncbildningen i corpora quadrigemina

does this mean anything or was this person un happy.?
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Andreas Cretensis-please

Hi.I have a big,big problem these days and,please,I need someone to help me to solve it :( .Does anyone knows where can I find Andreas Cretensis's original Odes texts?
Or,at least,some useful link for medieval greek texts.I am greteful for your answers.
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Boustrophedon script

I was in the Metropolitian Museum of Art last week, and I spent time in the Ancient Greek and Roman section trying to read some of the Greek inscriptions. I noticed something interesting about one of the grave markers. It consisted of two lines of dactyllic hexameter, and a third line identifying the sculptor; but the first line was written from right-to-left, the second line started at the left side and ran back to the ...
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Borrowing in greek

Hi! anybody knows where i can find any online text about borrowing in greek language?
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Reliable audio files

I am looking for audio files for the vocabulary and the one site every link on the subject goes to is not transfering the files. Are there an other sites besides Carolina's?
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Finding books with commentaries

My lord, what a relief. This is a very good start...

http://www.jact.org/publications/goodte ... tguide.php
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Quis est cui...

...rubicunda subvestimenta non placeant? Quantumvis enim inani femellarum sit mente stultitiae illiusque inopiae nos quo dedeceret his bene uti, opus semper iis est mihi, ob tantum earum "crurum radicis" odorem! Modo sentio Cl2 modo flores; qui autem utut mi didit quodcunqueque eius generis iam deficit odore. Nimium me iactavi pretioque hauquaquam antehac praedicto. Scio exsistere alias. Claudite ora ac dicite mihi num esse 9 ut annos natam 17 vero rubicundis variisque aliis coloribus subvestimentis voceve ...
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Instrumental vs Ablative

Hi all,

I'm a student of Latin, and I have decided to do some study of Anglo-Saxon for fun and diversion. I notice there is a case called the instrumental case in Anglo-Saxon. I found a reference to it on the web that states, "the instrumental case indicates that a noun is the instrument or means by which the subject achieves or accomplishes an action."

Okay...isn't this basically what the ablative case does? If so, ...
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