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Conjugation sheet?

Hello, I am learning latin, I understand the grammar completely(as far as I have gotten, that is) but I wanted to know if there is a sheet of the conjugations of verbs and nouns (and adjectives) that I can print out?

Also, I want to know about the adverbs in latin, before I go through a download-athon again, which book deals with this?

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Why is there no Greek Vocab?

Why is there only latin vocabulary and not greek on this site?
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I'm getting so confused about the distributive numbers. I understand all the others, but I can't understand how to use the distributives.
How are they used? :?
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Hello I need help with an html template!

Hi, I am new! Anyways, I need a html template, it could be a simple one, it doesn't matter, but I need one!!!!! Thanks!!!!
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Postbaccalaureate programs in Classics

I'm looking for postbaccalaureate and master's programs in Classics for students who don't have the background necessary to go straight into a PhD program in the field. So far I've found programs at the following schools:

Columbia University
University of Pennsylvania
University of California-Davis
University of California-Los Angeles
University of Chicago
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Am I missing any? If you know of any others, please reply and tell me where they are! ...
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Mathematica: Physicem Religio

Note: I posted this originally at www.talkphilosophy.org
Mathematics "is the investigation of axiomatically defined abstract structures using symbolic logic and mathematical notation." However, note the word axiomatically, what is an axiom? It is said to have been something "self explanatory", yet unprovable! No one can prove "A=A" because it requires perception to find "A" which interprets raw data, i.e. reality, to be "A". So, is it not possible ...
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Some new greek questions...

I have several questions:

first, what is the pronunciation in greek?

secondly, writing in greek is like that of latin, from left to right, right?

thirdly, i hear there are a lot of irregular verbs in greek, is that true?
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Anybody else like to play chess?

Besides religion, politics, latin, and work, one of my favorite things to do (when I have time) is play chess. I usually have to play online because not many people play in the area where I live (at least not many that I know). I am not very good but I enjoy it. Just curious if anyone else enjoys a nice game of chess once in a while.

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Learning French

Two of my children are being home-schooled.
Does any one of you know of a good French as a second language course that is suitable for home-shoolers?
I would like it to have lots of reading exercises, maybe a reader to go with the text.
In Canada the schools teach +/- 7 years of French, but very few students can read French after that.
I blame it on not getting enough reading practice. Lots of ...
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So many ways to go

I've noticed in the few months I've been studying Ancient Greek that there are several words for "go." I'm wondering if there's a subtle difference between each one that someone here might be able to explain to me.

This will be the first time I'm trying to write in Greek characters here, so hopefully this will come out okay.

Here are the words for "go" that I've encountered so far:





Hope ...
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