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FINALLY, I managed to install the SPIonic font on my computer, so now I can see what all of you are saying when you type in Greek. Installing it was quite simple, once I figured out what in the world they were talking about, but it's a big step for someone who knows next to nothing about computer slang. (It took me forever to realize that I had to click on the little blue hyperlink ...
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Latin Tongue-twisters

Tongue-twisters in many languages, including Latin, but not Greek: http://www.uebersetzung.at/twister/index.htm
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Moved Forum?

When I tried to enter the forum earlier, I had to be redirected...did you move the forum, Jeff? Was it supposed to do that? <br /><br />Keesa
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Iota subscript

I learned that a subscripted Iota does not affect pronunciation.<br />Just today I heard ...w| pronounced as oi.<br />I have always pronounced it as w. So, what does it mean that it does not affect pronunciation; Is it pronounced like a regular diphthong, or is it pronounced like the Iota is not there at all?<br />Thank you<br />Bert.
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trilled Lambda

Page 59 of Pharr makes reference to a trilled Lambda.<br />Is that just pronouncing the two Lambas in Ba/ll' individually?<br />Thank you.<br />Bert
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crazy quam

wheelock 17<br /><br />quam difficile est bona aut dulcia ex bello trahere<br /><br />I scratched my head for a long time on this one and came up with:<br /><br />It is difficult to derive good or sweet things from war.<br /><br />but then quam isn't doing anything. But I don't see how it can because it is feminine accusative singular and everything else seems to be neuter. <br /><br />so why is the quam there?<br ...
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odyssey 1.18

oud enqa pefugmenoj hen aeqlwn<br /><br />the translation says this is "not even there was he free from toils"<br /><br />I don't get it. :)<br /><br /><br /><br />pefugmenoj is "having fled", is it not?<br /><br />hm... maybe it is starting to make sense. <br />is it something to the effect of "not even there had he fled his troubles"?<br /><br />then glossed to "not even there ...
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MOVED: grammar lesson needed

I'm moving this over to the Latin Board.


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grammar lesson needed

Vale patria mea. <br /> Farewell\good-bye my native\fatherland land.<br /><br /> vale = farewell\ be strong, (goodbye)<br /> finite verb, 2nd conj., 2nd person, singular, Imper. Act.<br /><br /> patria = fatherland \country\native land <br /> noun, (f) 1st dec., voc., singular, Indic., Act. <br /><br /> mea = my<br />adj.? (f) 1st dec., voc., singular, Indic. Act. (agreeing with it’s noun)<br /><br />My trouble with this is: mea is not a voc. sing. ending ...
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