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Introducing me


I'm new. lol

I am mostly interested in Greek, but also would like to get around to Latin. I am basically starting from scratch, but very excited about it.

I am also very busy, so we'll see how it goes. :)
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help with exercises *9/6*

I was just working on some Greek-English exercises and I came across this:
toi=n phgai=n
it's in the dual, according to my charts. Yet isn't dual used for nouns that come in pairs like eyes, ears, nostrils, shoes, etc.?
so it would translate into "of/to the two-fountains"

Also, in an English-Greek exercise, would "the two-fountains" be tw= phga/?

Hehe, I'm starting slow but I'm learning fast!

PS-I'm using a textkit book called "A First Greek ...
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Hello all,

I have been reading the excellent posts on this website for a spell and thought I should register and introduce myself. I am a Latin enthusiast with a lot more to learn. I'm working through Wheelock now and I may switch to the CUNY Intensive Latin course book soon. (I have read the long thread about the pros and cons of both!) I hope to have great conversations with all of you in ...
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Some Doubts about Classical Greek

Please,I am starting to study Classical Greek,because I am an addicted to ancient history,principally greek ancient history,so I would to ask anybody here,what is the real differences between the Classical Greek and the koine,and if I study Classical Greek will I be able to understand also the modern greek?
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Tutorial Idea

If one of the Greek gurus is able and willing to write a beginners tutorial on conditional clauses, (s)he will be guaranteed at least one reader.
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Scanner Bliss

You've got to see this, no drooling please!


Be sure to watch the video
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Loeb Classical Library...suggestions needed!

After searching in vain for the better part of two years I finally located a bookstore in Toronto that regularly carries Loeb's. I was estatic until I started adding up totals and realized that I'd either have to become a millionaire or selectively choose which to purchase. I believe there are close to 500 titles currently available and sadly I only own four.

Martial Epigrams I (1947) trans. Walter C. A. Ker
Suetonius II (1950) ...
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May I ask why?

Why doesn't Greek have an ablative case? This is going to be quite a challenge indeed, learning this language. :?
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re: irregular verbs


Am I understanding these words to be irregular verbs of the word "esse"?



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using abhinc

I'm confused about the correct way to say 'three days ago'. My Longmans' book says abhinc plus accusative. N&H also shows an example with abhinc followed by the accusative: 'three days ago - abhinc tres dies' but in the key to the exercises, the time is in the ablative: (36.9)'I saw my friend at Carthage three months ago - Tribus abhinc mensibus Carthagini meum amicum vidi'
Should the time be ablative or accusative?
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