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If you didn't like "Troy"...

...then don't click here.

P.S. :roll:
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Fictitious Epistulam

Hello there everyone, or should I say salvete? But I digress-

As you've probably figured out, I'm a newbie, despite having popped by this message board, or more specifically, the Agora, where I find myself almost totally lost. However, I was creating a somewhat fictitious epistulam this evening (which I originally attended to send to a friend, but got carried away), but I was wondering how many zillions of syntax and grammar rules I managed ...
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I just restarted learning latin out of the Oxford Latin Course book and i ran across a sentence that confuses me.

filiam laudat Scintilla

I'm not sure if it should be translated as:

Scintilla praises her daughter.


Scintilla praises a/the daughter.

in the context it seems like it would be her daughter but wouldn't that be differenet?

thanks for any help.
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JWW exercises, para 390, 392, 397, 399, 410, 412

some suggested translations

1 how should I make the battle/engagement?
2 if I should hear the name of this man, I should/would avenge myself (on him)
3 there was a danger that the satrap would/might molest/annoy the Greeks
4 if the Greeks should conquer the barbarians, it would be well
5 therefore I would not wonder if the enemy should try to follow them
6 they were all afraid that Clearchus might take vengeance-on/punish ...
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a ride?

Pheidippides is said to have run at about 23 rides and hour when he dashed through the Marathon plateau to get the news of Greek victory over Persians to Athens. A ride is said to be 4 stadia, which is in turn 6 plethra(if I remember it correctly). I read this from an college physics textbook(Halliday & Resnick) and tried to find out what a ride is in Greek, but I couldn't find one. A ...
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"hoc" in "in catilinam"

I'm having a little trouble with the word "hoc" in the following sentence:

verum ego hoc quod iam pridem factum esse oportuit certa de causa nondum adducor ut faciam.

Cicero is explaining why he can't kill Catiline just yet, and I think that "hoc" refers to the execution of Catiline.

My textbook (but this isn't for a course I am taking) tells me that

1. the main clause is: "verum ego hoc ... certa de ...
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A short sentence in READING GREEK~

o)/zousi xau(=tai presbe/wn ei)s ta/s po/leis o)zu/tata.

It is from a textbook READING GREEK.I can't understand it because of such word "xau(=tai" .I've no idea about it's accidence.

Can u help me to analyze it?

Thank u very much.
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Latin audio Files

I have just started learning Latin and am using BLD. I am self taught and I have nowhere to hear the proper pronunciations. Hearing would help me very much in my studies. Does anyone know of any sites on the net to hear Latin pronuniations.

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Is this right?

I'm translating from Pliny, Epistulae 9.24 (in Wheelock, page 352) and am having quite a bit of difficulty. Here's a bit of Pliny -
Bene fecisti quod libertum aliquando tibi carum reducentidbus epistulis meis in donum in animum recepisti.
And this is what I think it says:
thank you, Beloved, for the freedman who brought back my letters to youin the house of a rational soul.

thanks for any help you can give - I'm ...
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Aliquo tandem modo

Hi! does anyone know how I should translate the 'tandem' in 'aliquo tandem modo' ?

I know that basically the 'aliquo modo' is 'in some way'

from the context the nearest that I have any "feel" for is where Lewis & Short offer =>


B. In partic., in interrogative clauses, pray, pray now, now, then: quid tandem, what in the world, etc. (very freq. in class. prose):

making me think of: 'in some unknown ...
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