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Gallic War Translation

I am currently reading a translation (because I don't possess the Latin to read it in the original yet! :( ) of Caesar's Gallic War by H.J. Edwards. This was originally printed in 1917, my edition is from 1979. I was wondering if anyone knew if this is a reputable translator or if anyone can reccomend a superbly done translation. :) ...
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Pharr 150 line 5

qea\ leukw/lenoj (/Hrh e)pi\ fresi\n e)/qhke th\n boulh\n )Axilh=i <br />I translate this line something like; The white-armed goddess Hera put this plan in Achilles' heart.<br /><br />(Is 'white-armed' a complimentary sort of adjective?)<br /><br />My question is, why is fresi\n Plural? <br /><br />Thanks.<br />Bert.
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I have a suggestion

Since we have quite a few threads with over 50 replies, isn't it about time that the "Hot Topic" icons had their requisites raised as well?
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where did it go??

I was responding to a post by Thessaloniki and it disappeared.<br /><br />
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I need an editor

If anyone who is fairly good with writing could review a tutorial I am working on by some time today, I would be greatly pleased. It concerns Latin, but actually has very little to do with grammar or anything that would be completely foreign to a Greek student. <br /><br />I would much appreciate any criticism of the style/content/methods, but it is a little difficult to criticize myself! Private message me on Textkit, use a ...
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Transliteration of Greek and Latin to English

Transliterate<br />trans- + Latin littera letter<br />To represent or spell in the characters of another alphabet<br /><br />A great (printer friendly) resource for understanding transliteration of Latin and Greek names.<br /><br />Use this resource to better understand the English spelling of Greek and Latin names AND to transliterate your own words into English.<br /><br />http://herkos.artsfac.csuohio.edu/homyth/translit.html<br /><br /><br />
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Terminology question

Let's say that I'm trying to write a Greek/English flash card program using Visual Basic and an Access database. And let's say that in this program, I intend to group words in the database together in a fashion that makes a modicum of sense. For example, the words:<br /><br /><br />lu/w, lu/eij, lu/ei, lu/omen, lu/ete, lu/ousin<br /><br /><br />would be grouped together under the first person singular lu/w.<br /><br />And i(/ppoj, i(/ppe, i(/ppon, i(/ppou, i(/ppw|, ...
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Poll (the manual kind)

What is/was the most confusing thing for you when you are/were at a beginner-intermediate stage of learning Latin? Hopefully, this will stir up ideas for new tutorials :D
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I have no idea how to speak or pronounce ancient Greek (its on the list of things to do) and was wondering if someone could tell me the phonetical (or as close as I can get) English pronounciation of areopagus -> I know it was an Athenian council consisting of mostly ex-arkhontes<br /><br />Thanks!
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