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Ch 32 'sic inviderit'

P&R 6, At volumus cognoscere cur sic inviderit et cur...
But we wish to learn why he is sic jealous, and why...

I'm not quite sure how to translate 'sic' in that sentence. I though it meant so/thus/in this way, as in 'don't do it that way, do it sic.' But if I just plug 'so' into that phrase, it seems to mean 'so (very) jealous'. But if that were the meaning, wouldn't 'tam' be ...
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Benissimus' Wheelock's Answers - A Wheelock Answer Key

The Benissimus answer key is no longer available on Textkit.

Adult learners in search of the answer key may contact academic@harpercollins.com for more information.
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Tu atque cuius exercitus

To keep the fun in translating I have taken up the habit of translating songs that are stuck in my head. Today it was 'you and whose army' by radiohead. Now, I have a few questions of translation, are these correct?

you think drive me crazy
putas me insanum agere

you think you can take us on
putas nos vicendi potere

for the holy roman empire
pro sancto imperio romano

tonight we ride ghost horses ...
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Ch 32 irregular adverbs

In Wheelock, on page 220, it says "in the following table, adverbs that do not follow the standard rules for forming adverbs from adjectives are highlighted". But male is highlighted, implying that it is an irregular formation from malus. But it seem to follow the rules to me: add -e to the stem mal-.
I can see the irregularities in all the other highlighted forms, - is the highlighting simply reminding readers that these are ...
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re: self-test


Can I have these confirmed as properly translated?

These sentences stem from "Latin Via Ovid-A First Course-2nd Edit.-1982."

From page 17:

1. Once upon a time there was (est) a beautiful girl.

--Olim erat puella pulchra. Or, Olim puella pulchra erat.

2. Europa lives in Phoenica.

--Europa in Phoenica habitat.

3. Jupiter desires the beautiful maiden.

--Iuppiter puellam pulchram desiderat.

4. The god changes himself into a bull.

--Deus se in taurum transformat.

5. ...
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Textkit forums and Google

For the curious...

I have been trying for a while now to get this forum more digestible by the Google bot. The session ids that are tacked onto the urls when a visitor is not logged in are killing us. I did apply a new hack to the forum this week that should help.

Let us hope!
http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=& ... gle+Search

we're up to 2 pages so far...
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D'Ooge's Latin For Beginners Key

No key was produced by the publisher of Benjamin L. D'Ooge's Latin For Beginners because the book was intended for classroom use. To help independent learners, this key was prepared by a small group of Textkit Forum members who were all kind enough to volunteer their time, energy and skills.

The key can be found here:

Like all keys on Textkit, you must be subscribed to our free newsletter to gain access to the ...
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New PDFs

I noticed today that the count of available texts suddenly jumped up by four (yay, Jeff!), but the titles of the new texts were not listed in the new title list. So, does anybody know which ones are new?
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answer key??


Are there any updates on when the answer key will be available?

I want to start a beginner book with my 15 year old in January and am torn between Henle and LFB. Henle at least has a partial answer key for it.

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The Subjunctive in indirect questions

I understand that interrogative words need to go in there, or num for a yes or no question, but are there any other constructions that I should watch out for? I was reading A&G today talking about infinitives in rhetorical questions. Basically this needs an expert to answer in English that I may understand. It was really strange, A&G had loads of pages on indirect speech, most of which I did not understand. There were ...
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