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Summer Schools


I am looking for a summer school either in the UK or overseas that teaches Latin and Ancient Greek.

If anyone knows of a good summer school please let me know!

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"i received the church bulletin"

Tractus ecclesiasticus receptus est?

Tractus ecclesiasticus ego recepit?
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the preposition "per"

Pax vobis,

Is the preposition "per" is kind of like an all/multi purpose preposition? Can it be used for the various English prepositions: for, by, from?

Gratia vobis,
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Which Attic book?

Mind you, I still have a ways to go in Pharr, so it will be a while before I go into Attic, but I want to start the used book hunt.

The main two books I'm considering are Morwood and Mastronarde (if you have other suggestions, I'll hear them two). Currently I'm leaning more towards Morwood, but here are the pros and cons of the two books as far as I see.

Pros : ...
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tou= )Aleca/ndrou

a)=ra tou= )Aleca/ndrou to\ new/taton dra=ma a)/cion i)/dei=n;
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Dictionary puzzle

When I'm using my Latin dictionary (it's a Collins) I sometimes come across the abbreviation fus which does not appear in the list of abbreviations at the front. I can't work out what it means. Here are a couple of examples:

chance upon vt fus incidere in, invenire.

allow for vt fus rationem habere (gen).

Any ideas?
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Stanley Lombardo Reads Iliad Book I

I was hoping that somebody could comment on the accuracy of Stanley Lombardo's reading of Iliad Book One. Should I use it to study the Homeric line, or would it promote bad habits? Are there other/better readings available online? Are there any readings that can be downloaded?

Thanks. :D
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The Death of Grammar

Here we go. The next step in fanning the flames of ignorance. Several here are fighting to keep Latin and Greek in schools. It will only be more difficult when you cannot keep English in English schools.

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What does this mean? Please help.

O4n oi9 qeoi\ filou=sin a0poqnh|/skei ne/oj.
Thanks in advance.

I cannot figure out the meaning of
in the sentence above.

And one more question, is this right to translate it like this?
O4n The gods love the young dies.

(from A new introduction to greek, lesson 15, Reading)
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help with aeneid 3 translation.

hello chaps, having trouble with a few lines:

3.354/355: aulai medio libabant pocula Bacchi
impositis auro dapibus, paterasque tenebant.

here's what I've got: "they were pouring out cups of wine in libation in the middle of the courtyard..." then i get confused.

"after the feasts had been laid in gold, and they were holding their dishes"??

3.363: et cuncti suaserunt numine divi Italiam petere...

"and all the gods urged me (in their divinity??) to seek ...
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