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How to write Greek iambics for beginners

Hi all, I've put together a beginner's guide to writing Greek iambics, which is one of the main meters used in Greek tragedies, comedies and other Greek poetry.

I've tried to avoid technical terms where I can, and to describe the process or step-by-step method of composing, rather than just to catalogue the rules which must be obeyed. Will helped me out with it and is kindly hosting it on www.aoidoi.org ...
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Do you trust Internet?

When I tried to find an answer to my question about the change fro Saturday to Sunday in Christian practices, I visited various sites in the Internet. Though they had some interesting stuff and ideas, often I became alerted because they belonged to various sects which didn’t care to hide their attitude (which one wouldn’t describe as a friendly one) towards the official Catholic doctrines. Rather, they were quite attacking Vatican and by reciting old ...
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Plus Bello Gallico


I recently encountered a rather vexing sentence that I can't seem to smooth out. Welch and Duffield were supposed to be rather literal in their take on the closing chapters of Caesar's Bello Gallico - but this sentence just seems outlandish to me:

"Qua in re militum virtus admodem fuit laudanda; qui vectoriis gravibusque navigiis remigandi laborem non intermiserunt."

The first 'qua' is a connective relative that just refers to Casaer having landed his ...
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Emma 85 is a farmer

...aye she is 'get off my farm' she says to me today. Legendary voice. Big shout out to the farmer who would not say puffywuffy in a big german word because it is "doof".
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I apologize to everyone

I got upset since someone replied to my question below, asking that I pay for the help.

I checked the forum rules I realized that people here, mainly are not learning on their own but are students/professors (i think), etc.

I should have explained in the topic, my request was purely personal, not for assignments, etc.

My reply was also somewhat rude. I am sorry.

Thanks to those who replied....

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Hello to everyone,

I've found your site and I like it so much. There are a lot of good resources.
I am an Italian guy and I studied a lot of Greek and Latin when I was younger, but unfortunately I've forgotten most :(
I plan to study both languages in the next few months, so I can read some of text in original language.

Sorry in ...
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Unit 1 Ex - Section I - #13

Unit 1 Ex - Section I (pg 33) - #13

#13: Cum poeta e portis in viam ambulo (ambulabam).
M&F Key: I am walking (was walking) out of the gate onto the path.

Um... I think you missed the cum poeta part of the sentence.
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Unit 1 Prelim Ex - Section II B - #5

Unit 1 Prelim Ex - Section II B (pg 33) - #5
Change from singular to plural

#5: est
M&F Answer Key: estis

Estis is the plural for es (2nd person, present).
I believe it should be sunt (3rd person, present).
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Unit 1 Drill - Section III - # 3, 5, 8

Unit 1 Drill - Section III (pg 32) - # 3, 5, 8
Translate into Latin.

#3: of women
M&F Answer Key: puellarum

puella = girl (vocab word actually introduced in Unit 2)
I believe it should be feminae.

#5: crown (object)
M&F Answer Key: corona

Corona would make it the subject.
Since they are asking for the object, I believe it should be the ACC, or coronam.

#8: they used to be afraid ...
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Is befuddled (again)

Er...historical infinitives. I get what they do, they act as an indicative with the nominative as the subject, but translation proves a bit tricky. A&G says they should be translated as imperfect indicatives, but then goes on to translate 'ibi resistere ac propulsi' as 'there they would stand and fight.' And it also translates 'pars cedere' as 'a part gives way." Hello, present tense.

Clarification would be much appreciated.
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