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I have run upon a reading in manuscript P in Galatians. A plural personal pronoun that is UMEIN is in that manscript. Is that even a Greek word? Or is that a mispelled word? Other variants are UMIN and UMAS.
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vocabulary listings

Not all verbs have all the principal parts listed.
Why are some missing principal parts indicated with a dash while others are just skipped over. See page 99 and compare e)pisseu/w and kote/w.
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Calling All Math Folk

I know there are some folks here who read math Theory (if not just for the Greek).

So help me out...

Why is X raised to the 0 power = 1 and not 0 ?
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Regarding gerundives.

Salvete particepes fori,
this is my first post on textkit so I will try to be brief. Recently I have had problems understanding the concept of gerundives, "passive verbal adjectives" as one textbook describes them. Some examples given are:

magister audiendus est - the master is to-be-listend to, or:

imperium regendum erat - The empire was to-be-ruled.

What I do not quite understand is how gerundives differ from say, passive participles? And, in what contexts ...
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Vocabulary Strategies


I've just joined the forum and thought I'd throw out a question. I'm a first-year Latin student at university and was wondering if anyone has any good strategies for learning vocabulary. I have a lot of vocab that I need to learn or revise for my end-of-year exam in a couple of months.

(And yes, I have already subscribed to a Toolkit vocab course. What a great idea!)


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I found the site this evening through a link while searching for Latin texts. It looks like a really great site!

I'm a university student from Australia, studying first year Classics and Ancient History. My other interests include folk music, reading and writing, literature (both English and ancient, although I don't yet know much of the latter), and craft. I'm studying Latin at the moment and hope to pick up classical Greek next year. ...
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Word placement in a sentence

Is there a certain rule for placing words in a certain order. I know subject and direct object and such are determined by their ending, but I am speaking more in jus any order. For example, "Portat saxa peulla in aqua" meaning- The girl in the water carries rocks. Must you write it as first shown or could you write it as - Puella in aqua portat saxa. This seems to resemble a more English ...
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Remembering conjugations, etc.

What is a good way memorize forms of latin words, etc? That is, tables? I have been trying to use M&F Latin to get ahead in my Latin in class but I have trouble memorizing the various forms. What is a good way to make them stick?
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Looking for medical dictionary with etymology

I'm trying to find a medical dictionary (specifically for human anatomy and physiology) that has pronunciation guides and etymology. Anglicized Latin and Greek pronunciation is wacky and isn't always predictable. I think I should ask for a botanical dictionary with the same requirements as well while I'm at it, since I'm going to need one in a few years... I wonder if each scientific discipline pronounce word roots differently... I suppose it's too much to ...
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Ancient Greek Text Manager Software - First Public Release

Hi All,

I am pleased to announce the general availability of my AGTM software. Thanks again to those of you who helped me beta test it. I will send this latest version, 1.0, to all beta testers within the next few days.

I will also send it to those who've asked me for it over the last few months.

If you would like a copy of the software, please visit http://www.greekgeek.org ...
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