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Achilles' invulnerability

I'm just wondering, in which Greek stories is Achilles' skin said to be impervious (except for his heal)?

I read that earlier stories about the Trojan war had Achilles being stabbed in the back by Paris, rather than shot in the heel. Obviously he couldn't have been invulnerable then.
What's more, the idea of Achilles being unkillable robs him of his humanity (I think) and makes him a very unsympathetic figure.

Any thoughts (or references)?
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For this line.... which is dactylic hexameter...

when figuring out the feet and how the meter goes... would you elight the O's because they fall before H's ? I am wondering if there is a general rule whether you would leave them, or not, since it is vocative.

Hymen O Hymenaee, Hymen ades O Hymenaee!

Hymen (O) Hymenaee, Hymen ades (O) Hymenaee!
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A Question about my Dog

No, I'm not kidding. ^^

Before I knew anything at all about Latin, I looked up 'friend' in Wheelock's and figured that the name 'friend' in Latin would be Amice (i.e., the vocative). I'm now getting through chapter 3 of Wheelock's and the Awful Truth has reared its head and says, "Girl dog - Amica, Boy dog - Amicus" My dog is female so her name should be Amica, is this correct?
When I call ...
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Ãœbung macht den Meister.

It's a proverb I got while learning German at highschool. I want to put this in Ancient Greek and paste it on the wall. Indirect translation is welcome. If there's a similar proverb already put in AG it is most welcome. My attempt is like this:

mele/th teu/xei te/ktona
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...that my translation is correct. It's probably pretty close. (Latin to English)

Inter fábuás quae nóbís tráditae sunt dé Croesó rége est haec: Croesus, quí maximum régnum et magnam cópiam aurí habébat, nón tamen erat laetus, quod eius fílius vócem nón habébat. Medicós ad sé undique vocábat, sed némó eórum vócem pueró miseró dare poterat. Tandem Croesus ad urbem Delphós íre cónstituit, ut cónsilium ab óráculó rogáret. Ad illum oppidum itinere longó pervénit. Postquam sé ...
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Nothing Lasts

How do you say in Latin "nothing lasts"? I know that nothing it nihil but I don't know how to say lasts.

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English with an accent

There was a discussion on the Greek board about the possibility of knowing how ancient Greek was pronounced.
The general opinion seems to be that we can get a good idea but we can't be sure.
Even if we were sure, an ancient Greek wandering into our neighbour-hood would probably not understand us anyway.
To illustrate I'll tell you what happened when I was reading my son a story.
The story had the word 'vast'. ...
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double interogative

How do you translate a question that has two interogatives following each other.
ti/j po/qen ei)= su/;
Does this mean, who are you and where are you from, or is it just, where are you from?
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quick translation needed.

from aeneid 3.278ff:

ergo insperata tandem tellure potiti
lustramurque Iovi votisque incendimus aras,

i'm not sure about the first line. "Therefore, at last we (made/reached) land - more than we had hoped for". The second line's ok i think: "and we purify ourselves for Jupiter and light the altars with our offerings,"

any suggestions for the first line?
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De septem Romanorum regibus [Translation help, please!]


I'd be much obliged if anyone were willing to help me with a few sentences from a text of the seven kings of Rome. It's a very, very much summarized version of Livy's text on the subject, and does occasionally prove a tad challenging for a student who's only had Latin three-four hours a week two years now. :)

So, here we go (I may pop ...
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