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re: can't we do something else? elegiacs.

evening all,

i imagine many of you are not currently overloaded with things to do, especially in the scholarly field.
accordingly, i challenge all people interested to write an elegiac couplet. just one - in latin or greek.

most of you, i should think, are familiar with basic prosody and can scan. if not, there are many fine sites online that can introduce you to the basics (for that is all here necessary).

the mechanics ...
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Best book to start with?

I would like to get opinions on which book is better to start with--

Beginner's Latin Book by Collar and Daniell or
Latin For Beginners by Benjamin L. D'Ooge?

Pros, cons of each? Thanks!

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Questions Game

I got this idea from a show called Who's Line is it anyway. Good comedy show. Its a standup comedy thing. THey play all sorts of 'games'. One such game is where they can only talk in questions. I think we should try it. It's a little different because they always have a scene to act. Here, you just have to answer the question above you with another question. Only questions allowed!

What do you ...
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fun facts about the Romans

Lol, this probably sounds a bit elementary to some of you but can we start a list of fun facts about the Romans? I'll start:

100)The Romans used powdered mouse brains for toothpaste (ewww)!
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Accents and their ways

Has anyone some small rules about the accents in the greek language relating to the declinasion ?

Something revealing short and easy to understand.

Thanx for your efforts.
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Translation & Gramma

I got the following sentence that is unclear to me. It'S :

Populus quotannis duos consules et alios magistratus creabat. Consulatus apud Romanos erat summus magistratus. In bello consules exercitum convocabant et exercitui praeerant. In pace autem magistratibus mandatum erat statum civitatis firmare et domos civium et magnas et parvas a scleribus servare.

What does the beginning of the last sentence means exactly ("In pace autem magistratibus mandatum erat statum ...) ?

Why it is ...
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Last Person to Post Wins

I'm gonna win
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The 800-1400 Italian Words

The topic on the 1400 Latin words compelled me to ask whether any one knows of a similar list for the Italian language. I say this because my vocabulary is terrible! I have searched extensively on the internet but only found the AQA one of which I know most, and they tend to list stupid shopping things like le pantofole instead of essential conjunctions. I did learn the interesting adverb altronde, from elsewhere from it ...
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Quis hora est?

Sententias plus communes feci, nunc ad temporem.

"Quis hora est?"
"Quem horam habemus?"

Romani horam primam in nostro "seven o'clock" habuerunt. Itaque: hora prima (7 AM), hora secunda (8 AM), hora tertia (9 AM), hora quarta (10 AM), hora quinta (11 AM), meridies/ hora sexta (12 noon), hora septima (1 PM), hora octava (2 PM), hora nona (3 PM), hora decima (4 PM), hora undecima (5 PM), hora duodecima (6 PM) — postquam non certe ...
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I know I said no more politics, but...

...I am very upset!

Why must a little girl have to set up a lemonade stand in the richest country in the world to raise much needed funds for cancer research. It sucks!

This little girl , Alexandra Scott, of Wynnewood, Penn., died today of her disease: cancer. She was just 8!

Here's the link to the story: www.cnn.com/2004/HEALTH/conditions/08/0 ... index.html

You don't need to be a rocket scientist ...
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