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Is Greek the most exact language?

Greetings and Salutations:

I have often read and heard that Greek (specifically thinking of Ancient or Koine) is the most exact language ever created. I guess my questions would be as follows:

Is that true?

If it's true, then why is that statement true?

If anyone can kindly reply or at the very least point me to a website or book illustrating this notion that Greek is the most (or one of the most) exact ...
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Realism and the neosemanticist paradigm of expression

edited by Emma on 26.10.04:

This text was created by the 'postmodernism Generator' http://www.elsewhere.org/cgi-bin/postmodern (thanks for finding that site Democritus).

The primary theme of Bailey's analysis of the postconceptual paradigm of context is a mythopoetical paradox. In a sense, Baudrillard's critique of the neosemanticist paradigm of expression holds that reality is intrinsically responsible for the status quo.

Many dedeconstructivisms concerning Lacanist obscurity may be found. But Batailleist `powerful communication' implies that consensus is a product ...
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Line 1.3

I found this line tricky (al least to me).

polla\j d' i)fqi/mous yuxa\j )/Aidi proi/ayen

According to Pharr, i)fqi/mous modifies yuxa\j, but they have different genders, so which word does i)fqi/mous modify?
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Mute with L or R

Hi to everyone :)

I am a begginer in latin and I am a little bit confused with the long syllables and the accent.

According to D'ooge a syllable is long “if it ends in a consonant which is followed by another consonant”, however according to other grammar books this is true for "any two consonants (except a mute with l or r)". So according to D'ooge ...
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cum vs ablative absolute

I'm somewhat confused on which to use when. I thought an ablative absolute was used when the action was not related to rest of the sentence but precedes it; and that cum with subjunctive was used either when there is a sentence that sort of takes the place of an ablative absolute but is too long for an abl. abs. or when this action, unconnected to the rest of the sentence occurred at the same ...
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hic est ego.

This is my intro thread.

My name is Michael, I'm a wise fool, double majoring in Classics and Philsophhy. I'm in my eigth year of Latin (started back in 7th grade) and my second year of Greek. I've done Vergil (twice) and some Cicero and Livy in Latin; we're doing The Apology of Socrates now in Greek. Next semester is Euripdes' Alkestis and Ovid.

I really like Catullus, and poetry in general.

That's about it. ...
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correction of exercises(Brazilian Student)

Please correct these exercises to me.I have put the phrases in english and my translation,I ask you to correct them and it will be of a great help to me if you coment the corrections.

1) The paths of the high mountains are rough
Montes itineres alti confragosi sunt
2) The spurs of the riders incite the horses
Equitum calcaria equuos incitant
3) The words are indicated by the subject
Verbi thematis indicantur
4) The ...
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Getting to know everyone.

I don't know if this has already been posted so forgive me if it sounds redundant. I just wanted to know a little about you all. Where your from, if you go to school, and your occupation,interests,gender,and age.

Just to let you all know a little about me, I am 16 years old, male, and go to a public high-school in America. I am very interested in theology,history,philosophy, and linguistics. I also enjoy birdwatching and ...
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Sum poeta

Vere praecipua atque utilis non credere possum
Lexi at scripta manu omnia verba tua

Hoc est primum poematum quae scrivi in Latine. Ego non Catullus aut Naso, sed scribens gaudeo.
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Roman Leaf Tablets ?

First off, I don't know if this is in the right forum. Feel free to move it if it's not.

Well, a while ago I was assigned by my Latin teacher a project. My project consists of making different roman writing materials from scratch.

The Project Outline Reads:

Each student will be assigned to reaseaching 3 different writing materials in use by the Romans. This reseach will culminate in the actual construction of a sample ...
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