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help with Aeneid 3 translation:

at 111: hinc mater cultrix Cybeli...etc.

whats going on with cultrix? my dictionary has it as "female inhabitant". The notes dont explain it and D. West seems to ignore it.

at 90: vis ea fatus eram: tremere omnia visa repente,

"scarcely i had said this (what's fatus??): suddenly everthing having been seen (what form is visa and what's it doing??) began to shake"

at 93: summissi petimus terram...

having sent ourselves down to the ground?? ...
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JWW exercises, paragraphs 630, 631, 632

suggested solutions to exercises in lesson LXVII
all corrections gratefully recieved, as always

1. He heard that the general had triremes
o9 strathgo\j trih/reij e1xei
2. We have sent soldiers to burn the fodder
3. They say that he/they have reported to the King matters from the Greeks
ta\ para\ tw~n79Ellh/nwn basilei= a0phgge/lkasin .. h1 .. a0ph/ggelken
4. All those present have held up their hands
5. You have destroyed the land
6. When ...
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Hi everyone, Brennus here. I'm thirty something and from the New England (NH) region of the United States. I'm currently about halfway thru the D'Ooge beginner's book. Nice community you have here.
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tibullus poem help.

need some help with this line:

servitium sed triste datur, teneorque catenis,

but he/she/it is being to sad love, i am being held by chains,??

I have enough trouble understanding english poetry sometimes, doing it in latin just is t3h suck.
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"Speaking with the Dead"

Salvete! A friend of mine has requested my help. He's writing a story involving a set of instructions for speaking with the dead. He'd like to give these instructions a good Latin title. I've taken five years' worth, but I've not really done anything with the language in two years, in which time I've lost almost everything but my dictionary. "Rusty" doesn't even begin to describe it. So.

I'm thinking I want the dative gerund ...
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Dialectics of Nature

any thoughts on this topic? some new lights on this, maybe?
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Groton and May Ch. 21 question

So far I've been doing okay with the stories in this book, but I've come to a sentence in this story (The Golden Age Returns) that feels like I've come to a brick wall. I'm just not getting it. Here's the sentence and what I've been able to do with it so far. Thanks in advance for your help!

Remanebunt tamen pauca scelera quae homines temptare mare navibus, quae homines cingere urbes muris iubebunt.

A ...
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Family Motto

Salvete omnes,

A colleague has asked me what his family motto means. I have a fair idea, but I thought I would ask for some expert opinions. It goes thus :-

et si ostendo non jacto

Thanks in advance for you help.


C. Sentius Leontius
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Aranea Catulli

Carmina 13:

nam tui Catulli plenus sacculus est aranearum.

Why is the world does Catullus have a little sack full of spiderwebs? Is this a certain expression in latin or something? If so, what does it mean? Is he broke?
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Whee! A New Introduction to Old Norse

Well, after 12 days of waiting I finally received my 3 volume book, “A New Introduction to Old Norse”. I had to order it by phone instead of online and the total was 37 dollars (shipping included). The paper back cover reminds me of construction paper from kindergarten that’s been laminated. The pronunciation section isn’t as good as E.V. Gordon’s book, although you can tell it’s highly influenced by it. It seems like they plan ...
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