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Mercurius' wings

I was working through exercise 42 of NH and this one has really got my puzzled. I just can't figure out the grammar of it.

"Relying on his wings Mercurius had no need of a ship."

Key: "Mercurius alis freto nullum nave opus erat."

Nullum doesn't match nave and does 'opus erat' mean he had a need? I really don't get it. To me opus erat would mean that there was work/task.
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BLB, Collar & Daniell, § 50

From "The Beginner's Latin Book" by Collar and Daniell - can someone be so kind as to check my responses. (With exercise text so no one has to look them up).

Critics welcome. Suggestions taken. Thanks in advance.

It's been a while, but I finally managed to find enough time to make it this far. If only I could find someone to pay me to learn ....

Page 16, §50.I (Genitive and Dative)
1. Donum ...
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Latin's Borrowings


I was wondering if some of Latin's vocabulary is derived from another language, apart from Greek. Perhaps from something like Hebrew or Ancient Egyptian?
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PDF Problem

I was just trying to download Latin Prose Composition by North and Hillard, and the PDF came up with totally blank pages. I downloaded it again just to make sure, and the same happened. It doesn't seem to happen with any of the other PDFs; maybe the new compression didn't work for the North and Hillard Composition?
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Three questions

1. Can inquit (and its first- and second-person forms) be used in the past tense? Wheelock gives a present translation, but in some exercises it seems to make more sense in the past.

2. Poems often have adjectives and nouns on different lines, but the English translation is awkward in such an arrangement, if even that. I think this is for metrical or rhythmical reasons in the Latin, but I find it hard/impossible to maintain ...
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Subscription Form

Is there a problem with the subscription form?

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Almost Back...

Just wanted to let you all know that the spring season ends officially this Memorial Day!! I"m leaving for a month's vacation this June, but I'll be back to posting (and studying!) the beginning of July, I hope.

Until then, salvete!

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I was wondering if there were any good quotes from the Roman times in Latin of course that had to do with disease or medicine. Does anyone have one? Thanks.
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JWW exercises, para 319, 321, 328, 330, 336, 338

further translation suggestions...

1 if we supply a market place, you will have the necessary goods
2 if he does not do these things, he will be doing wrong
3 if they (will) withdraw, Cyrus will not honour them
4 if you make him a friend, it will help/he will assist (you)
5 if we conquer, he will not ravish the country
6 therefore if you send him to Cyrus, you will have ships ...
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Server move today

hi everyone, just a quick note that I'll be moving Textkit to a new server today. The move should happen pretty transparently, but if you should spot some oddities - that's why.

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