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No, a piano did not fall from the sky onto my head

In the past month or two, I have not been very active at this forum. What I have been is busy. The good news is, while I had to drop out of this forum, I did not drop Ancient Greek. Last week I finished lesson 77 of Pharr and the end of Book I of the Iliad. Now that I've hit this milestone, I will retreat and for the next few months I will mostly ...
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the things I do...

Ok, this is a first for me - wearing a dust mask while photocopying.

I was wearing a dust mask while photocopying a Greek grammar today. I'm copying Greek Grammar by Kuhner translated by Taylor. The book's date is 1852 and its condition can only be describe as having spent a good bit of time at the bottom of a muddy river.

Waters stains, page curly, split spine with pages falling out, and that dusty, ...
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Salvete, from Arkansas

This isn't my first post, nor even my second, but greetings are still appropriate, I think.

Named David, I hail from John Brown University in Northwest Arkansas. JBU is not affiliated in any way with the radical abolitionist John Brown who led the raid on Harper's Ferry before the Civil War. The John Brown who founded my school was a Christian evangelist who lived during the early part of the 20th century. Thus, JBU is ...
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Study Groups for Pharr


I noticed one of the pharr study groups finished (it is beyond the last day in the schedule). When will another one start up again? I'm interested in joining one.

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H&Q 12 English to Greek

Can someone look over these English to Greek sentences, please? The topics for this unit are:
a. Present and imperfect of –mi verbs
b. Fear clauses

1. When we heard the messenger in the assembly, we feared that the hoplites would not lead the women down to the sea.
o9/te de\ to\n a)/ggelon h)kou/samen e)n th|= e)kklhsi/a| to/te e)fobh/qhmen mh\ oi( o(pli/tai ta\j gunai=kaj pro\j qa/lassan ou) katago/goien.

2. Do not fear ...
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I know it has got nothing to do with classics, but I'm having some fun translating one of my favourite Robert E. Howard tales to latin. So that's where I got so far, comments are welcome :D

Turris Elephanti

Faces turpiter in comissationibus Maulis micabant, ubi fures orientis noctu comissabantur. In Maule ii combibere fremereque sicut vellent poterant, quia probi homines istam regionem detestabantur et vigiles, ...
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Missing parts of fio

If fimus and fitis are not used in good prose, what do you use instead? And what on earth is wrong with fimus and fitis anyway?

Also, while I'm here, what is the passive infinitive of esse to eat. Is it edi?
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Welcome from Louisiana

Hello All,

I am a second year New Testament Greek student at a liberal arts college in Louisiana. I look forward to this site.
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Ecce Romani


I'm in Latin 1 and I use this textbook. How come there isn't a forum for this textbook? Is it unpopular or just a poor textbook? Thanks
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I am just a mass spectrometer at the moment! (T SHIRTS)

I just deflect ionic threads all over the place!

aww thanks nick for your faith in me! I had some ideas before, just a few suggestions:

Obviously these are just ideas, my drawing sucks but the main aim is to confer ideas.

Unless you think it should be otherwise, just d'ooge it on the back ?

1. Image

2. Image

This one is a muscle top so tight, get the f(x) on the bench lads! ...
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