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Pieces of me

The forums have been quiet lately, so I decide to post a picture of myself. It was taken by a friend at his house for I have no digital camera, some people may find it slightly distasteful but do you want to see the only proper image I have of me or not?

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Greek Iambics

I don't think Will has advertised a recent addition to his wonderful website, and I hope he doesn't mind my doing so, I like to point you all to
wherein can be found, in very clear language, some hints for getting to grips with composition.

Well worth a read :D

Paul McK
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Das Inverse Theory

I shall finally let you all in on my amazing way of thought.

Have you ever eaten something, and thought, 'eerr this tastes like sheet...s of De Bello Gallico' ? Do you wish that it might taste delicious? Lately so many things in life have been inverse that I came across this theory. I can show you how to do it! It goes thus:

1. Take your bowl of disgusting food
2. Take a piece ...
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suggestions for latin dictionaries (UK)

I think i've just about reached the limit of my oxford pocket dictionary, but I don't need the full thing yet. Anyone know of any good dictionaries in between? Does anyone use the cassell one?
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I didn't know this was still in print


It appears D'Ooge's book is still selling after all these years. I wonder if those who buy it are aware it's available for free?
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need help with aeneid 3 translation

damn virgil is hard :(

150/151: visi ante oculos astare iacentis in somnis multo manifesti lumine,

I saw (them) standing before my eyes having been thrown into my dreams?? with a lot of clear light???

157: nos tumidum sub te permensi classibus aequor

we have traversed across the swollen sea with the fleet under you??

159: tu moenia magnis magna para longumque fugae ne linque suasit.

you ...
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Can I use the conjunction 'sed' in the following manner?

philosophiam amo sed pecuniam amas. I love philosophy but you love money (a bit silly, I know).

If not, how would I write it?
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JWW exercises, paragraphs 653, 654, 656

My ongoing thanks to Skylax!

Attempted answers to Ex's in lesson LXX

1. I wonder that Cyrus has nowhere shown himself / hasn’t shown himself anywhere
2. Orders had been given to appear courageously before/to the cavalry
3. And hearing this, he became exceedingly agitated, and asked whether they had already given a decision/made an answer
4. The cavalry have been scattered
5. Most of the dispersed had been brought/collected together
6. Clearchus was ...
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Scanning Homer

Inspired by the iambics and the Will's Intro to Greek Meter (great piece Will!!) I'm trying my hand at Homer. I 'm slowly working through Pharr. I have some doubts about scanning this line however:

polla\s d) )ifqi/mous yuca\s )/Aidi proï/ayen
ˉ ˉ | ˉ ˉ | ˉ ˉ | ˉ ˉ | ˉ ˘ ˘ | ˉ ˉ |

Is that about right? It seems rather loose for dactyls...
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What's going on in America?


Weeks ago American goverment was proposing a special act for human rights in North Korea and they are meddling with human rights in China for decades. Now they decided to go Tiananmen themselves?

I try not to bring up or meddle with international politics but when somebody's moving the opposite way he's advertising, ...
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