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To throw or not to throw

That is the question. I was sitting down today and I had brought 3 jaffa cakes to school. You throw a jaffa cake and it flies far and fast like shuriken and is bound to cause striking chaos for such a nice sweet foodstuff. But I was about to throw into the kitchens, it's not asif I don't have the sphericals to do so, for I last year lobbed so many things. However, as I ...
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I find 'agere' a confusing verb. Wheelock's gives about five different definitions for it and in one exercise 'age, age' means 'come! come!'. What's the best usage?

Thank you.
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de bello gallico in francaise

Anyone here know where I can download De Bello Gallico in French translation for free?

Gratia vobis
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What is the Importance of pronunciation?

I somehow find the importance granted to pronunciation in Latin unneccessary and excessive. Today I suppose all Latin communication is essentially non-verbal, and even if a group of people wish to talk all that is neccessary is an agreed-upon common system of pronouncing words, within the said group. That said how do we know what pronunciation the ancients actually adopted?

I find the same problem in another ancient language: Sanskrit. My Sanskrit teacher in school ...
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Hello Everybody,

I'm advancing with the Beginner's Book gradually but I have a question:

Is there any rule of the accents in the conjugation of verbs ?

I wonder why they change from conjugation to conjugation and from time to time.

Is there any rule to handle this problem ?
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vexillari -- singular??

I'm writing a novel set in Wales in the 4th century, involving a Roman fort. I am relatively new to Latin (and to these forums :)), but have a background in French and Italian. I am wondering what the singular of vexillari would be? My understanding is that vexillari means "standard bearers", and I need to reference just one, as in "I am a ---- in the...." ...
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I love the smell of Chrsitmas trees....

I've had mine up for about a week now, and I just love the way it makes the whole house smell. I got my lights up last week too....so I am officially in the Christmas spirit :P

The other thing I got that really puts me in the Christmas spitit is....a new cd. I got a Stevie Wonder Christmas Cd that is a reissue of a 1967 ...
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need a quick translation.

from aeneid 3.313:

uix pauca furenti subicio et raris turbatus uocibus hisco:

it's sometinng like: Scarcely a few words i reply, given her fury, and moved I spoke disjointedly.

Not sure on the particulars at all tho. Furenti is referring back to Andromache whom Aeneas is about to reply to.
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Hello all,

I'm beginning my foray into the world of Homeric Greek today - I went to a computer lab at my university and printed 100 pages of Pharr's book!

I just wanted to write a note to say hello, and that I'll be posting on here regularly I'm sure.


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Xenophon: Anabasis

Hi folks,

I've read a short passage from Xenophon's Anabasis book 1, but I do not really have any feel for where the narrative is at (bk. 1, 4,8 ).

I'd like to find a brief outline of the work. Does anybody know if there's, like, a synopsis one could see online somewhere?

Also, I have trouble understanding this phrase, where Cyrus gets to the river Chalos which is described thus:

to\n Xa/lon potamo/n, o)/nta ...
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