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why classics?

please answer this question:

why is knowing classics important?


please obey the one sentence rule
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Latin words for modern technology

Are there any websites around that have Latin equivalents for words such as email, website, and telephone? I know of one that has things like that in Old English, but haven't found any Latin ones yet.

My coinage for "website" is "telasitus" (-us, masc.); does that sound good enough, or is there anything better?

Gratias vobis ago!
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Don Bardo de Saldo at your service

Hello, fellow rare birds.

As a minor poet and stuttering bard, I had always heard good things about Homer, so I decided to include him in my repertoire (bard's amour prope). I soon found out that it would be helpful to learn some greek, which brings me here.

I'll try to give as much as I take, and ask for your patience.
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Anyone been to Santiago Chile?

Has anyone lived in or traveled to Santiago Chile? I was watching The Amazing Race, yes I watch too much tv, and the city looked just awesome.

I'm studying Spanish still and if it's a cool place to go to I want to know now so that I can daydream about it.

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Trench's "Synonyms of the New Testament"

I recently bought a copy of Trench's "Synonyms of the New Testament", which is dated 1901, and is in good shape. I haven't used it much at all, but it consists of essays on the usage of closely related words. I'm not sure how many books are already on the list, but if this is something that people think would be useful, I'd be willing to help.

I don't know anything about scanning books or ...
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Hexameter Blues

Hello people, I'm glad to have found you.

I'm an apprentice bard, and I started learning the Iliad last Christmas (and greek along the way). I'm stuck with Homer's hexameters, trying to put stresses, pitches and length of vowels together. I started with the convention of using the accents as stress, which probably works fine with prose, but not with poetry: first because I cannot stress a short vowel without making it long in the ...
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Tones in Greek and Chinese

Some days ago I found out this game for practicing chinese tones and I'm wondering if the way they are pronounced may be the same as greek tones should be pronounced. In the intro page there are four ma's, if you put the cursor over every of them you will hear the pronunciation. There is a flat tone, an "oxytone", a low tone, and something that may be contrary to a circumflex. I'd apreciate someone's ...
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the Ides of March remember....

happy Ides all. Good luck in the book drawings, unless you are competing for the L&S dictionary: in which case I hope you lose! :D
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Unit I, Reading

First, I assume the answer key project is now dead?

Second, this sentence in the reading has me puzzled:

Fama enim reginae non erat cura.

I'm reading this as "Of course, the reputation of the queen was not a concern," which is something of a non sequitur. I'm wondering if the intent of the sentence is to express the fact that the queen's office was not an impediment to love she and the sailor have ...
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