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haha this kid in school

In my school there is a depressed boy. He is 17, obese, smells terribly, and has some sort of speech impediment. I do indeed feel sorry for him, but I seldom speak to him as he is not a nice person really. A couple of years ago he wrote a poem to a girl whom he liked. It involved membral palpitations amongst other doings. He even now follows the same girl and her friends. They ...
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Another beginner...

:twisted: I decided to branch out a bit and learn a language. I chose Latin for a reason that is plain enough, I don't know it.

I note there are many people with several languages under their belt. I hope to do the same over several years. I have interest in things ancient as well as new technologies. I am facinated by history and like to ...
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Aoidoi.org: Pindar's Olympian 14

My introduction (well, part of it) to Pindar is now commented: Olympian 14.

My thanks to Chad who noticed some spelling errors and suggested a few places where I could give a little more metrical detail.

I keep a list of poems to read. Most things get onto that list because someone suggested it might be interesting. This one made it onto my list because someone (I forget who) on the classics-l mailing list recommended ...
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Composition Exercise Number ?? + 1

Having dispatched JPII with a suitable eulogy (or two), I suppose dikh dictates that we should welcome Benedict XVI with a little something too.
Any suggestions for a metrical scheme for such a salutation, Will?

Paul McK
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Socrates’ Logic

In ancient Greece (469 - 399 BC) Socrates was widely lauded for his wisdom.

One day the great philosopher came upon an acquaintance who ran up to him excitedly and said, "Socrates, do you know what I just heard about one of your students?"

"Wait a moment," Socrates replied. "Before you tell me I'd like you to pass a little test. It's called the Triple Filter Test."
"Before you talk to me about my student, ...
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I can not go to Textkit Subscribers Area


Sorry, But I can not go to Textkit Subscribers Area.
My mail iz vzloy@yahoo.com
Can you help me?
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Marisa is born!

Sorry I haven't been around as often lately, I've been very busy with my little girl who was born on St Patty's day. She was 7 lbs 1 oz, and 19 inches. She is such a cutie, and she keeps me busy with those round-the-clock feeding every 2-3 hrs. I love all the cute sounds and motions she makes, and am excited and sad when they evolve. It's amazing how much she has changed ...
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Lysias: Please Help

Hi all,

Please consider this piece (part 20) from Lysias' 12th speech, against Eratosthenes (I hope I got it right!):

kai\ ou)de\ kata\ to\ e)la/xiston me/roj th=j ou)si/aj e)le/ou par' au)tw=n e)tugxa/nomen. a)ll' ou(/twj ei)j h(ma=j dia\ ta\ xrh/mata e)chma/rtanon, w(/sper a)\n e(/teroi mega/lwn a)dikhma/twn o)rgh\n e)/xontej, ou) tou/twn a)ci/ouj ge o)/ntas th=| po/lei, a)lla\ pa/saj me\n ta\j xorhgi/aj xorhgh/santaj, polla\j d' ei)sfora\j ei)senegko/ntaj, kosmi/ouj d' h(ma=j au)tou\j pare/nxontaj kai\ pa=n to\ prostatto/menon poiou=ntaj, e)xqro\n ...
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akkadian email reflector?

Does anyone know of any email reflectors dedicated to study of the ancient akkadian language? Cuneiform? A google search didn't show much of anything.

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Short and long vowels. How to know?


After I had finally solved my problems with the sounds of the Latin’s Alphabet (once more my thanks Luigi_Pirex) here I am again with a new problem.

How can we tell if a vowel is short or long only by the rules given in #12 of the book (page 18 of pdf).

I’m guessing (D’Ooge doesn’t mention nothing about) that in words that end with a vowel, this last vowel can be short or ...
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