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For anyone who is interested, I would just like to declare that I will be applying to Oxford University this December to read Classics (Classics course I - Literae Humaniores).
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You're right.

Hi Emma,
Thank you for saying hello. As a matter of fact I am probably going to have a hard time sticking to one language. After all, there are so many wonderful ones. Still, if there really is a God and he truly is willing to answer a prayer, perhaps I'll be able to stick to my guns for once. :)
Take care,
Big John
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What is greater than God, more evil that the devil, the poor have it, the rich need it, and if you eat it, you'll die?
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Mark 3:30

In Mark 3:30 there is a quote from Jesus, but at the end of the quote is an explanatory statment from the penman and not spoken by Jesus.

The final clause begins with o(ti

Is this really the normal use here needing a translation of "because" or is it just setting apart the extra statement similar to a quotation mark?
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I think the first ever existed gymnasium was largely for English speaking athletes. When the leader of the city began to make an address to the atheletes with " a)/ndrej," the atheletes, who did not understand the Greek, after looking for a while at each other with embarrassment, began to undress reluctantly. So the place was now called "gumna/sion place of the undressed".
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Ludi Romani


Has anyone tried playing anyone of these games?

I'm particularly interested in Latrunculi; a mixture of Chess, Draughts and Go, it says. Can anyone find a Java applet of this "thinking-man's" game? Maybe Jeff could install one. A game more linked to language would be "The Lines of the Twelve Philosophers". What does everyone make of it?
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i've recently found interest in facetious* composition and this elegiac couplet that i wrote may be of interest or amusement to some:

inconcinnum incompositumque inceptum Elegiae ora** /
usque eludereque elidereque immodice est.


*facetious is one of the seven known words to have a,e,i,o,u once and in such an order.

**elisio passim would not be so unless interversial elision occurred too!
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Idiomatic Phrases?

Does anyone know of any idiomatic use of either of these phrases or any neccesary connection between the two?

po/qen e)/rxetai kai\ pou= u(pa/geir(


to\ pla/toj kai\ mh=koj kai\ u(/yoj kai\ ba/qoj
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Translation help please - only 1 line.


I have decided that I would like to have a latin motto to include at the bottom of work emails as a signature. I have done several searches for online translators, but all seem to be from Latin to English, so are not much use to me. The other resources on the web seem to be dictionaries, but, as I have no knowledge of the conjugations of verbs or inflections etc., they are no ...
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