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a)/nqrwpoj o(, h( qeo/j o(, h(

In Rouse's "A First Greek Course"
a)/nqrwpoj is listed as a)/nqrwpoj o(, h( and qeo/j as qeo/j o(, h(
Have any of you seen these two words used in the feminine gender?
h( qeo/j in particular would surprise me considering that there is a feminine counterpart qea/
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Representing Greek

Instead of this complecated system of representing Greek,
isn't better to have a tool for writing Greek letters or upload Greek fonts?
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case for titles

In titles, should the case be nominative? I very often see titles using the de+abl., but that is not what I'm referring to.

I seem to remember thinking that titles should use the accusative, but I can't remember where I'd read that...

thanks much...

edited to add, I'm referring to titles of books/writings/etc. (not people). For example, if I wrote a paper on bread, would it be titled "Panis", or "Panem". (ignoring the possibility "De ...
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From Xenophon's Anabasis, 3.2.10

What is oi(per? It's not in middle liddel and the perseus help tool only gives me o(

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What is the correct sound for V?

Such as in Verbum in Latin, does it sound like a W or a V in English?
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Esteemed Universities for Classical Studies

I'm vouching for my cousin here, who is in the process of looking to transfer from his current university. We somehow came upon the topic, and he mentioned that he is very interested in majoring in Classical languages, perhaps a double major with Philosophy. Browsing online and trying to find Universities that are highly esteemed for their Classics program (besides say, Oxford) has proved fruitless.

I figured this would probably be a really good place ...
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Help your dear bishop!

I am in need of urgent guidance from you...er...adult folk. You are wiser than I.

The issue is Airmail. I have never done this before. I am posting nowhither else but the Vatican City. Should I in britain write "Vatican City" OR "Citta del vaticano" ?

Thank you for your hopefully quick replies! I need this :(
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Translation: Toast to John Adams in Amsterdam, 1782

Hello to all,

I was reading the diaries of John Adams (2nd US pres) during his stay in the Netherlands and noticed the following entry:

(1782, oct 14) Not long after my Reception here I was invited by Mr. Le Vaillant At Amsterdam, to dine with him in Company with Mr. Van Berckell, Bikker, and their Connections. When, according to the Ton in this country, We came to that Period of the Feast, when the ...
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Middle Liddell

I noticed that the Middle Liddell has 910 pages in total. If I had regular studying time, I would challenge to 'read'(not possibly learn) about 30 pages a day and cover the whole dictionary in a month. Repeating this for 12 months I should grasp a vast amount of the vocabulary. Anyone tried or going to try this kind of brute force work? Just curious.
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Translation question

I am having trouble with a Latin to English translation and was hoping someone here could help me. I always seem to have more trouble with questions. Here is the Latin (it is from Workbook for Wheelock's Latin 3rd edition page 34 # 4).

Quid de me et exitio patriae meae cogitas?

My problem comes with the "me et exitio" phrase. I believe that "exitio" is in the ablative case and should be translated as ...
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