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Out of Office message

<br />Let's say I want to configure an "out of office" message in my email application that says something like:<br /><br />I'm out of the office until November 6. If you need assistance, please call Manderley at 256-512-1024.<br /><br />or<br /><br />Je ne suis pas au bureau jusqu'à jeudi 6 novembre. Si vous avez besoin d'assitance, veuillez téléphoner Manderley à (+1) 256-512-1024...<br /><br /><br />What would be the best way to phrase this? I've started ...
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Jane Austen

This is a continuation of the Jane Austen discussion from the "Pompey" thread.<br />http://www.textkit.com/greek-latin-forum/viewtopic . php?t=742;start=0<br /><br /><br /><br />www.jasna.org <br /><br />That's the Jane Austen Society of North America, but they have articles and things like that, which you can enjoy regardless of where you are. (Indonesia, wasn't it?)<br /><br />Here's a site. It's a huge site, so it can be overwhelming to navigate at first.<br />http://www.pemberley.com<br /><br />This site has ...
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alternate endings in third declension

I've been studying Mounce's BBG and I'm confused about the alternate endings he gives. <br /><br />Under masculine and feminine nominative he gives <br /><br />a / - (no case ending)<br /><br />and under the accusative singer m/f he gives <br /><br />a / n <br /><br />One more thing. The word fwj is nueter while the neuter does not receive a case ending. If the root is fwt and the t drops off then ...

Phone numbers

<br />If you were going to tell someone your phone number, how would you do it?<br /><br />Let's say your phone number is: 256-512-1024.<br /><br />Would you write the number as CCLVI-CCCCXII-MXXIV (or CCLVI-CCCCXII-MXXIIII)?<br /><br />There's a purpose to this queston. It leads up to another question I have which is coming down the pike. :)<br /><br />
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Living Languages

I was wondering if there were any places on the Web like TextKit that were dedicated to providing electronic copies of old books in living languages, like German, French, Italian, etc. Does anybody know of such a place?
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Member Names

<br />Just curious. How did you choose your Member Name? Some of you have interesting names!<br /><br />Mine is rather boring. Middle name, last initial.<br /><br />
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This sentence has sort of stumped me. <br /><br />Amant oppidani Sextum et laudant, quod magna cum constantia pugnat. <br /><br />I translated it as "The townspeople love Sextus and praise him, because of his great constancy in battle," but why cum? "The townspeople love Sextus and praise him, because of his great constancy with battle"? It just doesn't make sense to me. <br /><br />(It's from Chapter Nine, by the way; I lost my ...
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What about Wheelock's and Moreland?

I am considering teaching myself Latin in my spare time. I might have half-an-hour to put in every day, with more hours available on weekends. <br /><br />I just read the rant against wheelock, in which the Latin:Intensive Course was given high marks.<br /><br />I do not have time right now to go full steam into Moreland and Fleischer, but would it be a good idea to start working on Wheelock now, and then switch ...
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plato parmenides

hi guys,<br /><br />could i please ask a grammatical question... in this sentence,<br /><br />ei) e(/n e)stin, a)/llo ti ou)k a)\n ei)/h polla\ to\ e(/n;<br /><br />are the words for "one" and "many" in the nominative case? there's no reason why polla\ would be accusative?<br /><br />(the sentence is from plato, parmenides, 137c)<br /><br />thanks heaps, chad. :)
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Hunc a tuis aris arcebis.

I'm doing a bit of revision, and have come across this sentence (again with no context). Does it mean 'You will keep him away from your altars'?
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