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I down loaded SPIonic howevernit doesnt look greek

I down loaded SPIonic however it doesnt look like a greek font to me.

it looks like boul\h or is that what it is supposed to look like, and what I need to do is learn another writing scheme?

Time to be hassled...

Hi there, just thought i'd introduce myself before I hassled you with all my questions (and there will be lots :) ).
I'm studying a science course at uni, so I'll be learning latin independantly (read: slowly), but that's cool.

edit: oh, and I'll be learning out of Wheelock's. Just got it a few days ago (after a 2 month wait, stupid backordering) and it looks pretty ...
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infinitive with nominative?

Hi, everybody:
Here is the beginning of a sentence:

Ei gar ousia te^s en hekasto^i arete^s ho heis hyparchein Logos tou THeou me^ amphibeble^tai, ktl.

The meaning is clear, yet I do not understand why "ousia", "ho", "heis", and "Logos" are in the nominative here, rather then in accusative (as the use of the infinitive "hyparchein" seems to me to require). Is there any rule which could explain this?

Many thanks in advance.
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translation project - my supplication for assistance

Hello all,

For the rather informal Latin course I am currently taking at my university, I am required to translate a substantial (~200 words) passage from English into Latin. I have completed a tentative translation, but I would be delighted for some of the illustrious members of this forum to critique my effort. However, I realize that this passage's length may not encourage a casual effort. Whatever feedback I receive will be welcome. If you ...
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Whatever happened to...

Hi everyone,

Sorry to be posting so much lately.
When I first came to this forum, there was a young lady who was very helpful. I don't remember her name, but I do remember her avatar.
I am assuming it was a pic of her. It was an animated avatar of an Asian woman looking up.
I was wondering if she was still here, and just not using that avatar any longer.
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Hi, everyone!

I study classical filology at the university of Brussels, and since I really want to learn to speak and communicate in Latin (Greek I will try when I have better mastered it) I thought here would be a nice start.

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rice wine

In an idle search for the etymology of the word 'rice'--at first I tried to find it in an Anglo-saxon dictionary-- I was led to LSJ entry o)/ruza. And a reference utters oi)/noj e)c o)ru/zhj, Ael. NA13.8

Anybody know what this abbreviation points to, or what the material talks about the rice wine, whether it is a soju(distilled) or makguli(raw)?
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textbook: Reading Latin by Peter V. Jones, Keith C. Sidwell

has anybody used this book? is it popular in the UK? what is it like?
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Sudy Groups

I noticed that about this time last year there were some study groups. How did that work? Has there been thoughts or ponderences of doing it again?

I'm just starting wth Pharr's Homeric Greek and I would be interested.
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*sigh* it never fails...

...and right before a long anticipated trip! On Thursday I'm going to Missoula for Foreign Language days, and we get to sit in on some seminars and classes and stuff. But today, throughout the day, I've been feeling sicker and sicker. This morning I had a tiny bit of a sore throat, and now, I have a headache, I'm tired, and my back, hips, knees, and ankles ache! I'm going on this trip whether I ...
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