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::pokes tentatively:: Salvete.

Nomen meus est...forget it. This is MyIlium. (Bleargh. Sounds like some kind of exotic disease.) I am strong on syntax but weak on vocab, and cursed with terrible lethargy (read: laziness). And, er, yeah...hi.

Great site, by the way. I wish I'd found it when I was slugging my way through Wheelock.
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What poetry to read for a Greek beginner?

I've just finished J. W. White's First Greek Book and am about a quarter way into North and Hillard's Greek Prose Composition. I'd really like to start reading some poetry in Greek.

Being a little bit further in latin I've taken to Cattulus and find it quite do-able; I'm looking for something similar in Greek.

Recommendations anyone?
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Is this not *cool*?!

Unix Sysadmin position - it requires you to go to Antarctica for the (southern) summer.

If only I didn't own a home...

Edit: I wonder how many books they'd let me take.
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I just found this place and wanted to say hello! I have always wanted to learn and read the books that are on this site, so I hope to get started asap..

Cheers :P
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I had to go back to school today and most of it was staring at a wall. I had a sheet of like 100 words of swedish but I had such a headache that I could not read. I chose German but as will be the habit I did not go. In french I taught some girls, advanced level class in this system of 5 years french how to negate a verb. Can I get ...
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I need a book

Does anyone know of a latin translation of Socrates Oedipus Rex on the internet?
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Why is the genitive & genus of every substantive indicat


Beeing a beginner in latin, I have some questions:
In my latin book, all substantives are presented in this way: puella,-ae (f), vinum, -i (n) etc. Isn't it redundant to specify the genus and genitive? Isn't it obvious from the ending what the genus and the genitive of the word are? Since all the books I've seen so far indicate them, there surely must be some importance to this information.

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Greek Texts online???

What Greek Texts are there online? If there's none, why doesn't textkit put some online?
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Future imperative

What exactly is the difference between the normal imperatives and the future imperatives? And how do you form the future imperatives?
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From the Divine Liturgy of Gregory

The following is a translation of the 'Prayer of the Veil of the Father' from the Divine Liturgy of Gregory, used by the Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt. This is translated from English, but the English was likely translated from Arabic, and the Arabic originally from Coptic centuries ago.

I use 'Deus' for the vocative because the probable classical vocative 'Dee' doesn't appear in extant texts and because 'Deus' is used as the vocative in ...
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