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Smyth, for beginners?


Would you recommend H. W. Smyth's Greek Grammar for beginners with Latin proficiency?
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Virgil's Eclogues

Does any one know what metre Virgil used for his eclogues? Or where I can find out about it?

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Same-sex marriage

So you lot, I want to test the waters of the Textkit community, as it were. I'm vehemently for same-sex marriage, believing same-sex couples should have the same options and rights as heterosexual couples, but I'm interested to see what everyone else's opinion is.

I think it all comes down to whether homosexuality is a choice or not -- and, of course, it is not. You can no more chose to be homosexual than you ...
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Dana and Mantley Grammar

Does anybody else use this manual grammar for NT Greek?

I bought it only because I found a cheap used copy, and I found the descriptions surprisingly clear and illuminating. I find myself turning to it even when reading Homer, if I need to refresh myself about the functions of cases and tenses.

Also, Rodney Decker's website has many useful pdf files that he posted for his classes. There are several diagramed sentences from the ...
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New Release of Ancient Greek Text Manager

Hi All,

I am pleased (and a bit relieved) to announce release 1.1 of AGTM.

In addition to a few bug fixes, this release incorporates these enhancements:

1. help facility now fully documents the vocabulary tool
2. selective publishing of vocabulary entries
3. publishing vocabulary to RTF file (usable in MS Word, Wordpad)
4. 'shuffle' (randomize) function during vocabulary flashcard drills

I have already sent this version to all registered AGTM users. If you don't ...
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fear clauses and intransitive passives

hi guys, here's what i've got for these sentences:

1. The battle raged very fiercely from dawn until the ninth hour of the day.
pugnatum ferocissimum est prima luce nonas horas.

This is the one i'm most unsure about. No idea if you can put an adjective in between pugnatum and est. Is a preposition needed before prima luce? with nonas horas i'm going for "for nine hours" and not trying to translate "the ninth ...
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Cur pullus viam transiit?
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Declension question


I'm on Lesson VI in Pharr's book and it is explaining the second declension. My question is do nouns only belong to a single gender and declension (suppose first declension feminine
for a word like boulh/) while adjectives must have a male, female, and neuter declension? And that the adjectives gender is "chosen" out of the set of available declensions, like: kalo/j, kalh/, kalo/n--which are second declension male, first declension feminine, and second declension ...
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Here at William's Grammaticarium, we've had a bit of snow. Not as much as my father, who lives in NY, who is going to get (24+ inches) later, but still. A nice little storm.

I love snow.

I also love how all the city lights are diffused during a nighttime snow storm. One can take photos with a still camera and no flash (click image for larger).

Image Image

Then of course, it's all so ...
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Boukman Eksperyans : Revolution

A few days ago in a used music store I picked up the album "Revolution" by the Boukman Eksperyans, a Haitian group. I was familiar with one of the songs (Baron) and it was only $6, so I went ahead and bought it. What a bargain! A few of the songs are nothing special, but this CD has some great stuff. If you want to hear some different music, I recommend this album.

The biggest ...
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