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The sound ae

What Greek sound is being represented by the letters "ae" in English transcription?

In particular, how would I write my username Astraea in Greek?
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the greek translation of 'procul harun'


I know i shouldn't be asking for a simple sentence, but I’m going to anyway :roll:

How do you translate the Latin sentence 'procul harun' correctly into Greek.
It means something like 'beyond these things' in Latin but I need to know how it translated into Greek, and how it's spelled.

I've looked up the words:

these= aftoi/aftes/afta

These are modern greek words, ...
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Linking Verb?

Hello all.
I'm on page 14 of An Introduction to Greek by Crosby & Schaeffer and I've hit a road-block... This text is OLD, and obviously meant for a classroom setting.
What is a linking verb? The book doesn't say.

Many thanks.

PS, excuse my lack of accent marks. This example is probably something like 'You wish to write that there were trees in the field,' or some such boring sentence:

εθελετε γραφ___ τα δενδρ___ ...
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Spionic for Mac-newbie question


I went to the suggested site and downloaded Spionic for Mac. However, when I read peoples posts in the forums I still see only the code, not the Greek font. How is it supposed to work, and perhaps I need a different download for OSX?

I haven't posted any questions in the Pharr forum yet because I want them to look right. :oops:

Thanks for your ...
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Spionic font on linux redux

Ok. After installing fedora core 3 on my machine at home, I've had to figure out (again) how to get spionic working with firefox. Surprisingly, it was fantastically simple this time since now I understand some more things about how fonts under linux--like the basics of FontConfig/XFT and the usual default configurations of where the font config system looks for new fonts.

Here you go:

0. Download the raw SPIONIC_.TTF file found in William's sticky ...
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A question about which Greek grammar text to use

Hi all,
I have a question about the relative merits of various Greek grammars in terms of their usefulness to the beginning student. I notice that the Smyth grammar is available here on textkit and that it is referenced various times on other threads. When I began my study of Greek, my professor recommended Goodwin's Greek Grammar, which I now own. Now that I am working on refreshing my Greek and studying on my own, ...
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Four Spartans

While reading one of those many stories about what the Spartans said (usually in a few words)while visiting Athens and remarking on the laxity of athenian morals I thought how much rthe ancient Spartans must have been like Yorshiremen of the time.Dour,tightlipped,resilient.
There can't be many who don't know the Monty Python Four Yorkshiremen sketch -if you don't ,see-
http://www.davidpbrown.co.uk/jokes/mont ... remen.html
One can almost see them sitting on ...
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Three Virtues Of A Programmer

If I had ever posted with the same theme before, this is a bit revised one.
A person with a geekiness would like to post this motto on the door, or the wall above his/her computer. The Three Virtues of a programmer(I tend to type this word "programmar", after much thinking on grammar) are generally known as laziness impatience and hubris.


My attempt is to find the words ...
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'Y' no Greek vocab. tool?

On most of these pages is a wonderful banner saying

But I dont want to learn Greek and Latin!

however where is the greek portion?

Does it still need to be made?

If it does what can I do to help?
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Iesus discipulis dixit

"Facilius est camelum per foramen acus transire quam elephantem per foramen acus transire."
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