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Double-checking imperative use


Please confirm use of imperative mood. Thanks.

1. Come in quickly, children, and sit down.
-- Intrate celeriter pueri et sedete.

2. Come here, Decimus; I want to see your tablet.
-- Veni hic Decime; videre cupio tabula tua.

3. Work hard Julia; don't play.
-- Diligenter labora Iulia; Noli ludere.

4. We are working hard, master; and so tell us a story.
-- Magister, diligenter laboramus; Itaque fabulam nobis narra.

5. Listen to ...
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Mediaeval Latin first?

Hello, I was reading an article by Dorothy Sayer in which she suggested that perhaps it would be beneficial if students are first exposed to Mediaeval Latin for several reasons that she highlights in her article (see memoriapress.com for more on this).

What should we make of this?
(Sorry if this point already been discussed on the forum)
Thank you.
Best regards
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Nathan said Vaca!

Finally! all my months of hard work with Nathan's Spanish is paying off. He's known tons of Spanish words for a long time now but he never speaks in Spanish. It's hard because I'm not fluent myself so I'm sure I don't give him enough exposure.

Anyways, I said to him last night, "Puedes decir cow en Espanol?" and he answered back, "Vaca". It's funny that his first word is cow - but I'll take ...
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Sentence Flipping? - Chapter 2

First I would like to apologize for my lack of proper terminology. As I begin my study of latin I find that my grammar is severely lacking, which probably adds to my difficulty in the subject. With that said, here's my question.

This is chapter 2, page 358 in the Exercises.

Now I have done the flipping in multiple questions, but here is an example.

#23. Sine fama et fortuna patria non valet.

I translated ...
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Would D'ooge be okay for children?


I was thinking of using this to teach a small group of students whose ages are 11 - 14. Would the D'ooge text be too difficult for them?
One of my other considerations was Henle.
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My girl just left me

It all began on that sack of **** valentine's day. I did not want to go out but she insisted that a restaurant full of solid food would be romantic. I had a workout on that day and also my stomach can currently handle but foods of liquid consistency. But not Br- (aq) I suppose as it's poison. In bitter sea water.

She arrived at my house wearing a shimmering top and I was just ...
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Can someone help check my grammar?


I'm new to Latin. I saw a phase "Ubi Petrus, ibi ecclesia" by Ambrose and wanted to expand on it. I wanted to say "Wherever Peter is, there is the church: That is, wherever men believe what he wrote in first epistle chapter 3 verse 21, namely both that baptism is necessary to salvation and that faith is necessary to baptism, there is the church."

I translated it "Ubi Petrus, ibi ecclesia: Id ...
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Please confirm clauses.


1. Diana was the daughter of Latona.
- Diana filiam Latonae erat.

2. Niobe had seven daughters.
- Niobe septem filias habebat.

3. Niobe also had seven sons.
- Niobe quoque septem filios habebat.

4. Phoebus was the son of Latona.
- Phoebus Latonae filium erat.

5. Niobe was proud because she had seven sons, and seven daughters.
- Niobe superba erat quod septem filios et septem filias habebat.

6. Latona had only one ...
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verb forms

should the verb stems with digamma be also memorized?
and those in parentheses, are they the second aorist, etc; should all variations be learned thoroughly?
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Salvete Romani et Graeci!

Just dropping a quick post to say 'hi' and introduce myself briefly. I'm currently a junior in high school who is taking AP Latin Literature, and I've completely fallen in love with studying the language. I plan on majoring in Latin / the Classics in college, and it'll definitely be helpful on my way to becoming a med student.

I'm looking forward to getting to know and chat with some of ...
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