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A swede with a problem!!!

I´m a swede with a problem. I know little, almost nothing about the language of latin. I need help with translating a text from english to latin.
Please, please help me!
The text is:

There´s so many different worlds
So many different suns
And we have just one world
But we live in different ones

Mark Knoppfler, Dire Straits. sing/songwriter.

If there is a nice soul out there please mail me at ...
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I am writing a book for beginners I would love to hear some of your advice. My main problem is that I can't find really useful information about teaching greek, something about didactics etc. Are there any well-defined orientations? Can I find at least a history of teaching Greek? It might seem funny, but I feel unconfortable not having a theoretical beckground...
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homeric vocabulary frequency

In Homeric vocabularies by William Bishop Owen and Edgar Johnson Goodspeed the authors list words by the frequency they occur in the Illiad and the Odyssey; so that you have a list of words emphasizing which ones are used the most, or which ones are more important to memorize. Is there such a list available on-line?
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Latin Vocab Word Help?

Greetings from a first time poster. I'm translating a papal document from the early 16th century, and am working from text that I transcribed from a digital camera image of a page in a book. I might have transcribed the word wrong, but at any rate I can't find it anywhere in any dictionary or reference work.

The word as I've transcribed it is "scislionis". Does that look familiar to anyone? FWIW, the context in ...
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Allen and Greenough's and connecting relatives

My course syllabus lists A&G's newest edition as 'required text.' We don't do anything directly from it; the teacher just thinks it's good to have as reference. Being the penny-pincher that I am, I downloaded a copy from textkit, but somehow I don't quite think it makes the cut as 'newest edition.' Rogo: So do you think that investing in a copy of A&G's is a wise decision for this cash-strapped student? What are the ...
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JWW exercises, paragraphs 599, 600, 601

Thank you Skylax for your ongoing help!!

tou/tou ti/j a1n moi ta0ndro\j h]n pronou/steroj;

Some further grist for the mill..

1. while they live the brave continue/pass-the-time happily
2. on hearing (this), the soldiers became violent and were extremely angry with Clearchus
3. if one/we must fight, let us fight bravely
4. why did you, being wronged by me, ill treat my country?
5. while neither having been in peril nor undergone hardships, they ...
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Adverb phrases

Chapter 7 of Wheelock's:

1) Sentence 9:
Post bellum multos libros de pace et remediis belli videbant.

After the war, we were seeing many books of peace and remedies for the war.

Why is "Post bellum" not written "Post bello" because it is an adverbial phrase telling time of action. Wheelock's treats it as an object.

2) Could someone explain the difference between "te" and "tu"?

Thank you.
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Question: adverb phrases

Exercises: Chapter 7 of Wheelock's.

1) Sentence 9 reads:
Post bellum multos libros de pace et remediis belli videbant.

After the war, we were seeing many books of peace and remedies of/for the war.

I wondered why 'Post bellum' is not written as 'Post bello' (Ablative) because this is an adverb phrase telling time of action. The book wrote it as the Accusative but this is not an object being acted upon.

2) Could someone ...
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Grammatical Terms

I am not a native English speaker and therefore I sometimes have a little trouble understanding the grammatical terms in English...

I am used to talking about "genitivus partitivus" and "coniunctivus hortativus" and the like...

I'd like to know the English equivalents when reading about Latin grammar in English.

Can someone point me to a reliable concordance?

Thanks very much.
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Mathematical vocabulary

Now that whiteoctave has gone :cry: there is no master who might tame me and inspire me to actually do any latin indeed I have not for like a month. It always happens. The only thing I do is write and then I stop for ages.

Now I need some funky mathematical vocabulary because I use them often in insults. Does any one have ...
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