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Hi guys, need some help with indirect statements.

they confuse my brain.

"The old man thought that his son was calling to him"

I'm going with "senex putavit filium eum advocisse". Is that OK? Having two objects confuses it i think. Would "the old man thought that his son had called him" be better??

Also, when relative clauses appear things get confusing. eg. "The merchant replied that the slaves who were pouring out wine had been bought for a great price". I went ...
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Harry Potter in ancient greek

Sorry if you already knew this, but I thought it could be interesting...

When I was doing a search in google, this thing about Harry Potter being translated into ancient greek appeared. Maybe it's worth reading it after all.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/engl ... 469023.stm

http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/de ... 9?v=glance
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JWW exercises, paragraphs 616, 617, 618

answer suggestions for ex's in lesson LXVI

1. He led twenty horsemen, and coming forward asked where he might see the generals
2. On the fourth day I/they fled into the stronghold
3. And a reward (of) more than three minas was owed to the soldiers
4. For if we (at) once withdrew/distanced-ourselves two or three days’ journey, the enemy will not follow us
5. Indeed in such a manner did five generals, having ...
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Basil L. Gildersleeve and Gonzalex Lodge published Latin Grammar in 1894. This is a good grammar. I would love to see it.

Thanks for all you do,
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Practice Is Everything

Oh, how that rings true when speaking about Greek... (I am a beginner and have been studying for roughly two months...)

"Practice Is Everything" is a quote by Periander, as far as I know, often misquoted as "Practice Makes Perfect".

What I'd like to know is how the quote was originally coined in Greek. Does anybody know?

Please include some hints on how to read the Greek "type fonts" here in Text Kit in your ...
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If I were to translate from 38 Latin Stories...

If I were to translate a paragraph from 38 Latin Stories and post my translation along with the Latin form from the book without accents, macrons and such, would the people who know Latin be ok to check over it still? I'm not sure how to type the accents over my letters on the keyboard, so it would just be plain spelling. I just wish the book would have the English translations of every practise ...
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Greek Grammars in Spanish

Does anyone know any Greek Grammars written in Spanish. I know it is probably not likel. Older Spanish teachers who taught Greek probably used Latin for teaching.
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how do u pronounce "roma est"

is it pronounced "romast"? I read that if a word before "est" ends with a vowel, the "e" in "est" is cut out.
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M&F Answer Key PDFs

I've posted the first two Units of the M&F Key I am working on. More will follow as they are completed. The download links are:

Unit One:

Unit Two:

Please note that these are drafts, and that they contain errors. I welcome any and all comments, suggestions, and corrections. I will incorporate these into subsequent drafts, and I will insert the names of those who have contributed into the document.

You can submit ...
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Other Good Language Forums

When first endeavoring to take Latin my intentions were to learn the basic structure and language roots so i could learn other modern day languages. Textkit.com really helped me get through Wheelocks and now I think I have enough basic Latin to learn some modern language. I was wondering, does anyone know of a language forum just like this one for languages such as: Spanish, Italian, German, French, etc. Or even some to help teach ...
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