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translating from english to latin

i'm in latin II and i have to make a project on the 13th labor of hercules. obviously there is no 13th labor so we have to create one ourselves. anyways worth 50 points we have to translate 5 sentences into latin but with some grammar. We have to have atleast one of each:

superlative adjective or adverb
complementary infinitive or indirect statement
present participle or ablative absolute
gerund or gerundive
subjunctive clause

I have ...
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H&Q 12 Greek to English

I'm having trouble with this sentence from the Greek to English exercise.

di/dacai to\n a)delfo\n ge th\n grapikh/n. a)/neu ga\r tau/thj th=j te/xnhj ou0/te gra/fetai pote kala\ bibli/a u(p' a)ndrw=n tw=n grafe/wn kaloume/nwn ou0/te kalw=j a)kou/ousin ou(=toi u(po/ ge tw=n sofw=n.

Tentatively, I translate it as:
Teach your brother writing. For without that skill, no good books are ever written by the men called writers nor are they spoken well of by the ...
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Scholarly editions

Oxford Classical Texts have a full text of any work, apparatus criticus, the introduction may or may not be in Latin. No other help

Loeb have a full text, apparatus criticus, facing translation

Aris & Phillips have a full text, app. crit., facing translation, many have instructive introductions in English, a commentary which rarely deals with linguistic points more often filling gaps in historical/mythological/political etc knowledge

Cambridge "Green & Yellow" Greek and Latin Classics have ...
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hi im matrix and im new here...
well just want to ask help because im an independent learner for latin, ive always wanted to study latin since high school but it was never part of the curriculum... so im here just want to ask which books should i download and what the supplements that i need to learn latin? thanks in advance
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A Problem in Martialis

Salvete, omnes.

I have had som trouble with this epigram by Martialis.

Cum sitis similes paresque vita,
Uxor pessima, pessimus maritus,
Miror, non bene convenire vobis.

My somewhat liberal translation goes as follows:

As you are alike and similar in lust for life,
you worst wife, you worst husband,
I wonder if you wouldn't be well off together.

However, I have trouble understanding the Latin syntax in two places:

1) Am I correct in assuming ...
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'The book is on the table.'

Hello, everyone, first message here.

I come from a language-related community called Unilang, and one of the things members there like doing is compiling lists of translations (on different topics) in different languages. Well, one of the sentences that showed up once was the basic 'The book is on the table.' (as another member there defined it, this expression is a kind of "Hello World!" for natural languages .). We already had the Modern ...
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Lesson 4 Par. 16 number1

In lesson 4 of Pharr's book (paragragh 16) is translations into english from greek.

I transelate it as (The good godess has a beutiful plan) the kalh\ qea\ is in the nom. sing. case and the boulh\n kalh\n is in the acc sing. case.

however in in Annis' key it is translated as "does the beautiful godess have good plans?"

My Question is shouldn't it be singular 'plan' and is the "does the... " come ...
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Q. on ex. 69 sentence 2...

In ex. 69, p. 30 of the text, the translation of this sentence:
Suntne tubae novae in mea casa? Non sunt.
is as follows:
Are not the new trumpets in my cottage? They are not.

Now, I translated it as:
Are there new trumpets in my cottage? There are not.

I learned that Estne? and Suntne? Est/Sunt at the beginning of a sentence mean:
Is there? Are there? There is there are.

Am I incorrect? ...
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classics degree

Does anyone know of a place where a degree (B.A.) in classical studies is obtainable by a correspondence course or internet course?
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I'm back!

Well, I'm sort of back. I imagine I shall probably be too busy to contribute all that much, for I'm at university now - in Canada, having decided against both England and Classics (my major now is Cultural Studies, which for the time being seems mostly concerned with semiotics).

I do hope to keep up Classical Greek - I'm too much in love with the language and literature in it (well, some of the literature ...
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