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Vote for the next Latin book to be posted!

I just to know which book to do next, all have advantages and disadvantages. So what do you want?<br /><br />Be sure to VOTE - not just reply to this thread.
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Assumed possessiveness

<br />sententias de anima mutare inceperamus sed sententias non mutaveratis<br /><br />I translated this as:<br /><br />We had begun to change (our) opinion about the soul, but you had not changed (your) opinion (about the soul).<br /><br />I started out by using "the" in place of our and your, because they aren't mentioned explicitly. Is it incorrect to fill in the blanks with the "assumed" our and your? I also assumed the second part was ...
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The Open Board has today surpassed the Latin Board in posts. I think it's because all of those crazy off-topic posts are no more.
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Ovid Amores II 4 (need help)

Ok, well I'm a bit stuck with this sentence (it's the first one):<br /><br />Non ego mendosos ausim defendere mores<br />Falsaque pro vitiis arma movere meis.<br /><br />It's ausim I don't really know how to translate. I suppose ausim is ausus sim really, that would make it perfect passive conjunctive 1st person. Now that just doesn't make any sense to me... how can 'I had been dared' be right?
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Voluptas effluit mea!

I just ordered my super expensive Oxford Latin Dictionary. I am so happy ;D<br /><br />Small print, large pages...<br /><br />It goes on for two pages just about the preposition "AB". It has words that most Romans didn't even know! It is the most complete source for Latin words (even more so than Perseus I think). Does anybody here know what a "phallovitrobolus" is? Or what worries me even more: why did they even need ...
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future perfect or perfect subjunctive

With the exception of 1st person singular, how do you know whether a verb is future perfect or perfect subjunctive?<br /><br />Noxam ab incolis pepulerimus<br /><br />I'm not sure whether "pepulerimus" is 1st person plural future perfect or 1st person plural perfect subjunctive.<br /><br />Should this sentence translate to<br /><br /> We shall have driven off harm from the inhabitants. (fut perf)<br /><br />or<br /><br /> We drove off harm from the inhabitants. (perf subj ...
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Subjunctive of EREW

Can someone tell me why the 1st person pl subjunctive of e)re/w is e)rei/wmen (Pharr section 158 line 3) and not e)reu/wmen. Actually I don't even understand why it should be e)reu/wmen. After the contraction of the Epsilon with the Omicron, why does the Omega still appear? Shouldn't it be part of eu, since it is the product of the contraction?
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Who is "the Textkit Team"?

I've seen that term used quite a few times while navigating Textkit, and I finally have to ask. Who makes up the Textkit team. Is it just Jeff and his high school helper or are there secret people behind the scenes? Is this some sort of alliance of super-powered Classicists? Just a thought...
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I'm starting Lesson Nine in Latin for Beginners, and moving on to the second declension!! I'm so excited!!
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Stigma, Digamma kai Koppa;

I have been reading a few websites lately which mention three Greek letters that disappeared completely by classical Greek; Digamma, Koppa, and Stigma. Were there more letters that went out of use by the classical era? I have one source which says that there were more letters which are no longer in use today. I am curious about this. Also, I'd like to know what they looked like, particularly the Stigma, and what order they ...
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