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real text, not pdf

I've been trying to find Latin grammars on the Internet, and I was very happy when I stumbled across TextKit. But I find those PDF books a bit hard to decypher sometimes. So I decided to begin transcribing one of the Latin grammar books on your site into HTML. I don't suppose there's anything illegal about that, but it may be a little tedious. Nevertheless, it will be a grat way to improve my poor ...
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Gildersleeve's Pindar on Perseus

This is new and includes both the Olympian and Pythian odes with introduction and bibliography.
http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/cgi-bin/pt ... 99.04.0101
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uden allo... e

On pages 18 and 19 of Thrasymachus there are a couple of sentences with ou0de\n a1llo followed by h2 later in the sentence.

I think ou0de\n a1llo means "no-one else", but I can't see how h2 fits in. It seems to be a non-literal expression. :?

Here are the quotes: (Both from Aphrodite.)

a9marta&nete, w} fi/lai: ou0de\n ga_r a1llo h2 filei= ta_j gunai=kaj, w(&sper oi9 a1lloi ...
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Long time lurker, first time poster. Thought I'd introuduce myself before I start chatting to you all. I'm a 19 year old university student from merry old England, and have been studying classical civilization for just one year now. This includes the wonderful language of latin :D Understandably, the relatively short length of my study means that my latin ability isn't of quite the same ...
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Word Association Game (Latin)

I know some people wanted this. We'll just have 2 games! Same rules from the first one.

Extra rule: Give all words in their proper forms (nauta, nautae, m)

Let's Go!

First Word is

Equus, Equi, m
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Thesaurus Linguae Graece

I have some question about Thesaurus Linguae Graece.

Can I print the text from CD in big parts or only in short paragraphs as is in abriged on-line?
Can I displey text in Unicode or any other Greek fonts or only in beta-code (I don`t like beta code)?
Does the full wersion contains also CD?

In you know more about this base and its functionality please say me about.
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Addison Hogue's The Irregular Verbs of Attic Prose

Addison Hogue's The Irregular Verbs of Attic Prose: their forms, prominent meanings, and important compounds; together with lists of related words and English derivatives.

In Part I Hogue leads the reader through the principal parts of regular verbs patiently and skilfully, explaining how to form them, what use to make of them, and offering novel insights along the way such as reminding you that ēporēsa must be the aorist of an epsilon contract, and not ...
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Issues with Athenaze

Hey everyone! I'm using Athenaze to learn Greek, or rather try to learn Greek, and I'm finding that I get lost at certain points. I find it jumps into new declensions without warning in the readings, and almost leaves you to sort out why it changes on your own. I don't know, I'm probably just a bad student. Can anyone recommend what I can do to get this grammar stuff to sink in better? Are ...
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Subscription change

There is going to be a small change in my e-mail address.
Can I make the change in the subscription information myself or does jeff have to do this?
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so... many... OCTs...

I was at Madison's o)x' a)/riston kaphlei/wn tw=n bibli/wn today, "Paul's Books."

Someone earlier in the day delivered to them two boxes of classics texts. One of them was full of OCTs. I didn't need any of those (which came as a shock), so instead I got some school editions of some plays ("The Frogs" and "Alcestis"), and an interesting edition of Greek Lyric Poets from the 40s, by J.A. Moore.

The most beautiful, but ...
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