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Grammar mailings?

I find the vocabulary mailings helpful and very useful. Is there any chance of a similar system but for grammar? Ideally it would be progressive and could be extracted from one of the many such works here.
Why not a "Daily D'ooge"?
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grammar arguement

I'm very new to latin so I decided to buy a couple of books to help the learning process. My dad has studied latin and so obviously thinks he knows everything. While he was looking through one of the books he found a passage of writing:

"Ne nos inducas in tentationem, sed libera a malo" (post-classical)
Do not lead us into temptation but free us from evil.

My dad said this was wrong as there ...
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Wheelock Reader

Does anyone have the translation or know where I can get the translations to the Wheelock Latin Reader Second Addition. Thanks
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Edition Differences?

I have the 5th--is there a big difference between it and the 6th? I would suspect not, but before I buy Dale Grote's accompanying book, I would like to know if there have been any significant changes.

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need simple translation before saturday

i was curious if someone could throw out the translation for this please.

"free to be"
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strange adversative combination: sed - tamen

I'm bothered by the use of sed & tamen in the
following sentence - can you help?

Dici potest consistere in tanta, sed minutissima tamen
fluiditate, ac subtilitate corporis.

I'm pretty sure that tanta qualifies fluiditate, but
am bothered about the positioning of the sed and
tamen. Maybe because I consider the fluidity and
subtility not be naturally contradictory. So far, I
have stretched my translation to be as follows, but
I'm uncomfortable with it ...
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Anyone with a scanner?

Hi? Would someone like to scan and email me pp.134-135 of Pharr´s textbook? PLEASE! :cry: I miss them very much.
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When I say "You are similar to him" I say Similis ei es. But when I want to say "You run like him" (similar to him) would that translate as Curris similiter ei? Or should I use the nominative instead of the dative when it's an adverb?
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Translation help

Okay since I was sick today I didn't go to school, thus, I missed Latin class. We have a quiz tomorrow and I want to make sure I'm prepared for it. I'll post what we probably would have gone over in class. We're reading Caesaris de bello gallico commentariorum liber primus. I think I've totally butchered it but here goes:

Id hoc facilius iis persuasit, quod undique loci natura Helvetii continentur: una ex parte flumine ...
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The Odyssey Reading Group is ready - Starting October 27th

The Odyssey Study Group is now open for admission.

I'm calling this list "Odyssey Forever" right now. If we keep the pace we used in the Minckwitz (Odyssey 12) list, I estimate it'll take about 12 years to complete the entire Odyssey. :) Not that I mind. In any case for now we'll stick to 15-20 (maybe 25) lines a week. We can alter as necessary once ...
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