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Problems in Syntax

Hi all,

I've been wondering about the following sentences for a while:

me vivere coegisti

iubeo eum venire

puto puerum dormire

I am not sure I can define the exact differences between their general syntactical constructions. I have some ideas but... please share your thoughts :)
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Is Livy difficult?

Hi everyone,
i have been learning latin for almost a year now and have just begun to translate Livy Book 1. i am not trying to translate the preface, just the first chapter in preparartion for my first class. even with the Gould/Whiteley ed. (that has lots of notes) I am finding it VERY difficult :oops: should i be? or am i just very rusty after the ...
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Anyone that knows heaps about geology??? i am rather bad at science... need help with geology... plz reply...
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dutch contractions

A friend of mine used to speak dutch and was telling me about some of the difficulties as an english speaker.

She couldn't tell the difference between

eo u ou - They had sounds so similar that they caused her some trouble.

Greek contractions are similar in this regard in many of the pronunciation schemes.

She also had a problem when the "i" would swap places in pronunciation with another vowell. Greek iota would do ...
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What kind of dog do you like?

In my continuing attempts to get to know the people here better I decided this was a relevant question. I know that not everyone likes dogs, some actually like cats (although I can't figure out why, just kidding). I don't want this to turn into a dogs vs. cats thread so lets stick to dogs for now, please.

I love dogs. I have had many during my life. My favorites have always been wolf hybrids. ...
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Potential Optative Clause with Relative Pronoun?


From Plato's Apology, 34b6,

Ei0=en dh/, w)= a)/ndrej: a(\ me\n e)gw\ e)/xoim0 a)\n a)pologei=sqai, sxedo/n e)sti tau=ta kai\ a)/lla i)/swj toiau=ta.

Can I call the first clause in the sentence above a potential optative with a neuter accusative plural relative pronoun (a(/)?

My traslation: "Very well, men; that (tau=ta) is about all, and more perhaps of the same kind (toiau=ta), which (a(/) I could/ have to offer in (my) defence."

Thank you.

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Hello, I'm new member!

Hello, everyone!
I'm a student from Hong Kong, I found this forum by typing 'Learning Latin' in Google and i think it's a good change for me to learn more about Greek and Latin here.
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Is it possible to fall in "love" with a person or thing created and contained entirely by and within your own mind?

How much of people do we ourselves create?
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help with Aeneid 3 translation:

at 111: hinc mater cultrix Cybeli...etc.

whats going on with cultrix? my dictionary has it as "female inhabitant". The notes dont explain it and D. West seems to ignore it.

at 90: vis ea fatus eram: tremere omnia visa repente,

"scarcely i had said this (what's fatus??): suddenly everthing having been seen (what form is visa and what's it doing??) began to shake"

at 93: summissi petimus terram...

having sent ourselves down to the ground?? ...
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JWW exercises, paragraphs 630, 631, 632

suggested solutions to exercises in lesson LXVII
all corrections gratefully recieved, as always

1. He heard that the general had triremes
o9 strathgo\j trih/reij e1xei
2. We have sent soldiers to burn the fodder
3. They say that he/they have reported to the King matters from the Greeks
ta\ para\ tw~n79Ellh/nwn basilei= a0phgge/lkasin .. h1 .. a0ph/ggelken
4. All those present have held up their hands
5. You have destroyed the land
6. When ...
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