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help with indirect/direct commands

latin to english:

noli quemquam mittere

Don't send ? (what's quemquam?)

monet me ut se sequar

he advises me to follow him. that ok?

english to latin:

I advise you not to stay at home
moneo vos ne domi manatis? (do you need the vos or does manatis make it understood??)

He persusaded me that i should set out at dawn.
persuasit me ut prima luce proficiscorer? (again do u need the me or is ...
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Gaming Geekery

I've never been a big player of computer games. The "kill 'em all" shooters are annoying to me, and I'm not good at them anyway. But I do sometimes like the slower strategy things. I still play StarCraft erratically.

After years of dutiful service, my old computer finally had to be put down, so as of this week I have a new iMac. I decided to get one game to go with it. Based on ...
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JWW exercises, paragraphs 639, 640, 641

more trial answers....

1. We have thrown the other things into the fire.
2. Therefore, let thanks be (given) to the gods, for the enemy have not harmed us
3. They supposed the snow had thawed; and it had thawed on account of a spring that was in a nearby ravine
4. They said that Cyrus might have killed off the King
5. He said they had left the place in flight
6. For ...
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"man-counselling mind"

"of the man-counselling mind"

an adjective used of Clytemnestra I believe. I'm using it in an essay to refer to the masculine women of tragedy, but I'd like to have the original greek word.

Can anyone help ?
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Are You Dumb?

I got 3/3. No reason why any of you here can't.

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The declension of Love

Does anyone know the declension of )/Erwj?

Thanks in advance!
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Genitive pronouns

1) Wheelock's states that possessive genitives remain unchanged regardless of number, gender, etc. Could someone give me an example?

2) Would 'frater tui' be the best way to write 'your brother'?

Thank you.
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Problems in Syntax

Hi all,

I've been wondering about the following sentences for a while:

me vivere coegisti

iubeo eum venire

puto puerum dormire

I am not sure I can define the exact differences between their general syntactical constructions. I have some ideas but... please share your thoughts :)
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Is Livy difficult?

Hi everyone,
i have been learning latin for almost a year now and have just begun to translate Livy Book 1. i am not trying to translate the preface, just the first chapter in preparartion for my first class. even with the Gould/Whiteley ed. (that has lots of notes) I am finding it VERY difficult :oops: should i be? or am i just very rusty after the ...
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Anyone that knows heaps about geology??? i am rather bad at science... need help with geology... plz reply...
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