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Hexameter Blues

Hello people, I'm glad to have found you.

I'm an apprentice bard, and I started learning the Iliad last Christmas (and greek along the way). I'm stuck with Homer's hexameters, trying to put stresses, pitches and length of vowels together. I started with the convention of using the accents as stress, which probably works fine with prose, but not with poetry: first because I cannot stress a short vowel without making it long in the ...
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Tones in Greek and Chinese

Some days ago I found out this game for practicing chinese tones and I'm wondering if the way they are pronounced may be the same as greek tones should be pronounced. In the intro page there are four ma's, if you put the cursor over every of them you will hear the pronunciation. There is a flat tone, an "oxytone", a low tone, and something that may be contrary to a circumflex. I'd apreciate someone's ...
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the Ides of March remember....

happy Ides all. Good luck in the book drawings, unless you are competing for the L&S dictionary: in which case I hope you lose! :D
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Unit I, Reading

First, I assume the answer key project is now dead?

Second, this sentence in the reading has me puzzled:

Fama enim reginae non erat cura.

I'm reading this as "Of course, the reputation of the queen was not a concern," which is something of a non sequitur. I'm wondering if the intent of the sentence is to express the fact that the queen's office was not an impediment to love she and the sailor have ...
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Reading questions

Hi, I have a question but is not about grammar:

I learned latin almost all by myself and I don't have the least idea about what one should read in a 'normal' class. I started doing what interested me most:Poetry and history. I read 4 books of the metamorphoses,caesar, Cicero in catilina, and Tacitus Germania; a dozen poems of catullus, the first 4 eclogues and a couple odes from horace, more or less.

But I ...
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A satirical epigram

Here's an epigram from Martial.I just can understand it literarily,but it doesn't make sense to me.Anybody can show me its cultural context or background ?
I got it in this way:
——Thaida Quintus amat.'quam Thaida?'Thaida luscam.
unum oculum Thais non habet,ille duos.
——Quintus loves Thais."which Thais?" The one with only one eye.One of Thais' eyes was blind,but both of his were blind.

And another one from Juvenal as below,I can't go on translating any more~~~~ ...
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No, a piano did not fall from the sky onto my head

In the past month or two, I have not been very active at this forum. What I have been is busy. The good news is, while I had to drop out of this forum, I did not drop Ancient Greek. Last week I finished lesson 77 of Pharr and the end of Book I of the Iliad. Now that I've hit this milestone, I will retreat and for the next few months I will mostly ...
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the things I do...

Ok, this is a first for me - wearing a dust mask while photocopying.

I was wearing a dust mask while photocopying a Greek grammar today. I'm copying Greek Grammar by Kuhner translated by Taylor. The book's date is 1852 and its condition can only be describe as having spent a good bit of time at the bottom of a muddy river.

Waters stains, page curly, split spine with pages falling out, and that dusty, ...
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Salvete, from Arkansas

This isn't my first post, nor even my second, but greetings are still appropriate, I think.

Named David, I hail from John Brown University in Northwest Arkansas. JBU is not affiliated in any way with the radical abolitionist John Brown who led the raid on Harper's Ferry before the Civil War. The John Brown who founded my school was a Christian evangelist who lived during the early part of the 20th century. Thus, JBU is ...
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