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Using MSN instant messenger

HOw do I set up my textkit profile for instant messages?

I have tried to put in my hotmail address as well as my IM login name.

What do I need to know and what do I need to do?

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Concerning Spionic in MS Word

I downloaded Spionic for the greek text. and I finally have it working with Windows Explorer :D

What I would like to know is if there is a keyboard scheme that I can use for MS word and other programs? Or, do I have to write it in code in the formate pane ( of word, excell... ) and switch views to see it Greek font? ...
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xai/rete w)= fi/loi

eu(rw\n m\en th/nde th\n a)gora\n e)xa/rhn xara\n mega/lhn

nu=n de\ to\ prw=ton mou w(j ei)pei=n gra/mma peira/w e)/nqa gra/yai

th\n (Ellhnikh\n glw=ttan a)po\ pa/lai manqa/nwn ou)k oi(=o/j te/ ei)mi (Ellhnisti\ o(milei=n :oops:

e)lpi/zw e)ntau=qa e)mpeiri/an te kai\ e)pisth/mhn kai\ h(donh\n kai\ fi/louj eu(rh/sein
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Word ordering

In general, how should words be ordered in a Latin sentence?
(id est: how would the nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. order in a sentence)

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The supposed "ng" pronunciation.

Is it true that Classical Latin words containing "gn" is pronounced as "ng"?

For example: signum (sin-gum).

Much Appreciated. 8)
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Best textbook for someone interested in learning Greek?

My question is twofold: first, I'm looking for advice on the best textbook on Ancient Greek designed for the student who wants to learn on his own; second, I'm wondering if anyone knows if an answer key exists for Chase and Phillips A New Introduction to Greek This is the textbook from which I first studied Greek, and I actually managed to work my way through the entire text. At that time, though, I was ...
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1) I find tollere an interesting verb because its perfect active, sustuli, is so differently spelled from its present active.
I notice the ferre group of verbs uses a 'tuli' base in its perfect active so I wonder if tollere and ferre are related.

2) Concerning the subjunctive mood, certain verbs look identical to the future active indicative mood, like agam (I will lead) and agam (Let me lead, if iussive). These two expressions have ...
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Golden apple

Hiya Greeks. I need this for a painting I'm doing.

As you will recall, an apple of pure Hesperian gold was thrown down by Eris, when all the full-faced presence of the gods ranged in the halls of Peleus; the gleaming rind of which was inscribed with the words For the most fair. A feud thereupon arose, with question unto whom it were due, Herè, Aphrodite and Pallas each claiming this meed of fairest. And ...
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Griesbach/scholz text

I realize this is more a textual criticism question than a Greek Q, but what can anyone tell me about the Griesbach Text and the Scholz text? In my slim readings these men vascilated in their theories on criticism and I'm not really sure where the texts bearing their names stand in relation to W&H.

Thanks in advance
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Looking for English to Latin translation

Hello everyone I was referred to this site for a translation. They say there are many talented Latinists here.

I'm looking for the translation of this phrase.

"Happiness of others comes first"
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