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correction of exercises(Brazilian Student)

Please correct these exercises to me.I have put the phrases in english and my translation,I ask you to correct them and it will be of a great help to me if you coment the corrections.

1) The paths of the high mountains are rough
Montes itineres alti confragosi sunt
2) The spurs of the riders incite the horses
Equitum calcaria equuos incitant
3) The words are indicated by the subject
Verbi thematis indicantur
4) The ...
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Getting to know everyone.

I don't know if this has already been posted so forgive me if it sounds redundant. I just wanted to know a little about you all. Where your from, if you go to school, and your occupation,interests,gender,and age.

Just to let you all know a little about me, I am 16 years old, male, and go to a public high-school in America. I am very interested in theology,history,philosophy, and linguistics. I also enjoy birdwatching and ...
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Sum poeta

Vere praecipua atque utilis non credere possum
Lexi at scripta manu omnia verba tua

Hoc est primum poematum quae scrivi in Latine. Ego non Catullus aut Naso, sed scribens gaudeo.
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Roman Leaf Tablets ?

First off, I don't know if this is in the right forum. Feel free to move it if it's not.

Well, a while ago I was assigned by my Latin teacher a project. My project consists of making different roman writing materials from scratch.

The Project Outline Reads:

Each student will be assigned to reaseaching 3 different writing materials in use by the Romans. This reseach will culminate in the actual construction of a sample ...
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Hello, I found this wonderful learning resource the other day while looking around for an answer key to Wheelock.
I'm learning Latin just for my own interest and to learn the proper pronunciation of my first name (Marcus). :) There aren't too many Latin learners here in Korea so I'm forced to study by my self. Luckily there are great resources like TextKit to help me.
I'm ...
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me odi et volo mori

:cry: iam modo mentiri, attamen moriturum si praedico quaedam sit mortua.
nil queo agere neque ulli latina usui. vita enim optima simplex. hominum more maiora petimus multiplicem in eam efficiendam felices statum, dum omnia quae desideravimus ibi fuit sed non animadvertimus priusquam sero. latinam didicimus. cui fuit haec? paulum mi prodest.
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Latin translation... i am trying...

Q1. The captain, to whom Flaccus had given the money, called Quintus into the ship.
A1. magister, cui Flaccus argentum tradiderat, Quintum in navem vocavit.

Q2. The ship, which the sailors had cast off, proceeded slowly out of the harbour.
A1. navis, quibus nauta solverant, lente e porto processit.

Q3. Quintus approached two passengers who were standing in the stern.
A3. Quintus duo viator accessit quae in puppis stabant.

Q4. One passenger with whom quintus ...
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Well pplz i am just checking how many other fans support the club i do...
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Naturalism and Theism.

Provided that you beleive in materialism and naturalism everything that will happen to me and you and all that we think and do is inevitable.
All events in nature can be traced back eventually, I guess, to the Big-Bang, and all of our thougts are side-effects from nonrational, nonpurposive, unintentional laws of physics and chemistry. That thought to me is amazing. How long would it take in nature for a car to randomly assemble itself? ...
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"Everybody knows..."

"Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everbody knows the war is over
Everbody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
Ther poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows"

"Everybody Knows" Leonard Cohen, Canadian at large

I find these melancholic lyrics to be truly uplifitng. :)

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