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Books on meter

Since my used book store continuously fails to deliver, I have decided to buy a new book on meter. I'd prefer one that covers both latin and greek, but if that does not exist, then greek.

Any recommendations? :?:

(I'm not intending to spend a fortune)
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good books teaching how to SPEAK latin?

Hi guys. I'm starting to learn latin on my own witht he 'latin: an intensive course' book, and i'm looking for a book to accompany it that will teach me spoken latin. any help will be appreciated. Thanks!
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Documento sit cunctis!

temet non amplius expectaturus,
aperuisti ianuam, ne iam hilo mansurus.

Quis est modo decere conatus? Quisnam cui femellae iussibus datis pollicitus se nunquam mentiri? E vobis deinde quis vere praestitit? E vobis quis patentia in vulnera salis plus accepit?

Haec vobis narro, quod pollicitus Episcopus nullo casu fidem non perficit. Suspicati enim plures me nil latissimi praeferre, picturam iam conspexistis.
Paucis ante diebus locutus est suae filiae quidam irrumator, Episcopum vestrum mentulam, eiusque suctorem, ...
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Am I on the right track?

Hi again,

A few of the sentences I have to translate are proving tricky. Am I on the right track with them? Any advice, help or pointers?

o( fi/los o(/n o( e)/xqroj a)pekto/nen u(po\ de/ndrw| h)=n

This one I am battling with - a word-for-word direct translation gives me:

the friend (?) the hostile (keep away?) (passive indicator) tree he was

oi( a)/nqrwpoi oi(\ toi=j profh/taij pepisteu/kasi sofw/teroi ei)si tw=n a)/llwn
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carus in perseus?

This is strange. I checked out the lewis and short dictionary and some mofo cut out a section of a page that included the entry for "carus". Went to perseus and carus isn't linked and I assumed the capitalized word means something else, but that isn't linked either. I'm doing an etymology cognate list of the 1400 Latin word list, so the only important thing for me is the etymology section. Yes, there is the ...
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Gateway for Classics

I found this site of the Univerity of Bologna - Italy. There are many links organized by subject. The page is written in Italian but the links are in many languages and I believe that most of you can undestand some meaning (e.g. fonti numismatiche = numismatics), even if you don't master Italian.
I find interesting the archeological links http://www.rassegna.unibo.it/archguid.htmland the museums ...
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Why first person singular in dictionaries?

Might be in the wrong forum, but why is the first person singular used instead of the infinitive for Latin verbs in dictionaries?
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I am reading "Herodotus - the persian wars books I -II ".

I'm not familiar with the ancient world. My best guess' say somewhere Asia Minor and the Aegean, but who, what , where... :?: :?: :?:

where can I get a pdf so I can fold it up in my ...
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New member needs your help


I am a new member of textkit. I am employed as a Web editor, but in the fall I will start graduate school (18 years after getting my BA) in history. I have to learn to read both Greek and Latin for my master's degree.

I did study Spanish in my undergrad days, but I need help figuring out where to begin; there's so much here Any help would be much appreciated. I just ...
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concerning the translation of pyre

in translation would I add the word funeral or just leave it as pyre? :?:
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