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Vaay! vaay! vaay!

I've been sharing this with everyone else, so I share with my textkit friends.

Too in Zamoone (huge flash download).

This is a Persian-language techno song. It's fairly catchy. The flash animation, however, must be seen to be believed.

Stadium techno has reached Iran! And I love it.
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Tiny writing

Having just started on Greek I am going to have a whinge about the textbooks - why in all of them do they use such a tiny font to reproduce the Greek alphabet? Even modern textbooks suffer from this. I can read perfectly well in English and Latin without glasses, but as soon as I pick up a Greek textbook the fresnel lens has to come out (a magnifier). In some, the grammar is written ...
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Salvete! (And question about pronunciation)

I am a college student, studying Latin on my own with Wheelock's. I registered some time ago when I was starting with it. I've always wanted to post to this great forum, but never did get to do it. However, I am always visiting and reading what you all write. I have learned a lot from all of you. I have quite a passion for the Romance languages; what I go into as a ...
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Elementary Latin Exercises by Hillard - Answer Key

Hello All

First of all, the questions I am about to ask may already have been answered elsewhere in this forum. If so I would appreciate it if you could direct me to the answers.

1. I have been using North and Hillard's Latin Prose Composition. However, there is a book Elementary Latin Exercises designed as a complete introduction to North and Hillard's Latin Prose Composition. I know that this book is available new and ...
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latin dipthongs "ai" and "oi" ??

How do you pronounce the Latin words maior and troianus?
Are ai and oi dipthongs in Latin?
If so, why are they not listed in the pronunciation guide of my Wheelock text??
There's no information about the pronunciation of these letter combinations in any of the grammar books I could find!!!!!
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Translation help....please...

This is probably really easy for most people, but i'm really having a hard time translating this sentence. My prof makes us do a cumulative metaphrase and go word by word, and frankly, i'm not sure where to put all the words...

This is as far as i've gotten and it's no where near recognizable english... help?

Pueri malī cum ā gladiātoribus visī sunt, cum sapientiā fugient.

Boys V.
Bad Boys, with _____, V.
Bad ...
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Duo novi libri ad linguam latinam vivo modo docendam

In Finnia duo libri in usum scholarum divulgati sunt, "quibus lingua Latina, haud aliter atque aliae linguae, vivo modo doceretur."


Si forte haec coniunctio fracta erit, quaere titulum "Viva Latinitas in Finnia valet" (19.11.2004).
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Greek Vocab

Hey guys,

Im new here. I was jus wondering about the vocab tool page. It looks like there's only latin vocab stuff on there, or is it just me?. Anywhere I can find Greek vocab?

Thanks. :wink:
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Quick translation.

Quick translation: moriae encomium

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more purpose/result clause help needed!

arrrgghh these are harder:

1. Catiline sent Manlius to the army, in order that he might prepare for war.
Catilinius Manlium ad exercitum misit bellum paratum.

Is it ok to use the supine here?

2. Who is there who might believe such tales?
quis erat qui talibus fabulis crederet.

ok to use quis erat qui? should it be quis est qui, but then wouldnt credo have to be present and it wouldnt make sense?? I'm ...
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