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BLD Ex111 PtII Pg47 Irreg Adjs

<br />I'm trying to get a grasp on these irregular adjectives. Are my translations to Latin correct?<br /><br /><br />#2 Some towns are great and others are small.<br /> Alia oppida magna, alia parva sunt.<br /> Alia oppida magna sunt, alia parva.<br />(oppida magna=NOM PL)<br /><br />I wasn't sure in which position sunt should be. However for the next question, I placed the verb at the end which felt like the right thing to do. ...
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hey! here is my Official Introduction Thread ;)<br /><br />my name is Holly and I am in the process of learning classical greek and latin... I'm still a beginner in both, and am teaching myself (or, attempting to ;).<br /><br />I do, however, have three years of formal study in Koine Greek, and have since kept up simply by reading on my own and with partners... nothing too in depth since my classes though.<br /><br ...
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Latin "r"

I'm confused about the pronunciation of the Latin "r"-am I supposed to roll it, the way you do in French (bonjour, au revoir), or leave it short, the way you do in English (or, short), or does it matter? <br /><br />Keesa
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Hello. <br /><br />I'm new here. My name is Keesa. <br /><br />I've been wading through Ancient Greek on my own for a couple of months now, and wanting to learn Latin "someday". (Maybe today!) I hope to study English and the Classics at Oxford University someday; for now, I'm still a high school student (homeschooled) here in America. (I'm also learning French and Spanish; I just like languages!)
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Multiple irregular adjectives

I've gotten to irregular adjectives. Yeesh! It's quite hairy.<br /><br />How do you read a sentence with multiple irregular adjectives?<br /><br />Cëna nüllius alterïus ancillae est bona =<br /> The dinner of neither of the maids is good.<br />or<br /> No dinner of either of the maids is good.<br />
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their sons and daughters

<br />I have a question about translating "their sons and daughters" in this passage (BLD Ex107 PtII Pg46) :<br /><br /> The Germans, with (their) sons and daughters, are hastening with horses and wagons.<br /> Germani cum suis filiis et suis filiis equis et carris properant.<br /><br />Well, that's how I translated it into Latin. It seems redundant to have "suis filiis" twice. It just happened that way because: their sons => suis filiis (ABL ...
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properat vs maturat

What's the difference between properat and maturat? They both mean "hasten". Are they interchangeable? How do you decide which word to use?
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How many cases?

Hello,<br />In some grammars there are 3 cases added to the 5 well known.<br />They are:<br />ablative - with endings like genitive <br />locative and instrumental - both with endins like dative<br /><br />Are these real cases or just scholar invention?
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BLD Ex107 PtI Pg45

Passage from Ex107 PtI Pg45:<br />Romani, clarus, Italiae populus, bellum parant. Ex agris suis, vicis, oppidisque magno studio viri validi ad arma properant. Iam legati cum legionariis ex Italia ad Rhenum, fluvium Germaniae altum et latum, properant, et servi equis et carris cibum frumentumque ad castra Romana portant. Inopia bonorum telorum infirmi sunt Germani, sed Romani armati galeis, loricis, scutis, gladiis, pilisque sunt validi.<br /><br />I'm having trouble with the two sentences in red.<br /><br ...
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te in line 13 of the Iliad

te occurs twice in line 13 of the Iliad but I can't translate them in a meaningfull way.<br />If there is no connection between the two, the second one may simply mean -and-;and bringing countless ransom.<br />And, also, both...and etc. does not make a whole lot of sence here. What is the meaning?


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