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Greek library

I lately find another Greek library. :D
It`s not a big one, but I think interesting.
There are many doalogs written by Plato.


To read you must have especial font: PYLH,
Dont`t forgett download him from the page
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Hymnus Unionis Europaeae

Unionis Europaeae hymnus latinus


Si vobis audiri eum in animo est nexum spectate:
http://www.examen-europaeum.com/Hymnus- ... el%201.wma

Placetne vobis hymnus noster?
(Ego Polonus sum et polonia mense maio in Unione Europea erit)
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Only in Kenya

Hello, a friend directed me to this very random flash movie. For no reason I found this very amusing. Especially the crazy...


Please tell me if you think it to be funny :wink:
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browser wars

klewlis wrote:session variable rock my world!!

(seriously, where would i be without them??? i hate cookies...)

the page looks good. I haven't tried to download anything yet.

Spoken like a true web developer! yeah, server side is the way to go - it's SO much better because it helps remove browser issues.
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Question Ex. 107

II. 6.
In English
The german with sons and daughters are hastening with horses and wagons
In key there is:
Germani cum filis fialibusque cum equis et carris properant

Why not: Germani cum filis fialibusque equis et carris properant :?:
(equis et carris - ablative of means - withaut cum)
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Kai in lists

In greek syntax does the "kai" have to be present between each noun in a list or can it be as in english?

Fruit, bread, and meat


fruit (kai) bread (kai) meat
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Be the first download Keys and explore New Subscribers Area

I normally announce this first in the newsletter, but I have JUST rebuilt the "Subsribers Only" area from the ground up and some debugging might be in order.

Be the first to download both North and Hillard's Latin Prose Composition Key and Sidgwick's Greek Prose Composition Key. Sidgwick's Greek Prose Composition is coming shortly.

Like I said, the subscribers only area is brand new. I'm not sure where to place the link to it just ...
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2nd Year Latin

The next story, about gladiators, starts
Romani e spectaculis gladiatoriis magnam voluptatem capiebant.
Qua in re cernebatur non tam bellicosum populi Romani ingenium quam prava volgi indoles.

The Romans took great enjoyment from the gladiator tournaments. something something was perceived not as the warlike disposition of the Romans as the corrupt character of the common people. Qua in re - is qua here referring to the enjoyment? Which, in the matter was perceived... still doesn't ...
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Summer's - Shared Accusative.

This is from Ray Summer's Essentials of New Testament Greek. (Lesson 3, 17:1:12-Page 21)

oi( a0/ggeloi ginw/skousi qa/naton kai\ dida/skousin a)nqrw/pouj lo/goij.

In this sentence would the first accusative affect the second verb?

The simple - The messengers know death and teach men (with) words.

Alternative - The messengers know death and teach men (death) (with) words.

A Sort of ellipsis - death being the topic of the teaching.

I know in ...
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Any thoughts on Daitz's reconstructed pronunciation ?

I am listening all the time to prof. Daitz's recordings of Ancient Greek and I am completely under the spell of the powerful and highly musical sound of the language as reconstructed by that American scholar.

Do you think this reconstruction is accurate? I have read very unfavorable comments on the Web (from Greeks !) who say that Sydney Allen and Stephen Daitz relied too heavily on clues provided by the Latin transcription of Greek ...
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