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I see some people have many stars after their name ans I only have one, ??? ??? ??? ???. Whats does it mean? <br /><br />
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favourite learning tools

Just curious as to what kinds of different tools everyone uses for language learning. Maybe we can all find some new stuff. As for me:<br /><br />Latin - <br />Wheelock<br />Vocab flashcards (courtesy of Vis-Ed)<br />Learn Latin Now! cdrom<br />occasionally Crammer (http://www.korzh.com/crammer/index.shtml)<br />Textkit, of course<br /><br />Koine - <br />vocab flashcards (again, Vis-Ed)<br />Kubo's Reader's Lexicon<br />QuickmemGreek for vocab (http://www.headthirst.com/greek.shtml)<br />Parsons Greek Tutor ...
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MOVED: Declension

Language-learning queries belong on the respective boards

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I was wondering...when you take a verb and write out the conjugations, you "conjugate the verb." When you write out the declensions of a Latin noun, would you say that you "declined the noun"? (And if it's all the same with you, I'd prefer to accept it... ;)) <br /><br />Keesa
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BLD Ex125 Pg53 #9

<br />I just have a question about #9. I'm not sure whether I should use the Genitive in the underlined part of my translation.<br /><br />The teachers were happy because of the boys' industry.<br />Magisti aegri erant quia diligentae puerorum.<br /><br />
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Adjective agreement

<br />So far in my exercises, the speaker "I" have been male. So "I am happy" is aeger sum.<br /><br />Does the adjective change if the speaker is female?<br /><br />A man says, "aeger sum."<br /><br />A woman says, "aegra sum." ???<br /><br />
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How should Daphne be declined?<br /><br />I have the following clause in my latin software: <br />"Bracchia Daphnes in ramos crescunt" and it is translated "Daphne's arms grow into branches".<br /><br />But if it is possessive, shouldn't it be also genitive? And isn't es an odd ending for a genitive? (I can't find any samples of a genitive ending in es in Wheelock)
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Absolute Nothing

Does anyone here believe in a state of absolute nothingness? Also, can the human mind completely comprehend the total absence of light, sound, matter, etc.? <br /><br />Keesa
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Study time

As a comparison to the same poll at the Latin side of the Forum.<br /><br />Eu)/xomai se e)rrw=sqai<br /><br />Ptolemaios
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Quo loco?

Just curious, where do you guys live? I don't want your address, just Country, State, Territory, Province, City, whatever...<br /><br />I live in California, USA 8)
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