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I am better than CICERO

1/[That's right. You heard right. Now I don't claim to be more fluent in latin than he, certainly not nowadays, though there were one time I could pretty much speak.

I am sick of people saying ooh I can understand this ooh could you have spoken with the romans could you have assimilated yourself son. Well they is gone. Die sind schon ausgegangen. The deal is, how well can you write. Not how much can ...
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Ruling "from ... to ..."


I would like to say

Croesus, ruling from 560 BC to 546 BC, was ...

in Latin.

How would you construct this phrase? It is especially the "from ... to" bit which I am not sure how to translate (I am not even sure my English is correct: would you say "from ... through" instead?).

Also, would you use "annus" in this case and how?

Thanks. :D ...
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starting again, learning accurately


new here, but not entirely new to greek and latin.
i am a student of philosophy, currently working on my diploma thesis (on Plato and Aristotle), and therefore decided that it is about time to not only refresh my greek, but also to start anew in learning it accurately again. i took a one semester course (well, actually it was a two semester course, but i only did the first part...), learning basic greek ...
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Trouble with quinque...

I don't know what the word quinque means in this sentence:
"Quinque ex natis se ex aqua traxerunt seque Caesari potenti commiserunt."
I could use some help, it has had me baffled for a while now, help would be very appreciated.
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new to the language

hey all, do any of you know where i can get free lessons so i can start studying latin? i am really interested in the language and am trying to learn it so i can self-teach necromancy. i need to learn the basics then so forth and so on, but i have to learn from scratch so if any of you can help please do. THANK YOU!!
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Hello, Salvete, Hola

This is one hell of a username to type out, so first of all, address me by my first name, Keith.

Second of all, this forum seems awesome. When you have people congregating to discuss the Classics of their own accord, you're bound to get a lively, eclectic mix of personalities. Or so I hope. ;)

I've been studying Latin for four years and am currently in ...
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Need some short phrases translated please

A friend is starting some video game group, and asked me to translate some of his name ideas into latin. Unfortunately I remember almost nothing from my couple years of latin. I'd really appreciate if someone could help me out putting these few things into latin:

Knights of the Abyss
Bringers of Darkness
Destroyers of Light
Under the Veil of Night

Happy sounding stuff huh? :P Thanks ...
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help with purpose/result clauses

1. So many soldiers attacked the citadel that they easily captured it.
tot milites arcem oppugnaverunt ut eam facile captaverint.

is eam ok to refer to the citadel, apparently u don't use se with result clauses. is captaverint the right tense?

2. Cicero wanted to speak with the intention of criticising Antony.
Cicero dicere eo consilio voluit ut Antonium iudicaret.

have i used eo consilio in the right sense and place, or best just to ...
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Do any of you have any knowledge of or experience with Tachistoscopes? I'm interested in knowing whether you they are useful tools for learning vocabulary subliminally.
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new puter!

I've long been itching to buy a new computer. My laptop is 5 years old and my old pc is 8 years old. Both are dying, but I put off buying a new one because I am poor like most of the rest of you.

So finally today I got a new computer!

And it is so fast and pretty. lol

I also got a 17" LCD monitor, which I wasn't expecting to be able ...
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