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Greek script question

Hi, I've just started learning Modern Greek and I know this is a forum for people learning Ancient Greek, but I hope someone can help me anyway. Maybe it is appilicable to Ancient Greek too. It regards the stress accents. I read that they are, as a convention, omitted on words written entirely in capital letters, but my Greek teacher said you can do it. So does this mean it is not wrong to put ...
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Salvete, omnes!

I happen to be an interested Latin student, and apparently I have too much time on my hands. Either that or I'm following Amy. It's interesting to see how much everything is interconnected; I got here through a search for some poetry, which I started because of another forum I looked at, which I viewed because I wanted to search for a haiku I wrote once.

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Latin and helping to learn other European toungs...

Does it really help as much as they say it does help?
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Hello Everyone

Hi everyone, my name is Manuel. I was looking for a good site that could help me learn some ancient greek, and this one looks like it will do it fine :) The only thing is that everything is in english! And my mother tongue is spanish, so I'll have to push myself a little bit... but oh well, who said that things in life are easy? ...
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Question on Colloquia Familiaria

In J. Posselius' Colloquia Familiaria, there is a word I can not find in the Liddell dictionary or elsewhere: qrwpi/an. It is found in the sentence: kuri/os qrwpi/an sou, au)th\, dei=pnon e)lqe/tw.

Any help on understanding the word would be very much appreciated.

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Pharr: Lesson 19, E-G Translation Check


It's nice to return to Pharr after a brief respite.

Can someone please check below the E - G sentences? Thank you.

    1. All the Achaeans will not shout assent to reverence the priest and to accept the shining ransoms.

    a)/lloi pa/ntej )Axaoioi\ ou)k e)peufhmh/sousin ai)dei=sqai q' i(erh=a kai\ de/xqai a)glaa\ a)/poina.

    2. We shouted assent, to free the beloved daughter of the priest.

    e)phufhmh/samen a)polu=sai i(erh=oj qu/gatra fi/lhn.

    3. To free the daughter ...
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sorry, quick question on Ch.29

HEy All,
I just started Ch. 29 and I was a bit confused because the topic is imperfect subjunctives but there seem to be both passive and active forms, and in the back there were no forms that corresponded exactly to their paradigms. Anyone have any light to shed?
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Posting and you


hehehe, I just found this and thought it was really funny :P . Or maybe I'm just bored and wasting people's time... probably violating some forum rules too... :wink:
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I ad forum meum

modo ioculor :lol: :lol: :lol: denique de whiteoctavis loco certior fio deinde scripturus ei nunc. gaudeo quod nescitis quae unquam ei scribam.
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Homer: Movie to Books?

There is a little snippet in the NYT arts section today that reports Homer is the best seller of peotry in Britain and that "we've seen a huge revival for Classical Greek epic poetry this year, which we have put down to the "Troy" effect", accoring to Amazon.co.uk's senior book editor.

So there really might be a 'trickle-down effect"...

PS. who is planing to see the movie "alexander"?
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