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Salvete, Novus Sum

Greetings all, I'm new to the forum. Glad to know I'm not the only one in love with dead languages. I'm currently studying Latin and Old English in school mostly for historical and linguistic interests; I'm also hoping to learn Ancient Greek on my own.

Needless to say, I don't have a life (don't think anyone learning these languages ever does) but I really don't have many interests outside my studies anyway.

I'm currently majoring ...
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Does anyone know where to find (on the web) the fragment of Aristotle

peri ideon

peri idewn
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Oedipus help

Hopefully someone with a knowledge of ancient Greek can answer my question. In the exodos of the Sophocles' play Oedipus Rex, the translation says:
From one to another of us he went, begging a sword,
Hunting his wife who was not his wife

Does the original greek word for hunting refer to seeking or hunting with intent to kill?
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Church Fathers and early extra-biblical writings?

I have talked to a friend who has a Greek NT with some of the apostolic fathers combined. I was curious if there are any of you who know how to purchase such a text? Or even just some of the Greek Fathers and early writings without the Greek NT. I am looking for these in Greek. And if there are textual variants for them that would even be that much greater! Thanks! John Litteral ...
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quick help

I'll like a translation into old Greek of the following phrase:

"Empty Coppery Thoughts"

My try:

Kainai Xalkinai Ideai

I know Idea isn't correct for Thought, but could it be correct?
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Fear clauses

I searched the web for examples of fear clauses, and I found this:
Caesar veretur ut senatus se laudet.
Does that really mean "Caesar fears that the senate might not praise him"? It's not that it's ut that i used, I know that ut and ne are inverted in fear clauses.
It's that se is used that bothers me. Wouldn't se point back at senatus, since it is the last subject noun before se?
Is ...
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Bored housewife here.

Hello, I am a former student of Latin, attempting to regain my glorious youth by systematically attacking Wheelock, chapter by chapter. I have 3 children who invariably are the enemy of learning, wresting my attention away from said book as often as possible. Little do they know that they too, will one day be plied with Catullus and Cicero. My revenge will be sweet.

When I am not a housewife and full-time mother, I am ...
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Declining words

I am sorry for all the questions, but I am in the process of learning on my own, so it seems everyone here is my only source for more information than books.

So the question is: Is there a way to view a word and see what declension it is, or must you look it up? If so an example would be great if only for one of the declensions, but the rule for all ...
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Distinguishing modern and ancient Greek

In my favorite second-hand bookstore here in Melbourne they have a small foreign language section. The owners of the store barely speak English let alone any other language. (oi Austrilioi kai oi barbaroi)

In this section today I discovered an old book which is undoubtedly Greek, I think it is an abstract of the new testament. I'm rather keen on buying ancient Greek books but I'm concerned it might be modern greek. Is there any ...
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Twisted Greek stories

Ok....I've been reading a lot of mythology lately and I must admit that some of the tales are rather, well, disturbing!

I was wondering if you guys had read and would like to share your personal favorite(s) twisted stories from mythology.

My current favorite story is abour the Birth of the minotaur. This is from Apollodorus' Library Book III, Chapt I Sections 3-4

Asterius dying childless, Minos wished to reign over Crete, but his claim ...
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