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Catullus and His Finances

The question of how Catullus sustained himself financially has been posed several times in my AP Latin course, yet my instructor still hasn't settled upon an asnwer. He stated that the most probable source of Catullus' money is the inheritance of his parents' wealth. Would that be accurate?

Furthermore, how much money did Catullus actually have? From the several dozen poems of Carmina which I've translated in class, I recall that he had one home ...
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Operatic disclaimer et al.

In one of my weirder quirks, I suggested to myself the idea of a disclaimer epilogue to my opera libretto:

Hic est negatio et excusatio.
Si quemquam haec dramma per musica offendit, scriptor operis se excusat. Ignoscite eum! Scientiam historice accurata non est haec dramma, ita monemini! Multa scientia data (a hac) tantummodo est ficta. Haec est fabula, non historia. Tamen, sunt pauci res vera. Nonne dramma totae fundamentum est eventum verum?

And now, from ...
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Today's computer software in Latin?

Here's a bit of a left field one. I was thinking of having a go at adding Latin as a language option in a program that is used in day to day computer life. A web browser like firefox sprung to mind. I rekon it would be cool, in a wierd sort of way. Do you guys have any other program suggestions that could be translated?
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Greenough's Special Vocabulary to Virgil

I scanned this book and converted it to PDF. Now I just need to find a place to host it with proper credits and a link to my site. It would be great if I could also easily update the file (in case of omissions and clean-up issues).

I think this book was reprinted some 30 years ago, but that edition is probably even harder to find than the original editions (which were quite numerous).
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Pharr 648 and 649: Cases

I have some questions about the case tables in Pharr's book.

For example, in 648: First Declension, Singular, Masculine, Nominative.
Why is there an 'j (none)'? What exactly does the "(none)" mean in this context? Does this mean either I'll see an j or I won't?

Another question is in 649.
Are ALL forms in the brackets rare and not needing to be memorized? Or just the ones with the footnote attached to it specifying ...
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Sancta Sanctorum

I was reading this book about Italy and it talked about a church called “Sancta Sanctorum”, I am wondering why it is called this.

I don’t mean the religious reason for it, but why SanctA? Either this is female singular or neuter plural. Since it is only one church, I don’t see why it would be plural. If it is female, then why is it followed by a male or neuter and not a female ...
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New Text Available for Ancient Greek Text Manager

Hi All,

For those of you using AGTM, I have lately posted Homeric Hymn #3 to Apollo.

EDIT: I've also posted chapters 2 through 4 of St. John's gospel.
EDIT (Jan 30): posted Homeric Hymns 1-2 and 4-5 (first 5 hymns are posted).

These texts are now available at http://www.greekgeek.org.


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Twinkle in Greek

I just had to try this.
My wife's picked up "mica, mica, parva stella..." and it's one of her favourite lullabies for my daughter. But I wanted in Greek. So, with by far the most rusty Greek of mine:

glau/sse, glau/sse, w)= 'ste\r mikro/j,
qauma/zw ox' kala/ ei).
kataugasmo\j e)ntau=qa,
w(\s liqei/a leuko/j ei).

Please help it sound like real Greek, but please keep it sing-able.

Well, nodoby's responding. ...
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How do you pronounce -m and gn?

Hello, everyone.
I have another question about pronunciation; rather, more than a question, a poll. I would like to know how each of you pronounces final -m: amicum, bellum, puellam, etc. I have read in many sources (and also because of the Romance languages) that it was probably pronounced as a velar nasal, i.e. NG in English "sing".Would this be a pronunciation applied to poetry only or used in general? Would this pronunciation apply to ...
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exercises and reading

So i have been hitting wheelock pretty hard over the last week or two and I am up to chapter ten now, but I have found that the number of exercises in each chapter is not quite sufficient for my needs. Does anyone know of a site where I can find further sentences for translation based on what I should know at this point? I have found a few places that have some basic stuff ...
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