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Pharr: Lesson 15, trans. (G-E), #3


It appears that the Homeric board has been a tad quiet of late. Time to rouse it up!

In Lesson 15, trans. (G-E), #3, we have the following clause:

to\n ga\r basileu\j )Atrei/dhj e)xo/lwsen (for the king, son of Atreus, enraged him)

Does not the verb in the clause take a dative object? If so, should it not be tw|= instead of to/n?

Thank you,


P.S. How is the diaeresis represented in SPIonic?
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bibliotheca antiquitatum

SEE NOW http://phileleutherus.fortunecity.co.uk/Booklist1.html

Over the last few months I have, as is my wont, being buying more classics books. Since I posted the last list I have had some interesting comments on some of the items therein (albeit primarily by the list's being picked up on google), and I thought the much updated version of the collection might be of interest to some, however few. Cheers.


Liddell & Scott - ...
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Balloon Club Motto

I would like to create a motto for our Hot Air Ballooning club. Stealing from Descartes, I would like to say: "I am safe; therefore, I am".

My assumption is that the word Incolumis is closer than Salus regarding the meaning I would like to convey. Would "Incolumis Ego Sum" be correct?

Any help would be appreciated.

Austin, Texas
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modern Greek?

I have been studying koine Greek for awhile. I have recently purchased a couple of modern Greek books, one is "Travel Talk" and another is "Conversational Greek." I have noticed some differences in sounds of letters and differences in some vocabulary words. But I figured right now would be a good time to learn some modern Greek just incase I eventually would like to speak Greek. I figured learning to speak it would be helpful ...
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Is there a CD with the sounds of the alphabet?

My son started taking latin in school and
I'm trying to learn with him, but I having
a hard time with the correct pronounceation.
Is there a CD that I could purchase that would
help me with this?
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Hey i rarely post here, but just another quick question...

I am wondering what the word for wisdom is?

Thanks in advance!
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Exercise Key from § 237 on

Does anyone have the Latin to English translations from §237 on ?

Can anyone send me them or tell where I can find them.

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JWW exercises, paragraphs 562, 563, 564

some further suggested answers . . . thank you for the last corrections!

1. Cyrus, being both at a loss and vexed by these things, summoned Clearchus
2. it seems best to me (that) we ask Cyrus what use he wishes to make of us
3. for we say that they are more cowardly about us, than we are about them / their behaviour towards us is worse than ours towards them
4. and ...
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I have two questions on Latin pronunciation:

I. Does Latin use the trilled R in every Latin word with R in it or just in the alphabet?

II. Does the short o sound like the o in pot or the o in pole?
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Amor vincit omnia...

I'm currently reading the Canterbury Tales, and in the prologue this Latin phrase is mentioned, "Amor vincit omnia". With my rudimentary Latin skills I translated this "Love ___ all," and inferred "Love conquers all." I'm just wondering if I am right. :)
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