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Comp board suggestions?

In addition to the brief suggestion about how to use the board, I've added a few links to the locked "rules of the road" post to the composition board. There could be more links.

Obviously I'm going to have more good Greek links ready to pull out of my brains than I will for Latin, so if I've missed obvious useful resources for people writing Latin, please let me know.
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About the Composition Board

Version 0.1, May 2 2005

For our purposes, composition means any text you might produce in Latin or Greek longer than a single sentence. For conversation in Latin or Greek, you should visit the Agora. For single phrase questions, or questions about exercises from non-composition textbooks, you should visit the usual Greek or Latin forums.

Otherwise this forum is composition workshop, like a writers' workshop: post your work with questions about style or vocabulary, comment ...
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big doubts

I gathered a few questions while learning Latin (I'm still learning it), and most of them my books could answer, or give tips to where could I find the answers. I can't find the answers to some of them, though:

1- how do we know that "poena" has the "oe" diphthong and "poeta" does not?

2- one of my books say that I can write "filiabus" for "filiis" (fem. plur. dat. & abl.) and that ...
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A brave man

Dear all,

Do any of you know where in Plato's writings he sets Socrates against, if I remember correctly, 3 generals and asks them to define 'bravery'. By his elenchus he manages to get one of them to admit that a man who runs away from his fellow soldiers is braver trhan one who stays and fights!
If someone could come up with a citation I'd be most grateful.

Paul McK
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Oxyrhynchus Papyri

I didn't know where to post this exactly:

Papyrus Reveals New Clues to Ancient World

Classical Greek and Roman literature is being read for the first time in 2,000 years thanks to new technology. The previously illegible texts are among a hoard of papyrus manuscripts. Scholars say the rediscovered writings will provide a fascinating new window into the ancient world.

Salvaged from an ancient garbage dump in Egypt, the collection is kept at Oxford University ...
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oh my goodness

Apparently I haven't visited textkit in a WHOLE MONTH!

Where is my head???

Ok, I know where it is. Let me tell you. :)

On February 3 of this year I made a huge, life-changing decision (no, I am not getting married!).

I am going to run a marathon. In Rome. March 26, 2006. The race starts and ends at the Colisseum and runs past all the major landmarks in Rome. I am extremely excited--I ...
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Good Place to Hear Ancient Greek and Latin

It's excellent, and you can follow along with the narrator. I cannot vouch to the accuracy of the accents, but they certainly sounded good to me.

Hope you guys like it,
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Translation of grammatical terminology

Every now and then I have difficulty matching the English grammatical terminology with what I know from Dutch.

Is there anyone who can recommend a book or site where this terminology is translated into other languages? English - Italian - Dutch would be of most interest to me.

Thanks for any suggestion.

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Want some help Pleaaaaaase ...

Hi friends ... i'm a new member here ... and it's my honour being here in this great forum indeed ....

well, i'm just writing this post to ask for your advices if possible ..
actually i plan to learn Greek/Ancient Greek/ Latin ...
The question that always confuses me is that ... :
what are the differences between Greek and Latin languages ????
and how can i begin studying such a difficult language as ...
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Must not and don't have to

How does Latin distinguish between "You must not do this" and "You do not have to do this"?

The former is well covered by the text book's I've used (use oportet, debere, gerundive).

The only example of the latter I've seen is this, from Domus Anguli Puensis:

Vento iam a tergo, clamare non oportuit.
The wind was behind them now, so they didn't have to shout.

In this case the sense "must not" obviously would ...
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