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Aullus Gellius

Can you help me with a translation?

:arrow: Increscunt animi, virescit volnere virtus

Some people have told me that the word usage is weird! Can anybody elaborate on that?

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Tricky sentences- de bello Gallico V.XI

Greetings all

I have recently been ploughing my way through Caesar's work and often finding myself struggling. I have gotten bogged down by a mass of ablatives, participles and (as of yet) unlearned vocab. which result in a translation that 'gets the gist of it' but is far from perfect. Anyway, enough of my ramblings. Here are a couple of sentences that have given me trouble, with my attempted translations.

<i>In his rebus circiter dies ...
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Shield of Achilles

Does anybody have ideas about translating Iliad 18.482: poiei daidala polla\ iduihsi prapidessin?

He made many elaborate designs to look at?

(I'm having trouble with the accents causing spacing problems. I downloaded it from the hyperlink provided. Any ideas?)
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Two small questions

1. "He was confirmed to have been seen". Is that Confirmatus est visus esse or Confirmatus est visum esse? Using the nominative for visus make the most sense to me.

2. I don't really understand the difference between aliquis and aliqui. I guess aliquis should be used as quis, used by itself; and aliqui like qui, used together with nouns. But I see sentences like Volo aliquam amare all the time. This seems weird. Might ...
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It was good of you

How does latin express the ...of... in sentences like these? :

It was good of you to do this;

It wasn't very nice of him to do that.

Gratias ago
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Opera Latina Conversa Litterate in Britannicum

Primus doleo pro meis grammaticis malis meaque dictione invenusta. Corrigite meos errores usque. Secundum quaero opera latina conversa litterate in Brittanicum, atque Catulli Carmina (Googlus est inops).

Maximas Gratias,
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Its been a while...request another translation

English to Latin

"Upon your lips dwells the meaning of my cause"
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The Greek Dialects: Where to Start

Before you can answer the question "which Greek dialect should I study first" you need to know the answer to "what do I want to read in Greek." Unless you're studying at a school, where you're unlikely to have a choice in the matter, your intended reading matter determines the best plan of study.

If you're going to read only the NT and related Koine works, then you should probably study Koine.

If you plan ...
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Hello Everybody! I'm Nicholas Swift; I'm 25 years old; I live in the beautiful foothills of the Catskill Mountains in New York. I fell in love with Greek literature in highschool through English translation, and in college I toyed with the idea of learning Greek, but it seemed like a distant dream. After graduating, and travelling for a while, my girlfriend and I decided to build a cabin on family land in New York. We ...
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absolute beginner

I have recently decided that I wanted to learn Latin and would like to discuss ways and materials to help me learn more effectively, faster, and hopefully cheaper. I was hoping that somebody here could give me a few hints.
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