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I am a fourth year Latin student.
I do not know where to find appropriate translations. I am eager to find literature that is challenging, but at the same time not frusterating.

My portfolio of famous pieces I have translated includes:
Bayeux Tapestry, Carmina Burana, a little bit of St. Jerome, The Rape of Lucretia

Am I ready for Virgil?
Please, who and what should I read?

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The noun "Zeus"

1) Zeus, Dia, Dios Dii - presumably this is linked to the adjective dios - "godlike"? Did Zeus originally mean God and then become applied to the king of the gods? Or the reverse?
Or was there a word Di (nominative) which had Zeus replace its nominative? This seems unlikely b/c z (sd) is phonetically similarish to d I think....

2) Zeus originally had a digamma - Zewus. Is the root of words like div(w)ine?
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M&F Unit 13 Latin to English again

pg 227 No. 32

Di in caelo, parcite nobis! Naturam optimam ducem tamquam deum sequimur eique paremus.

Gods in heaven, spare us! We follow our leader like a god and obey him. (More idiomatically, we follow and obey our leader as if he were a god.)

But where does naturam optimam fit in?
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Jonny Wilkinson's late drop goal gives England an exhilarating 20-17 extra-time victory over Australia.

World Cup champions! Image
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Scitisne vos hoc?

Num scitis columbas esse unas aves quae sugere possunt? Certe! Id heri cognovi! Postremo nocte mihi dictum est.

"Vere? Quid dicit hic episcopus ruber?" vos dicatis.

Mwahah! Audite! Audiatur episcopus! Non cessavi iam loqui! Est plus! Si quidam serpens vobis noceat, est una res quae vos servare potest! Multa latine dicere non possum, paulum unum dicam. Rapite columbam, deinde ponite "agmen novissimum" in vulnus vestrum. Columba haec ubi mortem perveniat, rapite aliam ne vulnus nondum ...
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"Quidquid Latine dictum sit altum viditur"

Probably most of you have already gotten this through the round of forwards that flood the world, but I thought it was cute; my brother sent me an email with the following "Latin phrases." (I wonder how many of them the ancient Romans actually used?) :lol:

Latin Phrases for all occasions

Impress your friends and relatives, talk to them in Latin. Remember:
"quidquid latine dictum sit altum ...
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Painting Cave Canem

A picture (Vaseul, Musee Garret) by the 19th-century French history painter Jean-Leon Gerome shows a man chained to a wall with the label Cave Canem attached to it. Figures in Roman costume in the background. Who is this? Where is the story?
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Stupid question:

I realise this question is no sign of intelligence, but in my socratic wisdom I hereby declare myself ignorant and will question everything.

Sunday night I watched this show on tv about Napoleon, some mini-series or something of that kind. Now, to make a long story really short, they were going to sound the Te Deum in church. I don't understand 'Te Deum', just those two words. How does it translate? You to God? or ...
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Aoidoi.org tries PDF

I've finally found a LaTeX font for Greek which paints nicely in PDF. The one I use to generate the web pages at Aoidoi.org is very attractive, but when turned into PDF goes all furry and nearly impossible to read.

Here's a quick example of how the PDFs will look: 11 lines of Hesiod. Some of the accents may be wrong - the new font uses a different encoding than the old system. Comments on ...
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Jeff's holiday

We haven't heard anything from Jeff on holidays in Sydney. Does this mean he is enjoying himself so much he's forgotten about us? Or did he ignore a shark alert? C'mon Jeff - a postcard? is that too much to ask?

I have just finished my Latin exam this morning and can now get back to posting on Textkit. Not to mention some music practising, cleaning up the house, gardening, talking to husband....
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